1. She’s got such a cute personality just like her character.

    It’s just so annoying that they were rushing her and talking over her during most of the interview.

  2. She is so precious! I want to be her BFF! :) I wish they gave her more time for an interview though. A min & 35 sec? Come on, Today Show!

  3. That was short. Would’ve love to have heard more about the Parks & Rec audition process (what part she interviewed for, how they decided instead to offer her a part on The Office, etc)

  4. Exsqueeze me? The Today Show is what, 4 hours, and they don’t have five minutes for Ellie Kemper? Ridiculous!
    But still, awesome interview. I wonder what Parks&Rec part she tried out for? Probably Anne.

    [from tanster: interesting. i was thinking april!]

  5. She seems like someone I’d love to hang out with! I noticed a bit of an accent but I couldn’t place it. I wonder where she’s from.

  6. #7-

    She is from St. Louis, Missouri. The same as Jenna Fischer. And Phyllis Smith is from a little bit away from there as well. Also Ken Kwapis is from Belleville, Illinois. Which is about 20-30 minutes away from STL.

  7. Not only was the interview 90 seconds, but they wouldn’t let her say more than a word at a time! We still love you Ellie!!

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