Steve Carell on Aisle Five

A lovely story from Boston Magazine about The Office’s Steve Carell:

For years, celebrities—like the guys from Aerosmith—have flocked to Marshfield to fade into the idyll of this South Shore hamlet. But ever since Steve Carell bought the old general store, the townsfolk have been in an uncharacteristic tizzy.

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  1. I loved this article! So many actors try to come off as humble small-town regular Joes, but Steve Carell is one of the few whom I actually believe.

  2. i got soo excited when i saw this in the magazine the other day! carell really seems like a great guy, and i will be stopping by his store on the way to the cape next time i go!

  3. I loved this article! Steve Carell seems like such a sweetheart and I love how he uses his money to help preserve community culture and history.

  4. Awesome…it’s near my boyfriend’s parents’ house in Marshfield. I’ve been a few times but didn’t know he owned it until recently.

  5. I already thought Steve was a great guy, and this article proves even further what a down-to-earth, humble man he is-sounds like a cool little general store!

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