1. Jan gluing a broken Dundie! Oh my gracious, this is going to be goooooood….and Dwight sitting next to Michael? huh?!

    On a very superfluous side note, Pam’s hair just looks tremendous, IMHO…

  2. Aww pics! I’m interested in Dwight’s presence at dinner and who is that woman with her hair all done up? Should I recognize her?

  3. wow…how long has it been since we’ve had just jared spoiler pics?!!

    Anway, i’m really pumped for this episode. I love how Dwight doens’t have a place setting and he’s eating out of a bucket lol.

  4. I will not look at these photos. I will not look at these photos. I will not- forget it, I’m looking!

  5. The St. Pauli Girl neon sign behind Michael’s head…now that’s damn classy. I CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Jan fixing a Dundie? A neon sign above Michael? Jim and Pam! (They’re so cute, and I missed them so much!)

    I am super excited now! Can’t wait for April 10th!

  7. Maybe because it’s a “Dinner Party” Jim was forced to look a little neater. His hair is still messy though. What’s Dwight doing in the background?

  8. I had to do it! I’m so excited for this. I agree with #1 that Pam’s hair looks great, but I think they’re making her look more like “Jenna” than “Pam.” Definitely Fancy Fancy Fancy New Beesly.

  9. LOVE Jim’s hair–is Pam wearing his jacket? Le sigh.

    And the woman with the up-do looks like the Dunder Mifflin lawyer lady from “The Deposition”…(?!)

    Poor pouty Dwight.

    And the Dundie. Perfect.

    Is it April 10th yet???

  10. Did anyone else think the yellow stuff on the plates looked like macaroni and cheese? Michael really does know about fine food and drink.

    Mac and Cheese + Red Wine = Best Dinner Party Spread Ever!!

  11. For a show called “The Office”, you’d think that there would be at least one picture of people actually in the office.

    I’d give almost anything for an episode of “The Office” that actually took place in the office–like they did in the good ol’ days.

  12. The lighting in some of these seems straight out of a horror movie. And in others, everyone looks like, I don’t know… Like we’re just seeing photos from a cast party. They just don’t look in-character anymore, you know? Hmmm.

  13. Oh I thought the yellow food on the plate was rice, although macaroni and cheese would make way more sense for this dinner party.

    I really want to know who the mystery woman is. Could be the lawyer, but what would she be doing there?

  14. Squee! But is that Michael’s condo? Oh, how nice the renovations look!

  15. I’m getting so excited about this episode. I hope more pics surface- I’m dying to see pregnant Angela as non-pregnant Angela!

  16. #17
    I think if you’re made to go out and eat dinner at your boss’s house, it qualifies as part of being in the office. I mean, in a normal situation, they’d probably talk paper the whole time. But it could be another issue with Michael Scott as your boss…

  17. Forget Jim’s hair. Look at Dwight’s ‘do’! It was funny and disturbing at the same time.

  18. Okay, gotta agree on the whole hair thing, Jim’s, Dwight’s, and even Pam’s. I’m just curious what happened/was said that gave Pam that horrified look on her face–can’t wait to find out! And I just love Jan. Did she take it upon herself to fix the Dundie, or was it at Michael’s insistence (I’m guessing the latter).

  19. As much as I love FNB I miss the old Pam hair. She is totally looking more like Jenna than Pam. Also not a fan of Jim’s hair here. More like John and Jim. I love my floppy-haired Jim!

    Of course none of this actually matters b/c I am just beyond thrilled to have my show back!

  20. i seriously agree with comment #30. i love fancy new beesly, but i liked old pam’s frizzy hair and cardigans way better!

  21. Did anyone notice that Dwight’s hair is no longer parted in the middle? It looks really weird and he doesn’t look as Dwight-like. I’m wondering what that’s about? I can’t wait for this episode, it’s more exciting than waiting for September to roll around!

  22. #14- I was thinking the same thing. She DOES look like the lawyer from ‘Deposition’. LOL. I can’t imagine WHY she’s there.

    Jan’s face is priceless. I was thinking maybe she threw it. Michael freaked out, and is making her fix it.

    This is going to be SUCH a great ep!

  23. oh man the office is coming back!! yes im so happy! ive been so depressed the last 4 months with no office!!!
    i love jim!

  24. I have no idea what strange woman everyone is referencing…

    I’d assume the yellow stuff isn’t macaroni. I’m thinking Michael had Jan cook the dinner, haha.

    Also, guys, let’s give them a break on the hair, at least (for John and Rainn). It’s not like they had that much time to completely alter their appearances before they were thrust back into shooting. Rust is to be expected. And perhaps its purposely different.

  25. #30

    I totally agree about jim and dwights hair- someting weird is going on. But as for Pam, in season 3 she went through a ‘transformation’ or whatever, got a new wardrobe new boyfriend [FINALLY] and i guess new hair. the whole walking over burning coals thing gave her confidence, and she started changing things.

    At least that’s what I think happened

  26. Okay, I’m totally guessing but I really think the mystery woman might be Michael’s mom. It totally something Michael would do to impress his mom – invite all of his “friends” over for a dinner party. And I’m so excited to see how they hide Angela’s pregnancy. And I’m even more excited for the office to come back period. April can’t come fast enough.

  27. Michael’s condo looks a little unrealistically nice to me. But maybe it will make sense in context.

    I preferred Pam’s old hair too – I think they need to find a happy medium somehow.

    Anyway – can’t wait.

  28. She looks a little young to be his mom, but then again we can’t really see her face.

  29. #27/Kevin. I disagree, I mean they have been playing these characters for basically four years, and not to mention they are professional actors.

  30. 38- Awe….Michael’s MOM! How awesome would that be? That’s be something he would do, that’s for sure. Hmm….

  31. I do agree about Pam’s hair and wardrobe, but I also think it would be unrealistic to have her wearing cardigans to work everyday for 4 plus years in a row. She is bound to switch things up sometime, especially since she’s finally happy.

    On another note, I am so excited for April 10th!

    I am pleased.
    What’s with the random shots of space with no people in them?

  33. I totally agree with the whole hair and wardrobe situations. I think a lot of the characters are coming off as their actor image rather than their character’s image. But I still can’t wait until April 10th!!!

  34. Oh come on people – enough about the hair. Does anyone really think that Pam looked better with that “frizz”? Her hair looks great – and a woman is entitled to change her do every once in a while. It would be different if she started wearing tons of make-up. As far as Jim, he looks good no matter how his hair is styled. I AM SO HAPPY THEY ARE BACK!!!!

  35. Give them a break! Sheesh! They are playing REGULAR people. REGULAR people tend to change thier hair. Also, it is IMPORTANT for the characters to change and develop. That’s what makes a good story. I personally think the show would suck if everyone looked like they did the first couple of seasons and they did they same sort of plots from the first couple of seasons.

  36. I assume the “mystery woman” people have been talking about is the back of the woman’s head in picture #2? I think that’s just Jan with a bun. She is wearing a bun in the picture where she’s fixing the Dundie too.

  37. I absolutely cannot wait to hear the explanation about the neon sign. Oh my gosh…

  38. Is anyone taking bets on who the mystery woman is? I put 100 Schrutebucks on it being Michael’s mom played by actress Beth Grant.

  39. I’m not sure if someone’s already said this, but, maybe Dwight’s trying to imitate Andy. Or his haircut, whatever.

    Just a theory.

  40. Can anyone make out that picture that’s behind Jan? There’s 2 of them. Obviously the one on the left is hard to see since a leaf is in the way, but what about the picture on the right? It looks like some place tropical…

  41. 46 (Aaron) – I know exactly what you mean and you expressed it very well.

  42. I don’t get why people are talking about Pam’s hair and wardrobe when it’s been that way since the beginning of the season. They made it clear that it was part of Fancy New Beesly. Her old hair and clothes represented that part of her life when she was still unsure and didn’t know what she want and was hesitant to go after anything she DID want. It’s been a new, bolder Pam all season long. And it completely reflects in her appearance. The show’s always been really smart using clothes to reflect the person; Pam is no exception.

    But I will say I miss Pam’s old hair. Just because it was so…Pam for three seasons. But this is new happy shiny Pam and I love it either way.

    Anyway. Didn’t mean to get off on such a long tangent. April 10th!! :D

  43. It’s also a dinner party. People get all dolled up for events like that, I believe.

  44. Oh, how I’ve missed parsing the tantalizing spoilers!

    Hair: Definitely an important leitmotif; always has been but is reaching some kind of important crest of dramatic tension.

    (1) Dwight’s new ‘do: Is it a new standard, or just his party hair?

    (2) Mystery Woman in the corner of the table with an upsweep: Who is she? Be afraid: The ‘do says “party Karen.”

    (3) Jim’s hair: So endearingly floppy in the early episodes. In this pic, I have never seen such over-preened, super-tousled tresses. It screams BEVERLY HILLS STYLIST ON RETAINER.

    (4) Pam: Soft waves, no more absent-minded frizz. Love changes everything.

  45. I’m fine with the hair and wardrobe changes–and I like seeing them out of the office, too. It makes them more rounded characters. The hair and wardrobe changes make sense to me, with Pam becoming happier and more confident (and same with Jim–he finally got his girl). Besides, I like these characters too much for them not to change and grow–it would be depressing to me to see them stay the same forever–aren’t you rooting for good things to happen to them? For Pam to become a graphic designer, and for Jim to find something that makes him happy?

    Anyway that’s just my opinion. Besides sometimes a girl just needs to change her hair. Sheesh!

  46. They could have all been standing around in Mickey Mouse costumes and I wouldn’t care. I am just so stinkin happy to see some pictures from new episodes. This made my morning.

  47. I would have to disagree with those who have said Jenna no longer seems Pam-like, and she just seems like an actor now, portraying the role of Pam. Just recently, I read an interview of hers, and she talked about not getting her teeth whitened or going to a tanning salon, all because Pam wouldn’t make those changes. Pam is obviously very easily influenced by how she feels, and her appearance is the closest representation of that. She went through something life-changing that was positive… you still want her to look bored and unhappy?

  48. What are they eating? It looks like some kind of piece of meat that has a HUGE bone in it. Do you think Michael and Jan sprang for steak but that they chose a cut of meat that is mostly bone? I am giddy with excitement! Plus that tupperware bowl with the ice in it – cracking me up!

  49. Dudes- the NBC promos have already showed Jim and Dwight with their regular ‘Office’ hair. They cleaned themselves up a bit for the dinner party. This is not at all inconsistent with past events outside the office….casino night, Jim’s BBQ, etc. Pam’s wearing a fleece jacket and Jim is in the exact same v-neck sweater/sweatshirt he’s worn like 5 times before. Looks to me like a couple of 20-something’s from Scranton, PA. It’s not a decline in quality that’s hurting the show…It’s our (and my) constant over-analyzing of every photo and interview we can find for weeks and months leading up to a measly little half hour episode of television.

  50. The show does pick up in real time, and girls do change their hair (same with guys) especially when you have a new beau. Plus we all know we look different outside of work. I’m just excited to have spoilers again! I cant wait for April 10th!

  51. Comment 56 from sorano916 – I bet its Beth Grant as well, I saw the back of the head and instantly thought it was her! Thats too funny. I hope it is her, she’s such a great character actress!

  52. I didn’t read through all the comments so sorry if I’m repeating something. Do you think the “mystery woman” could be Dwight’s date? I know Angela and Andy were invited to the dinner party so maybe Dwight picked up some freaky librarian to make Angela jealous?

    And there is this one photo of just a couch. Do you think there are some hidden clues in that photo? It seems pretty random to just put in there.

  53. 71- I totally know what you are saying. If you look at ANY other show (ie “FRIENDS) did they look the same in the last season as opposed to the first? Not at all. Everyone’s character’s even changed a little too. I wonder if no one has ever noticed this with shows before?

    In my opinion, ‘The Office’ is the most brilliant show ever. Whether Pam’s hair is more curly or whether Michael is a little more idiotic in this season. I think every episode is great in its own way.

  54. Due to other spoiler pictures that I’ve come across, the jacket doesn’t seem to be Pam’s. In fact, both Jim and Pam look pretty nice. Pam in a dark dress (could be a blouse and a skirt) and Jim with the v-neck sweater plus dark khakis. If the mystery woman is really Michael’s mom, then Pam might have suggested that she and Jim dress up.

  55. #65 – Amen!

    Speculation: What if the mystery woman IS ‘Party Karen’, and she went with Ryan? Ryan did express interest in her… And Michael would allow it because of his man crush on him – perhaps that could help explain Pam’s look of horror and Jim’s oh-so-perfected look of “that’s awkward”… who knows…

    I am beside myself with excitement! Eeeeeee!!!!

  56. As the first poster and the one to introduce the hair issue, I simply stated that I thought Pam’s hair looked tremendous, as in I think it’s great she’s having a good hair day. Good for her! It was a passing thought, merely a compliment, not a debate starter.

    And as a woman who has also had life-changing transformations, a new hair style is usually the first thing a gal does, so kudos to the stylists for following through…

  57. I agree with everyone, the changes in Pam are only to be expected. Personally though, I feel that the “love” story between Pam and Jim was more engaging because they were so ordinary, not in spite of it. I was intrigued by it more so when Pam was “dowdy”. Don’t get me wrong I’m still really excited they’re together, I just miss frizzy-hair, cardigan Pam.

  58. I suggest not over-analyzing a few snapshots. I have re-watched all the season 4 episodes over the last few days and they seem funnier than when they first aired. I think it’s because I sometimes build them up too much ahead of time. When I go back later, I don’t bring my over-inflated expectations into the viewing experience.

  59. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but, I’ll take a stab at it…

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Michael’s mother just so happened to be there and Dwight and her actually got along? I love that theory.

    Jan must have broken Mike’s Dundie for some reason…she looks like she had to fix it. It’s probably not logical, but wouldn’t it be odd if Michael initiated a Dundie Awards Ceremony at the party?

    I can’t wait!

  60. I really think the mystery woman looks like the CFO’s wife. Maybe David is there too?

  61. I am overjoyed to have the gang back. And about their appearances, couldn’t care less. As long as they bring on the funny, you have a satisfied viewer here.

    And is it just me or does Dwight look like he did in Halloween with his Sith Lord makeup? I don’t know… maybe it’s just the lighting. I thought it was funny.

    Thanks for posting! You have a special place in my heart, Tanster!

  62. Maybe Dwight will hook up with Michael’s mom!

    Does Jan look pregnant to anyone? It’s probably just the angle of the picture.

  63. I wondered about Jan maybe being pregnant, too, but thought, “Eh, it’s just the picture.” Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    Angela was definitely at the dinner party (just check out her new photo on MySpace–she was obviously in character at the filming of those scenes), so I’m guessing this was a couples party and that’s why Andy and Angela were invited. I’m sure Dwight got word and just invited himself, or begged Michael until he finally gave in and said, “Fine, come, just stop being a baby.”

    And I’m 99% positive “mystery lady” is Michael’s mom, but there’s that nagging 1% that thinks it might be Dwight’s date (maybe Michael insisted he have a date if he came?). I guess the other possibility is that Dwight finally worked up the courage to approach Angela about their relationship and she broke it off with Andy (we all know she really still loves Dwight, despite the kitty euthanasia incident), and Dwight and Angela came as a couple. Oh man, April 10th can’t get here fast enough.

  64. Whoever mentioned Beth Grant as Michael’s mom – 110% agreed! I thought it instantly. We’ll see if we’re right.

    Also, my two cents on Pam’s updated look – I think she started upping the anty when Karen was around – at least that’s when I noticed her hair improved.

    Also, don’t forget that Pam went through and the HUGE life changes she experienced/created/endured/etc. from season 3 to now. She’s not “Pammy” anymore. It’s the natural evolution of a character and it’s brilliant.

    That being said, I do hope the writers take it down a notch. Some of what’s been going on this season is a little too far fetched – driving the car into a lake, Ryan tolerating Michael’s extreme BS and bad behavior, the deal with the pizza delivery kid….I mean, a little off-the-beaten goes a long way. More reality-based plots, please.

    Finally, in the one pic, I think Pam was staring at Jim’s hair in horror. It’s not great.

  65. thank you laundry and betrayal (#69), i couldn’t agree more. i think that it is fine to have episodes that you like more or less or even seasons that you like more or less i just feel that over analyzing every single thing about it takes all the joy out of it. i think the different feel the program has now is natural. i also wonder if the program is less enjoyable for people because instead of just appreciating it for what it is it is being picked apart. just a thought.

  66. I find it funny how the hair is apparently the most importanrt part of the show for some people. By the way if you look at the “Parking” pictures Pam’s and Dwight’s hair is the same as it has been since the beginning of season 4 (Jim’s is a little longer). Obviously they look nicer b/c of the dinner party. I agree with previous posters that speculate that the mystery lady is the woman from “The Deposition”.

  67. alot of people i know think Jan is preggers, i really hope this isn’t true cause in the commercial she is drinking wine.

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