1. I kind of think NBC need to get rid of the ‘The Tonight Show: Weekdays at 11:30’ at the end of the video haha

  2. I loved the audience’s reaction when Steve came onstage! I hate that Conan’s had to go through all of this, but I enjoyed watching Ed Helms and Steve Carell sending him off these last two nights.

  3. This was perfection. I squealed like a little girl when Steve walked out. Although, I’m not gonna lie – I cried through most of this episode. I’ve loved Conan for many years – I even recorded his Tonight Show every night. I’m gonna miss him so much, and I can’t wait until he’s back on the air. And unless someone from The Office is on, I will never watch The Tonight Show again.

    Good for Steve for showing his support for Coco. :)

    [from tanster: i cried too. Conan’s speech was amazing. and it was hilarious when Conan turned to the audience and said, “they’re booing Steve Carell!”]

  4. I’m so glad Steve was a part of the show last night. I also loved, “you’re booing Steve!” like that was the most unheard of thing ever. Hah! Oh man, I love Conan. He really got me in the end. I thought I was going to burst into tears. I just want to give that man a hug and tell him “thanks.”

  5. I agree, tanster – my favorite part was “They’re booing Steve Carell!” I admittedly watched this week, even though I’m not a Conan or Leno fan, because I had an inkling that someone from The Office would be on, and I was not disappointed (although, I thought Mindy, Angela, or John would be more likely to be on, but still).

  6. Haha saw this last night! My parents screamed for me to come into the room. That was fantastic. I love Conan and Steve. “Did anything trigger your decision to leave?” Bahaha

  7. I love that Steve Carell was part of Conan’s last Tonight Show. That was perfect — two of the funniest and classiest guys on TV. Team Coco!

  8. Since Conan has some free time, how about working writing/directing an episode of The Office? He could work under a pseudonym :)

  9. Two comic geniuses.

    Conan left with dignity and class, his final speech was great. He scored huge ratings last night. I hope NBC eventually sees what a dumb move they have made.

  10. As soon as Conan said there had to be an “exit interview” I knew that was Steve’s cue. I was hoping for a “who do you think you are? or a “what gives you the right?” The id badge in the shredder was very reminiscent of Dwight and his shredder. “They’re booing Steve Carell” will stay with me forever and yes I cried too!

  11. I know it would totally be considered an inside joke, but I was really hoping for Steve to throw in a “Who do you think you are?” or “What gives you the right?”

  12. How could he have forgotten two of the most important exit interview questions?
    1) Who do you think you are?
    2) What gives you the right?

  13. Though it was a sad night, it made happy to see Steve, Tom Hanks, and Will F. show their support for Coco.

    That being said, I am curious to see if any of these three actors will ever appear on the Tonight Show after Leno returns. I would be very, VERY impressed it they did not.

  14. Saw this last night and was really glad Steve was on his final show, made the night for me.

  15. I agree with #15 Ross, that would’ve been hilarious! Conan made me cry with his speech as well. What a class act.

  16. I was thinking Steve would give almost the same exit interview he gave Toby.

    Anyway, with regards to Conan, this is so sad. During that montage shown at the beginning which featured the snippet of Richter in overalls holding crutches, I was on that tour tram. I wasn’t in the shot though, but I was on the tram and I saw it in person.

  17. I know this has nothing to do with the interview but Steve looks really good in glasses ;)

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