EXCLUSIVE: Michael Scott Bobblehead 2.0

The Michael Scott Bobblehead is back, new and improved!
(And non-talking.)

The first shipment will be in stores this week, but the NBC Store is giving early access exclusively to OfficeTally readers!

(Doesn’t it look more like Michael than the old bobblehead?)

P.S. You can buy the new Michael bobblehead as part of the “Buy 2 bobbleheads, get Dwight Schrute FREE!” promo still going on.


  1. Haha! I love the little disclaimer-

    “Please Note: This is not a talking bobblehead (which may be a relief, since we all know that when Michael starts talking he has a difficult time stopping).”

  2. I love the mug! You can also get that if you want to be just like Michael Scott, which, um, doesn’t everybody?

  3. Yea! I’m so glad Michael is back! That is awesome that I can buy 2 Michael’s & get a Dwight for free – good deal!

  4. I may have to get this. My “talking” Michael bobblehead stopped talking after just two months.

  5. huh, I don’t really see the resemblance. Does anyone have a link/picture of the first michael bobblehead?

  6. For all the head scanning and painstaking developmental processes they lead us to think go into making these things, it’s absurd how little they resemble who they’re supposed to…

  7. That’s great if the goal was to make a bobblehead that doesn’t look like Steve Carell.

  8. In case you haven’t ordered one yet…

    The coupon code SHOP10 will get you 10% off at the NBCU store.

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