Ferraby Lionheart’s “Harry And Bess”

The Office’s Rainn Wilson appears in the video for Ferraby Lionheart’s single “Harry And Bess,” from his newest album The Jack of Hearts available today.

According to ferrabylionheart.com, this song is “about Harry Houdini and his wife. The story goes that Bess Houdini passed a key to Harry in a kiss (after an hour of struggling at a widely publicized 1904 escape).”

What’s Rainn doing in the video? “Wilson plays a ‘strange and menacing butler [who] tries to distract and entertain’ Lionheart’s ‘daydreaming artist’ character.” (Spin.com)

This is one toe-tapping, quirky, charming song. I loved it. And Rainn isn’t bad either. :)


  1. Toe-tapping indeed. Reminds me of the Beatles. I’m going to get a copy of this song and make it as a ring tone! I’ve been watching this about 8 times now and still can’t get enough. Great song!

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