Ellie Kemper at the NBC Experience Store


UPDATE: The Office’s Ellie Kemper (receptionist “Erin Hannon” and Subtle Sexuality diva) visited the NBC Experience Store in New York this morning.

Tallyhead Mason reports:

Got there around 7am, ended up being ridiculously early because pretty much nobody even showed up until 10:30am and the ones that were there didn’t even know who Ellie Kemper was but just wanted the free game (sickening, I know!). Even though I was so early, I was glad because they were bringing in the Rock Center Christmas Tree on the semi and I got to be there while Al Roker strolled in atop it! Then they hoisted it in the air and everything, it was quite a sight.

Ok, back to Ellie, I was first in line to meet her at 11am and she was sooooo wonderful! Seriously, the nicest “celebrity” I have ever met. She was like “I’m so sorry, I’ve never done this before!” (in regards to meeting fans in public, etc). We talked for a few minutes, mostly about Office and how awesome Erin is and she graciously signed a couple photos for me and took a picture with me.

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  1. Ahh that would be so cool! I could actually go, but I don’t have anyone to go with and I’d feel a little weird going by myself.

    Also, I met BJ Novak once, and while it was SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME, I feel like it may have ruined my Office-world illusions. So maybe I’ll sit this one out but watch her on the Today show :)

  2. Sounds like the release of The Office Clue Game coincides nicely with the “Murder” episode featuring a murder mystery game. Nice promo timing :)

  3. I want to go but is it like a meet and greet? Do I definitely have a chance of meeting her if I go?

  4. I’m going! Not sure how crazy some people are but I’ll be getting there around 6am because I HAVE to be one of the first to meet her!

  5. Thank you so much, Mason, for the picture and the report. Ellie sounds so nice, proven once again TO is the best cast ever!

    Also…look at how cute both of you are! :D

  6. She is absolutely adorable and sounds like a sweetheart to boot. Wish I could have been there!

  7. Mason, thanks for posting your experience. It sounds like it was well worth it. She is such a cutie! A great addition to the cast.

  8. I love that Mason was wearing a Hofstra sweatshirt.

    Andy Bernard: “Football, Cornell-Hofstra: Slaughter!”

  9. Cat, I have to agree with you. If they came to DC it would be so cool, I would be first in line :)

  10. Mason – so happy that you had such a great experience when meeting Ellie! Nothing like meeting one of the cast and having it be even better than you imagined. I would have been there early too – assuming that everyone else was doing the same thing. Thanks for your report!

  11. I went to this signing too. Ellie was extremely nice and chatty with everyone who showed up. I brought a Dundie with me for her to take a pic with and sign. When she saw me take it out of the bag, she asked if it was an emmy and laughed when she saw it was a dundie. Overall, it was a very well run and fun experience.

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