Welcome back to work, Office cast!

As Steve Carell mentioned on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ yesterday morning, the cast of ‘The Office’ returns to work today.

Oh happy day!

Welcome back, Office cast and staff!


  1. Huzzah! So glad that the writers, cast, and especially crew are back to work. Here’s to “Dinner Party” being worth the wait! (No pressure.)

  2. Thank god! This post is the anti-“let’s show the set covered in plastic and make everyone cry” post.

  3. YES! While we still have just over a month for a new episode, knowing this is the next best thing ;)

  4. Welcome back everyone!

    Just knowing you all are back on the set makes me happy!

    Have a fun day!

  5. It’s the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up–and I watched “Fun Run” online in honor of this amazing day.

    Welcome back, Office staff & cast!!

  6. Just to think: right now the cast is probably in makeup getting ready for their first day of work! I don’t know if that’s creepy or if I’m just really happy that they’re back to work, but regardless, today is a great day!

  7. I am as excited as Stanley on Pretzel Day. Welcome back to work everyone!

  8. Welcome back!! Have fun creating more fantastic episodes for all of us!! This totally makes my day, the countdown till April 10th begins!

  9. YES! how exciting! i am sooo looking forward to the dinner party episode on april 10th!!!

  10. Welcome back, Office cast!!! “Dinner Party” will be watched by millions! We are all so excited to see what is in store for our favorite Dunder Mifflinites!

  11. the only thing that would make this day better
    is ICE CREAM…. mint chocolate chip

  12. What I wouldn’t do to be on that set today with all the cast and crew reuniting for the first time in months. (Wishful thinking, I know) But I’m beyond excited to just even know that they are back to work! Can’t wait till April 10th!

  13. YAY! I’m so happy for everyone :) I can’t even wait for April 10. Or for when we get a preview to salivate over!

  14. Welcome back! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us! We missed the show so much!

  15. Wonderful news! I’m sure everyone is so happy to be back to work and together again! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us in these next few episodes.

  16. Welcome back everyone, I had a dream last night that we were watching the new shows. I woke up laughing:)

  17. I hope Dinner Party lives up to the expectations we all have for it! Ah, who am I kidding. Even if it’s awful, I’ll be crying tears of joy.

  18. Yea!! I started to scream when I read this!! Welcome Back Office Cast and Crew!!!

  19. Yip-a-dee-do-dah!

    Makes me so happy to picture the cast and crew back at work together. I’m sure they are having a blast and I CAN’T WAIT to see the results…

  20. And now the world can resume spinning.

    So glad you’re back, Office! You’ve been missed very much. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but here’s hoping we’re never separated this long again.

    April 10th can’t get here fast enough.

  21. Yay!!!

    Welcome baaackkk… your dreams were your ticket out…. welcome baaaackkkk to that same old place that you laughed about…well the names have all changed since you hung around, but those dreams have remained and they’re turned around -Who’d have thought they’d lead ya, back here where we need ya?!

    Welcome back welcome back welcome backkkkkkk

    (thank you to all those who sang along. And you know you did….)

  22. SQUEEEEE! I can not wait until April 10. Dinner Party is gonna be great!

  23. Yay! I just logged into Myspace and saw that Jenna’s status says “Pam/Jenna is back at The Office enjoying her first day of work!”


  24. That is so weird. In the back of my mind I had stored the date March 10th for when they returned to work, but all day, I’ve been getting funny vibes. I just keep thinking of them getting back to work… and they actually did today! Whoa!

  25. Welcome back to cast, writers and crew of The Office. You have been missed.

  26. Ha! Joy, I’m totally on the same track. In my school planner, I’ve written the countdown since the 6th week mark. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  27. Wonderful. While they are professionals, having been out of character for so long, I wonder if they have to do any “exercises” to get back into their roles. As a viewer, I’ve stayed in shape with the DVDs.

  28. Even though there’s a month till we get to see it, it’s so comforting to know they’re filming right now.

  29. I’ll be baaaack. Oh wait. I am baaaack.

    April 10th will be like Christmas morning!!

  30. Did anyone else catch the NBC Comedy Thursday is back commercial? On that, everything (including The Office) seemed to be coming back on the 3rd? They wouldn’t have shown clips of TO multiple times with the audio if it wasn’t, right?

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