Dunder-ku winners!

Boy, it was a close race all the way to the end, but we now have our three Dunder-ku winners:

  1. 180 votes
    Ed Truck: Cold. Careless. Capa Detated.
    Submitted by Damian
  2. 176 votes
    Stanley: Perennially pining for pretzels.
    Submitted by jordan
  3. 163 votes
    Madge: Pudge. Patch. Possibly Madge.
    Submitted by karly j

I’ll be contacting you by email with prize details.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the voters and all Dunder-kuists for participating!

P.S. Find complete results here.


  1. OH YEAH! well done Damian : – D that Ed Truck reference is for big Office losers like me

  2. these are such fun to read! you guys are creative. who knows, maybe if the office writers like them one or two could be worked into a script sometime….*dream*
    :) congrats to the winners

  3. This was a fun and more importanty, time consuming, contest. Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Thanks Jay C, and many congrats to the people who entered and made the final 20. They were all fantastic

  5. Hilarious. Watching reruns of The Office with my husband and the episode of Michael calling Madge, “Pudge” was on. I laughingly told him of a haiku contest I won once upon a time about this episode, and he laughed. So I had to come try to find this. Happy blast from the past, 12 years later! Still absolutely love this show!

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