Poll: Who IS that?

SPOILER WARNING! Photo and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

I’ve noticed one hot topic of conversation about the ‘Dinner Party’ photos, and thought it deserved a poll of its own.

The Office Dinner Party

There seems to be a lot of speculation over who this woman is, pictured on the left. I’ve collected all Tallyhead suggestions into this poll:
P.S. Do I know the answer? — absolutely I do. :)


  1. Well, it’s not Jan or Karen. From there, I’m not too sure. At this point, I think it is Michael’s mother, a random date for Dwight or someone part of Michael’s condo complex. I love the actress they got though, so I’m excited.

  2. haha, great poll Tanster =) intrigue!
    I think it is Mrs. Wallace, but I’m hoping it is Mother Scott. To get such insight into Michael’s lovable insanity..I think it’s too good to be true.

  3. It’s totally a librarian that Dwight dragged along. Obviously, it’s not Karen…slight possibility it may be Jan, but Michael’s mom?? For me, thats a huge character to introduce and, if it were to be mother scott, that is not the way I would hope for her to look.

  4. Hmm… watch Cocktails again. It’s most definitely Rachel Wallace. But why would she be at Michael’s dinner party?

  5. I dont think Dwight could pick up any girls, especially not a good girl librarian–well maybe…


    Yeah, I read somewhere that it’s definitely Michael’s Mom. Hilarity will ensue.

  7. Judging by the NBC release that said “Dwight jealousy gets the best of him” I think its someone Dwight hires as his date.

  8. It really does look like the lawyer from the deposition. Very similar hair, face, etc, but I noticed she’s not wearing any jewelery, in the deposition she has a few pieces on, I would have thought she was a NY lawyer too. I’m hoping it’s Jan’s mum, I think that would be terribly awkward for everyone, if its not Jan’s mum in this episode, that would be a great future episode, Michael meeting Jan’s Parents… Matt.

  9. Dwight’s mom? Jan’s mom? A marriage counselor? A financial advisor? Jan’s therapist?

  10. I hope it’s Michael’s mom! It could be Jan’s mom, couldn’t it? But why would they randomly invite his mom over for dinner, with the “important” people from the office? Maybe there was something really really important going on??

  11. I think it could be Jan’s sexually progressive therapist. She has been mentioned a few times, such as in “Back from Vacation” and “Woman’s Appreciation”. My guess is that Jan invited her therapist to dinner to work on her relationship with Michael. Perhaps she is the reason for the dinner party. She may have encouraged a gathering where the couples in Jan and Michael’s life get together for some kind of discussion on relationships. If this is the case, my feeling is this woman may have made some unsavory comments that put Jim and Pam on edge. They do look a bit weirded out by something.

  12. A mom of any character, whether she is Jan’s or Michael’s or Dwight’s even! Any mom will make me smile :D

  13. Watch Cocktails. It most definitely is Rachel Wallace. The mom idea is funny, though.

  14. I think it’s Michael’s mom because it has been mentioned that she may or may not appear in the series.

  15. I like the idea of it being Jan’s therapist who keeps getting referenced. It would be so amusingly awkward to have that added element at the dinner party.

  16. Hoping against hope that it’s Michael’s mom! Maybe Michael and Jan are announcing their engagement at the dinner party…

  17. Anything other than Dwights date or a mother (Jim would like that) of someone would be absurd. I can see it being Michaels mother.. Will Jeff be there?


  18. Dwight’s mom is dead, people! Remember he told Angela in Fun Run she could bury Sprinkles “out at the east field, by mother”. Unless he buried her alive (which I wouldn’t put it past him). I think its Beth Grant playing Michael’s mother for SURE! EEEEE SO excited!

  19. I agree with Samuel L. Chang: she looks EXACTLY like the lawyer from The Deposition! It’s probably Michael’s mom, though.

  20. I’m tempted to say Michael’s mom (just because I would LOVE to see what they do with that), but she looks too young to be his mom. If Michael is about 40, that would make her about 60, and she looks the same age as Michael in that picture. Maybe it’s Jan’s sister she always talks about.

  21. She’s definitely Dwight’s date. Looks like they both brought their own meals in Tupperware. Maybe he borrowed Mose’s girlfriend!

  22. Knowing Michael, he probably hired a stenographer to attend dinner. He’ll want to remember the evening and be able to share it with his kids (word for word). lol :o)

  23. Looks like Julianne Moore…but I’m not thinking she’d make an appearance. And I’m not sure why it would be David’s Wallace’s wife.

    So, I’m going with a new character. Oh goodie, just what Michael needs: another woman in his life! HAHA!

  24. Do we have to wait until April 10 to find out, Tanster, or will you fill us in sooner? Please!?

    [from tanster: all I will say for now is, don’t always believe other websites or other “confirmed” sources. :) ]

  25. Okay, here’s my theory: it’s Dwight’s ex-girlfriend who he invited along (without an invitation from Jan and Michael) and they have to sit at the corners of the table (with no place-settings) and eat out of tupperware (maybe they brought along their own meal-something made of beets?). Ah, so fun to contemplate what lies in store!

  26. Just to add to the spec, a poster on another site noticed that PA Dan Beals has a picture with actress Beth Grant on his MySpace that looks to be in Michael’s neighborhood and she has a similar hairstyle…

  27. Can’t be Stanley’s wife, as several have suggested. We’ve seen his wife, and she’s white.

  28. No offense guys, but I don’t think it’s the lawyer from The Deposition. She represented Dunder Mifflin in Jan’s case against the company. She was the opposition. Why would Jan invite her? They didn’t know each other before that day. I’ll stick by my therapist theory, but I do love that idea that it’s Michael’s Mom. The unknown lady looks too young to be his mother, though.

  29. I’m gonna be different and say it’s Jan’s mom. Maybe Michael invited her to the dinner party so he could meet her. :::shrug:::

  30. That’s so Beth Grant! Well, at least I’m ridiculously hopefull that it’s Beth Grant as Michael’s mom. Why isn’t it April 10th yet???

  31. That is so not Karen! Karen would never wear her hair like that…I’m thinking it’s either Michael’s mom or Dwight’s new girlfriend.

  32. Jesse – In the other picture of Jan, she has blonde highlights in her hair, and as far as I can tell, the mystery lady doesn’t have blonde highlights.

  33. i can rule a couple out.

    *in the other picture, jan is wearing a red shirt, that person isn’t.
    *it doesn’t really look like karen…and why would karen come to michael scott’s dinner party?

    other than that…i have NO IDEA, and i can’t wait to find out. :)

  34. I think that it is either Dwight’s ‘date’ or someone completely new. I don’t think that there is any way that that’s Karen.

  35. When I saw the picture I immediately thought that it was “Helen” from Speed. I come to realise now that that’s Beth Grant. The Office isn’t listed on her IMDB page, but that’s not saying much. From that list, I’d go with Michael’s mom. Man, I want it to be April 10th!

  36. Tanster-

    Please DO NOT tell us! Am I the only one who likes a surprise around here? Also, I am thinking that is Beth Grant. And maybe Michael’s mom is there so that Michael/Jan can announce a secret… an engagement, Sandals Jamaica elopement, or a pregnancy? Only time will tell…

  37. Are you going to eventually tell us, tanster? Did you ever tell us what the spoiler was in that one “Which Dunder-Mifflinite are you most like?” questionnaire?

    [from tanster: lemoñadé, what do you see decorating michael’s house in almost every single photo? :) ]

  38. I am going to go with Michael’s mom on this one. During the Writers’ Block at the convention I remember Greg Daniels discussing the Michael’s mom making an appearance this season.

  39. Thanks for the hint, tanster! That’s what I thought the spoiler in the “which character are you?” quiz was! I even noticed that about the pictures, but I didn’t put it together until just now.

    I am so glad to have new episodes coming and also to have Officetally for updates!

  40. Candles!!! Jan’s candle making business i remember the question in the quiz. I’m now 100% sure the woman is not Jan [not because of the candles]

  41. 54, Kate……hahahahah!

    and tanster, you’re a cruel, cruel, webmaster.

    but i appreciate you anyway.

    anddd it can’t be karen. it really looks like the lady from the deposition, but I don’t know why she would even be invited. so it’s probably michael’s mom.

    oh, and i don’t understand how that even looks like jan.

  42. I think it has to be Dwight’s date, because both are eating out of food containers, as if they were not invited. I do not think Michael’s mom or anyone special to Michael or Jan would not have a table setting.

  43. Here’s one more who thought that woman looked like Beth Grant. Ha! That was my first thought. Too funny. Although this woman looks to be younger.

    I’m guessing it’s Dwight’s date.

  44. It IS Dwight’s date…

    NOT michael’s mom as some websites have suggested.

  45. Jim’s hair? I bit longer than usual I think….and I guessed it was Michael’s mom.

  46. I guessed that it was the lawyer from The Deposition..

    But the only reason I think she would have been invited, is maybe just so maybe Michael & Jan can prove that they can be civilized, and not, er, dysfuntional.. and maybe so they could “clear their names” with her.

    I highly DOUBT it’s Karen. Looks WAY too old, and yeah. I just really don’t think it’s her.

  47. Maybe Toby came for legal reasons (or Jim and Pam bribed him to) and he brought his girlfriend as a date?

    Probably not.
    I kinda think it’s Michael’s mom..
    but then again, why would Tanster get so descriptive
    and put a “librarian” as Dwight’s date? Hm..

  48. I would LOVE it if it’s Michael’s mom…imagine her being totally over the top and domineering, and babying him…which would show why he is the way he is now… oh I can’t wait for this episode!!!!

  49. My guess is, that if Tanster told us who this is, she’d have to kill us. Then Michael Schur would come find her and make her, ahem, disappear.

    [from tanster: that is exactly right. The wrath of Schur would not be a pretty thing.]

  50. I’m going with Michael’s mom — it would make things awesomely awkward (IMO) for a post-Deposition Jan & Michael. I could also be awesomely wrong. ;-)

  51. The answer is obviously “a librarian.” Why else would such a weird choice be an option, unless it was the correct one?

  52. If it is a librarian then why is she seated away from Dwight? If Dwight was trying to make Angela jealous wouldn’t he be sitting next to her? In the other Dinner Party pic Michael is seated at the other end of the table so it would make since for Michael to sit across from his mother. (with Dwight finding his way into a corner)

  53. I don’t think it’s Dwight’s date since she isn’t sitting next to him; Dwight is on the left of Pam. I also don’t think it’s the lawyer from The Deposition, since that lawyer represented Dunder-Mifflin, not Michael & Jan.

  54. I vaguely remember reading about how Dwight was going to date a librarian…I don’t remember where though. I might be crazy. But that’s who I think the lady is.

  55. I agree with Mose’s Awesome Beard. It’s that Beth Grant lady, I don’t know who she’s playing though.

  56. I feel like Michael’s mom or Dwight’s date would both cause Jim to have that look on his face.

  57. Maybe it is Michael’s mom who happens to be a librarian that Dwight is dating. or maybe its David Wallace’s wife.

  58. It can’t be Jan, because she is wearing a bright red shirt at the dinner party. Karen is also out, because she would never wear her hair like that, and that doesn’t look like her face profile.

    I REALLY hope it’s Michael’s mom…the fun and hilarious looks that will ensue!

  59. Maybe Dwight is dating Michael’s mom? Just throwing that out there. Judging by how he has described her, his mom sounds a bit self centered and possibly open to dating anyone.

  60. whoever it is, they just asked jim one of those awkwards, hilarious, obnoxious questions the office is famlous for. and jim gave on of his famous reactions.

  61. You have a point GiGi, but the only thing that keeps me from completely believing it is that Dwight isn’t near the lady in question. And he looks really disinterested.

    However, he might have met her, brought her with him as a date, but when he saw that Andy and Angela both went to the dinner party as well, he became disinterested and upset, as the photo shows. Too many options!

  62. Maybe the answer is actually ‘someone else’. If you think about it, knowing who that lasy is can be a HUGE spoiler. So maybe the whole ‘librarian’ thing was just Tanster’s clever way of throwing us off? Who knows? I think it’d be funny if it was Michael’s mom, but even FUNNIER if it was Jan’s therapist! :D Can you imagine that?

  63. For all of those debating the whole “librarian” thing–I don’t believe this is Tanster’s way of throwing us off the scent. Look at comment #76 (Stefanie) in the Dinner Party photos post. Tanster just listed all the possibilities that had already been thrown out there by us Tallyheads.

    [from tanster: absolutely correct; i just took every suggestion tallyheads posted up to that point and threw them in a poll. :) ]

  64. If that lady is Michael’s mom, do you think the infamous Jeff is going to be there? Maybe Michael’s Dundie is broken because he throws it at Jeff, or Jeff knocks it off of its shelf? :p

  65. maybe it’s nobody. Look at “the office” history. There always seems to be some stranger lurking in the crowds. They never explain these people.

  66. Yet another vote for Beth Grant, but I recognized her as Mary Ann Marie Beetle from Wonderfalls. And it would be awesome if she played Michael’s mother because she was in Little Miss Sunshine with Steve Carell.

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