Fast Food, Felines & Phone Psychics

St. Louis Magazine interviews Jenna Fischer. An excerpt:

Is working on the set at The Office like many other offices in certain ways?

Like most offices, all of the guys talk about their fantasy-football teams, and the women want to strangle them. But Steve [Carell] doesn’t participate in fantasy football; he comes over and talks about shopping and Target with the girls. We really like Steve during fantasy-football time.

Link: Jenna Fischer, Star of TV’s The Office, shares her workplace wisdom

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  1. In the Woman’s Appreciation episode commentary, Jenna mentioned how Steve is so “pro-mall” and loves shopping.

    Good to know she’s telling the truth.

  2. Now I’ve read and heard interviews with Steve Carell where he claims he is/was shy with women…liar! He knows the way to our hearts…Target! Smart man :)

  3. I thought it was impossible for Steve to get any more awesome…
    I’d love to just want to sit in on that conversation :)

  4. “She sang in a Spice Girls–like band that was actually a front for a call-girl service”

    wait, what?

  5. Jenna, thank you for advocating the 90-minute lunch! You can’t get to the bank or the post office or the county office, do you thing, eat, and get back in an hour. Brilliant idea!

    And I want to go to Target with Steve!

  6. This article on Jenna was very enjoyable. I’ve seen photos of her at premieres and award shows and she is so beautiful. The part about Steve Carell was interesting, too. From interviews and episode commentaries I have on VHS and DVD, he seems like a sweet, well thought of person.

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