Episodes submitted to Emmy voters

According to the good folks at Gold Derby, here are the Office episodes submitted to Emmy voters:

Outstanding Comedy Series

  • Booze Cruise
  • Christmas Party
  • The Dundies
  • The Injury
  • The Secret
  • Valentine’s Day

What, no Casino Night?

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series, Steve Carell

  • The Injury

Find the full list (and video clips) here.


  1. Maybe because a lot of Casino Night had jokes that required a lot of prior knowledge, perhaps?

    AD, Scrubs, and The Office…how can the voters go wrong.

  2. I’m really surprised that “Casino Night” wasn’t submitted, but I really don’t think it will affect the show’s chances at all. Though that episode was extremely funny, I don’t think it was any funnier than any of the episodes that were submitted. What makes it so endearing to Office fans are the scenes with Jim and Pam. So, voters who are watching the show for the first time won’t really be missing anything that they would find amazing. And voters who are already fans, of course, will have already seen the finale. What surprises me more than the absence of “Casino Night” is the omission of a B.J.-Novak-written episode.

    As for Carell, I think he made a great submission. All of Michael’s best characteristics– annoying, pathetic, demanding, arrogant– are there.

  3. Well, the Injury is still the funniest episode ever in my book. I wonder why no nods?

    Perhaps Casino Night missed some kind of cut off date?

  4. it woudl be intersting to find out if any other show’s season finale’s have been submitted.

  5. Yeah, other shows submitted their season finales. Any show that aired before June 1st was eligible. I think that they just didn’t want to overwhelm voters with the Jim-Pam scenes of “Casino Night.”

  6. I am so happy that The Injury was submitted. I agree, that episode is by far the funniest episode of them all! Love it! I’m really pleased w/ that. Plus, i agree that the viewers would need some prior knowledge to understand everything in Casino Night. Great episode (of course), but maybe not for this.

  7. Not a bad list at all. I would replace Valentine’s Day with The Fire. I’d like to see The Fight worked in somehow too, but you only get 6.

  8. Casino Night was funny, but I wish everybody would stop making such a big deal out of it and acting like it was the best one this season. Sure, Jam kissed, but I thought “The Dundies,” “The Injury,” and “The Fire” to name a few were a LOT better than many of the episodes in the last half of this season.

  9. I agree that Casino Night is not as “funny” overall as others (not half the belly laughs of The Injury, for example.) But I think it was/is amazing writing and acting. For a fan of the show, and especially of JAM, to be so exquisitely and satisfyingly shocked, not “once” but twice, took something special. I think it was. Not the chopped version, but in all its supersized original glory.

  10. Great choices on the first four. I’m not a fan of The Secret, but it was an important episode and not all that bad. Valentine’s Day, though? Are you kidding me?

  11. Glad that Steve Carell is using the Injury, because the category definitely showcases his performance as a comedic actor. The bacon soliloquy alone is enough to give him the win, I think.

  12. I agree that The Injury is the greatest episode ever and definitely deserves to be on the list for both Best Comedy and Best Comedic Actor!

  13. Thanks, it’ll always be the bacon soliloquy to me, Tanster! It just feels right! :)

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