1. I love how Michael is in all the photos. That’s hilarious

    And the fridge cake? Priceless. Just…WOW LOL

  2. Notice in the picture of the Office gals, no department is mentioned for Meredith. Is she lumped into the Accounting Dept, or the Customer Service Dept?

  3. Love the pics they have, esp the refrigerator cake. I was totally expecting something like that. Can’t wait for next week, should be fun. :)

  4. Is Michael in the bridesmaid photo? I saw him sneaking into all them but that.

    These pictures and little outside things make the show soo much better, lol!

  5. Wow they used a GE Fridge? lol God it just went from being a cute joke to a freaking product tie in.

  6. Real people for bridesmaids! Way to stay true to the show.

    But why would Kelly wear white and upstage the bride. Surely she’s not that clueless?

  7. haha, i think kelly is trying to giv e ryan ideas by wearing the white dress. and yes, i think she is that clueless. :)

  8. ugh. nice GE placement. the cake is really funny though. I’d eat it.

    What do you think of pam’s dress!?! I know they put a lot of thought into the casino night dress, so I’m wondering what the idea is behind this dress. I love the brown, I think it’s really pretty, but is it pam-ish?

  9. It is great to see the bridesmaids, I believe I read somewhere that some of them are Phyllis’ sisters. The GE cake is know as the ‘groom’s cake’ and it should be a gift from the bride to groom, cool little detail!

  10. -i think she’s wearing white on purpose,,, it’s kelly!!
    -i dont get this-karen is in the synopsis for the show after “business school” and she’s still with jim, but in articles and interviews, jenna and others say jam fans will be very happy with the “phyllis’s wedding” episode!! uughghh!

  11. Those are all great. I didn’t even think about the GE product placement until you guys said something! That groom’s cake is AWESOME!!!

    I’m surprised Michael wasn’t in there trying to help Bob get the garter off of Phyllis. Of course, he always says she’s gross and old, so maybe not.

    I noticed Kelly’s white dress immediately. Of COURSE that was on purpose. Isn’t she the clever one who asked Jan what the difference is between 2nd and 3rd bases? Ha!

    Michael going through the gifts is SO sleazy, but totally “Office” in its behaviour. Funny!!

    I look forward to this show every week.

  12. It’s one thing to go through a close family member’s gifts and another thing *entirely* for a boss to go through his employee’s gifts. Michael Scott is the epitome of tacky.

  13. Nancy, totally agree. Kelly’s sending a message– “Ryan, don’t I look good in a pretty white dress????”

    P.S. Love how Michael is lurking in the background of every single picture. At my school, we have a name for people like him- “that guy”. He’s “that guy” who ruins every photograph.

  14. I wondered what they used to make (edible) silver icing, and then I remembered it isn’t “real” so it doesn’t have to be edible. The wedding cake looks like the real thing, though.

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