1. uh oh…..between this and the news of dwight’s possible spin off could this spell the end of the office? :(

  2. News like this and Rainn’s spin-off make me excited for our actors, but the more stories like this one that pop-up, the more the fate of season 9 is sealed. :/

    Yay, Mindy & Rainn, but Boo, us.

  3. What the hell…

    The office isn’t even over yet can they finish the show before they start doing other shows?

  4. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to see it. This doesn’t mean it will be released any time soon, so I think maybe we can expect at least another office season.

  5. Wasn’t she just recently promoted to Executive Producer of the Office? I wonder if she has to serve that role for a certain period of time before she can move on? But it’s not really looking good for the show. Good for Mindy though! I am excited to see her more regularly. It just might give me a reason to watch Fox.

  6. With these future shows starting to pop up, it’s really starting to feel like the Office series is starting to wind down.

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but what an incredible 8 years overall we’ve have with Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

  7. I was beginning to think that S8 was picking up enough steam to make up for lost ground and head into S9 strong. So that hopefully The Office could wrap things up as brilliantly as we all expected and we could finally get to see that documentary. I so wanted to see the completed tapestry, but now it seems to be unraveling thread by thread and character by character.

    Sorry to be so melodramatic. I really care about this show and have grown to love it over the years. I can so absolutely relate to many of the characters. I wish nothing but the best for all the actors and their projects. I adore watching them do most anything and am happy for all their successes, but at the same time I still selfishly want my fairy office ending.

  8. Almost positive this is the last season for the office. Can’t wait to see mindy in her own show!

  9. Damn this isn’t looking good for The Office. I can see the show going on without Mindy, but it would be too much to lose Rainn.

    Is any of the cast contracted for next season?

  10. All this talk about “spin-offs” and such feels like “death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts” for Dunder-Mifflin. Of course, it IS a paper company…

  11. The Dwight spinoff/Mindy pilot snare at Fox make it clear that, whatever else happens, there isn’t going to be a Season 10 of The Office. No chance of that. And it feels more and more like the show is getting ready to not have a Season 9, either; if Paul Lieberstein is part of the Dwight project, who would be the showrunner when he focused on that? I don’t think NBC trusts any of the other writers or producers to take over for Paul in that case. I hope I’m wrong but all of these news bits seem designed to warm the hearts of fans who are clamoring for the show to end as soon as possible.

  12. What a horrendous job by NBC letting her go to another network. That sounds about right for NBC.

  13. I am ecstatic for Mindy! This is news I think I can handle. I do understand the concern that this seems to be wrapping up the show though. It just seems like it’s putting the final nail in the coffin that I’ll never get to a set visit. :( I can’t afford the auctions. I half attempted to ask Angela Kinsey everyday to take me to work with her for a day, but didn’t want to come off a total psycho so quit. :(

  14. Considering Rainn Wilson hates the Dwight spin-off idea, I don’t know how certain we can be that there will be a Dwight spin-off. Meanwhile, The Office can survive without Mindy Kaling, although the writing quality may probably take a hit (that is, presuming this new show doesn’t fail within a few episodes).

  15. He doesn’t hate it…he was being sarcastic, mocking all of the haters out there who deemed it a bad idea.

  16. It really does sound like the show is coming to an end with all this news of other projects, especially the Dwight one, and I wonder about Ed Helms staying on too. Though I’ve always thought of Mindy Kaling as writer/producer foremost and actor second, and can’t quite imagine her in a central acting role.
    I had high hopes for this show at the end of season 7 that just haven’t held up with the mostly weak season so far. Maybe it is time to just wrap it all up, and give us a great farewell like they managed with Michael. I’ll really miss these characters though, there isn’t another show quite like it.

  17. Congrats to MK, of course. Interesting choice with Ed Helms as, in my opinion, he does not seem to have romantic chemistry with anyone in anything I have seen him do and he seemed more likely to go the movie route since he seems to have had the most success, except for SC.

    Seems like maybe be a 13 episode run of S9 (assuming enough of the cast returns, which may not happen either) that leads into the Dwight spin-off? Does that get the show to 200 eps?

  18. @#21 Ed is guest-starring in the pilot. It doesn’t say that he’ll be a regular on the show.

  19. Congrats Mindy! Oh and it does say Ed Helms is guess-starring so he isn’t a regular quite yet.

  20. Congrats, Mindy! Thanks for 8 great years of your contributions to The Office – I can only hope you will at least return as a contributing writer occasionally.

  21. nice work.

    sounds like the pilot will be awesome based on the acting line up, alone.

    it’ll be sad to see The Office go, but at least the show’s commercial success means we will continue to see work by many of the talented creators involved.

  22. I enjoyed the first episode of The Mindy Project. It’s very girly, but I am a girl so that’s fine by me! Ed Helms was awesome as suave Dennis, Mindy’s perfect date.

  23. I really enjoyed the pilot. I thought it was cute and funny and highlighted Mindy’s voice as a writer well, more like her book than the character of Kelly. I chuckled out loud more than a few times. I hope it gets a decent shot. Good luck, Mindy!

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