The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, staff, and fans for the week ending January 4.

  • Article: ‘The Office’ Star Jenna Fischer Tells the Naked Truth.
  • Article: Dwight Schrute: What I’ve Learned by Office writers Anthony Farrell and Charlie Grandy.
  • Article: The Onion’s A.V. Club names The Office’s ‘Dinner Party’ one of The Best Television Episodes Of 2008.
  • Article: Ricky Gervais is far from unpleasant.
  • Fan report: from Tallyhead Laundry&Betrayal — “This weekend my husband and I went to see the show ‘Dividing the Estate’ on Broadway. One of the stars of the ensemble production is Devon Abner, who played Devon on the office! (Remember, he was fired by Michael in ‘Halloween.’ Then he is in a great deleted scene from ‘Valentine’s Day,’ where Michael runs into him in NYC and Devon starts chasing him). Devon was great in the play, he had the same straight intensity that he had on The Office and was the straight man among an otherwise funny cast.”

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  1. Actually I went to see Dividing The Estate as well for a Theater class this past semester. The play is really terrible and is about an hour too long. The only highlight was to see Devon Abner in the playbill before the play started. Devon wasn’t too bad in it, but the story was not entertaining.

  2. Wow – spelled “truth” wrong in the headline! Online editing standards are really going downhill, huh?

  3. I saw Ursula Burton (Hannah from the merger with Stanford) in a play (Dinner With Friends) in LA a couple of months ago as well. She did an excellent job and I about died when I got to talk to her about The Office after the show. It was awesome!

  4. Best sentence I’ve read in a good while, Mr. Gervais: “I would love to host anything with Steve Carell,” he says. “I would do a cat show with Steve Carell. I would do Computer Nerds’ Mr. Universe with Steve Carell. So if anyone asks me if I will host a show with Steve Carell, the answer’s yes.”


  5. Tanster, I think you only linked to the first story so that OfficeTally pops up during google searches for “Jenna Fischer naked.”

    [from tanster: lol!]

    Mr. Gervais, I openly welcome you and Mr. Carell to host “Friday Night at Jeremiah’s Apartment.” All are welcome.

    2, JustCari-

    There’s a nice “Fox News and the truth” joke there but I’ll refrain.

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