The Friday Tally

  • Rainn Wilson visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ this Monday, July 17th.
  • Steve Carell visits ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, July 27th. See the calendar for a complete list of events.
  • From the NBC Studio Pass email I received yesterday: “As if today’s launch of The Office webisodes isn’t exciting enough, we’re also letting the fans vote for their favorite episode starting next week …”
  • Dwight’s Travel Story, Josh Smith in Town: check out this very cute pictorial. Dig them shades!
  • According to the Season 2 DVD packaging, Season 3 will premier on September 21.
  • Last but definitely not least, the cast and crew of The Office starts shooting Season 3 next Tuesday, July 18th! Woo-hoo!


  1. Choosing my favorite episode..of all time? That would be so tough. And a little unfair. Because “Casino Night” is right up there, but ONLY the suopersized version. The edited one they showed a few weeks ago was lacking.

  2. Hey, Tans! You should put the webisodes up for rating on this site. ^_^ They are mini-episodes, right? ;D

  3. Hey Jojoface, unfortunately, the rating system I use doesn’t allow separate ‘buckets’ — so webisodes ratings would be mixed in with episode ratings. :(

  4. Totally agree, GMMR. I understand why they cut the parts they did, but the episode was absolutely not the same without the telekinesis, Afghanistananis, dinkin’ flicka, chasing the feeling, never owning a refrigerator, deceiving not to hurt so as to honor, AIDS jokes, and all of the charitable foundations.

  5. I’d have to go with the supersized Casino Night. That was practically a religious experience.

    Now I want to know how that guy Josh found such tiny shades for his bobblehead.

  6. Bobblehead travel pix!
    I want to take some. I think it’s time for me and little Dwight to hit the road. If I decide to keep him, that is; his head leans defectively to one side…it’s kind of endearing, but I may return him in which case the road trip would be delayed. Anyone else have a way-tilted head on their bobble?

    Brian: I heard Josh is an expert at Photoshop.

  7. Oh my God. Oh my God. Since I only watch The Office from iTunes, I had no idea what they cut from Casino Night when they cut it. Holy Cow, that should be against the law. They cut some of the best scenes ever in the history of scenes. I can’t believe it.

    I guess this is how actors and directors, etc. must feel when they see their scenes cut. I know there’s an editor’s cut (is that what it’s called?) for each episode which is considerably longer, but since I’ve never seen those, it doesn’t hurt. But I don’t think I could stand seeing Casino Night all hacked up like that.

  8. I feel really out of the loop, cause while I was checking out Dwight’s Adventures, I discovered there is an official forum there now!

  9. Just saw that Steve Carrell is going to appear on “Ellen” on Friday, June 21 – thought you might want to add this to the Calendar.

    Thanks for maintaining this awesome site – I love it!

  10. “we’re also letting the fans vote for their favorite episode starting next week…”

    I wonder if they’re going to show these “favorites” in another marathon in August or early September.

    If so I ask everyone to get “The Fight” as high as they can, seeing how it’s the only one I have yet to see fully and capture on tape.

    I would owe you all one big, giant favor, redeemable by you all, at a time of your choosing.

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