OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 3

The OfficeDo we need a little distraction until September 27? Then let’s create a list of fan-ranked Season 3 Office episodes, by voting one episode off OfficeTally Island every few days, until we’re left with the most popular episode as the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!

Final rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 3 Survivor rankings, FINAL

  1. The Job
  2. Beach Games
  3. The Return
  4. Traveling Salesmen
  5. A Benihana Christmas
  6. Women’s Appreciation
  7. The Negotiation
  8. Branch Closing
  9. Back From Vacation
  10. Business School
  11. The Merger
  12. Gay Witch Hunt
  13. Initiation
  14. The Convention
  15. Cocktails
  16. Product Recall
  17. The Coup
  18. The Convict
  19. Safety Training
  20. Grief Counseling
  21. Diwali
  22. Ben Franklin
  23. Phyllis’ Wedding

P.S. A special thanks to Michael for coming up with this idea. (And just in the nick of time!)

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  1. Really? People dislike Phylliss Wedding? Is it because of the Roy situation? I liked it. I voted for Safety Training. Tough pick though.

  2. Phyllis’ wedding? It was such a great episode! I voted for Safety Training, too.

  3. I voted for Safety Training, but of course it’s always a tough choice to pick one to vote off! They all are amazing in their own way :)

  4. I didn’t like Phyllis’s Wedding that much. I didn’t really like Safety Training either. but i voted for the convention.

  5. Re: 1 / caps – ‘Phyllis’s Wedding’ was at times painful to watch. Michael was so over-the-top…even for Michael Scott! And there was not one scene inside the offices of Dunder Mifflin. It almost felt like a sitcom. Almost.

  6. Phyllis’ wedding is leading the list of least favorites?? Are people voting backwards? I voted for Traveling Salesmen, even though I did love the rebroadcast version that had more scenes with Pam and her artwork.


  7. Safety Training didn’t last a week on my DVR, and the machine might as well be a jukebox of “The Office,” so it got my vote. Safety Training was like a lost episode from season one, aside from the new cast members.

  8. Ben Franklin – definitely painful to watch. Though the pain lessens upon subsequent viewings.

  9. I’d say Phylis’s wedding as well off the top of my head. Can we get a list of all the episodes up?

  10. I voted for Grief Counseling. I though the whole bird funeral thing was just weird and uncomfortable. But…that said…I love all the episodes from all 3 seasons!!

  11. Re: 8

    Just different opinions. To me, Phyllis’ Wedding was extremely boring and like the one post said, Michael was over the top even for Michael. Traveling Salesmen on the other hand was one of the five best of the season for me.

    I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  12. I agree, I don’t think I’d ever want to watch Phyllis’ Wedding ever again. Just for the fact that there was way too much Michael, and he was completely over-the-top the whole time. It was like the focus was on him the entire time. I was so excited for that episode too :(

  13. I voted for The Convict. The funniest part of that was Andy speaking pig latin to Pam. And that’s not even THAT funny. And I’m slightly annoyed by Prison Mike.

    Ditto, caps, I’m surprised that people don’t like Phyllis’ Wedding. Lotta good moments in there.

  14. i’ll have to say grief counseling. even though it was still a great episode and there hasn’t really been a bad episode of the office ever.

  15. I see where people are coming from now, Phyllis’ Wedding was a little bit out of the realm of the things we love about The Office. But I’ll stick to my guns.

    This was an excellent idea.

  16. I voted for “Ben Franklin”. “Phyllis’ Wedding” was one of my favorites!

  17. I voted grief counseling. I would’ve voted for Safety Training if it wasn’t for the whole betting plotline. “And Jim you get $10 b/c she mentioned 6 romantic comedies.”

  18. Why does everyone hate Safety Training? I loved that episode! C’mon, don’t you think The Negotiation was kind of stretched out and awful?

  19. Didn’t vote for Phyllis’ Wedding for one reason: Jim’s face dropping as he watches Ram leave to the sounds of “Every Breath You Take.” Breaks my heart every time.

    By the by, voted for Grief Counseling. It was a Jamless episode done wrong, unlike Business School, which I predict to win the whole thing.

  20. Have to say, I voted for Phyllis’ Wedding…

    #22 Weston – I agree…the thing that saved Safety Training was the betting sub-plot. That felt more like something from Season 2 and I loved it.

    And Jim and Pam’s phone conversation saved Initiation…well, that and Stanley’s talking head at the end…priceless! 364 days until the next pretzel day.

  21. Yeah, for me it’s totally “Phyllis’ Wedding” and I’m not voting backwards. It’s just….terribly awkward to me, and the only funny thing was when they bleeped out Michael’s “this is bulls**t.” Otherwise…I just didn’t laugh. I cringed.

  22. Phyllis’s wedding…it wasn’t really a good ensemble piece, and Michael was a little over the top. As far as comedy goes…there wasn’t any. It was too angsty, and too JAM-centric.

    I like there to be a healthy balance between JAM, Michael’s shenanigans, and the rest of the office.

  23. This is a ridiculously tough decision…but, “Branch Closing” is probably the least memorable episode of season 3 in my book so that’s what I’ll vote for.

  24. Phyllis’s Wedding gets my vote too. I think the only redeeming quality of it was the cold opening. The rest was just too ridiculous to even watch again.

  25. I only started watching The Office consistently beginning the week they showed “Phyllis’ Wedding” so I don’t feel like I am qualified to rank the whole season here. Among the episodes I’ve seen from beginning to end, I would say that “Safety Training” was my least favorite. Threatening to jump off a roof just didn’t seem that funny to me, even within the context of Michael Scott’s version of reality. The “Phyllis’ Wedding” episode is really hard for me to watch now that I’ve seen other episodes, but it’s redeemed by the great JAM plot twist and JK’s acting in Jim’s hypothetical-nonhypothetical set of talking heads.

  26. I voted for Phyllis’ Wedding just because the episode didnt really move the series along and it didnt take advantage of the greatest cast in televison! Btw, why are people against Safety Training? That was one of the best Dwight episodes of the season!!! And ” sittin’ on your biscuit never havin’ to risk it” HA-larious

  27. I really had no interest in Business School, besides the deleted scene of Karen pulling Pam’s flyer for her art show off the wall. Tisk. Tisk.

  28. I really didn’t care for Ben Franklin. It was a “flop” compared to other episodes. Phyllis’ wedding would have been a great episode if Michael wasn’t so … Michael. It was just too much. Not enough of the “sub” characters. There’s something about taking the group out of the office or bringing a really odd duck (ben franklin) into the picture. Now, Andy is an odd duck but he fits.

  29. My love for Joss Whedon prevents me from voting Business School, though I’ll admit it was not among my top 3. Ben Franklin must go!

  30. I don’t know why everyone is so against Phyllis’ Wedding. It’s certainly not the best episode of the season, but I don’t think it’s the worst. (My vote is for Business School).

    The best parts about Phyllis’ Wedding were the little parts: Angela and Dwight’s “entrance”, Kelly wearing white, everything matching Pam’s wedding, Jim’s reconsideration of Pam, Toby’s girlfriend catching the bouquet, Dwight wedding crashing.

  31. wow, this is truly being stuck between a rock and a hard place…because all of season 3 was, to be quite frank, superb. i can’t believe how many people have voted phyllis’ wedding! honestly, when ryan purposely bats the bouquet away from kelly…i lost it. plus, the whole tension between jim and pam (of course, that’s basically every episode from the merger onwards), phyllis STEALING pam’s wedding…priceless. i was wavering between the coup and branch closing, because neither one really stood out in my mind. they were good, just not quite the best. in my lowly opinion.

  32. Sorry, but watching Phylis’ wedding is just painful for me and everyone I know. It has its funny moments but they don’t redeem it for an episode that makes you cringe.

  33. why don’t people like grief counseling? i thought that episode was so funny i forgot about all the jam angst, and i love when that happens. c’mon you guys- remember ryan’s uncle mufasa? remember dwight’s stubborn defense of his attempts to stuff the dead bird into a pop can: “it would have fit if he’d given me another minute.”
    okay, maybe the episode didn’t “advance the plot.”
    but since when did the office become a plot-driven show?

  34. I voted for business school and ben franklin…at least in Phyllis’wedding and Initiation and you had some JAM going on to overlook the over the top parts. I never really got why people went nuts over business school (besides the director).

  35. I can’t believe Phyllis’ Wedding is almost out! I agree, cardigan?, I really was not impressed w/Business School and that is what I voted for.

  36. Business School was totally redeemed for me with the Michael and Pam moment at the end. When Michael sees her drawing of the office. *sniffle*

  37. i voted for product recall. it barely had any funny moments and the office was on a roll. at least they made it up with womens appreciation. phylliss’ wedding was a good episode. my favorites were branch closing and the return.

  38. My least favorite is definitely Back from Vacation. There just so much more that could’ve been done with the infamous picture with Michael. Also, I don’t know why Ben Franklin has so many negative votes. “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” Just Michael’s accent in that quote made the episode.

  39. What a great idea! I’m a huge Survivor fan as well. Anyway, I voted for cocktails. I loved the ending, but overall thought it was my least fave.

  40. I voted for Grief Counseling. I think I only laughed once the whole episode, at the point where Ryan told his personal story as The Lion King. I really just didn’t think it was funny otherwise.

  41. Dwight’s ridiculous plea for forgiveness at the end ruined The Coup for me.

  42. Other than the Angela/”Does Dwight have a hooker?” scene, “The Convention” is probably my least favorite Office episode in all three seasons.

  43. Grief counseling was just an odd episode and I immediately remembered it as one that I didn’t care for. I would have to say that Phyllis Wedding was a close 2nd because of the Mega Michael infusion.

  44. I’m judging my vote on how much I would want (in this case, not want) to watch it again. The one I want to watch over a second (third, fifth, fifteenth)time the least is Phyllis’ Wedding. It was over the top with quotes like “Phyllis, did you break wind?” and Michael dragging the wheelchair down the aisle sideways.

  45. How is Safety Training getting so many votes?? “Dwight, you ignorant slut.” “Guys, I’m not the only one who’s driven the forklift. Pudge has driven the forklift.”

    And perhaps one of my favorite scenes of S3 – Dwight drops the watermelon on the trampoline, it bounces onto Stanley’s car, “Find out whose car that is. If it’s Stanley’s, call the offices of James P. Albini. See if he handles hate crimes.”

  46. I’m really surprised Phyllis’ Wedding is losing. Admittedly, I didn’t think much of it the first time I watched it, but after rewatching it and not having to deal with the pain of Roy and Pam getting back together, it really was a funny episode.

  47. I think Phyllis’s Wedding was just so painful for Jam-mers in so many ways that it cast a negative feeling about the episode. But it had to happen to move the story lines forward. Pam had to get back with Roy one last (hopefully) time, we had to see Jim happy (for the most part) with Karen, we had to see Dwangela happy in the shadows, we had to see Michael be Michael. Crap happens, then we move on from it. So for me, as crappy as that episode felt, it had to be. My lease favorite was The Coup. It was flat and unmemorable. I’d still chose it over anything else on TV, but still, very blah.

  48. Poor “Phyllis’ Wedding” – Great Michael moments, even if they were a hair over the top. Created GREAT drama with Roy and Pam and Jim. This episode is the reason Roy and Pam finally broke up…for good! ‘Cause they had to get back together one more time.

  49. I think Safety Training was my least favorite because it was after such a hilarious episode the week before (The Negotiation)…so it was a bit of a let down.

    It had some funny moments, no doubt, but Michael’s fake suicide attempt just didn’t do it for me.

  50. I thought Safety Training had some of the funniest moments of the season between Darryl and Michael in the warehouse. Huh, well this is all very interesting.

  51. The Coup and Grief Counseling were my 2 least favorite…and they were back to back!

    I remember at the time thinking…”that’s it, the show is over, it had a nice run and they’ve got nothing left.”

    Good thing those 2 were just a fluke

  52. A lot of Ben Franklin and Business School haters. I’m a little surprised. I love Business School. Phyllis’ Wedding is my least favorite of the entire series. As Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons would say, “Worst episode ever.”

  53. A lot of the ones before the merger were among my least favorites. Although I can look back and appreciate them more now, it was hard to go through the weeks of separation of Jim from the rest of the gang.

  54. I voted for Diwali, although I think Mindy is fantastic. I’m surprised that people have such disdain for Phyllis’ Wedding and Business School. But I think Joss is a genius so I could never vote that one off.

  55. Grief Counseling is hilarious with the funeral for the dead bird and anytime Dwight pulls out the recorder I roll on the floor laughing. And I love Cocktails with Dwight inspecting the house and the warm potato salad! I thought Ben Franklin was the worst of the season–just kind of boring. And he creeped me out hitting on Pam.

  56. Response to Pam’sBFF (#57):

    I disagree with your assessment that the JAM developments in “Phyllis’ Wedding” explain why people don’t like that episode. Based on the comments here, at least, most people seem to be saying that Michael’s overly extreme behavior was the main problem.

  57. This last February sweeps nearly turned me off the show permanently. Hard to pick one of the four but I went with Phyllis’s Wedding.

  58. Ben Franklin is one of my favorite episodes! The JAM moments were perfect and nothing can beat Ben Franklin hitting on Pam.

  59. I loved Safety Training, although it did seem like an average episode. One person said Phyllis’ Wedding was like a sitcom and I have to agree. I love the episode, but it was one of the worst this season. (I have a hard time coming up with negative things to say about each episode haha)

  60. This was pretty easy for me. I disliked The Coup the first time I watched it, and I still am not a fan of it. It’s down there with Sexual Harassment for the 2 worst episodes of all time.

    I liked Phyllis’ Wedding. I don’t know why it’s more hated than The Coup, or Diwali…

  61. i thought ben franklin was rather lackluster. the pam/jim moments were especially cringe-worthy. the episode seemed far fetched. kind of up there w/ phyllis’s wedding for me.

  62. I know The Convict is going to go early, but let me speak on its behalf before it goes down. It was my favorite half-hour episode this season. Prison Mike? awesome. Andy hitting on Pam with Pig Latin? Andy singing the Rainbow connection? the Jesus/Apollo Creed thing? I have watched that episode at least 40 times – I have it saved on the tivo and will generally watch it while I’m home on my lunch break. So please – go back and watch it again. Give it a second chance because it is really great.

  63. My least fave is Ben Franklin, too. It just didn’t make me laugh that much. And I was distracted by the fact that I knew the guy who played Ben from MadTV. I don’t like seeing familiar faces on The Office. It was the same with Martin Nash – all I saw was the Fruit of the Loom Purple Grape Guy. Although I did like The Convict-probably due to the Harry Potter reference. And I really liked Safety Training! I’m surprised at how many people chose it as their least favorite! It’s very interesting to see everyone’s different opinions on the show we all love.

  64. Name(#64), Diwali used to be my least favorite, until I watched it again several times…now it’s one of my favorites.

    The Jim/Andy getting drunk scenes, Mindy’s real parents, Michael’s reference to famous Indians (Apu from the Simpsons) replete with Dwight looking into the camera saying “I see dead people”, to my favorite part of the episode:

    Right before Michael goes up and asks for Carol’s hand in marriage, Carol asks Michael if he’s okay…look behind them…Dwight is standing back bobbing his head up and down to the Indian music like he’s at a club or something…he has no clue what else to do, so he figured bobbing his head would look cool…LOL…

  65. Phyllis’ Wedding: It was Michael at his worst behavior, and just a bad JAM episode. Pam at her lowest point going back to Roy.

  66. The Bird Funeral at the end of Grief Counseling makes it the worst episode in season three. I think people have it right though, Ben Franklin and Phyllis’ Wedding were also weak.

  67. The Coup. Yuck.
    Phyllis’ Wedding should stay for now just because of Scrantonicity. Kevin carried that episode.

  68. I’m surprised at all the votes for The Coup. This was one of my favorites!! Every Dwight moment was genius. The creepy look on his face when telling michael about the dentist, him chowing on waffles, the m&m scene, krentist!!!!, and the spit coming out of his mouth. All fantastic comedy! Give it another chance people

  69. I love love love Diwali simply for the scene of Pam dancing…it is so cute!

  70. You know we’re all JAM-ers because NO ONE has voted for The Job yet! I loved it, but almost exclusively for JAM-related material.

  71. I voted for Gay Witch Hunt, but perhaps I was too hasty. On second thought I think I liked the Convict least. Of course I love them all, so this is all very Sophie’s Choice.

    Surprised that so many don’t like Diwali, that episode rocked. Drunk Jim singing Indigo Girls! Michael trying to kiss Pam! “These are not my shoes” makes me laugh out loud every time. All you Diwali haters are crazy! : )

  72. save “Ben Franklin”!!!! I’ve faced the fact that “Phyllis’ Wedding” will be voted off…a moment of silence.

    okay, moving on. But BEN FRANKLIN?!?!?! Let me remind you: Dwight- “no tats…no TATS!,” Michael- “Mr. Franklin, I would say you are probably one of the sexiest presidents ever”/”Actually, I never was president”/”yes, but Ben Franklin was”

    I mean…c’mon guys!!!!

  73. also, OpalArk…love the Sophie’s Choice reference. Although, it is a bit…umm…morbid? but i agree, it is like choosing between children! no one should have to do this, EVER.

  74. Can i just ask why does everyone love The Merger so much? I thought it was so average! And so many moments were just… sigh. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though. And i’ll admit ‘Lazy Scranton’ was amazing.

  75. What is up with everyone hatin’ on two of the best episodes of the season: Diwali and Ben Franklin?! Diwali is as Kelly would say, “all that is awesome”, with her arguing with her parents over their wishes for her to date a doctor(?!)…

  76. Dominika you’re not alone. I voted for The Merger as worst last time, and will continue every time the poll comes up again, until it’s knocked out. The episode was awkward in a non-Office way, the dialogue was off or misleading. Seriously, I hated everyone in that episode and it’s the only one I think I won’t ever be able to re-watch.

  77. I’m surprised “Phyllis’s Wedding” is at the bottom. There was a ton of funny moments in there and was overall enjoyable. Is it because Pam walked out with Roy and not Jim at the end that people hate it so much?

    “Ben Franklin” IMHO was the worst episode of the season. Aside from a couple of funny moments that made me chuckle, the whole ep went nowhere and did nothing, aside from Karen and Pam in the breakroom.

  78. No way Ben Franklin is the second worst show of the season. Let me remind you of this exchange and subsequent talking head:

    Dwight: Who is the king of Austria?
    Ben Franklin: Joseph the Second.
    Dwight: Who is the king of Prussia?
    Ben Franklin: Friedrich Wilhelm the Third.
    Dwight: Who is the kind of England?!
    Ben Franklin: Why, the tyrant King George, of course.

    Dwight: I don’t care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99% sure.

  79. Seriously, Ben Franklin was one of my favorite episodes ever. It was so great. So was Safety Training. These two are doing horrible in the polls. How can this happen?

  80. i voted for GWH this time… cause yeah, still bitter and sad. The Michael/Oscar kiss doesn’t make up for it for me. and I love Safety Training! It’s one of my fave eps of the season… Way harsh, people! ;)

  81. i’m actually surprised at the amount of votes that “the convict” has…i mean, prison mike and the dementors??! makes me laugh out loud each and every time…”what was the food like, prison mike.” “gruel. sandwiches. gruel omelettes. nothing but gruel.” too funny.
    my vote is for “grief counselling” –it just wasn’t good. it had it’s funny moments (ryan’s cousin mufasa) of course, but, in my opinion, the lack of the usual office-gang dynamic was really evident in that episode.

  82. Ben Franklin! Come on!! That one is actually hilarity. “Didn’t Ben Franklin have syphilis?” How can you beat that?!

  83. Ben Franklin, C’mon.
    I liked that episode because Jenna was sick and that made Pam’s voice sound so sexy.

  84. Tanster you’re the best. I love the work you put in in just keeping us Office fans content throughout the dry-season of no Office tv :)
    I was really surprised in the outcome of the votes, I had a think about my vote and finally decided on Ben Franklin I think primarily because of the prominence of that Ben Franklin guy. i didn’t find him that funny. And yeah – Ben Franklin way in the lead!

  85. This is kinda interesting. Both “Phyllis’ Wedding” and “Ben Franklin” were recently re-run. Do you guys think that people are just finding out they didn’t like these episodes as much as they watch them for a second time? Personally Safety Training was my least favorite, even though it did have a few chuckles. I just think it’s interesting that these two episodes happen to be one after the other chronologically.

  86. The closing scene of Ben Franklin was classic – Dwight trying to determine if in fact it was really Ben Franklin….awesome.

  87. I had to go with Business School for this round — after watching again last night, I just hate it. The best part of the entire episode — Poop! and Angela’s stop, drop, and roll.

    Isn’t it interesting that the nearly JAM-free episodes are everyone’s least favorites?! Hmmm…

  88. Come on people, let’s get “The Initiation” out of here. Dwight and Ryan at the beet farm…dumb not funny! Although the egg throwing, did make me laugh. Don’t forget the end of the Jim/Pam phone call …so sad.

  89. I agree with Jay C–thanks for the hard work in giving us a daily Office fix during these long summer months until the new season begins! Hard to believe that “Phyllis’ Wedding” is the least favorite–what could they have done to make it more perfecter?

  90. I voted Safety Training. I’ll admit I didn’t like Ben Franklin that much either, but Safety Training wins/loses.

    Favorite “Ben Franklin” Quote:
    “He hasn’t even said a word yet…just giggling.”–Ryan in the Sex Shop with Michael

  91. Yay! Tanster, I’m glad you decided to do this. And thanks for giving me props. ;)

  92. for the life of me I’m trying to figure out why people don’t like Ben Franklin. Overall it may have been weak in comparison, but it did have a lot of hilarious moments. The sex shop with Michael giggling is classic. I had to vote for Diwali just because it wasn’t very entertaining, though it had a good ending. The awkward kiss scene made me roll on the floor.

  93. P.S… I can’t believe Ben Franklin is losing. I thought it was one of the top 5 episodes of the show, ever.

  94. Is everyone forgetting that Ben Franklin had the “Sleeping… better than not..” line?! Come on!

  95. I’m still shocked that Phyllis’ Wedding was the least favorite. It’s probably one of my top 10 favorites. I guess the fact that the fans have so many different favorite episodes just shows that The Office is great on so many different levels.

  96. I like Ben Franklin, so I guess I am in the vast minority. I think there’s a lot of funny lines in that episode and I love Pam and Karen’s break room exchange. I voted for Product Recall, because I found the plot disjointed, the reporter wasn’t very funny and Andy was way over the top annoying. But, hey, even bad episodes of The Office are better than any other show.

  97. Hey guys, I found this kind of funny. At IGN, they review each and every Office episode. Can you guess what the two best reviewed episodes of the season were? Probably not, seeing as they are the ones doing the worst right now. Ben Franklin received a 9.9 rating, the second highest, and Safety Training received a 10. Here are the two reviews.

    And their worst reviewed episode was Phyliss’s wedding, so we agree with them on that. However, who finds it ironic that we’re voting off their two best reviewed episodes? Personally, as I’ve said, I found Ben Franklin hilarious. The whole GAI and hour long shower with guys part was hilarious.

    However in the end, The Convict is my favorite episode of the season, for sure. That better last. I have no idea how it has so many votes. It was easily the funniest episode of the year. I mean come on, Prison Mike is hilarious every single time.

  98. I’m wondering if people are confused, and are voting for their favorites… because yeah- a lot of the ones getting votes are the good ones…

  99. i hope The Job isn’t going to win, because i’d like to think we’re more than just hardcore jammers.
    that said- i sure as hell haven’t voted for it yet :)

  100. WOW! i can’t believe ben franklin is so high in votes! it’s one of my favorite episodes of the season. i love the part where michael keeps on trying to make up a name for the guy’s shower and it gets worse and worse. “it’s just an hour long shower with guys”.

    i think one thing about this episode that just gets to me is that it really shows how loyal many of the guys in the office are. when elizabeth (the stripper) came bob vance REFUSED to be a part of it, roy walked away, jim couldn’t look at her during the whole thing, and michael felt guilty afterwards.

    and can i just say, i thought pam was EXTREMELY adorable in this episode. especially when she was trying to flirt with jim. it was so awkwardly cute! oh, and it was really funny how pam knew so much about ben franklin. “didn’t ben franklin have syphilis?”

  101. i couldn’t stop watching phyllis’ wedding, i loved it. whatever. i think ben franklin, then product recall, then saftey training, then diwali should be the next to go

  102. i personally, voted for “gay witch hunt”. it really wasn’t well done, in my opinion. reshooting the lovely “casino night” kiss was a bad idea and then finding out that there were two cameras in the room just didn’t make any sense.

    i’m probably gonna be hunted down for this, but i really didn’t like the michael/oscar kiss. don’t get me wrong, i’m not homophobic, i just think that it was over the top. it’s just uncomfortable for me to see someone being kiss-raped. it really reminds me of second season when michael kiss-raped phyllis on the cheek. and you just know that people will find it funny because it’s phyllis and oscar. if michael had kissed pam or karen like that, i don’t think people would find it all that funny.

    just my take, though. okay, i’m gonna go start packing in case people want to hunt me down.

  103. I think Ben Franklin and Phyllis’ Wedding have gotten so many votes because they were so painful from the JAM perspective. I agreed with PW, but after watching Business School last night, I ranked it next worst instead of BF. BF has a lot of very funny moments, but from a strict comedy perspective, Business School just didn’t make me laugh much – it seemed too dark and there was too much nauseating Pam/Roy carryover. Also, the bag over Meredith’s head and the potentially rabid bat was too much, even for Dwight.

  104. The Coup. I’m sorry, I just didn’t really like it except for ‘my dentist’s name is crentist’.

  105. 126 jack m. fan – I voted for Gay Witch Hunt too! There’s was something about that episode that I just couldn’t get into. And I found the whole conference room-Michael/Oscar kiss scene totally uncomfortable, and not in the way I have come to appreciate the Office for it’s ability to be uncomfortable.

  106. Alright starting with the next one I’m voting to save Saftey Training (figuring out the other most likely to get voted off one and vote for that). It’s hysterical all the way through and find it an affront to comedy that its close to getting voted off. I laughed out loud all the damn way through. What about Saftey Training did everyone dislike? Was it the hysterical betting? Creed eating the potato? Darryl calming Mike down? Was it the hate crime against Stanley? Was it Jim accusing Dwight of not knowing a single fact about bears? Damn that’s a lot of good moments right there.

  107. I voted for Business School. I just didn’t think that it was as strong as all of the other episodes.

    I can’t believe that people voted for The Coup!! That was definitely one of my favorites!

  108. I almost voted for The Initiation and then remembered it was the “Pretzel Day” episode. This is such a hard decision!

  109. 128 LEW- i’m glad you feel the same! yeah it really wasn’t the same feeling. this show tends to take you out of your comfort zone, but that scene was awkward in a completely different way.

  110. totally agree NUSSY. safety training is my favorite of the season!!! i honestly think some people are confused and voting for their favorites…because i can’t think of another explanation.

  111. I can’t believe so many people are against BS! I thought that had to be one of the top five of the whole show… from the entire Jim/Dwight Vampire prank, to Michael as a guest lecturer, to Michael and Pam at the ending… I guess a lot of the JAMmers probably don’t like it for the fact that Jim didn’t show up to the art show, but that’s part of what makes it such a great episode.

  112. Let’s start a coalition to save Saftey Training.

    If we get enough followers we can push into the later rounds by brutally knocking out the other straggler episodes.

  113. Safety Training was one of the very best of the year. It had zero JAM angst to drag it down and the bouncing watermelon was hysterical. Classic Michael at the end cracks me up everytime – “I saved a life today. My own. Am I a hero? I really can’t say; but yes.” I’m laughing as I type that! Count me in on the Safety Training alliance.

  114. I’m surprised about Ben Franklin, not so much about Phyllis’s wedding, which was, easily, the worst episode of the entire series. It was way too slap sticky and predictable.

    I voted Diwali, another slapstick type of episode, to be the second show voted off.

  115. We must form an alliance to save Diwali in the next poll….take some time tonight, watch it again….that episode is the best.

    I’ll probably be voting for the Convict again next round…but I can be convinced otherwise…if Diwali is spared.

    *just trying to be all Survivor-y :) *

  116. OpalArk, I will spare “Diwali” for many rounds at your request. Just please consider sparing my favorite, “Initiation.” I will not vote for “Diwali” until at least the final 10, and all I ask is you consider sparing “Initiation.” I don’t know how you feel about that episode. But it is my absolute favorite. I will keep this promise no matter what you choose to do, but I would appreciate your help. … I feel like Yau-Man from Survivor.

  117. Hussy, I’ll join the coalition to save Safety Training! The inner office betting was one of the highlights of the year! Phyllis’s Wedding…it’s right where it belongs.

  118. count me in on the Safety Training alliance!!! Save Safety Training!!! what do we do??? :)

  119. Anyone want to form an alliance against the alliance? Let’s take down “Safety Training”!

    It’s easily the stalest episode of the season. Totally forgettable.

  120. Yep i totally loved Safety Training too! The betting is still hilarious; Kelly explaining that dvd thing; Creed eating the potato… genius. And i know i’m probably gonna get a lot of crap for this but i just can’t figure it out… what is JAM?

  121. How are people voting for “Grief Counselling”?? It’s one of the funniest cold openers all season! Come on….. Pam getting Michael to army crawl into the kitchen?? too good….

  122. Samuel L. Chang: I will do my best to honor your request…but when it gets to the top 10, it’s every episode for itself. (hehe)

    Save Diwali! It was clearly one of the best of the season, it’s hilarious, touching, and it works hard around camp! *g*

  123. I am definitely up for sparing “Safety Training.” I love that episode and I quote it frequently. … I did as OpalArk suggested and watched “Diwali” again last night. It’s a good one, for sure.

  124. B, I’m with you. I love all the episodes, but Safety Training is my next choice, for sure.

    I’m also ready to get to work on outing Cocktails.

  125. Yeah, Safety Training wasnt too solid. It had some fun moments (Creed emerges from bushes, zips up pants, “hey there’s a castle here”) but overall not one of the best.

  126. operation: save safety training!!!!
    “deactivate the car alarm. clean up the mess. find out whose car that is. if it’s stanley’s, call the offices of james p. albini and see if he handles hate crimes. also, take apart the trampoline and stick it in the baler.”

    next out: grief counseling (boring besides the cold-open and ryan’s cousin “mufasa”) or cocktails –although i was going to vote for diwali until the alliance formations began ;) haha. mannnn, do we need season 4 or WHAT?!?

  127. This is degenerating into Lord of the Flies territory pretty quickly :( Anyway to change the poll so we’re voting for progressively favorite episodes, and the one who gets the most votes each round is inducted into an “Office” Hall of Fame? We could cap the poll at 10 episodes to have a “Top Ten Favorite Episodes of Season 3”, without singling any episode out for being the least favorite (it’s no fun to finish last, or at this point in the poll, third last). It’s just that it seems the perceived negative aspects of episodes are being accentuated, right when we should be celebrating the achievements of the past season, what with the Emmy nominations being announced and filming for the new season due to start. Sorry if my Care-Bears approach rubs my fellow OT-posters the wrong way, but the central tenet of “Survivor” has always been a bit unsettling to me. Said my peace, and chill pill duly taken :)


    Every time I need to be cheered up I watch that episode. What’s not to love? No Jim-Pam-Karen love-triangle awkwardness, Dwight and Michael’s ‘show’ (“Dwight you ignorant slut!”) Plus I find the beginning (Darryl’s safety training thing) SO HILARIOUS. Not to mention Darryl manages to insult and compliment Michael at the same time, and talk him down off the roof.

  129. I agree! Safety Training is severely underrated! It came after weeks of drama with Pam and Jim. It was exactly what was needed at that moment….a return to just great comedy. Come on, Toby making a bet that he could switch Creed’s apple with a potato and he wouldn’t notice? Need I say more?

  130. Add me to the list of people that love Safety Training. Sure, it’s kind of fluff, but at that moment, it was exactly what the doctor ordered and I laughed so much. I also thought it was the most reminiscent of season 2. There was a great light-hearted quality to it.

  131. Safety Training is one of the best! gotta love the whole shun, unshun, reshun along with Drew.

  132. “Bingo!!! Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Need I say more? I love Safety Training! It totally reminds me of the silliness in The Fire in season two!

  133. I hate voting in this…every time I pick an episode I think I least like I always remember something way too hilarious, so I pick another one…it’s a vicious cycle.

  134. safety training for me … it just took a weird turn near the end, didn’t like the “feel” of it really …

  135. Safety Training was this year’s The Injury to me.

    I agree with Bales below. Post 153.

  136. I loved safety training — except for the stuff with Michael about the “jump” — that was just too weird.

  137. I voted Business School. I just didn’t find it laugh out loud funny. Jim as the vampire was clever, but for me, not laugh out loud worthy. It was more of a touching episode, with Pam at her art show and Michael getting mad at Ryan, but not hysterically funny like…..SAFETY TRAINING.


  138. So to save Saftey Training what’s everyone voting for? The Convention? It looks like I can peek at the Poll Results ahead of time anymore

  139. While I see the point that this way of “Survivor” inevitably makes us focus on the negative attributes of each episode, I also think the discussion has been worthwhile. I mean come on, we all worship this show, but it’s not ALWAYS “on”. Also, when you think about why you don’t like an episode, you are automatically reminded why you DO like the episode. (Because really, are any of these episodes “bad”? Clearly not. They all have their laugh out loud moments.)

  140. My dislike for “Safety Training” is not based in its being fluff–I love “The Injury”–or in the absense of JAM–I’m not a JAMmer. I just didn’t find it very funny. I liked the betting, but found the other plots lame and the jokes tiresome. And the “Michael on the roof” bit got weird really fast.

  141. I voted Grief Counseling. Just not the best. Not even close.

    I don’t understand why no one likes The Injury from last season. That was one of my favorites.

  142. Agh! Can’t handle the suspense of not being able to see the results until the end!

    Third time in a row now that I’ve voted for Safety Training. I’m starting to think I like Grief Counseling less, but why flip-flop now?

  143. bales for president!! I agree, this kind of sucks, having to focus on what we DON’T like about certain episodes since the show in question is undeniably the best program on primetime TV!!!! i say this also because two of my personal faves managed to be the first 2 to have their proverbial torches extinguished. also, Tanster, are the votes accumulative, or do you restart the poll with every elimination? because that could change a LOT on how i vote!

  144. Phyllis’ Wedding was the worst episode of the season, in my opinion (and by “worst,” I mean “least awesome.”)

  145. “Michael is awesome, jumpin’ off the roof, bouncin’ on a bouncy bounce, show ‘em who’s boss! Rip a hole in the sun!”

    Save Safety Training!

  146. If there’s a better reason to “save” Safety Training than Dwight’s metal lyrics I don’t know what it is. Even if it is done against a backdrop of the majestic Pennsylvania mountains.

  147. It’s still definitely Women’s Appreciation for me. I didn’t like the feel of Safety Training, but there weren’t enough funny moments for me. Cocktails isn’t my fav either, and neither is Traveling Salesman. My favorite part of that is Pam and her art contest, and that’s not even in the original episode.

  148. I voted for the Coup. Dwight groveling at the end just didn’t do it for me.

    I liked Safety Training and Grief Counseling. “You ignorant slut” and Dwight shoving the bird in the pop can (“is this the beak?”) are a couple of reasons I keep those higher on my list.

  149. This was really hard (I know – that’s what she said). I actually liked one of the least popular episodes (Phyllis’ Wedding), even though Michael was excrutiatingly over-the-top in that one. I had to go with The Convict just because it made me laugh the least.

    Even so, the “worst” episode of The Office is still far better than anything else out there on TV right now (possibly ever) in my opinion.

  150. Safety Training. Can’t believe this or Business School haven’t been voted off yet.

  151. so Im wondering… does everyone vote PW the worst because of the pam/roy action? because I do hate that part of it but I thought most of it was funny.

  152. 168 – “So to save Saftey Training what’s everyone voting for?”

    I went business school.

  153. I went with Cocktails, I didn’t enjoy that one hardly at all. I’m glad PW went first, that was def the worst! I didn’t think Michael was funny at the wedding, just pathetically obnoxious.

  154. 187, Amanda-

    The overall consensus is that Phyllis’ Wedding had Michael acting too over-the-top, to the point where it wasn’t believable as a documentary.

  155. I keep voting for Cocktails. Although the acting later in the episode was good (by David Denman), I thought that most of the humor was lame. The Dwight examining the house and the stupid joke that Karen was pulling on Jim was very lame. The best moments of that episode were the Creed fake ID and Stanley getting mad at Ryan (which is a deleted scene).

    I think that Safety Training was one of the best episodes. The bets between the office-mates was so funny (very reminiscent of the second season (like Office Olympics), and I love Darryl in the whole episode.

  156. I had to vote for The Merger (think I’m alone in this boat). While it was important to the plot, it just didn’t make me laugh quite as much. But, as so many have pointed out before, it’s kind of like picking which one of your kids you love the least.

  157. “But, as so many have pointed out before, it’s kind of like picking which one of your kids you love the least.”

    The ugly one. Wait, no…no I didn’t…

    Voted for Grief Counseling. Again.

  158. I voted Cocktails. The only two episodes I genuinely didn’t like have already been voted off, so my new strategy is to vote off the non-Andy episodes. (Except Business School. I kind of really love Business School. Stop, drop and roll, Angela!)

  159. How about no one joins any alliances and we all just vote for the episode that we like the least! (I voted for Back From Vacation.)

  160. Luke has such an original idea. It’s almost crazy enough to work.

    And by “crazy” I mean “completely sane and logical”.

  161. I voted for Diwali. It was a weak episode and not as funny as it could have been. Bummer.

  162. Tanster, good idea not showing the results till later so it won’t influence people’s votes. Although I will miss checking up on the results to see how it’s doing. This was a hard choice for me. So hard that I think I already forgot what I voted for. I need to watch “Cocktails” again soon to see where it lies. I guess the slump in Season 3, (if you can call it that), was right in the middle.

  163. I think I went Cocktails. It just boggles my mind why people say “Safety Training” was a weak episode. It had everything The Office needs: Michael acting ridiculous (but not too ridiculous), inter-office shenanigans, Dwight being Dwight, and it even had a bit of JAM for you JAM obsessed folks (“That is not fair. He has spent hours up here at reception with you. Hours and hours.
    … No, constantly. Like, for years.”)

    Seriously, I think the betting alone could be distilled down into one 10 minute episode and it’d still be in my top 5 of the season.

  164. I agree on the merger, Tobyfan. That’s who I’m voting off the island.


  165. oh my god the injury is BY FAR my favorite episode EVER. … Safety Training is a close second.

    Kevin suggesting wearing a shawl makes me giggle.

  166. I love the injury it was the episode Steve Carell chose as his emmy episode last year. I hate gay witch hunt and Diwali

  167. I’m sorry tanster, but I have to say it. Although a fun idea at first, the Survivor thing is starting to make me feel dirty. There’s just something about focusing on bad parts of episodes that makes me like I’m cheating off my chemistry partner or something to that effect. I do have favorite episodes (“The Injury” for best of all time?) but I can’t say that I have a least favorite.

    Therefore, my vote is that every episode of season 3 should be tied for first place. However, judging from the popularity of this thread, I probably stand alone on this one.

  168. Okay, no one shoot me, but I voted for Product Recall. It was just one of those episodes that I completely forgot about.

  169. Yeah Lance, I can see where you’re coming from, but everyones talking about what they love about certain episodes too.

    If it came right down to it though, every episode of the office wins #1 in my book. And I’m pretty sure everyone else here feels the same way.

  170. I love them all! But, if I have to make a selection, I guess I’ll go with The Convention. It was ok, but not as good as so many others. And I agree with whoever posted that thinks The Injury was the best ever. It was the ep that got me hooked on the series. Dwight hitting the pole then throwing up on his car window and Michael asking Pam to rub Country Crock on his foot are just two of the great moments in that episode.

  171. The way that I see the Survivor Poll:

    – It gives us something to do while we wait for Season 4 to start.

    – It’s interesting to read about why people like or dislike a certain episode.

    – It’s a totally unscientific survey.

    – It’s a completely optional activity. If you don’t want to participate, then you don’t have to.

    – Participating doesn’t mean you love The Office any less. :)

  172. Excuse me, sea monsters? All of you people wanting to vote safety training off have seriously got to go watch it again. That episode is FANTASTIC. Just listen to Toby say “you know, really anything that warms you” without cracking up. go on, i dare ya.
    In my mind it is a CLASSIC office episode for all the reasons mentioned by the rest of you ST fans. In my mind it is up there with “The Injury” or “Diversity Day” – episodes you’d show someone to get them hooked.

  173. It’s time for Grief Counseling to go — Pam was brilliant, but other than that, time to leave the island…

  174. Grief Counseling would be my 2nd choice but I voted off Safety Training (sorry to all those that are trying to keep it).

    This season has to be the hardest to choose from though b/c almost every episode is so vital… or contains some moving happening or time period. It’s tough…

  175. Tanster– Exactly!

    I have voted for The Convict. Not because I didn’t like it. Just because the ep didn’t really stick to me. Although, Prison Mike was quite funny!

  176. Don’t worry about it tanster. It’s all in good fun. Even if they vote out one of my favorites, Safety Training!

  177. yes this season had the best episodes ever- but whos with me on Diwali and Gay witch hunt

  178. Grief Counselling was my 3rd fave of the season behind Travelling Salesmen and A Benihana Xmas.

    I voted Cocktails this round

  179. i have to go product recall. as much as i love some of the moments, i just don’t love it as a whole as much as the rest.

  180. Cocktails, for sure. All I really remember from that episode is being really excited that Karen was some kind of “dumpable” slut, when she was just trying to play a lame third rate joke on Jim. Oh, and Roy flying off the handle… a little much? Wasn’t that the episode that began the endless weeks without new episodes… Sorry guy, gots to go!

  181. Why can’t we see the votes in progress? I sure hope that feature wasn’t removed because there are people aside from fans reading this.

    Again, I voted for The Merger. Again. Will continue to do so until it’s out.

  182. i have been voting the convict from the beginning. the main storyline was kinda weak, but i loved the subplot with andy and jim. “rainbow connection” on the banjo was priceless, but the return was a better andy show for me.

  183. Will the table of percentages and number of votes for each episode be revealed after the poll closes or just the one episode that gets voted off? (I liked seeing the results.)

  184. I, like Bonto, have also been voting for The Convict from the beginning… while there are some funny moments… Jim trying to get Andy with Pam and Prison Mike… overall I just felt it lacked in comparison…

  185. It’s Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and I’m watching “Phyllis’ Wedding”…

    And I can’t BELIEVE how funny it is.

    1. Awkward Michael moments
    2. Dwangela comedy “Break left…left”
    3. REALLY awkward moments (wheelchair in the aisle anyone?)
    4. Kelly: “I look really good in white!”
    5. Angela: “It’s so white, my eyes are burning…”
    6. Dwight on “Wedding Crasher Duty”
    7. S C R A N T O N I C I T Y ! !
    8. Pam/Roy Jim/Karen drama…I mean come on, it’s really well done. No matter how much you hate Pam and Roy went home together.
    9. Wedding…welding…what’s the difference. They’re both gold metals.
    10. “I must bounce you.”
    11. Ryan’s stellar block of the bouquet.
    12. The redemption of Michael Scott. Always great.


    We’ve made a tiny huge mistake.

  186. The Convict was pretty poor. and as expected it reeked of the one-dimensional trademark Gervais/Merchant stuff that thankfully this great show has moved away from.

    I liked ‘da belle of da ball’ line tho

  187. the ONLY reason I haven’t voted off The Convict yet is because of Prison Mike’s description of the prison including… dementors.

  188. No! Diwali!

    In honor of our fallen Diwali, I’d like to remember the good times we had. Like when Ryan angrily says, “She said something about Zach Braff…”

    And, I would like to say that I am for some reason most attracted to Pam in the 2 seconds we see her dancing with some guy when Roy comes in. Hot.

  189. i voted for cocktails AGAIN! and i totally agree we should save safety training! the watermelon throwing was priceless!

  190. My least favorite ep of the year has already been voted out (Ben Franklin), but my 2nd choice for weakest episode is definitely “The Coup”. A couple of borderline out of character moments for both Dwight and Michael bring down the few funny moments. And the end of the episode just kind of made me sad.

    So I vote The Coup off the island

  191. Please can we vote off The Coup next? Worst script of any episode of The Office (also any script from Season One). Michael’s interactions with Dwight late in the episode remind of when Harry and Lloyd start sabotaging each other in Dumb and Dumber. And in this case, that’s not a compliment.

  192. Getting into this game a bit late. Phyllis’ Wedding is by far my least fav so I’m satisfied with that result (although I see where others might like it). I LOVED Ben Franklin (so many great one-liners, but I do see how people might see it as weak). I’m quite saddened to see that gone so early. I agree that Diwali was weak, although being of Indian decent I did rather enjoy it. I voted Grief Counseling this round and will do so next round.

  193. I have no problems with The Coup going next as long as Safety Training is saved.

  194. I’ve been voting for A Benihana X-Mas. Just rubs me the wrong way. Except for the part where Michael marks the girl’s arm, that was hilarious.

    By the way, The Return should win this. Andy’s freakout was legendary.

  195. I can’t believe Diwali got voted off!! :( *sighs* Ah well. I’m not sure which one I want to go next…

  196. The Return is definitely one of my all time favorites…don’t vote it off!

    *Where is my FREAKING phone?*

  197. I totally agree with you Jesse. I didn’t like Benihana Christmas either. The arm marking and Dwight’s argument with the Chef about the knives were the only redeeming moments of that episode.

  198. Wait, what? Diwali’s gone? You people.

    BTW, I hate that we don’t get to see how the votes come out. Is Office Tally selling out and sparing the feelings of the writers? I sure hope not. OT has been the best example yet of a fansite that doesn’t pander to the producers, and I hope that doesn’t change.

  199. i’m going grief counselling again or perhaps cocktails depending on what more people say they will vote for…

    in my attempt to KEEP SAFETY TRAINING ALIIIIVE!!

  200. Yeah, Tanster I want to see the rankings/results of the last poll! At least go Ryan Seacrest on us and give us the bottom 3. We need to know which ones we need to step it up for next time!

  201. Bottom 3? Okay, I’ll give you that. :)

    Diwali received the most number of votes, followed by Grief Counseling, followed by Safety Training.

    Seacrest out

  202. Safety Training makes my top 5 of the season, so it’s safe as far as I’m concerned. … But my pet project is making sure Initiation continues to stay alive.

  203. Vote for the Coup next time, people. Other than “hug it out b**ch” and the Ann Taylor reference, there’s not a lot going for it: slow Stamford action with playing the video game, Pam tries on clothes, and Dwight isn’t as funny as he could be.

  204. Thanks Tanster! I feel a bit relieved that The Convict wasn’t in the bottom 3. That is the underdog contestant I’m rooting for.

  205. Thanks for the bottom three, but I still don’t see a reason we can’t see all the rankings.

    I’m voting Safety Training next time. Why? I don’t remember a thing from it, which is a fatal flaw.

  206. product recall sucked. i barely laughed. if i could go with an episode to win this season, it would be the return

  207. the return *was* amazing… I think just because my brain finally recognized it as an Office episode because Jim and Pam did a prank together. Finally.

  208. Call me crazy, but Safety Training was one of my top 5 favorite episodes this season. I guess I am in the minority on that from all of the bashing that episode is getting.

  209. Hey, tanster, how are the results so far stacking up to the polls you have posted in each episode’s page? Is there much correlation or is the Survivor mentality messing things up?

  210. i think the best episodes are going to come down to: The Job, The Return, and traveling salesmen

  211. Poor Mindy :( She’s written some of the absolute best episodes in the history of the series and two of her episdoes got booted off in the first three :(. Not cool.

  212. 259 – I agree about those 3, that’ll probably be it.

    One of the reasons I think TS/TR are so loved, other than they were just well written, is that it was a focus on Dwnagela for a change which gave us a break from all the Jam angst which a lot of fans were weary of.

    Dwight and Angela are two strange ones who humanize each other with their relationship.

  213. sniff b-b-but what about safety training? I also enjoyed Product Recall though… lord, beer me strength. And Andy dating… a high schooler…. …

  214. Product Recall was hilarious — Code Midnight! Ungreatful Beeatch hotline! God Beer Me strength

  215. whenever I have a crisis at work I can’t help thinking to myself…. cri man squaw! f and c, doubletime!

  216. oh no, diwali down! diwali down! extremely disheartened to see that grief counseling and safety training were in the running as well. this is so hard (that’s what she said!)

  217. I had to vote for Product Recall: The premise was hilarious, but the execution was just okay. But I do appreciate the episode because it taught me that I actually don’t want more Creed.

    Of course, at the end of the day, there isn’t a single episode of the Office that I wouldn’t watch again, so this is difficult.

  218. Too bad we didn’t do this poll earlier, because then the producers might have had a better idea of the best episodes to submit for an Emmy.

  219. I agree, stuckintheoffice(#265).
    Diwali and Safety Training were my favorite episodes.
    It is extremely difficult to pick.

  220. Add me to the SAVE SAFETY TRAINING alliance. There was no plot advancement, but it was so much fun! The office wagering (esp the jelly beans), bouncing watermelons off the trampoline, Dwight playing air guitar, Darryl telling Michael that he is braveheart, and Jim and Pam realizing Michael was going to jump into a bouncy castle and trying to talk him down. I was laughing the whole episode.

  221. And I continue to vote for The Coup.
    I liked Diwali and Ben Franklin. They’re good Pam ones.
    And I liked Safety Training, mostly for the shunning. And the sea monster.

  222. Am I the only one that thought Ben Franklin was a pretty awesome episode? Come on, people. That one had some hilarious moments, plus the deliciously awkward Pam/Karen scene when Pam kinda flipped out. Jenna was amazing in that scene!

    If we’re voting episodes off the island, it’s gotta be Product Recall. I think that was the worst episode of the entire series so far. Of course, even The Office’s worst episode is still worlds better than pretty much everything else on TV…

  223. the only reason i would not vote for safety training is cause of the deleted scenes. i didnt like the episode that much, but when i saw the deleted scenes online i was on the floor for every one of them.

  224. kla, i agree. safety training must be saved! i voted for the coup as well, not because i didn’t enjoy it, but it just seemed to be one of the more non-descript episodes. Safety Training however…have people forgotten the greatest kevin line ever? “If John Mellencamp ever wins an Oscar, I am going to be a very rich dude.” I almost died.

  225. time to resume my subliminal messages!

    “Like sometimes, computers can explode, can they not?”


  226. i do want to save safety training. but am i the only one that wants to save grief counseling? anybody??

  227. Sorry guys, but it’s about time for Safety Training to go down…
    To me it should have been the first one…

  228. The voters on here sure aren’t giving Mindy Kaling any love. Two of her episodes (Diwali/Ben Franklin) are in the bottom 3, yikes. I thought Diwali was a good episode, it had some great lines and moments. (“At least I didn’t come dressed as a slutty cheerleader”) I think that The Convention and The Coup are 2 of the weaker episodes left right now.

    Anyways, only 3 episodes have been voted off so far and deciding on the next weakest epsiode is becoming super-difficult already, ah.

  229. Save Safety Training and Product Recall.

    I LOVED Product Recall. So many great Creed moments.

    I voted off The Coup, it’s a good episode, but up against eps. like “The Job”, “Beach Games”, and “Womens Appreciation”, it’s got to go.

  230. It may just be me, but I didn’t really like The Convention. My favorite parts were Kelly talking about Ryan’s love of ketchup and Dwight and Michael’s Scranton Party song. I’ve noticed that 2 of 3 episodes that have been cut so far are primarily in a location other than the office, as was The Convention. It was a good episode, but I think should it should be cut next.

  231. I agree!! Save Safety Training!!

    “Try to land like an eight year old.”
    Classic Dwight! IMO

  232. whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s gotta be done – I’m calling Amanda out (all in good fun, of course)!

    I thought Ben Franklin was a terrible episode (and it looks like others agreed), while Product Recall may have actually been my favorite of the entire series. C’mon – Michael calls someone a beyotch and Creed masterminds the firing of Debbie Brown – great stuff!

  233. Get rid of “Product Recall;” it was the most uneven of the season, in my opinion. Yes, yes, we all loved the cold open and tag scene, but other than that, what was there?

  234. The one thing I’m noticing when watching the reruns is how great even the ‘weaker’ episodes are. Once you step back and watch them in the context of the whole season, it’s clear that they are easily as good as season two…many even better. Since you’re not waiting around for Jim/Pam stuff, you can appreciate just how FUNNY the show is!

  235. 284

    I was saying this to my friends throughout the season. I remember season 2 was not as good until I had seen the last episode and then could re-watch the season. For season 3, I have purposely not watched any of them as reruns. I am waiting for the dvd release and starting from the beginning.

  236. I have to agree with #284, the past 2 times I voted for Cocktails, but after watching it again last night I realized I liked it more than I thought! This time around I went for The Convict. It was either that or Safety Training so I thought I’d help out your alliance this time around:)

  237. Michael: “A particular concern for office workers is a sedimentary lifestyle, which can contribute … ”
    Toby: Sedentary.

    one of 398459847 reasons to save safety training.

  238. Michael the Magic (#284): Excellent points! Each episode does have to be seen within the context of the whole season as well. I think “The Office” is a show where the sum of all great parts equals an even greater whole :)

  239. Wow, I’m surprised by these results. I liked Ben Franklin and Diwali a lot. The weakest episodes, IMHO, were The Convict, The Coup, and Safety Training.

  240. #276 nv- I want to save Grief Counseling too! That episode, along w/ Business School, are really sweet Pam/Michael ones :)

  241. Michael: You know what our killer is? Depression.
    Dwight: Wolves.
    Michael: Depression.

    Another reason for keeping Safety Training.

  242. Git rid of Safety Training, it was just one big cringe the whole way through.

  243. how could of ‘Ben Franklin’ been voted off so early?! besides ‘The Job’ (of course!), I would say that Ben Franklin was the best episode for comedy, don’t get me wrong, I love Pam/Jim moments, but I guess that’s what everyone is voting for.

  244. Product Recall and Safety Training are two of my favorites! I thought they were full of laughs and classic moments. And I love Grief Counseling as well.

    I watched the rerun of Cocktails last night and totally loved it! That one hadn’t been particularly memorable to me (except for the whole, “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” bit) but after watching it again I found it hilarious! When Michael gagged on the scotch and asked for some Splenda-my god, that was funny!

    I’ve found that most of my fave episodes are towards the end of the season. That may be due to the fact that I remember them better-I don’t have tivo,dvr or an iPod, so I’m going on memory. But I think the end of the season was better and just more fun in general.

  245. If you aren’t feeling the Safety Training love, just rewatch it! It’s such a wonderful, feel good episode! No real plot development, just fun tv. My personal FAVORITE episode of all time is The Return. Please, please, please let The Return win!

  246. i think initiation has to go next, and im hoping product recall wins. safety training is easily in my top 10 favorite episodes of the season, i dont know why people are hating on it.

  247. After re-watching Cocktails last night, I have decided to vote it off. It really wasn’t all that funny. I did like the gang going Poor Richard’s, but it wasn’t the funniest thing. I think the funniest parts was where Jan said “That’s what she said” and Dwight being in the kids room & kicking the chimney. :)

  248. the next 3 to go for me is: Gay witch hunt, safety training, and Product recall

  249. we all know the job is going to win, which sucks because i don’t think it was the strongest episode this season

    i really think the return or the negotiation should win

  250. Yes! Finally another person ready to get rid of Cocktails!

    It would be interesting to know who votes based off of a one time viewing and who is a little too obsessive and buys every last episode on itunes, watches an episode every night (EVERY night) before bed, and has most episodes memorized.

    Uh, that’s not me or anything.

    Just saying, it’s interesting how much my opinion of each episode changes after the 72nd viewing.

  251. I agree with Kayla. While The Job had the Jim/Pam (I will not call them JAM) moment, it certainly wasn’t the best of the season. I would argue that it probably goes somewhere around 5th to 8th.

  252. Seriously, no hate for The Merger? I’m wasting any strategy I could have by refusing to vote for anything else, but I’m pretty sure it’s the only Office episode I will never watch again. That horrible conference room scene? Ugh.

    BTW, I still think it’s fishy that we don’t get to see live results. The second fans start sparing writers is the second is all goes downhill.

  253. I really disliked “the coup”

    I am a HUGE!!!!
    JAM fan , and this one really made me mad. The funniest part to me was when Andy told Jim that he wanted to kill him for real . That was it .

  254. My favorite episodes.. would have to be the Job
    and Beach games. Also i liked the return .

  255. *has a moment of silence for Diwali*

    …and now y’all are voting for The Coup! *shakes head in disbelief*

    It’s time to vote Prison Mike off the island.

  256. nemme (305) I also hate The Merger. With a burning, ugly, passion (much like a sunburn). That’s all I’ve been voting for.

  257. yes! all my voting for Grief Counseling finally paid off.

    I’m going to jump on the “save Safety Training” bandwagon and probably vote for Business School next…

  258. I’m currently shaking my head in disbelief. Diwali, and then Grief Counseling? I honestly don’t know what’s going on. Just the session with Million Dollar Baby and Lion King references were enough to take that episode a little farther. My vote is Cocktails. Dwight examining the house was a little much, and Jan showing how crazy she was a little weird. I would also support The Coup to be voted off. As much as I think The Job should make the top 10, I would like Benihana Christmas or The Return to win the whole thing. I’m an enormous JAMer, but we can’t let that cloud our judgement people!

  259. I too strongly disliked The Merger for that awful conference room scene alone. GET RID OF IT!

  260. I follow you on that Business School to save Saftey Training SJB. Might I suggest The Convention after Business School? It seemed like a bland episode.

  261. Wait a minute you guys don’t like The Coup? I thought purely for the moment with Dwight on his knees begging Michael for his job back it should last until one of the later rounds. Also how can you not love “Saboteur!! Saboteur!! I’m gonna kill you for real. This game..the game is over. I’m really gonna shoot you.”

  262. For those bashing Cocktails: I thought Dwight inspecting the house at the party was exactly right. I often find myself at social gatherings needing something productive to do until the end of the night. I usually end up finding a quite room to read one of the home owner’s books. If I knew spit about home construction I could see myself doing exactly as Dwight did! I guess sometimes I do inspect people’s computer-audio-TV set up…

    This was the time I most identified with that character.

  263. You can’t catch diseases from a bird! You should all be ashamed for voting off grief counseling already. This episode never fails to get me laughing. Dwight trying to fit the bird in an empty pop can? Michael talking about the 5 stages of grief? Priceless moments. I am going to go grab my recorder and whip up an impromptu bird funeral. REPENT, voters! And remember, there is such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

  264. Aw, Grief Counseling? That episode has such great ensemble acting, and the funeral was rather touching. Oh well, the public as spoken.

  265. The Coup is next to be voted out!

    By the way, looks like everyone campaigning for safety training to stay has paid off.

  266. Ooh, Merger hate. I love it! I mean hate it!

    So Tanster, what were the three lowest vote getters? You can’t expect us to form alliances – hence the Survivor title – if we have no information. Bring on the hate! (It’s kind of fun to hate on something we love so much. Come back show!)

  267. The Coup has to go. I missed one vote but the other 3 I’ve voted for The Coup. After that goes down I’m going to be voting for Cocktails if it’s not gone already.

  268. Which is the next to go? Out of Safety Training or The Coup? Safety Training was definitely the weakest. The whole idea that Michael needed to prove something to the warehouse guys was just silly. Re-watching the episode, I don’t think Steve Carell was completely sold on the idea either. Who in the office would actually be fooled into thinking Michael would jump off the roof? It’s just too stupid.

  269. safety training LIVESSSSS!!!

    i think that we should now come together in voting for “the coup” (b/c it was in the bottom 3 last time)… i fear for the next results.

  270. No love for GRIEF COUNSELING? I’m surprised. That was one of my favorite episodes of the season. I think the bird funeral will probably be one of the most iconic moments of the series. And it’s truly funny. How can you not laugh at Dwight’s designs for an Ed Truck Robot, the recounting of movie plots, and one of my favorite Michael lines (“You can’t get diseases from a bird!!!”) and Dwight talking heads (“I’m sorry. I grew up on a farm. We slaughtered a pig whenever we felt like having bacon. My grandfather was re-buried in an oil drum. He would have fit if he had given me another minute.”)

    And Pam’s line of “You never know what to expect around here.” really nails why we like THE OFFICE.

    It’s gonna be tough for me to vote now because the worst episode was already picked. I guess it’s all about the best episodes from here on in.

  271. i personally think gay witch hunt, the coup, the convict, safety training should all be voted off.

  272. Come on, guys. How have we overlooked Back From Vacation. That was by far just as weak as Phyllis’ Wedding and Ben Franklin.

  273. 329 – They weren’t fooled. They went outside to watch Michael for a chance to have a break from work. But then they saw the bouncy castle and realized he really was going to jump.

    Safety Training had the most ensemble feel of any episode this season outside of the Traveling Salesmen/Return two-parter. We should encourage that.

  274. I agree with 333 on The Convict. I’ve voted for that one in ever poll thus far. I’m surprised by all the hate for The Coup, I actually thought that was one of the best of the season.

  275. I agree, I love the coup! The Dwight/Jan story line cracks me up everytime. I’m wondering why no one has said anything about Negotiation…Besides the cold open I really didn’t think it was up to snuff. That’s what I’ve been voting for.

    Also…poor Diwali :(

  276. I can’t believe Grief Counseling is 4th worst! Grief Counseling is definitely in my top 5 of all time. It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And at the same time somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone. And I am crying, and nobody can hear me because I am terribly, terribly, terribly alone.

  277. “I lost Ed Truck. And it feels like somebody took my heart, and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. And, at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer. And then, a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone. And I’m crying, and nobody can hear me. Because I am terribly, terribly, terribly alone.”

    R.I.P., Grief Counseling. I liked you a lot.
    I’m voting for the Negotiation, by the way. I seem to be alone… Anyone else bored by this one?

  278. I probably should have looked down three posts and seen that Angie just also used the same (awesome) quote. My idiocy does not detract from its pure awesome-itude, however.

  279. I can’t believe Ben Franklin and Grief Counseling are in the bottom..probably two of my favorites. I’ve been trying to kick off The Initiation. The whole episode just felt very self-serving to B.J. Novak. I love Ryan/B.J., but of course he would write an episode based solely on himself. And the whole beet farm/Mose thing felt very forced.

  280. Oh no! Not Grief Counseling. That was a great episode…by far the best of the pre-merger ones, at least.

    Jim: We’re just trying to get these chips for Karen.
    Andy: Did you check the vending machine?
    Karen: Oh, the vending machines – how’d we miss that?
    Jim: I have no idea. We went right for the copier, and then we checked the fax machine…
    Karen: Yeah, nothing there.
    Andy: Did you check your…butt?

    Pam: If you want to do something for the funeral–
    Dwight: Yes, please.
    Pam: Maybe you could play a song on your recorder.
    Dwight: Excellent.
    Pam: Do you have it with you?
    Dwight: Always [runs to get it]
    Pam: [funny little hand gesture]

    These hilarious scenes and more, like the brilliant conference room scene when Ryan talks about his cousin, Mufasa, and Michael saying Ed Truck’s “Capa was detated from his head” all came from Grief Counseling. Its being voted off the island is a travesty.

    Come on, folks…we’ve gotta take Product Recall and The Coup out of the running.

  281. I say axe Branch Closing, it really wasn’t that funny at all, long live The Return and Initiation!

  282. I dont understand why someon could hate safety trainig, it is not the best episode but it got its funny moments.

    I personnally hate Initiation, and I agree that the scenes at the farm where too much

  283. I voted for the Coup (again). I really didn’t like Dwight at the end laying on the floor. His usurping the power was much better handled in the Job with the Andy interview and painting the office black. It just wasn’t a funny episode.

    I too was very sad to see Grief Counseling voted off. I love the bird funeral and the recorder and Michael holding hands and swaying.

  284. Once again, I voted for Business School. The vampire bit was clever, just not laugh out loud for me. At the time, I did not think it was even one bit funny when Dwight trapped the vampire over Meredith’s head, but now I see where that is heading.

  285. now that grief counseling is gone my vote goes for product recall. I remember being so excited about that episode because of the Jim dressing up as Dwight and vice versa thing. But then when it finally aired that was the only part that I found amusing. And the part with Jim singing trying to cheer up Andy. And beer me that CD. Crap. That was a good episode…

  286. Had to go with Cocktails… the only thing that really had me in stitches was Michael and Jan in the bathroom and the CFO’s kid waking up to Dwight in his rocking chair. (brings me back to the creepy memories of Dwight during “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”)

  287. i completely agree with 347. except the grief counseling part, i thought that episode was pretty weak. i thought the bird funeral could of been much better then it was.

  288. OK, with Grief Counseling gone Safety Training has to go now. It was just not that funny. The only thing remotely funny in the entire episode was Creed eating a potato.

  289. are you kidding? how could you want to “kill product recall”? that was possibly the best one the whole season! with jim pretending to be dwight? bears beets battlestar galactica? i couldn’t stop laughing for daaaaaays. haha

  290. for once, i am not completely torn asunder by the last round…grief counseling definitely had its amazing moments (ryan’s uncle, mufasa, and pam’s aunt, the million dollar baby…), but it wasn’t quite up to par with some of the other episodes. that said, Tanster, I agree, I’ve been voting the Coup since day one! I don’t understand how it’s still in contention while ben franklin, diwali and phyllis’ wedding have all been given the boot! Save Safety Training!

  291. Alamedaman: I thought Diwali was easily in the top 3 of the season, but alas, my Save Diwali alliance failed.

    It’s really time to toss The Convict off the island…I don’t want that kind in my dimly lit corner of the Office. : )

  292. The ‘hate’ for Safety Training derives from the fact it was the weakest episode of The Office since season one.

  293. I heartily agree, LZW. I don’t know how these four episodes are on the bottom of the list (“Diwali and “Ben Franklin” are particularly awesome).

    I have voted for “Safety Training” every time. It was very lack luster (but still fun. After all, none of these episodes are bad).

  294. I think I’m gonna keep voting for Product Recall until it’s gone. I just don’t know what people see in it. I can understand the Safety Training and Coup-hate, but I think those episode were better executed than PR. The high school story line could have been so great but it just falls flat.

  295. Lauren, it had Dwight commenting about farm animals having sex. I almost died laughing!

  296. Everyone who enjoyed Safety Training need to come together and vote for The Coup!

  297. I could not agree more, Krentist the Dentist. I am afraid Cocktails will make the Top 10 of this season, ahead of much better episodes.

  298. im voting for Gay witch hunt and safety training then next week i will do product recall

  299. Has anyone noticed the theme in these episodes voted out? They are all very uncomfortable Michael episodes, he’s at his most extreme in all of these.

    I have a hard time voting any show out to be honest, I love them all.

  300. i think product recall should go next. i don’t know why phyllis’ wedding went first… it was one of my favorites. kevin’s band, pam and roy drama. i liked it.

  301. i voted the convict…. again! i am constantly seeing product recall and safety training being batched. what’s the damage?! these two episodes are great! the opener and tag for product recall were classic. it also had one of my fav lines from the season: “those are the money beets.” safety training great stuff like: the betting and the shunning of andy, and the skit between michael and dwight in parking lot were too funny for words. let the convict go!

  302. officeisms1978 wrote, “Has anyone noticed the theme in these episodes voted out? They are all very uncomfortable Michael episodes, he’s at his most extreme in all of these.”

    I don’t know about that. “Grief Counseling” starts out that way, but by the end it’s in full “sad, lovable Michael” mode.

    I agree about PW being way too uncomfortable–and not in a funny way like GWH.

  303. I hated the initiation – i mean, the beet farm? that was just weird – but I could be convinced to vote for cocktails or product recall in order to save safety training.

  304. What did you guys think about the Christmas episode this year? I wasn’t really a fan…

  305. I can’t remember a thing about “Initiation” except didn’t Dwight have Ryan on his farm with Mose? What happened in this episode?

  306. WLHUNG…

    I loved the Christmas episode, how could you not!? Michael marking the waitress, Creed singing, Pam giving Toby her gift bag, the girls teaming up to out-party Angela, that was such a good episode.

  307. No, Diwali’s right where it belongs. We have to get rid of Product Recall to combat the injustice of Grief Counseling.

  308. I can’t really explain it, but it was the only episode of The Office that annoyed me. There were some great scenes in there, but it’s one of the few episodes that, after watching, I didn’t think to myself, “Oh, my God, that was hilarious!” It just kinda annoyed me. Doesn’t get much better than the photoshop line, though…

  309. Seriously. Diwali was weak sauce. (except for Michael referring to himself as a gringo as well as he and Pam in her car at the end) Grief Counseling was genius. Here are 7 reasons why: 1.) “WHAM! His capa is detated from his head!” 2.) “With cream and sugar?” 3.) “Did you check your butt?” 4.) “It feels like someone took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears and at the same time someone else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone and I am crying and nobody can hear me because I am terribly, terribly… terribly alone. 5.) Ryan talking about his cousin, Mufasa, who was tragically trampled by wildebeest in Africa. 6.) “My grandfather was reburied in an old oil drum.” 7.) On the Wings of Love

  310. All four that have been voted out first were written by women. It’s a shame but that is the main thing in common of those first to go.

    That streak will probably end now though.

  311. Noooooooo! How did Safety Training get voted off? Boo, I loved that one. I keep voting for The Initiation. The line from The Coup, “Hug it out, Bitch” gets me every time and makes that entire episode for me. I really actually love them all, so voting them off really doesn’t diminish them in my book. This is just such a clever game. I really hope that The Return can pull out above The Job.

  312. Ahhh, it looks like all those who wanted Safety Training have finally seen the end of their alliances. Although if I do say so, I think you guys really did help it; it might have been #21 otherwise.

  313. I think the next three to go should be Branch Closing, The Convict, and Gay Witch Hunt. Branch Closing barely made me laugh, it seemed like the episode was solely based on moving the storyline forward rather than actually being funny, which is highly out of character for The Office. Also, as much as I loved Prison Mike and Gaydar, episodes like The Convict and Gay Witch Hunt just can’t match the other remainders.

  314. WLHUNG, I agree! Shun may be temporarily lifted if people wake up and realize that they should have been voting for The Coup this whole time! Safety Training, guys, c’mon! Sigh…it’s going to be a long day at work today.

  315. Also, Stanley Bobanley…You want to get rid of Gay Witch Hunt? What?! I mean, that’s one of the Emmy-nominated episodes and rightfully so! I’ll concede to Branch Closing, it was clever but not up to par with the extraordinary Office episodes to which we’ve all apparently become far too accustomed. But GWH? Nooooooo

  316. Large tuna, what about Michael’s Diwali song? Not only was it hysterical, it was a great Adam Sandler impression, and one of the only times Michael actually succeeds in being entertaining.

    I’m voting off Initiation next. It’s not bad, but hardly remembered it after the first airing, which isn’t a good sign. I love Pretzel Day and Michael on a sugar high, but the rest was unimpressive.

  317. 394 Stanley Bobanley: I agree and I voted Branch Closing this round and will continue to do so until it’s gone. It was obviously important plotwise but not very well executed in my opinion. The Coup would be my next choice but wins out over Branch Closing, if for no reason other than the “Your dentist’s name is Crentist” line.

  318. WLHUNG – I share your sadness at the untimely exit of Safety Training. For shame, people, for shame! ;)

    I voting for the Coup next, again. It’s got to go.

  319. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. goodbye safety training. i might go jump off the roof right now…

    how did this go and PRODUCT RECALL is still around? that episode makes me want to vomit. WAYYYY too over the top. alright, i think i’ve been dramatic enough. :(

  320. I think the next 3 to go should be The Initiation, Branch Closing and The Coup. I thought Safety Training was hysterical, the betting subplot made up for over the top Michael.

  321. Ok, we must save the Coup! Dwight knowing Jan’s favorite outlet stores is hilarious! Kelly trying to be in Pam’s wedding? Who doesn’t love that? “Fashion show, fashion show fashion show at lunch!!” Makes me laugh every time!! Crentist the dentist = Dwight Hilarity. Please people, Save the Coup!

  322. “Bale her? I hardly knew her.” Safety Training went down? COME ON! The Coup and The Convention were weaker than this episode.

    I am no going to kill my self, pretending to kill myself. (tear drop)

  323. 402 – How could you not like Product Recall? This was the first episode of The Office that I saw (I’ve seen every other at least twice since:P) and it hooked me right away. It offered a great balance of time between the characters and there were so many hilarious moments.

    If you vote it off, I swear to God, that every single piece of copier paper in this town is going to have the F-word on it. The F-word. You have one day.

  324. Frankly I’m just surprised The Convention is still up there. It’s not a bad episode, but its also not a good one either. Is it just so damn bland that everyone forgot about it? Also I’m done voting now that Safety Training is off of there seeing as it was one of the stronger episodes of the season and therefore I must be missing something about this poll.

  325. Safety Training was funny. Major funny.

    The betting subplot, Kelly versus the Sea Monster, “Hey Darryl, how’s it hanging?”, Creed eating raw potatoes and urinating on bouncy castles, Dwight’s air guitar and metal scream to “rip a hole in the Sun”, the perils of low lighted workspaces, the warming qualities of a long sleeved t-shirt.

    Awesome episode.

  326. Don’t vote the episode “product recall” off because of Jim’s PERFECT imitation of Dwight at the beginning, and Kelly and Kevin’s accents, and Jim and Andy’s time spent together when they go to the high school…its all so funny and does not deserve to be voted off!!

  327. SAFTEY TRAINING GONE!?!?!?!? I though that was one of the funniest episodes. “Dwight you ignorant slut”, I mean, really. The whole betting thing was hilarious (especially Creed’s incident) and the “shun, un-shun” business. So sad.

  328. Umm, I’m having trouble grasping why Branch Closing has even been mentioned in this discussion yet. Every character has a nice part reacting to the news. And Michael crying when Jan tells him?! OMG, one of the best moment of the series.

    “We did it! We did it!! …How did we do it? I don’t understand…”

    I’m laughing as I type this.

    And again, Nussy, I’m sorry for your loss. I think you were the leader of the campaign for Safety Training. Just remember that we are inter-sorting some of the best 23 TV episodes. It’s not that Safety Training was bad, just that it’s in the company of some amazing episodes as well.

  329. I was sad to see GC go, I thought it was funny, but it didn’t really have a lot of substance. ST was an hilarious concept, Michael trying to teach a lesson by threatening to kill himself, everyone else realizing that he would actually kill himself and trying to talk him down. It could have been executed better. I think it was kind of a waste of the whole side-betting subplot, which was amazing. I will be voting for the Coup from now on. It just felt a little off. I don’t think Dwight would ever really do that, he’s way too all about authority structure and rules, I think it makes him feel secure and safe. And it wasn’t really that funny.

    This poll will be interesting in the end because it will reveal what we, as fans, really value in the Office. The hilarity or the story. Personally, I am a JAMmer at heart and any episode that didn’t advance that story wasn’t as good for me. It’s why I will never vote for the initiation, the JAM convo at the end makes the episode. It IS the episode. And I’m fine with that.

  330. Am I the only one who thinks Women’s Appreciation wasn’t all that good? I know now I’m going to form some kind of WA alliance and it will NEVER get voted off but now that this injustice has been done to Safety Training I have become disenchanted so…

  331. Boo!!!! Safety training was one of my favorite episodes. I work in an office that has a warehouse attached to it, and we have to do safety training once a month. The writers were DEAD ON accurate with the funny that week, and my coworkers and I could not stop laughing at the truth in that episode. I do NOT agree with this week’s poll results.

  332. Quote from Jenna’s myspace blog April 20, 2007:
    “Anyway…that is where I’ve been. Sorry for the repeat of The Office this week. Next week is all new. We have a bunch of new ones coming up. They are all great. My personal favorite is Women’s Appreciation. Michael takes all of the ladies to the mall. It’s great. But, the one not to be missed is Beach Day. Seriously. Don’t miss it.”

    I’m just saying…

  333. 413… you are forgetting one VERY important thing concerning The Coup, Angela tells Dwight that he needs to take over

  334. I hit the submit button by mistake… so, as I was saying… Dwight in “forced” into going and telling Jan about how he could do better because if he doesn’t… no cookie… I mean, we all do crazy things for love and this was Dwight’s crazy thing. I think the episode is great because of how Michael gives Dwight the branch and plays it off all cool for a while… setting Dwight up perfectly. And then, with the writer’s using that episode as the basis of TS/TR two-parter… it almost like a three part episode.

    I again will be voting for The Convict and suggest you all do the same! ;)

  335. What?!?! Grief Counseling is already gone? Jeez, that was the episode that got me into the show. Definitely a favorite.

  336. Get rid of “Product Recall.” It had too many loose ends, too many partially-realized jokes, and too much awkwardness. And remember “Women’s Appreciation” had the awesome semi-confrontation between Pam and Karen, Michael doggedly offering to buy Angela lingerie, the realization of FNB as she changed the tire, Dwight and Andy’s partnership….more to love there already than the stuff that’s in “Product Recall” (aside from its great opener and closer).

  337. I voted the Convict. Trust me, I enjoy every episode of this show in its own way, but this one was probably one of my least favorites in Season 3. I like Ben Franklin. I can tell I’m one of the only ones, too.

  338. safety training got booted off for no JAM-ness….

    Notice the pattern that all of the ones that are apparently “least favorite” are the ones with no advancement in the JAM storyline.

    We should vote according to the quality of the episode, not the amount of Jim/Pam time.

    I don’t understand how a episode with Michael calling Dwight “an ignorant slut” and Dwight referring to the warehouse workers as “blue-collar” isn’t a great episode. I loved it.

  339. “Product Recall” *only* has the Dwight/Jim switcharoo going for it. Otherwise, the Michael apology wasn’t particularly funny and Pam’s role was limited in the episode.

  340. I voted for The Convict…again. I’ll probably go Gay Witch Hunt and The Initiation after.

    I didn’t think Product Recall was the best episode, but Dwight describing what he has seen animals do on the farm made me laugh out loud harder than almost anything this season.

    Y’all “Coup” haters are crazy! I thought Steve Carell’s performance in that was so cool…I loved seeing him all tough and godfatherlike.

  341. “safety training got booted off for no JAM-ness….”

    I guess I agree with you, which is sad. I even tried to cater to the JAM crowd in campaigning for Safety Training by throwing out the “But he’s up here ALL DAY” moment of Kevin fueled JAM.

    At least The Return, Initiation, and Traveling Salesmen will be safe for their juicy JAM bits.

  342. krentist the dentist wrote:

    “safety training got booted off for no JAM-ness….

    Notice the pattern that all of the ones that are apparently “least favorite” are the ones with no advancement in the JAM storyline.

    We should vote according to the quality of the episode, not the amount of Jim/Pam time.”

    Why does everyone keep saying this? I am not a JAMmer. I have been voting off ST from the beginning because I did not find it funny or well-written. Is it so hard to believe that different people might have different opinions on what is funny?

  343. Right on, LZW. Comedy is subjective, people. We’re not all voting based on Jam (even us Jammers).

    I’ve been rooting for Safety Training to be least favorite for a while now. I thought that Safety Training DID advance the Jam relationship. They hadn’t been talking much at all before that episode and they were starting to rekindle the friendship and mischief. So…I thought it DID have Jammy stuff (and I’m a Jammer), but still wasn’t extremely fond of it. Just thought it was slow.

    So there you have it.

  344. Though I’m with you guys on booting Product Recall and The Convict, I’m still voting The Merger. Again. I’m on a mission!

    What I don’t understand is why people don’t like Gay Witch Hunt? Is only because of the flashback and Jim in Scranton? I think that’s one of the best episodes of the series – so damned funny.

    And I’m going to ask again until I get an answer: why can’t we see all the votes? We aren’t here to spare anyone’s feelings. We’re fans, not an official site. Right?

  345. Uh, no. Safety Training was voted off (much later than it should have, by the way…) because it was the weakest episode of the season. JAM levels notwithstanding.

  346. The loss of Safety Training to the number 19 spot is a travesty. My favorite quote of the entire season was “Dwight, you ignorant slut.” and who could forget “should I bring a long sleeve tee” and inter-office betting! Come on, this episode is Top 5 material, along with the brilliant, brilliant The Coup.

    The next to go should be The Merger. I’m not opposed to cringe-worthy Michael, but this was soooo much cringing, it climaxed into way-too-much when he and Dwight were heaving Tony onto the table. Every episode of The Office has it’s funny and/or sweet moments, but this one I feel, had the least.

  347. Well, I thought I was gonna vote off Initiation this round, but I ended up going for The Convention. Not a bad episode, but not enough humorous moments for me.

  348. I’ve been voting for Product Recall. That episode was just too disconnected for me. There were no real plot advancements (JAM or otherwise) and not enough funny parts to make up for it. (At heart, I’m more of a drama fan than a comedy fan.)

  349. I loved Gay Witch Hunt. The cringy scenes were great. It’s those real-life awkward moments that made the show what it is today. And the kiss?! How freakin’ cringy and hilarious was that? The look on Pam and Ryan’s faces is priceless. Gay Witch Hunt is in the top few episodes of the season for me.

    Why don’t people like Product Recall. I thought that one was lots of fun. The whole “Dwim” or “Jwight” impersonation thing was great. “Beer Me”. The water mark. “This day is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” How can you not love that episode?

  350. Safety Training was a top 5 episode from Season 3, in my meaningless opinion. So this hurts me greatly.

  351. I’ll tell you what’s keeping “Product Recall” in the running for me. It has my favorite line from all of last season: “Lord, beer me strength.”

  352. Product Recall is great.

    You’ve got one day…

    That may be my favorite line of all time..

  353. Ahhh! Safety Training AND Grief Counseling AND Diwali?
    Why does everyone dislike them so?
    I have a feeling The Job will be the winner…

  354. OpalArk – i have been voting for the convict since day one. i am a little disappointed that safety trainig is gone. it was one of their best episodes of the season. it reminded me of the injury, which is my all-time favorite episode. LET THE CONVICT GO ALREADY!!

  355. 441: So what if The Job is the winner? It was a great episode, and not just because of the ending. It wasn’t my overall favorite from last year but I certainly won’t be complaining if it ends up #1.

  356. Why do some people not like Product Recall? I felt like it was one of the stronger episodes of the season. Can a hater please give me specific reasons as to why they dislike it?

  357. #444 – Great job posting the TV guide poll link! The Office is closing in quickly on Grey’s. And that ridiculous 5th grader show is getting what it deserves.

  358. I liked the coup – besides the main plot there was Call of Duty (endearing to have a man suck at a video game, and may have been the only episode I liked Karen). The convict had Andy’s attempts to ask Pam out. Product Recall, besides the open and close, had good Kelly/Angela interaction and “most attractive beets on top”. So I am voting for the Initiation, again, b/c the Jim/Pam phone call cannot outweigh the disaster of the beet farm. Then next I think cocktails.

  359. i think that the merger should go. it didn’t have enough funny parts for me. also, i agree, product recall is a great episode and shouldn’t be voted off for a while, just like safety training shouldn’t of been voted off.

  360. this is my list:(from least favorite to favorite)
    23. Diwali
    22. Phyllis’ Wedding
    21. The Merger
    20. Ben Franklin
    19. Initiation
    18. The Convict
    17. Back from Vacation
    16. The Coup
    15. A Benihana Christmas
    14. Traveling Salesmen
    13. The Return
    12. Branch Closing
    11. Cocktails
    10. Grief Counseling
    9. The Convention
    8. The Negotiations
    7. Safety Training
    6. Product Recall
    5. Business School
    4. The Job
    3. Gay Witch Hunt
    2. Beach Games
    1. Women’s Appreciation

    I like them all though especially the last 5. it was really hard to choose between them

  361. WLHUNG, I didn’t like Product Recall because they didn’t do enough with Jim and Andy, which could have been REALLY funny, and focused more on Michael and his not-so-funny press conference debacle. I mean come on! Andy had a high school girlfriend!! How can you not go with that more!?

    Anyways, that’s why. It sure had A LOT of potential, but I didn’t think it lived up to it.

  362. DestroyPhone – I totally agree that the Jim-Andy storyline could have had so many more hilarious moments, but I wonder if more would have taken away from the overall effect of the situation. With the brevity of the high school girlfriend story there are so many gaps for the fans to fill, which I think is one of the strengths of the documentary style. Plus, the apology video itself should push this episode into the top 15!

  363. Zoppity, you’re my favorite comment so far, & I totally agree! Although I do reluctantly vote ~ I do it b/c I like Tanster’s reasoning behind the poll. We gotta lighten up & view it more as a countdown to our favorite. Like the Veggie Tales Silly Song Countdown? (Since you have kids, I’m assuming you’re inundated with mind-numbing movies like this.) Anyway, the ten songs on there are all loved ~ #10 just isn’t quite as loved as #1. And that’s how I’m comfortable with playing this countdown!

  364. but but but… at-whay o-day ou-yay ink-thay am-pay? rainbow connection? that’s ok; i’ve got tons of ’em? he IS black, right? michael failing at trying to be pc? apollo creed? oh, well.

  365. This poll proves that some people are too caught up in the “JAM” part of the show and really not focusing on the other funny aspects. Yea we love them both but, let’s not forget without Steve Carell the show wouldn’t be where it is right now.

    ps..Safety Training was the best episode in Season 3 i think..”Dwight you ignorant slut”..or “Dwight get some watermelons”…”seedless?”…HAHAHAHA..full of one-liners..cmon!!..and the betting was hilarious

  366. Why all the hate for Ben Fanklin? That was a top notch episode with great lines throughout.

  367. I’m not getting this. ‘The Convict’ is quintessential Office. It should have been at least top 10, if only for Prison Mike, I don’t think I laughed harder than at any other part in the season and I’ve watched that scene many times since and still find it as funny as the first time. That and Phyllis’ Wedding seem to be ranked too low IMO.

  368. first safety training, and now the convict…seriously people????! i honestly think that those are the two most quoteable episodes. along with the negotiation –if that is out soon, then i have lost all hope in humanity.

    NO MORE PRODUCT RECALL!!!!! (besides, “you have one day” –that episode did nothing for me)

  369. I think the reason that I like Safety Training so much is because I work in a warehouse with a guy who has a hook-hand. He has the hook because he got his hand caught in the bailer. Weird, huh?

  370. I’m curious what it is people didn’t like about The Convict. Was it Michael being over the top?

  371. C’mon guys think about it. Did Jim look at Pam? Did Pam smile at Jim? Certainly not enough times to have it saved.

    Let’s take Initiation. It’ll probably make top five not because of the HILARIOUS Dwight-Ryan interactions but because of the JAM phone call at the end.

    I thank my lucky stars the prank on Andy in The Return involved Jim AND Pam otherwise, it too may have gone the wayside.

  372. i see a lot of people liked the convict and hate seeing it voted off so early. i also hated that safety training was voted off so early, so i guess they cancel each other out. nxt to go is the merger. it was important to the plot as a whole but the jokes fell short. best part: lazy scranton.

  373. As I look back on the season, Back From Vacation has hardly a moment that I can remember off the top of my head.

    The only redeeming part of that episode was the “Muppet Babies” meeting that they were recording with Michael out of the office. The rest of the episode simply wasn’t up to par.

    Back From Vacation needs to be the next one voted off.

  374. Definitely michael being over the top! It’s funny for a few min. but then it gets ridiculous.

  375. Reading all these comments – the biggest thing this poll is proving to me is that EVERY EPISODE has hysterical moments. Of course, some more than others.

    Who wins this will simply reflect if people are more interested in the JAM advancement or the comedy. Because although I love the Job for the JAM at the end, it wasn’t the most hysterical of the year.

    #482 mentioned Back from Vacation not having memorable moments, except the Muppet Babies comment. That whole sequence was hilarious, but how about:
    Toby – got the email from his wife and “they don’t even talk”
    Michael – walking up the stairs with his head down waiting to be yelled at by Jan
    Dwight – You’re really PMSing.

    Those really stick in my mind and I am sure there are other hilarious moments.

  376. i agree, janet…the job was definitely NOT the funniest episode of the year, though of course it’s going to win because of the last 30 seconds or so.

  377. Grief Counseling is such a great episode!!! Why didn’t anyone like it? I mean cmon…
    “You know a human can go on living for several hours after being decapitated”…”you’re thinking of a chicken”…”what did I say?”
    “Out of the blue”…”not even have his own head to comfort him”
    And cmon Dwight assuming he would die from a ninja…building a lifesize statue/robot of Ed Truck…
    Such a good episode.

  378. The Return, Beach Games, The Convention, Gay Witch Hunt are all episodes that I like better than The Job.

    And that list is just off the top of my head.

  379. I’m not sure the people voting in this have actually watched or thought about the show. I don’t understand how Cocktails was funnier than The Convict or Safety Training?

  380. i really hope that the return wins this poll because overall, it had the most memorable scenes for me in this entire season and for the entire series. Andy’s freak out was legendary, Dwight’s job interviews, Michael’s and Angela’s missing of Dwight, and for the JAM lovers out there, a great prank and a confession from Jim to Karen. this episode had it all and deserves top place in my opinion. Fav quote: “have you heard of paper?”

  381. I thought The Job was incredibly funny. I had to pause my DVR many times to finish laughing off a previous scene because I’d laugh over the next scene and miss the dialogue. I guess its a matter of taste. To me TJ was VERY funny.

  382. First off, this should be done for every season. I’d be very curious to see how it all turns out. Secondly, I’ve been voting for The Convict since the beginning and am glad to see it finally go! I really think an episode that is being over looked for not being very funny/good is The Convention. Everyone is talking about trying to get The Coup gone, but I really feel, compared to each other, The Convention just falls short…

  383. Janet – I respectfully disagree with your assessment that “Who wins this will simply reflect if people are more interested in the JAM advancement or the comedy.” I think it’s a pretty broad statement. I personally am a huge Jim and Pam fan and the episode that I think was the best of the season had very little Jim/Pam interaction.

    If an episode like “The Job” were to win, it doesn’t mean that it was because of the last JAM scene. I hope that people are voting for an episode as a whole. To me, while “The Job” (for example) didn’t have as many obvious LOL moments, I thought the hour as a whole was strong because of how well rounded it was in terms of the comedy, character development, advancement of story arc, etc.

    But this is just my personal opinion so others may disagree.

  384. The Office had my love from the beginning, not because of the JAM, but because of the under-the-radar, “wait…what did he say…rewind that”, and so-like-people-I-know moments. The Convict was just over the top Michael and to a lesser extent Dwight. The Office is not funny to me when it becomes cartoonish. If I wanted that, I would watch Family Guy.

  385. One of the reasons I think The Job is so popular is not just the ending but that throughout the episode, Pam was more like good old season 2 Pam and not the overly mousey caricature that she seemed sometimes in season 3. It was like welcoming back an old friend who we’d missed. For some of us anyway.

  386. Still voting for Product Recall. Maybe when it replays next week people will remember how choppy it is. Jwight and Dwim are great, but the 19 minutes between those scenes aren’t.

    I also wouldn’t be sad to see The Coup go next.

  387. i agree with 493, there should be a poll for all 3 seasons and then those 3 winners should go up against each other.

  388. I don’t think people are voting for an episode just because of JAM. I think it’s an aspect of voting, since it’s important part of the show, but I don’t think people are voting off episodes just because they don’t have JAM. At least, I’m not and I’m a huge Jim/Pam fan.

    I also think the funniest episode isn’t necessarily the best episode. For me, the best episodes are the ones where the drama and comedy come together. (My fave episode of the season is “The Return.”) Anyway, just throwing that out there . . .

  389. I agree with 490… Cocktails should go next.

    And #481 said that the Merger wasn’t very funny, and I disagree.

    What can top:
    Jim: “reminds me of the video we watched on my first day, the Scranton Witch Project”

    Michael “I am so scared! — when people don’t label their personal food”

    I was on the floor with that, and “You’re very exotic looking, was your dad a G.I.?”

    I just have to realize not everyone agrees on what is funny in an episode.

  390. Just to put my 2 cents in… a am a HUGE Jim/Pam fan but aside from that, I just plain love the Office. When it’s spot-on, it’s practically genius. When it’s off, in my opinion, is when I’m cringing and can’t look at the tv. Often the cringies seem to come from Michael, but he’s also amazing, and sweet and so funny that I keep looking at the tv. I know a lot of you love that uncomfortable stuff. I’m just a hopelessly romantic sap that likes to laugh with this great show.

    Next to go for me: the Merger. That’s a hard one to sit through.

  391. This is really hard to do because each episode is so great for so many reasons. I am a HUGE Jim/Pam fan, but they aren’t why certain episodes are my favorite. A lot of the episodes that have been voted off were great, hilarious episodes…but overall, they weren’t up to par with others. Like “Safety Training”…it was a fun, fluffy episode. Great lines, but it wasn’t the best episode for me. That said, I don’t think it deserves #19.

  392. grief counseling was the worst of the ones left. ben franklin and phyllis’ wedding the best.

  393. 498–great idea. My choices for each season: Basketball, The Injury, and probably Women’s Appreciation.

    I’m glad the Coup is finally off. It just didn’t make me laugh as much as others. Now let’s see, I think I’ll vote for the Initiation next. Jim and Pam talking at the end was the best part, but not enough to keep it among my favorites.

  394. yeah i love phyllis’s wedding. THE COUP! how did that get there Dwight’s performance was amazing

  395. I still don’t understand the hate for The Coup. *Shakes head*… I voted for Cocktails.

  396. I’m worried Cocktails is on its way out soon…in addition to being a pivotal episode in the series, Roy’s blowup, followed by Michael and Jan (and Dwight) in the car, are two of the best acted, most powerful moments in the whole series.

    Let’s get rid of the Initiation instead, which is 1) cartoonish 2)not consistent with character development (Ryan and Dwight as friends?) 3) Being saved by the very last scene via a Jim/Pam phone call.

  397. Poor Coup! That’s so not right…does any one remember that The Coup is what got the Office nominated for the Emmy?! I guess it’s too late now. All I have to say is save Product Recall!!
    “Lord, Beer me strength…”

  398. BTW, I don’t vote for the episodes that aren’t pivotal are well acted or anything, I vote for the ones that are the least funniest.

  399. It was easy to pick out two or three weak episodes that didn’t click with me, but it this is starting to be like picking between Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel: you can’t really be wrong with your choice and it’s awful that we should have to choose. This could start getting ugly (see #513).

  400. the merger needs to go next. #507- I just thought i put my favorites from the three seasons too: Diversity Day, The Injury (all-time favorite) and The Return.

  401. A little surprised to see The Coup go this early. The scene where Michael offers Dwight an M&M is nearly enough to make it a great episode, in my opinion.

    Oh, and since giving favorite episodes seems to be the cool thing to do, here they are (in order of greatness): The Fire (2), The Return (3), Diversity Day (1).

  402. Well crap if we’re going to start talking about season 1 and 2, I may need to rewatch my dvds. again. just to give them all a fair shake ;-)
    But I think it would be Diversity Day, Casino Night (or the client? See, have to watch S2 again) and Beach Games. or the return. or traveling salesman. or the job. this is so hard.

  403. The Coup was hilarious, one of the best of the season. Wasn’t that episode what Rainn Wilson had as his emmy nomination entry? I guess it didn’t have any Jim/Pam interaction, but that doesn’t mean that there are sixteen episodes out there from this year that were better. You guys dropped the ball on this one.

  404. Wow! I’m surprised to hear people criticizing other people’s choices. I loved Diwali and The Convict – and they both got voted off – oh well. Everyone has different favourites for different reasons and that’s cool. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Coup, although I cast my vote for The Merger (not for JAM reasons, I just didn’t find it as funny as some others). I’m hoping The Negotiation makes the top three, but we’ll see. In the end, I love all of the episodes better than anything else on TV! P.S. All-time favourites: Benihana Christmas, The Injury and Office Olympics (yes, sappy, but true!)

  405. Molly – The Coup probably was one of the best and funniest episodes of the season – that is why it was submitted for Emmy consideration. The only thing I didn’t like about it (and I DIDN’T vote it off the island) was I just didn’t see Dwight betraying Michael. They did make it somewhat plausible with Angela, but I remember watching it the first time and thinking Dwangela would be finished because Dwight took her bad advice and it backfired. Maybe others voted for it because of that, and/or lack of JAM.

    I agree Season 3 wasn’t as good as season 2 – it would be pretty hard to match the brilliance of Season 2. Even still, I consider it way superior to most of the other stuff on TV. A lot of shows go through a “Sophomore Slump”, so I am looking forward to Season 4 because I’m sure any slump is done.

  406. How is “The Coup” down this low? This is one of the best Dwight/Michael episodes!

    And the creepy Dwight thing about the Liz Clayborn store and Jan’s clothing/Earings? PRICELESS! =D

  407. The Convention is the next weakest episode that I think should be voted off. Like every episode there are some very funny moments in this episode (“Dwight got’a hooker!”), but overall this wasn’t very solid with Pam’s creepy date and I believe Dwight and Michael take a train from Scranton to Philadelphia, which was a lack of/bad research by the writers, since there is no train that goes that route.

    I love the writers on this show, but the continuuity and research errors, can become irritating at times, usually the mix-up of characters’ vehicles is my biggest pet-peeve, especially since i rewatch the episodes numerous times with this being the only show on TV I really watch.

    I heart The Office

  408. Cocktails needs to go next. The Roy seen at Poor Richards was so painful to watch it was so far over the top. That episode was so good up until that scene. I’m voting for Cocktails until it’s gone.

    My favorite episodes are Diversity Day, The Secret, The Carpet, The Fight, and Branch Closing. Not in any order really.

  409. I’m going for “Product Recall” next. The story was out-there and a little disconnected. The greatest part was Andy’s and Jim’s car ride. Other than that, every was a little broad. And I don’t like Creed when he’s messing with people’s jobs (and stealing their sympathy money).

  410. Wow. Ben Franklin, Grief Counseling, The Convict? I guess I’m in the minority, but Business School just gives off this weird vibe with the whole Vampire Jim act, as does Initiation with Mose and the beet farm…and Beach Games with the whole coal walk stuff. Just doesn’t feel quite like The Office when I watch them.

  411. It’s getting harder and harder, I was torn between The Initiation, Gay Witch Hunt and Product Recall…all three because of their over-the-top moments.

    My favorite episodes: The Secret, The Dundies, Booze Cruise, Conflict Resolution and The Alliance

    Faves in Season 3: Traveling Salesman, Benihana Christmas, Diwali, Branch Closing and Cocktails

  412. I voted for back from vacation for the simple fact that is was decent but just not as good as the rest of the episodes that are left and for the people that are hating on product recall wait another couple days and watch the episode on thursday just to see how funny it is the first 15 minutes of that are as funny as i think i have ever seen in an office episode it reminded me of the injury from season 2 as an episode that had nutthing to do with jim and pam or anything else with ryan or jan it was just a solid 21 minutes start to finish i know i went on alot about product recall for me this as an episode this episope is equivelent to being a money beet

  413. Product Recall should stay solely for having the best scene(s) of season 3: Jim as Dwight and Dwight as Jim.

  414. Yes! blueblast that is exactly what I was thinking! I never laughed so hard in my life than from those scenes.

  415. TobyFan- totally agree that the merger lacked funny. I’m a huge JAM fan as well but the episode was kind of a letdown overall. I did really like Lazy Scranton though. Alas, the merger is my nxt vote.

  416. Come on guys, Product Recall wasn’t THAT bad…all the Creed scenes were great and so was the Dwight/Jim switch…

    I’m still pullin for The Return to make it all the way because that was definitely my favorite episode of the season…Andy’s freak out…come on, doesn’t get much better than that! :)

  417. I can’t believe Back from Vacation is still around. I’ve been voting for it since the beginning. I can’t remember anything that happened in that episode except the Dwight and Pam hallway scene.

    I’m also really surprised people are calling for The Merger to go next. I thought that would make the top 5 for sure.

  418. Cocktails has to go guys. It’s time.

    Although the only reason I haven’t voted Product Recall is the Jim/Dwight impersonations of each other.

  419. I absolutely hated the try-to-get-tony-on-the-table bit. It was so completely awkward and awful, I couldn’t even laugh. It’s a funny episode overall, every episode has its funny moments, but the table thing alone is what makes me vote for the merger.

  420. Blake–> The “Back From Vacation” was one of my favs. because of how Michael wore that his hair w/ that little bead like the Jamacains (sp?- do, him playing the conch shell, and the Jamacain Jan SunPrincess thing, etc…Oh and of course, ErkleGru.

  421. i voted for the initiation. all i’m remembering right now is the silly beet farm stuff.

  422. i think the next three to go should go in the following order

    1. Back From Vacation
    2. Cocktails
    3. The Merger

  423. Question: What bear is best? I think Product Recall was a good choice though, anyway. Although I thought it had one of the funniest premises of the season, the main part of the episode was not my fav.
    Has anyone noticed that none of the episodes voted off have been those that were supersized? I think that’s interesting.

  424. Cocktails needs to go. It was not that funny and basically had Jan become this nymphomaniac. I think the only thing funny about that episode was Dwight in the kid’s room at night.

  425. I am voting for everything that is not WOMEN’S APPRECIATION.

    Seriously, it’s just an episode that I always think about when I want to watch THE OFFICE. Just like DRUG TESTING from Season 2.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love every, single episode equally — I could never pick a favourite — there are just some that I watch more than others.


  426. I am actually surprised at the ones that are getting voted off! I think The Initiation should have been gone long ago, definitely before Safety Training or The Convict (which was one of the best of the season!)

  427. Didn’t Product Recall give us:
    Dwight’s description of farm animal sex (two pigs watching)
    Kelly’s supervision of the accounting department (BANANAs)
    The Dwight/Jim switch

    Sorry, I can’t see how this episode is gone, but Cocktails remains.

  428. product recall was the best episode of the season. guess i’ll keep voting for initiaton.

  429. Same, product recall had many funny parts to it. I’d say the overall idea of it was just “ok” – but soo many great lines!

  430. Thank God Product Recall is gone. Product Recall should’ve been the third one eliminated.

    [from tanster: criticisms of others’ opinions removed.]

  431. Product Recall wouldn’t be in my top 5 or anything, but I did enjoy it. Had more laughs than “The Convention,” “Initiation,” or some of the others remaining. Plus a classic open and tag.

  432. im a little disappointed that Product Recall got voted off. I really enjoyed that episode. Dwight and Andy were great in this episode. and the cold opening and tag were classic. I now it wasn’t going to be top 5 but it could have been a respectable 10 or 11. oh well. get rid of the merger! get rid of the merger!

  433. Yeah! As we go up in the rankings, we can start talking about our favorites. I have big hopes for Business School, Traveling Salesmen and Branch Closing making the top 3.

    Now I feel I have to speak in defense of the Merger. I agree that the Office had not been so awkward, even so shocking, in many episodes. I had to close my eyes for some scenes! Yet, isn’it what makes the Office unique?

  434. how could product recall get voted out before Initiation or the merger? product recall was way better then those ones. also back from vacation needs to go soon. the top 3 need to be Gay Witch Hunt, Women’s Appreciation, and Beach Games

  435. This may be a little late, but I’m sad The Convict was voted off. That’s one of my favorite eppys of S3. I love Prison Mike, my best friend and I are always quoting him! I loved the bandana and his accent. To bad…

  436. all i know is that i really liked the return. when dwight was put back in his rightful place – it just felt good. i also loved the last two episodes of course.

  437. Next To go either
    Back From Vacation Or Cocktails
    which one should go next leaning towards vacation
    just because of michael and jans scene in the car

    “there was no place to cuddle”

  438. No love for cocktails? With Jan’s “Downside? I, uh, date Michael Scott publicly and collapse on myself like a dying star”?

  439. 554 Agreed, I can’t believe Product Recall got the axe before something like Cocktails or The Convention. The Convention had it’s moments, but when it comes down to this stage, it can’t match the quality of an episode like The Return or A Benihana xmas, and there weren’t even any significant JAM moments to mask the lack of humour. C’mon, lets get rid of it!

  440. where’s the love for cocktails?

    everything about that ep was hilarious (save for roy’s freak out)…jan collapsing on herself like a dying star, karen’s prank on jim, kevin’s reaction to people asking when his wedding is, dwight inspecting the house, michael’s potato salad, michael dressed like the help, the ride home with michael, jan, and dwight…

    i hope it’s in the top 10. i love that episode!

    i’m still bummed the convict got voted off…prison mike is classic! plus, all the employees feeling like prison is better than dunder mifflin? come on!

    next to go…women’s appreciation!

  441. Time for me to say goodbye to Cousin Mose. *moment of silence*

    In my utopia, Traveling Salesman will be the ultimate Survivor.

  442. I can’t even think about choosing a “worst episode” when all of them are my favorite.

  443. To me, this poll is now over. Product Recall was one of the funniest of the season and I can’t believe it’s gone. All I have to say is keep Traveling Salesmen and The Return alive, they deserve it!

  444. @nemme:

    i think you pointed out one of the few humorous parts to that episode. I believe the episode was used to start Roy’s downfall in Pam’s life and to set up for the Negotiation, which has funnier scenes and more memorable quotes.

  445. My top 3:

    -A Benihana Christmas (IMO heads and shoulders above all)
    -The Merger
    -The Job

  446. I loved Cocktails too – Dwight inspecting the house was just hilarious. But I know some folks found the ending a bit much (I kind of liked watching Roy flip out, personally). I’m still voting The Merger. It IS getting very hard to pick though! Once The Merger’s gone, I don’t know what I’ll do.

  447. “Traveling Salesman” remains my favorite, but I fear it’ll be voted off soon. I’m pretty sure “The Job” will be no. 1 simply for the JAM-ness of it all.

  448. #579 – Exactly. Product Recall was hilarious. So was The Convict (Prison Mike!?!) and Ben Franklin (Beef…it’s what’s for dinner). Steve Carell’s the most consistently funny character on the show.

    I can’t believe The Convention, Back From Vacation, and The Initiation are still in this.

  449. Finally some love for Cocktails. Seriously, for anyone voting just watch The Initiation and Cocktails back to back. Cocktails is in another league entirely…funnier without being cartoonish/over the top.

  450. how the freak is Initiation still on the list? That was IMO one of the worst, pure BJ Novak egoism, lol.

  451. The Convention is one of my favorites, what’s so bad about it? all the Jim / Michael interaction is great, + “Dwight got a hooker”, + “maybe next time you will estimate me”, “I can’t stay on top of you 24/7” … the list goes on.

  452. Honestly, you can find gems in every episode all the way back to the pilot. I loved the cold open to Product Recall though, it may have been my favorite Office moment of all time.

  453. It is my birthday and I think Initiation needs to go! And The Negotiation needs to stay! You wouldn’t ignore a girl’s birthday request, now would you?! ;)

  454. Ugh! How can Product Recall be gone already?! It had some of the best scenes and definitely the best cold opener… come on people. I don’t think I laughed harder for any episode ever (except the Injury) while watching that cold opener…. “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Gallactica!” lol

  455. The Initiation is probably one of my top three eps of season 3. Stay strong Initiation, stay strong!

  456. I’m a little shocked at the results of this poll. It just goes to show that everyone has different comedy tastes.

    Personally, I have voted for Gay Witch Hunt every single time, and am a little surprised that it hasn’t been voted out yet. I laughed at Dwight’s “False – I do not miss Jim” fake crying. Other than that, I stared at the tv for 30 minutes wondering what had happened to my favorite show. It got a little better throughout the season, but I thought most of this season was pretty weak.

  457. How ironic is it that Product Recall is set to air mere days after it is voted off “the island”?

  458. The only problem I had with “Product Recall,” which is the reason why I voted it off in the last round was because the cold open and tag were the best parts. I don’t think it says much if those parts of the episode are way better than the actual story.

    I’m voting “The Negotiation” off next, which I found really disappointing after the six week build-up after “Cocktails.”

  459. Ok people I was thinking about this…how is Branch Closing still up there? That wasn’t really all that funny…except for Creed selling all his stuff. This episode was important cause it moved the story along but it definitely isn’t one of the best. Just my opinion…

  460. I just noticed that COnvict is on 18 spot. That was one of my favourite episodes. Prison Mike just makes me laugh :) Don’t drop the soap, don’t drop the soap!!

  461. Still voting for A Benihana X-Mas. Sooo boring. I know it’ll be around for a while though, unfortunately.

    When i’m watching season 3, I skip that entire episode.

  462. good riddance to product recall! I didn’t think Jim’s Dwight was funny. The whole episode was weak. Dwight’s Jim, however, was absolutely amazing. I love when he comes in and leans on Pam’s desk and she can’t help laughing. That and when Jim starts singing to cheer up Andy.

    I’m still voting for Women’s Appreciation. I cannot believe The Coup, The Convict, Grief Counseling & Diwali are behind it. Those are great episodes!

  463. I continue to tirelessly vote for The Merger. One of these days, it will receive the boot. Michael’s antics during the orientation just weren’t that funny (those scenes, along with his Phyllis’ Wedding scenes were the low point of the season for me). I actually loved Initiation, but I fear it may be next.

  464. Just watched “Product Recall” and still can’t figure out why it was voted off! I mean, the whole Kelly teaching Angela??! Michael’s “Ungrateful Biotch Hotline”!, and the paper American Flag??! The whole Andy with the highschooler was a little bad, but for the most part I liked this episode.

  465. I voted for The Initiation. Good, funny moments but I think it’s the weakest of what’s left.

  466. Yay. Next to go: Initiation. But instead of bad-mouthing the initiation, I will defend the convention. There was Angela being upset about Dwight leaving, and he called her “monkey”, and then she showed up as “Jane Doe” and Jim saw her in Dwight’s room and thought Dwight had a hooker. And watching Michael was painful, yes, when he tried to throw a party that no one came to, and vie with Josh for Jim’s affections, but I didn’t think he was too horribly over the top. And there were the looks on Jim’s and Pam’s faces when Michael was talking to her about her date. And finally:
    Michael: You know what, Pam? If in ten years, I haven’t had a baby, and you haven’t had a baby …
    Pam: No Michael.
    Michael: Twenty years.
    Pam: No Michael.
    Michael: Thirty.
    Pam (thinks for a moment): Sure.
    Michael: It’s a deal.

  467. Black Cat – I’ll join you in voting for the Merger. It had some funny parts – Creed watching Hannah, Lazy Scranton, Dwight meeting Andy. But it is not an episode that I would like to watch over and over for one simple reason – too much pain overwhelmed the funny for me! I know the Office is about uncomfortable, awkward moments, but seeing Pam’s expression when Karen touched Jim’s back and watching the parking lot of doom was too much for me. For me, the funny in the episode didn’t compensate for that punch in the gut feeling I got when I watched it.

  468. I just CANNOT believe that Business School is still up there. There weren’t any truly hilarious moments to make up for the painfully humiliating ones. Plus, it concentrated on Ryan, who as a character I dislike and feel adds nothing but mean-spiritedness to the show. UGH.

  469. Dude… what the hell! I liked Cocktails. Somebody please explain why the merger is still up there. Oh well.

  470. Cocktails is gone??? Wow. I’m almost tempted to stop voting because this poll is starting to look wacky to me. But, I’ll persevere and keep voting for The Merger (you and me, Janet!). As I wrote before, Michael just wasn’t funny. And after months of teasing us, the Jim and Pam “reunion” was so painful and annoying–you knew the writers were going to drag it out until the end of the season (as they did). Cocktails was hilarious and I’m absolutely stunned it’s gone.

  471. I’m happy Cocktails is gone. Although now I’m not sure what I should vote for. Let me please, PLEASE, ask for us to hold off on voting the Convention off. For all those that didn’t like it, let me just ask you one favor. Watch it again without commercials. Whether it’s from iTunes or fast-forwarding with TiVo, just watch it again. It flows SO much better, and is filled with some amazing moments. If you still don’t like it after that, then I will acquiesce. But, the whole string of Michael being jealous of Josh over Jim is one of my favorite moments of the season, not to mention Pam’s date with the arrogant cartoonist!

  472. I’m thinking that Gay Witch Hunt needs to go. I remember it left a diluted sitcomy feeling after watching it.

  473. I think all the episodes have their great moments and no one will be happy because some moments others will find better than others depending on which characters they like the best. For Jam fans, the Job/other episodes where they converse will obviously will be their favorite. But for those interested in Michael’s tactics, Back from Vacation may be a favorite.

    Personally, I love Gay Witch Hunt. But I’m glad everyone agree Phyllis’s Wedding was terrible.

  474. Black Cat, Janet, I’m with you on voting for The Merger, I’m still confused as to why that episode survived longer than Cocktails or Product Recall. I think Gay Witch Hunt should stick around for a little while longer. Personally I enjoyed Initiation, theres no way I’ll vote for that just yet….

  475. I’m with the others in continuing to vote for the Merger. The JAMmyness is really starting to show through in these results now.

  476. Blackcat, Janet and Stanley Bobanley: I too have been voting off the merger after my least favorite: the convict, got voted off. I remember seeing the episode and just really disliking Jim for a couple of weeks. Michael was pretty annoying and the supporting cast didn’t mash well to me. I enjoyed Lazy Scarnton, Dwight and Andy first meeting and competiotion, but Phyllis took the cake with her pine perfume. It had some great moments, like they all do, but it just didn’t live up to the hype. for me, the merger needs to leave. Also, I would like to see both Gay Witch Hunt and The Convention last a little while longer.

  477. I’m voting for The Merger until it’s gone and then the Initiation.

    I agree with Jesse that A Benihana Christmas wasn’t that good. I may vote for that soon as well. I will not vote for The Convention though. I really liked that episode for some reason. I think it was the thing with Jim and Michael in the hotel room. And I love that line when Michael says that Josh is the Poor Man’s Michael Scott “as he’s known around my condo”. It’s one of my favorite quotes.

  478. I loved “Cocktails;” it’s one of my favorites of the season. I would much rather have seen “The Merger” or “Women’s Appreciation” go first.

  479. i hate how this is starting to turn into a hatefest. we all obviously love the office, and i honestly love every single episode!

  480. If there is a bias in what has been kicked out so far, it’s a bias against the regular sized episodes. All the longer ones are still on the island. I don’t think Jam or non-Jam is playing into this as much as length is or else the Merger would have been one of the first to go. That was one of the most painful episodes for Jam fans.

  481. People, why aren’t we voting for The Convention? It was possibly the only episode in the whole season where almost nothing developed in the plot. Pam went on a date and Michael was pathetic at the convention. No plot development! Come on people!!! VOTE FOR THE CONVENTION

  482. 626 – I liked the Convention. I don’t vote based on plot development at all; I vote primarily on the humor (because this is a comedy) and also based on how the show in general felt to me. This show had numerous hysterical lines for me – Josh as the poor man’s Michael Scott, “Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong with the paper industry”, “I don’t even know if I’ll want a baby in 8 months”, “Andrea’s the office bitch” (Creed referring to Angela), “Dwight’s got a hooker” “Next time you’ll estimate me”.

    I thought it was really funny and it had the bonus, for me, of a nice moment between Michael and Jim and I happen to like when those two have a good moment together(like they did at the end of the Client and in Booze Cruise).

  483. Benihana Christmas was in my top 3 of the season. There was hilarious Michael, Dwight, Angela, Jim, and Andy moments (without being too cartoonish). There was the wonderful moment between Michael and Jim on the couch at the end. (Don’t you catch your breath even now?) Nutcracker Christmas & Karen and Pam collaborating…I’m going to watch it again, I think. I just wanted to love on Benihana a little, you’ll have to excuse me!

  484. i have been gone far too long! glad to see the coup is finally out, unfortunately, so is cocktails. i mean, michael/jan’s love contract? dwight’s obsession with evaluating the house’s safety? karen’s trick on jim? although the ending was far too dramatic for me.

  485. I agree with 626 that we should start voting out The Convention. Sure, there were some funny moments, but when compared to the rest of the episodes left… it just doesn’t stack up!

  486. I can not believe that The Initiation is still up there! I at least laughed during the convention. I think the only thing saving the initiation at this point is the phone call at the end.

  487. 626 | Charlee,

    Since when is plot development the critical factor in an episode of The Office? Remember, this is supposed to be a documentary and a comedy. Neither genre relies heavily on plot development. I actually prefer the episodes that feature a normal day at the office in which nothing much happens to the “big” episodes in which people go to places outside the office or where big plot developments play out. The normal-day-at-the-office episodes feel much more like a documentary and, in my opinion, are usually much funnier.

  488. Can someone please explain to me how Branch Closing is still up there? The only funny thing about it was when Jim sent Dwight the fax to himself from “Future Dwight”. Other than that it was just kinda blah to me…

  489. 633 – I liked Branch Closing – I want it to be in the top 10 of the year, but just not the top 3. In addition to the hilarious Future Dwight bit, I liked:
    Michael: “On whom’s authority” “King of the stupid universe” Stanleys not growing on trees, and Phyllis not growing on farms ( crack up just typing that), Michael’s whole “we’re screwed” crying face.
    Jim: I always thought Michael would sell the branch for magic beans.
    Kelly’s tear streaked face and Ryan’s “break up” with her.
    Pam – “Oh good, you’re bringing Dwight”
    I loved seeing everyone just sitting around when Jan came in the second time – Phyllis knitting, Stanley talking about severance and also pathetic Toby in the end. I also thought it was a good concept overall – Josh leveraging for a better position at Staples – and there being a branch closing.

  490. I have to agree with Janet again. I really loved Branch Closing. In addition to the funny moments that were mentioned by Janet, there was that great moment where Jim was loyal to Michael: “You could say a lot about Michael Scott, but he would never do that.” Great suff. I also really loved the scene where Michael and Dwight were talking about their best moments in the office, with the mention of the eppie, “the injury”, my favorite. It totally deserves top 10 status. going back to the poll, i voted for the merger… again.

  491. Janet, I agree with you that Branch Closing was a good episode. I loved Jim’s talking head after Josh leveraged his promotion, betraying everyone at the Stamford branch.

    “Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would NEVER do that.”

    The delivery of that line was perfect. It was just a great acknowledgment of Michael’s strengths–loyalty to the company and love for his branch–despite his quirks and goofiness.

    Those are the little moments that give this show its heart.

  492. I loved Branch Closing and The Convention for the reasons listed below. Both were really funny and quite touching at points. I voted for The Merger again. Just not funny enough for me and as I’ve written before, you knew it meant the rest of the season would drag out the JAM thing.

  493. While not in my top ten of the season, The Merger had a lot of great lines in it. “Andy Bernard made us these tasteful hats”; Lazy Scranton; “Cor-NOT University”;”I hope 1985 has a time machine because I drive an ’87”; “Name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake; “I’ve seen over 240 of them”; “Was your dad a GI?”; etc. And I thought the Jim and Pam stuff (or lack thereof) was realistic, and it kind of sealed how their positions are switched from season 2 (in terms of who’ll have to step up, put it all out there, and force the other one’s hand). In my mind, all that Initiation has going for it is Stanley and Pretzel Day.

  494. calindigo,

    you couldnt have forgotten the classic line from Initiation of “just as you planted that seed in the ground, I will plant my seed in you”

    LMAO I could barely type that w/o cracking up.

    And we get to see Mose!! Initiation should get bonus Shrute bucks for that!

  495. Gina, you’re right, Dwight is great in the Initiation; I guess Ryan just tends to grate on me a bit. This poll business is too hard!

  496. Yeah this is only getting harder and harder. These are episodes that I have absolutely nothing against, in fact I love almost all of the remaining episodes. I’m at a loss. So I voted for branch closing.

    zorro, I think the show is actually better as a drama than it is as a comedy! I absolutely think it is the funniest thing on TV right now, but I really think that if it weren’t for the plot and the JAMness and Michael’s moments of loneliness and Dwight’s sense of duty and his desire to be a hero and Roy’s broken heart and on and on this show would not be nearly as popular as it is. This is a very well written show and I think sometimes we lose track of how very good it is because of how funny it is.

  497. Okay, maybe plot development was the wrong term to use. I should have said this…of all of the episodes in season 3, I thought it was the most boring. I know what the genre is and I understand what you’re saying, but aside from one or two semi-funny lines, where most episodes usually have five or six funny bits at the least, there was no meat to the episode. JFC is right…it just doesn’t stack up!

  498. i literally closed my eyes and picked a random one.
    i love all the ones left! and all the ones that are gone!

  499. Gay Witch Hunt should have been gone already. We’ve dropped the ball already, guys.

  500. come on you guys, let’s get women’s convention out of here. it was definitely not even in the top 10 of the season…in fact the convention was a lot funnier.

  501. “A bra, a nice bra.” That line alone could keep me from voting off Women’s Appreciation.

  502. 648. I’m assuming you mean Women’s Appreciation, and I must strongly disagree. Women’s Appreciation has by far some of the best lines in any episode, regardless of season! Dwight is absolutely priceless in this episode with quotes like “Employees of this office are very small and delicate. Deserve protection from local pervs. Better a thousand innocent men are locked up than one guilty man roam free”, “Phallus, I mean Phyllis”, “I have several penises for Phyllis to run her eyes over”, etc, etc, etc. And who can forget the cold open!? Jim Halpert gets a demerit! I didn’t even mention the finger penis or Michael’s problem with Jan. An instant classic! I think I need to go re-watch!

  503. 645, I agree! I can think of reasons not to vote for every episode left.

    And I do watch The Office for plot development. For the comedy, too, of course, but the plot development and the characters are what keeps me coming back.

  504. Aw I liked The Convention…so many funny things…Michael and his “fun jeans” in the plastic, the party no one came to and he’s sitting in the dark room alone with the strobe light going…then the end when him and Dwight turn off the lights and have the blacklight on…”That’s either blood, urine or semen”… “God I hope it’s urine”. Omg I couldn’t stop laughing!

  505. I’ve been voting “The Neogtiation,” but I think I will change to “Branch Closing.” I really don’t want “Gay Witch Hunt” to go. That is one of the funniest episodes of the series I thought.

  506. too bad. i really enjoyed the convention. nxt off must be the merger. it has been up there long enough. let it go ppl!

  507. Unbelievable….The Convention and Cocktails were absolutely two of the best episodes this season. I tend to watch the show for the comedy content…silly me.

  508. NOOO!! The Convention is in my top 5 episodes! Oh well, can’t say I didn’t see this coming…I’m happy it made it this far.

    “Jim and I have different definitions of friendship. I think it’s talking and being friends, and Jim thinks it’s moving to Stamford and being best friends with Josh.”

    I guess the talking head contest has made me so happy that I’ll just take this in stride.

  509. Kenzo, I agree with you on Cocktails and Convention. I’m stunned The Initiation is still around, outside of Grief Counseling I think that was the worst episode of the whole series.

  510. “And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed … in you.”

    Long live Initiation!

  511. I think it’s time for Gay Witch Hunt to go. Boring episode. If it didn’t introduce the season, it would have been gone long ago.

  512. I voted Initiation, ’cause I hate seeing Ryan yell at Dwight like that…he can be such a jerk.

  513. 640/Jenn – I’m with you, still voting for The Merger (P.S. I actually like Branch Closing – I thought the reactions everyone had to the idea of Scranton closing were just priceless…like rats from a sinking ship! I also admit to guilty pleasure in seeing Josh revealed as a big jerk.)

  514. 659 has hit the nail on the head! That line alone should allow The Initiation to stay around a while… the whole Dwight/Ryan interaction was classic.

    “Just think about it, the temp agency could’ve sent you anywhere!”

    “I think about that all the time.”

    I really think it’s time to say goodbye to Back from Vacation. For overall comedy, it just lacks compared to what else is up there. I would also argue possible getting rid of GWH, but the bit at the end with Gaydar gets me every time.

  515. Back From Vacation. I’ve said it all along, but it’s still here. Probably the least funny episode still on there.

    You guys are forgetting that in Initiation besides the phone call and the Ryan/Dwight interactions, we have the Angela/Kelly fight where Kelly calls Dwight a freak. And we have PRETZEL DAY! Stanley power-walking. Michael yelling at Bob Vance for cutting. Michael’s sugar-high and crash. His whole motivational speech that was fast and long with no breaths at all.

    Back From Vacation, adios!

  516. No! Back from Vacation had probably the best scene of the season: Dwight comforting Pam. That was genius!

    Initiation had some well-written exchanges, but the plot exemplifies everything that most people didn’t like about this past season: crazy plots outside of the office. The whole Mose storyline needs to be forgotten ASAP!

  517. I voted for The Merger. Again. It simply wasn’t funny enough–Michael’s were poorly written, as in Phyllis’ Wedding. Back From Vacation was hilarious and Initiation was pretty amusing as well–c’mon, Dwight and Ryan hurling eggs at a building? Good stuff.

    I can’t believe The Convention is gone–Dwight’s got a hooker, Michael poking the “Blackberry” in the nuts, seeing that Michael actually CAN sell something…I could go on, but it’s useless now. Please make my day and get rid of The Merger! Pretty please?

  518. I loved Initiation. I mean – what great quotes.
    “Just as you have put the seed in the ground, I shall put my seed in you.”
    “I don’t think you know what you’re saying.”

    “What is Michael Scott’s biggest fear?”
    “Loneliness. Or maybe women.”
    “Wrong. Nothing. I would also have accepted snakes.”

    Mose sending along “something he whittled” in reconciliation? Mose in the “Fear” sweater? And Stanley on Pretzel day is one of my favorite parts of the season. It happened to coincide with my office building’s “ice cream social day” and so hit home. My favorite part was Michael’s sugar rush of productivity.

    “Phyllis, Stanley, I want you to switch desks, I am going to reorganize and restructure the physical layout of the office to maximize everything! I think we’re getting a lot done, don’t you? On paper, at least, and we are after all a paper company, are we not? Are we not? Are we not? Are you with me? Are you with me? Thank you very much.”

    Classic. I voted for Women’s Appreciation to go. It moved the plot along for me but didn’t do much else.

  519. I voted Merger again.

    Back from Vacation has one moment that for me puts it into the top 10 of the year – Michael climbing the warehouse steps,thinking he is a doomed man, when Jan arrives. I don’t know why, I just love that scene.

    I also loved it when Toby said he got the Jan picture from his ex-wife and they don’t even talk. Too funny!

    And, as Sam mentioned, Dwight saying to Pam about PMSing.

    I think BFV belongs in the top 10 of what is left. I would much rather see Merger, Initiation, Gay Witch Hunt and Business School go before BFV.

  520. i’ve been voting for business school almost from the beginning. of course, like every other ep it had great stuff but…and i will probably get no end of grief for this…i just thought the whole bat in the office, jim/vampire thing was one of the lamer jokes. (please don’t shoot me)…
    i don’t know. it just left me not so satisfied and smiling. sorry.
    ugh, even as i type this i am remembering so much great stuff from that ep. how is it possible to vote for eps we DIDN’T like? i loved them ALL!!! and my favorite (safety training) is gone so…we’ve still got beach games, back from vacation (my hubby’s fave – he mad me watch it like 5 times), and the initiation. also top contenders.

  521. ok – i just have to add – to anyone who thinks they want to vote BFV off: watch it again! especially these 3 scenes in succession cuz they kill me EVERY time:

    T:“Hey I need to talk to you”
    M:“Not now, not ever”……
    T:”Michael, nine different people emailed me that photo, including my ex-wife… we don’t talk now. M: “This is probably the icebreaker you need…. I bet you would love all the details, wouldn’t you? Skeevy little perv….No, no, no. I am not dating Jan. She was very clear about that. Just two like souls having a romantic time in the most romantic place on earth. Got enough, weirdo?”

    P:“I called every grocery store in Scranton, and no one sells whole pigs.”
    A:“Did you try the petting zoo?”

    P:“Michael, it’s Jan on the phone for you.”
    M: “Oh, God, no. No, no! Hang up! Hang up! Tell her I’m not here. Tell… tell her, I ran out for cash. I hit a deer. I hit a deer with my car. Tell her I hit a cat. Tell her I hit a cat.”
    D: “Michael hit a deer?”

    i swear, every episode deserves an emmy.

  522. I voted for “Branch Closing.” I’m still disappointed that “The Convention” was booted. I don’t think it played well for me the first time I watched it, but it really holds up on re-watch.

  523. I might be done with this poll. I’m a big fan of voting and being part of the system, but I don’t understand how “The Convention” and “Cocktails” are gone before “Women’s Appreciation” and “Branch Closing.”

  524. We had a bunch of donuts get delivered to our office and all I could think of was Pretzel Day. Oh well, so long Mose.

  525. The Merger was awesome by the way:

    Andy: Playin’ your cards close to the vest? I get it. Good luck over there, Tuna. Cross me and I will destroy you.
    Jim: Sounds good, Andy.

    Karen: Is that Josh’s computer?
    Andy: (interrupting her) What?

    Michael: Oh you must be Martin. Follow me and I’ll show you where the slaves work.

    Andy: I always like to think one step ahead, like a carpenter that makes stairs.

  526. I honestly can’t believe that Initiation is gone. It is classic Dwight and there are so many little catch phrases from that episode. How can you people like Business School so much? It wasn’t even funny!

  527. Since it’s getting down to the wire here, maybe we should start talking about “who we want to take to the finals” or whatever the Survivor lingo is. So, immunity for Benihana Christmas or Traveling Salesmen for me. I’d be happy to see either take the title.

  528. Even though I liked The Initiation, they’re all gonna be voted off anyway, so… Oh well…:)

  529. I’m in awe that Initiation was knocked out before The Merger, Branch Closing and Buisness School. Leaving the awkwardness of BJ’s character aside, The Initiation was Rainn Wilson at one of his best levels, the pretzel day scenes were mildly amusing too, but seriously, how could it be voted off this early? Oh, and for me, the Michael-Toby scene in BFV is enough to stop me voting for it, classic!

  530. Business School, Traveling Salesmen, and Women’s Appreciation were the best of the season!

  531. I’m kind of surprised that “Gay Witch Hunt” and “The Merger” joined “The Initiation” in the bottom three. I think I’ll have to vote out “The Merger” next time to try and save “Gay Witch Hunt.” As much as I love “The Merger,” I think I love “GWH” more, so I gotta do my part to save it because it deserves to make the top 10 IMO.

  532. Of the three episodes that I think are really quite BAD, as opposed to just not good, two of them are gone, Phyllis’s Wedding and Product Recall. The third one that I think is bad is still here: The Negotiation. Michael is poorly written and sitcom-y-stupid in his meeting with Jan. It’s not funny, interesting, insecure Michael, it’s just straight doofus Michael. I have no idea how this episode has survived that long.

  533. Bleck. I continually vote for Gay Witch Hunt, and sadly, it’s still here. All my favorite episodes have gotten the boot. I guess it’s impressive that all the fans have different reasons that they love this show, though– kudos to the writers. How many other shows have fans this diverse?

  534. Obviously I do NOT check this site enough because I was going through the list and I was like where’s The Convict, my favorite episode, and it’s all ready been voted off… i’m not really sure how that happened. PRISON MIKE! come on. how can you not love that! plus, Andy tries to woo Pam. priceless!

  535. I agree skibum; “The Negotiation” is not one of my faves, though lots of people really like it. I voted for “Back from Vacation” this time around though, but “Negotiation” will be my vote next week.

  536. Come on guys! I think we can get this post up to 1000 comments easily. ;)

    BTW, I’m still voting for Women’s Appreciation. Yes, it was funny, but in comparison to the others left, it is clearly inferior.

  537. This is getting very difficult. Now that Initiation is gone I think we’re left with the best of the best.

    I’m going with Women’s Appreciation, if only because it took awhile to get going and I never really liked the guys in the girls bathroom thing…and it was unrealistic that Dwight didn’t recognize himself.

  538. I voted for Branch Closing. I know it has a lot of love, but its creativity and humour just don’t stack up to those on the rest of the list.

  539. 697–I didn’t recognize Dwight! I have a horrible eye for faces. But I’m not voting for “Women’s Appreciation” quite yet because of Michael’s absolutely perfect voiceover about his wishes for each of the woman in the office.

    I voted for “The Merger.” Michael’s over-the-top in that one, though I do like seeing how desperately he wants the new people to like him.

  540. No, but Andy floating away, Angela refusing to help him. Stanley summo wrestling, Dwight getting burned, Creed eating a fish can save Beach Games.

    And it’s not the Jam moment, it’s the Pam moment for me. I mean… amazing. It was well done, Michael off addressing the group, and only the camera man giving Pam support…and then she does it!

    Bye Merger.

  541. As always, I voted for The Merger. I finally figured out my biggest problem with the episode (apart from Michael’s scenes being over-the-top like Phyllis’ Wedding and the painful Jim/Pam thing)–adding all of those new characters felt wrong somehow. At the time, we didn’t know who would stay on the show and during that episode, I found myself wanting all of them to leave.

    People get cranky about the off-site episodes (Cocktails, The Convention, heck most of the episodes already voted off!) because we like The Office to take place IN the office. Well, I also like The Office to consist of the main cast, not a bunch of newbies. So, that’s why I vote and vote and vote for The Merger. It wasn’t off-site, but it was off-base.

  542. Beach Games, mediocre? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s a possible top 5 office ep of all time for me. That ep is way more than Jam, with standout/hilarious performances by Andy, Stanley, Dwight, and Angela. As well as solid jokes/moments given to Kelly, Pam, Toby, Ryan, Creed, Michael and Jim.

    This is on top of the two group sing-a-longs, and Pam’s coal walk. The episode is just totally packed with good stuff.

  543. Tanster, thanks for getting us through the Office drought. Just curious, how many people vote (on average) in the Off(ice) the Island contest?

  544. also, since everyone is talking about who you would like to see at the top, i have always said, The Return. top five finishing: Women’s Appreciation, Traveling Salesman, Beach Games, A Benihana Christmas. that’s my two cents.

  545. the merger needs to go next, and then back from vacation. then it’s going to be too hard to choose

  546. Ben Franklin? Number 22?!

    That just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s one of my favorites. =]

  547. Two votes in a row where I agree 100% with the bottom 3 (not necessarily with the one voted off, just the bottom 3).

    I find it interesting that GWH and the Coup were both voted off already, yet they are two of the episodes that were presented for Emmy consideration.

    Why is that?

  548. What? WHAT? Gay Witch Hunt not even in the top ten, much less top 3? This is madness, MADNESS, I tell you!

  549. i would have really liked gay witch hunt to be in top ten. too bad. its good to know that the merger was in the bottom three though.

  550. so sad about GWH!!!! I think that was one of the best episodes of the season, from Dwight’s opening TH to the gaydar thing, I found it so so so sooo much fun. I’d rather see Traveling Salesman go. ohhhh welllll.

  551. Well, at least The Merger was in the bottom three. That’s progress. Janet, you bring up an interesting point about Gay Witch Hunt and The Coup being Emmy submissions. Let’s hope the Emmy voters are kinder to those eps than we were!

  552. I’ve been voting for Back From Vacation since the very first poll early in the summer. The fact that Gay Witch Hunt, Product Recall, The Coup, and Grief Counseling last shorter than that dreck is a disgrace

  553. I think GWH showcases some good things about the show, at least. It introduces the new season 3 characters subtly (later episodes submitted can reveal that they were allowed to develop gradually), keeps classic elements of the show despite big changes (Jim still pranks Dwight), and handles major plot developments without sacrificing the humor and without these being the issues that drive the episode. It has classic Michael: trying so hard to be unoffensive and open-minded but simply not knowing how to behave. It also shows how the more secondary characters are well-developed and can carry more of an episode. With The Coup, it at least shows a good range for Dwight (why I think RW chose it for his submission), and it’s good/clever when subplots or asides can echo a main theme (thinking of Jim as the “saboteur” in the computer game) or each other (both Pam and Jim are pressured by coworkers to waste work time in an odd way), kind of like the titles with multiple meanings (The Secret, The Return). That said, there were definitely non-submitted episodes I personally enjoyed more.

  554. I think it’s pretty obvious that The Job and “Beach Day” will be 1-2, but what will be more interesting is the layout of 3-10.

    I’m surprised that one of my favourites “The Convict” ended up so low on the list. Oh well, that’s democracy for you.

  555. i thought the gay witch hunt would make it to the top 5. the next one HAS to be the merger.

  556. Calindigo – Thanks! That was a good explanation and I hope Emmy voters see it and give our favorite show the awards it deserves.

    I’m with you in that I preferred other episodes as well – particularly the Return, which I hope is the ultimate survivor.

  557. i find it interesting that calindigo mentioned the episodes The Return and The Secret having double meanings. My take is in the Secret, there was like 5 or 6 different secrets in that one episodes, Jim being in love with Pam, Dwight and Angela together, Oscar being gay, just to name a few. In the Return, there were three returns, the return of Oscar, the return of Dwight, and the return of Jim and Pam and their pranks. Good times… Good times….

  558. Anna- double meaning might have been the wrong word to use. I just meant that it’s not always clear what the title is referring to, or that the title could refer to multiple things in the episode. With The Return, both Oscar and Dwight return to the office. With The Secret (better example, probably), Jim is trying to keep his crush on Pam secret despite Michael spilling the beans, and the viewers find out Oscar’s secret (that he’s gay) even though Dwight doesn’t. I think there is also some Dwight/Angela secrecy going on.

  559. Beach Day is in my top 3 for this season.

    The Voldemort/He Who Must Not Be Named joke makes me laugh every time.

  560. It’s getting really tough for me now. I love all the episodes that remain.

    I went for Business school this time….although I loved Michael chucking his candy bars everywhere, and oh! the Michael/Pam moment at the art show was so great. *cries* Maybe I should’ve voted for The Merger or Women’s Appreciation or The Job…but, but…those were all awesome too!

  561. Beach Games was the best! I like Pam’s confession but I absolutely LOVE everything else in this episode. Toby missing out, “Paaamm! You’re missing things” and similar quotes, the office singing on the bus (both ways and it gets me every time!), everything about the egg race, MALLARD!, sabotage, suiting up sumo style, sabotaging the sumo suited…is that enough? Should I go on?

  562. ugh… i was mad before because safety training and product recall are two of my favorites that were gone really early, but now this. gay witch hunt was the funniest episode of any season. i laughed so hard for so long at almost every joke. beach games is also awesome so stop hating on it. i think its time for business school to go… it was funny but the worst out of the remaining episodes

  563. i’m sorry, but i really don’t understand how back from vacation is better than gay witch hunt. ‘gaydar’ gets me every time!

  564. Interesting that the first 6 episodes of the season are in the bottom half of the rankings here. I wonder if it’s because we mostly felt the season got off to a slow start, or is it just the phenonemon that the later ones are remembered better and more favorably (one of the main reasons why most Oscar-contending movies are released in December)?

  565. THANK YOU number 739. We need to form an alliance, survivor style. That episode needs to go, NOW!

  566. Good point, 742. I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Return” ends up at the top, if only for the JAM prank and the subsequent Karen/Jim conversation.

  567. A word about Phyllis’ Wedding–many of us voted for it because of Michael’s antics, not because of Pam getting back with Roy. You knew that was coming; Michael being over-the-top and unfunny was the surprise and disappointment for many, including me.

    Voted for The Merger. Again.

  568. #738 Lazy, these rankings simply reflect the influence of JAM. Pam’s weakest moment of perhaps the series was when she went back to Roy; hence, viewers disliked Phyllis’ Wedding the most.

    All the episodes left (except for Branch Closing) are post merger with Jim back in the office. There’s a lot to be said there.

  569. I’m voting for the merger this time. Though I loved lazy scranton, wasn’t there another “performance” in the conference room by michael with a boom box? And there was the tire thing – it was just too painful, all the way around. And though usually I want the office to last for hours, i honestly thought this episode could have used some editing.

  570. voting branch closing, then probably for Business School. its really difficult now (please, through this whole process) because I can find good, hilarious parts in all of the episodes.

  571. I agree with black cat. It’s almost painful to watch Michael in Phyllis’ Wedding. It’s almost as if the writers forgot they were writing about Michael Scott and not David Brent.

  572. As happy as I am that The Merger is gone, I’m still wondering why Branch Closing isn’t in the bottom three yet, BFV and Buisness School were much better episodes than that. From here on in, Branch Closing is getting my vote until it goes…

  573. Has everyone forgotten about “The Negotiation?”

    Needless to say, I love every episode, but it seems like that one should have gone a LONG time ago, especially before the Merger or Gay Witch Hunt.

  574. It’s funny, aside from Traveling Salesmen (the version WITH the “long tim” cold open, btw) and The Return, all my favorite episodes of the season are long gone.

    My Top 5 of Season 3:

    1. Ben Franklin
    2. Traveling Salesmen
    3. Safety Training
    4. The Return
    5. The Coup

  575. Yay! What a great way to start the day–by waving buh-bye to The Merger. I’ll stop bothering all of you with my “vote off The Merger” comments now. Thank you!

  576. Next up, A Benihana Christmas. Anyone? Anyone? I just cannot understand how this episode is now assured of a place in the top 10, and yet really funny episodes, like Gay Witch Hunt or The Convention are already gone. I mean, I know we all hated Jim being in Stamford, but nothing is as painful as A Benihana Christmas. It’s just not good.

  577. I actually thought ABC was one of the best episodes last season! My top 5 are still in there: Traveling Salesmen, ABC, Beach Games, The Return, and The Job.

    I’m thinking Business School might be next to go, but I’ve actually been voting for Back from Vacation the past few polls.

  578. The Negotiation has got to be in my top 5 for the season.

    So much Daryl, pepper spray, women’s suits, Toby.

    Back From Vacation is next to go.

  579. I don’t think it was Jim I hated about Gay Witch Hunt so much as, well, Gay Witch Hunt itself. Gay panic humor (“tee hee, Michael’s kissing a boy”) seems a little sophomoric for this show.

  580. Business school has got to be the next to go…I just watched all of them on DVD and of all the eps left, that’s the weakest of the group. After Business goes, I don’t know which ones to vote for!!! Yay office! Thanks Tanster for this wonderful summer/work distraction!!!

  581. I really loved ABC, Business School, The Return & The Job. parts of Beach Games were hysterical – I really loved everyone singing the Flintstones theme.

  582. I disagree, Chick-a-dee. I can see where you’re coming from on that “tee-hee” moment from Gay Witch Hunt, but I don’t think THAT is why that moment is so hilarious. I think it’s the spontaneity of that moment (seeing as it was improvized) and the sheer awkwardness of it all. Oscar looks SOOO uncomfortable and I think the expressions on everyone’s faces (especially Pam and Ryan) after Michael kisses him that is SO hilarious.

    It wasn’t a “Tee-hee, Michael’s kissing a boy” feeling to me. It was more like an “OMG, Is Michael really this insane not to know that Oscar DOES NOT want to be kissed” kind of feeling. You feel embarrased and humiliated for both of them. It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from.

    I think it’s a brilliant episode. Very uncomfortable and very much in keeping with the awkward moments we know and love on “The Office.”

  583. I voted Business School. It’s the only one that wasn’t laugh out loud funny for me, and seemed a bit too dark, serious and left me sad rather than laughing. No one coming to the art show, Michael’s disappointment in his man crush, Jim’s disgust w/Pam going back to Roy. Ugh!

    My top 3: The Return, The Negotiation, A Benihana Christmas

  584. I have been voting for Business School since the first poll. Come on people. We all now have access to Season 3 on DVD, tell me that it is not only the least funny ep of the season but it certainly does not rank where it will be even if it IS voted off this week. UGH.

  585. I went with “A Benihana Christmas.” I can’t quite put my finger on it, but, of the ones left, it’s the one that disappointed me the most.

  586. The only rankings that I strongly disagree with are Safety Training being so low and The Merger being so high. Besides that, it’s one big lump of greatness all the way.

  587. 766-sarah-business school is one of the funniest ones of the season. walking down with the boom box playing, throwing candy bars, jim pretending to be a vampire. its great

  588. After watching the Season 3 DVDs I realized that The Convention was one of my favorite episodes of the season and I can’t believe it’s #14!

  589. #752 Tim

    I hear ya! I’ve been voting for the Negotiation FOREVER! Not so much any more because after Product Recall got voted off, I felt I couldn’t save anything I wanted to. You aren’t alone!

  590. I voted for Benihana Christmas. It paled in comparison to the first Christmas episode and like katayla wrote, I was a little disappointed (though I loved John and Steve breaking!). It’s hard to pick now, though…

  591. 772: I respectfully disagree. This was a great episode. “I marked her arm” was one of the best lines of the year. The interaction between Angela and Dwight was great. we also get to see som of the ‘old’ Jim return with his prank on Dwight both at the restaurant and with Pam. Great episode.

  592. I agree w/ Kate in 268. Back from Vacation is my least favorite of the whole season…how is it better than Product Recall and The Merger?

  593. I voted for Women’s Appreciation – it’s not that I didn’t like that episode – but now I’m down to picking between a bunch that I like, so what can I do. I really liked Business School, actually. If I hadn’t voted for WA, I probably would have picked Back From Vacation – again, another episode I liked but not in my top five. I know a lot of people think The Job and Beach Games will be 1-2, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Traveling Salesmen take the cake – to me that episode is what The Office is all about. P.S. Watching Traveling Salesmen and The Return back-to-back is great – they really do flow together perfectly.

  594. i think we need to do another survivor thing but with every episode from season 1-3. that would be fun to see.

    also, this is really random, but does anyone know if theyre going to change the opening credits this year? im just curious.

  595. I vote off Back From Vacation. I’ve watched this season on my ipod way too many times to count, and I’ve gotten kind of sick of this episode. It should be off next!

  596. I personally dont see how business school has made it so far, in my opinion that episode while heartwarming, was not particularly funny. Although Steve’s speech was really funny, there were only one or two other lines like Kevin’s “I, am a hero” but that was about it

  597. i voted for Back from Vacation. I really enjoyed this episode but i feel that it was the least funniest amongst the other episode left. I really glad that the merger was FINALLY voted off. i hate to vote for any episodes to be voted off but BFV needs to go. Also, I really hope that The Return takes the top spot. to me, it captured everything that I love about this show and every character, leading and supporting, had a great moment. It deserves to be number 1.

  598. I’m pretty much in agreement with how this poll has gone so far. In looking over the remaining episodes, my next vote would be for Business School and then Women’s Appreciation. After that, who knows. What I find interesting is after Business School and WA, the remaining episodes feature a less obnoxious Michael Scott. He still has his moments in them, to be sure, but he wasn’t so irritating (to me) which is why I enjoyed them more than the rest. To each his own and all that.

  599. I voted for Back From Vacation as well… I don’t know, it didn’t really do it for me, and the fact that it was sandwiched between BC and TS hurts, since those two were very strong episodes… Also, I think Branch Closing was the best of the season, it successfully set up the merging of the two branches (although “The Merger” was sorta weak itself) while being funny and including almost all the cast (and am also surprised that Cocktails was voted off so soon, I enjoyed that episode alot more then most others, I guess)

  600. Blergh. That bottom 3 consists of all episodes I really liked. Sad to see Business School go. So many great moment, I think of this episode every time I see a Snickers.

  601. im sad to see business school go. jim convincing dwight that he was turning into a vampire just KILLED me!

  602. I’m sad to see Business School go to – I thought it was such a lovely and important episode for Pam. They showed it again last night here in Canada (I know they showed football NBC, but some Canadian stations still showed Earl and The Office). I’m still voting for Women’s Appreciation.

  603. Well, I feel better now. I just got Season 3 and am rewatching all the eps and it makes me really sad that an ep like Business School outranks Initiation. It is up there with The Injury in all time faves. But the Office rocks regardless.

  604. Every time an episode is voted off, there are always a lot of people sad to see it go. I think that shows how great this series is as a whole.

  605. I just rewatched business school and it was such a great episode. it had so much depth and heart, but it had to go some time and it was pretty high on the list, so, no complaints here. I voted for back from vacation which i rewatched again as well and compared to the remaining episodes, it falls short.

    Traveling Salesmen or The Return should win this thing!

  606. #789, I totally disagree! WE NEED TO SAVE BACK FROM VACATION! For me, it is the best Michael Scott episode of all time. I could rattle off a dozen great things about the episode, but the two amazing parts of this episode are:

    1. Michael’s TH about “officially, I did not see Jan there. But I did see Jan there.” etc. That whole TH is quite possibly the funniest moment of the series.

    2. Michaels’ reaction shots when Jan is telling him she needs to start a relationship with him instead of firing him for forwarding the picture of her in Jamaica. All perfectly done by Mr. Carell, and totally hilarious.

    Back from Vacation should be at least a top seven episode. Let it live a few more days, please!

  607. I am also sad to see Business School go. I LOVED THAT EPISODE!!! I could even overlook Pam’s stupidity at being “happy” to be back with Roy. I loved the whole bat subplot and nearly peed my pants when Dwight caught it over Meredith’s head. And Jim trying to convince Dwight he was a vampire. And Angela’s “Poop is raining from the ceiling! Poop!” Such delightful times.

    I’m voting Branch Closing off now.

  608. I agree with 789! It’s time for BFV to depart. Am sad to see BS go, but I also didn’t think it’d make it as far as it did… I was worried it would’ve been a lot lower (in the 20 to 15 range).

  609. whaaat?

    what are people looking for in “the worst”? episodes that are disappearing now are the same episodes people were complaining about during the course of the season due to lack of JAM. i really hope that’s not what it is.

    the funniest episodes, for me, are gone now. i just hope the return and the negotiation can stick it out.

    women’s appreciation and beach games have to go next, i think.

  610. I will never be able to vote off back from vacation–Pam’s break down was chilling. I have never felt so much for Pam in the whole series.

  611. We might as well skip to the end; everybody is going to pick The Job just because of the JAM ending. How original…

  612. I’ve re-watched this season all the way through Ben Franklin, and I’ve got to say that Back From Vacation should have been gone FOREVER ago.

  613. I voted for A Benihana Christmas last time, but after re-watching it and Back from Vacation, I decided to go with BFV. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the battle of the Christmas parties in ABC.

  614. It is amazing to me that Beach Games has made it into the top ten. This is usually a show that stresses realism. So many scenes in this episode were not believable. Angela is usually so outspoken against gambling and some how she knows every word to “The Gambler.” The computer animated fire starting was terrible and you could easily see that the hot coal walk was just a huge lit up piece of plastic with rocks on top of it. How was Dwight not rushed to the hospital after laying down in hot coals? Pam’s confession seemed forced and felt more like a soap opera. This is the only Office episode ever that I don’t like. Maybe I’m over analyzing it. Maybe I hold The Office to too high standards. Maybe I’m just mad because I thought I’d see Pam in a two piece.

  615. I’m sorry, but I disagree! I think Pam’s speach was FANTASTIC acting and totally went with the plot about her becoming more confident.

  616. 802 – The Job isn’t even in my top 3. Not everyone will be voting for it.

    806 – Angela knowing the words to the Gambler is totally realistic- Kenny Rogers was probably pretty popular in her household growing up. As for the rest of Beach Games, I agree it was just average for the year. Pam’s speech is definitely what put it in the top 10, and if it was a little soapish, I didn’t care because I had been waiting a year for it.

  617. It’s really funny to see all of the different opinions on this website. My favorite episodes this season were The Merger, Branch Closing, A Benihana Christmas, and Beach Games (I also thought The Coup was hilarious). At first I didn’t quite like Business School, but after repeated viewings it’s definitely grown on me. That just shows how amazing this show is. I definitely don’t know any other show where I can be iffy about an episode on first viewing, but then I grow to love it.

  618. I just watched Grief Counseling on DVD. That episode is excellent! Classic Office – it should have been in the top 10. Of the first 4 episodes of the year, it was the only one I laughed so hard I cried. And be sure to see the deleted scene with Hannah and Jim. Hysterical!

  619. No way can we judge this show on realism. If you’re doing that, then you cannot have liked most of Season 3. There were so many hilarious and heartfelt things in Beach Games. It was a great dichotomy episode, showing the comedy at one extreme and the drama at another. Simply masterful. Should be No. 1.

  620. I’m thinking that if you get past the grand circumstance of “Beach Games” and “The Job,” the best episode (and the one I’ll be hoping will win is “The Return.”

    Not only does it have the best prank, maybe of the series in it, but it pushed the plot, was ridiculously funny and made me feel sorry for Dwight for the first time in the series.

    Go “The Merger!”

  621. I absolutely agree with the bottom three. I really think Branch Closing, The Negotiation, and Woman’s Appreciation should be the next to go, and in that order.

    815 – I couldn’t agree more. Top two are definitely, in my book, Traveling Salesman and The Return… and it’s going to be hard for me to put one in front of the other. The thing about TS that I love is how Jim and Dwight make their sale work and you just know that they’re both very competent at what they do. Plus, seeing everyone “out in the field” was also just a great idea that I thought was executed very well.

  622. I am starting a save Branch Closing campaign…c’mon, this was the episode that turned the whole season around (you’ll notice all six episodes before it have been eliminated). I believe it is superior to Women’s Appreciation, Traveling Salesmen, and Negotiation. Other highlights:

    – Michael pouting when Jan tells him the branch is closing (King of the stupid universe?!)
    – Michael and Dwight road trippin’ to Wallace’s house
    – For JAM fans, priceless inquisitive moments from Jim and Pam wondering who will be transferring

  623. I just rewatched some of the episodes still remaining, and decided that I liked Branch Closing more than I remembered. There were a lot of classic lines from the supporting characters. I’m going to have to vote for the negotiation this time. It was still a great episode, but after repeated viewings it kind of bored me.
    Traveling Salesmen/The Return rock. I don’t know how I will choose.

  624. My top 5 are The Return, The Job, Traveling Salesman, Beach Games, and the Negotiation.

    Branch Closing is a great one, I’m just not sure where it falls in.

    Women’s Appreciation and Benihana Christmas should go in the next 2.

  625. 815, I think Jim & Dwight were my favorite part of TS. I loved seeing them behave like they normally do only to realize they actually do work well together!

  626. I agree on saving Branch Closing.

    A Benihana Christmas should go next. It had a few good moments such as the whole Dwight/goose bit but overall not so great. A weaker episode that is remembered fondly just because we’re so glad it was longer.

  627. Re-watching these episodes on DVD has made me like season three a lot more. Branch Closing is one of my favorites…probably top three. The Convention got cut way too early…that’s classic Office for me. I’d say the same for the The Coup, and less so for The Convict. But I agree with #806 about Beach Games. I think that’s what I didn’t like about it–so many scenes seemed forced or unbelievable. It just didn’t feel like The Office…and it wasn’t because they weren’t in the office. There’s an element of reality or believability that usually exists in the show that wasn’t evident in Beach Games. Most of it seemed like filler, except for Pam’s speech, which was necessary to move the JAM plot along. It’s definitely a “bottom five” episode for me.

  628. I agree with 806 as well…… except it is solely because I didn’t see Pam in a two piece haha. just kidding.

    But I loved Back from Vacation just because of the whole Jan and Michael thing coming out in the open to everyone.

    Women’s Appreciation should be the next to go. Michael was more over the top than usual… although I love his little rant to Jim: “I don’t know James… did I not come from a woman. Have I not slept with a woman? More than one.”

  629. If Beach Games gets one of the top spots, it just goes to show that readers of this website care more about the Jim/Pam storyline than the comedy. The episode was funny, of course, but it was definitely in the bottom half of the season as far as laughs go.

    The Job is the best episode of the season because it managed to combine the show’s comedic character with its dramatic character in a fantastically superb fashion – rather than sacrificing one at the expense of the other, or using a major dramatic moment to bolster an episode of merely passable comedy (as Beach Games did.)

  630. I also agree with 806 and I think the reason for that episode being how it was (and a few other episodes) is they were going more for the dorm-room audience this year.

    Season 2 seemed aimed at adults, whereas there was a lot of trying to appeal to teens and college students in season 3 in my opinion, with more slapstick and over the top antics.

  631. top 5 (not in any order), Womens Appreciation, Beach Games, The Return, Traveling Salesmen, and Branch Closing

  632. i do not agree with 806. beach games was one of the best episodes of the season. this episode made me laugh the most out of every episode of the office. i agree that it was pretty un realistic for dwight to survive the coals, but dwight’s a wierd dude, who knows what he’s capable of. i thought that michael was perfect. he was not over the top. it seems so michael to hold terrible contests to decide who takes over the branch. it was perfect. i think it was good we didn’t see pam in her bikini because it would change who we all think she is. she is an innocent, shy receptionist.

  633. I don’t even know how you can say Beach Games is in the bottom half laugh-wise. So many hilarious moments from this episode…more than some of the other eps.
    1. All of the songs they sing on the bus
    2. The look on Stanley’s face when he charges after Jim in the sumo suit
    3. Dwight and Angela’s “Sandwich, sabotage” convo
    4. Andy falling into the lake and
    5. Angela not telling anybody about it
    6. Toby not being allowed to go to the beach and his sad face when he finds out Pam’s got a two-piece
    7. Creed and the fish
    8. Kelly thinking Amanda Bynes is a comedian and Michael putting her in the same category as Bob Hope
    9. Jim, Kevin and Karen naming their team Voldemort and chanting it to drive Dwight insane
    10. Jim’s talking head “I thought I might die on beach day”
    Plus more that I can’t mention because I only get 200 words. Just because you like Beach Games doesn’t mean you only like it for the Jim/Pam story line. It’s a huge step forward for Pam’s character, whether or not it had anything to do with Jim.

  634. I agree with most of this list, although I thought Women’s Appreciation, Back From Vacation and Grief Counseling were very funny. My bottom episodes would include Phyllis’ Wedding, Safety Training and absolutely Beach Games… my roommate and I are die-hard Office fans and when we saw Beach Games after it originally aired we couldn’t believe we were watching the same show we’d been following… it was really off in terms of tone and character and it was the only episode I’ve straight up disliked.

  635. Grief Counseling is still my favorite.

    And what’s wrong with Phyllis Wedding? I loved that one.

    My least fave would have to be The Convention. It just didn’t feel like the office to me.

  636. I heartily disagree, Chick-a-Dee.

    I’m glad they waited for the end of this season for Pam to finally come out and confess feelings for Jim. I think her speech was not forced AT ALL, nor was her growth this season. They needed to have her go through these realizations in order for her to come into her own as a person and to truly deserve Jim.

    If The Office were a play in three acts, season 3 would have been the second act, wherein which the characters are in the middle of their journeys and you get a lot of rising action w/no resolution. Without the second act, the third and final act would be anti-climactic and wouldn’t mean as much.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I just had to rebuttle. I’ve got nothin’ but love for this show. It’s acted as a muse and a great comfort for me these last couple years. I’m loyal to the end.

  637. I finished my Season 3 DVD’s this weekend, and I can honestly say that there were only two episodes that I didn’t find to be totally rewarding viewing experiences, and that is only my humble opinion. That is Business School and Phyllis’s Wedding. I hate episodes where Michael makes a total ass out of himself like he does in those eps. It is hard to watch. But all the rest brought the funny, were totally awesome, and I can’t judge them! Especially A Benihana Christmas, because then your ho ain’t yo ho no mo!

  638. Traveling Salesmen and The Return are the best episodes of the season! My reasoning:

    In Traveling Saleamen, there were so many stories going on in only 22 minutes. You had the four sales teams, the story between Dwight and Angela, Andy trying to ruin Dwight through Michael, Karen finding out about Jim and Pam, and Stanley setting up Ryan to fail. C’mon! how could a sitcom be any better than that!

    In The Return, Ed Helms gives his most cringe-worthy performance in the season and in the series to date. Michael and Angela missing Dwight, Oscar returning to Dunder-Mifflin, Jim and Pam’s best prank ever, and Karen being rejected. Again, a perfect episode.

    these episodes are the best in the season and are two of the best in the series.


    For Beach Games and Pam’s speech, I felt that this episode was vital to plot development and was a great episode to precede the finale. I thought Pam’s speech was heartfelt and honest. It finally gave Pam a voice and showed a depth that only this show could pull off. Not the best episode of the season, but certainly a great one.

  639. Well said, Cayce80. I thought Pam’s arc in season three was gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve seen on TV before. Her struggles throughout the season made her speech in Beach Games an absolute triumph. For me, that speech was more satisfying than the end of The Job.

  640. Branch Closing, it’s your time. Actually, it was your time quite a while ago, but, it’s definitely your time now.

  641. So long, Beach Games. Some funny gags as always, every show has good moments and clever lines, but this was not as good as the others that remain.

  642. I must throw in my support of Branch Closing as well. I am not sure I ever laughed so hard for so long as in the first ten minutes or so of that episode. The great lines just kept coming and coming, like:

    “I like to start my morning with a hearty bowl of Jan”
    “Just call me Levinson in the morning”
    “Phyllis’ and Kevin’s sprouting up all over the place, ripe for the plucking”
    “Show me that farm.”

    I think at the very least, Women’s Appreciation, Beach Games, The Negotiation and The Job are less funny than Branch Closing.

  643. It’s too HARD!!! That’s what she said. Seriously. I think this is the best show because voting them off is one of the hardest things ever!!! They are all so good! Again, what she said.

  644. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Negotiation should have gone a LONG time ago. :-D

  645. Please watch The Negotiation again on DVD before you vote for it. That episode is hilarious and doesn’t deserve to get voted off yet.

  646. I agree that1guypictures. It’s time for Negotiation to go. The only really great moment in that one is the cold open. After that? It’s just okay.

  647. The Negotiation is one of my favorites:
    1. Any episode with Darryl is an instant classic, “bibidy bobidy give me the zoppity.”
    2. Toby preparing for the deposition.
    3. The cold open…enough said.
    4. Dwight being an “eel.”
    5. Jim’s face when he “repays” Dwight.

  648. I love The Negotiation as well. It was one of the best written Michael-oriented episodes. And all the Toby/Michael stuff was classic. “What are you writing, Pervball?”

  649. A Benihana Christmas is my favorite episode of the season. Please rent the DVD’s if you haven’t bought them yet and watch A Benihana Christmas (if you rent them, it is on Disc 2, which also happens to have the majority of the special features). I can see how others might view The Negotiation or Traveling Salesman as funnier, and I agree they are hilarious, but A Benihana Christmas is the winner for Michael marking that girl’s arm ALONE.

  650. I agree with whoever said that Pam’s arc wasn’t forced. I think it was so beautifully written. I don’t see how, just because we’ve never seen Pam act like that before, it has to be forced. Its called character growth and that’s exactly what the writers were building up to and I thnk they did a great (albeit frustrating) job! As for the episodes, I still think Branch Closing was meh. The Negotiation was alright, lots of funny moments, although its one of the only (okay THE only) Office episode where I literally disliked Jim. No matter what, ABC can’t go *anywhere*!!!

  651. Are you kidding me? The Ben Franklin episode was one of the best all season! “I don’t care what Jim says. I am 99% sure that is NOT the real Benjamin Franklin.”

  652. Women’s Appreciation should be the next to go! After re-watching it without waiting for Jam stuff, I think The Job should actually win!

  653. I agree with you Tim! Time for the Negotiation to be gone! Should have been gone a long long time ago!

  654. I’m kind of surprised that Women’s Appreciation is up there. Though still funny, this was probably one of my least favorite throughout the season. Even after numerous viewings, I still have trouble remembering a lot about this episode as opposed to the others. To each his own, I suppose.

  655. I’m with you Pamera. I have been voting off WA since the beginning. The part with the flasher was funny but the side story of the women at the mall I just did not enjoy.

  656. I don’t think it’s Jam that will make The Job number 1 so much as it’s Pam. While watching The Job, Pam was stronger again, no longer her ridiculously meek season 3 self, that I felt like you know even if this ends in a bad way, I love it a lot.

  657. Time for A Benihana Christmas.

    Top 4 (no order): Beach Games, Branch Closing, The Return, The Job.

    My love for Beach Games has nothing to do with Jim/Pam–it’s ALL ABOUT PAM. Her speech? One of the greatest moments of the show. Ever. Her story this season was so beautifully done. It’s moments like that that make me proud to watch this show.

  658. I wanna see The Return take it all!!!! Nothing was funnier this season than Andy’s meltdown!!!

  659. I’m for Women’s Appreciation. Why? Michael’s reaction to Phyllis getting flashed and subsequent faux pas with Toby, Dwight’s use of the word “phallus,” and The Wizard of Oz reference at the end (…and for Kelly, a brain).

    But, I’d be happy if any other episode won save Branch Closing…just not up to par with the rest.

  660. BRANCH CLOSING was the best episode of the season. a very happy ending and my favorite jim moment of season 3….”say what you will about michael scott but he would never do that.”

  661. It’ll be interesting to see where The Job does end up. It’s not my number one (I’m in love with The Return), but I wouldn’t have any huge objection to it winning.

  662. Frick. I really thought A Benihana X-Mas would be in the bottom 3. Well, hopefully it will be this time.

  663. Oh finally, bye bye Branch Closing. Mmm, now i’m thinking either The Job or Women’s Appreciation…

  664. 865: So what if The Job wins? I think that show has alot of great moments in it besides the very end. Jan’s ‘kids’, Dwight as new RM, Andy as his #2, Pam as secret assistant to the RM, and Ryan’s “Were done.” Seriously give me a break that it is just a JAMfest there.

  665. Women’s Appreciation is also great. Why Phyllis? Did he not see Pam? And Michael dishing the dirty details about his sex life with Jan. A+!

  666. Why hasn’t The Negotiation made the list yet? I don’t think that one is very strong…granted it has that great cold open with the pepper spray and all, but the rest is so slow. The cross dressing thing wasn’t very funny to me. Well, it was amusing, sure…I love the show, but the episode just didn’t have the pizzaz that most a lot of the others did. I love Branch Closing. It was very “Office”-like to me.

  667. What do people see in Benihana Christmas to make it last this long? I think it had only one good segment (I’m in session) and would have put in in my BOTTOM three.

  668. I really like Traveling Salesmen–all the teams were just so funny. Phyllis/Karen were hi-larious with their makeovers. I just LOVED Jim slapping Dwight and then their tag-team sales pitch.

    I think the Negotiation is the next one I’m voting off. So many left are so good!

  669. ARGH! I missed out on this last vote. I doubt my ABC vote would have mattered, though; there seems to be a lot of love for that episode. I really thought Branch Closing was one of the strongest of the year. At least The Return and Traveling Salesman are still in the running!

  670. Still can’t believe people are turning on Women’s Appreciation. Did they even see Pam? Or, uh… Karen from behind?

  671. I voted off ABC as well. C’mon people! this episode wasn’t all that great. Branch Closing was one of my personal favories this season. Michael’s face after anouncing the branch was closing, dwight putting the cfo on his christmas card list, jim and his loyalty to michael, jim and pam being reunited, and of course, TOBY!!! this was a great episode. too bad.

    Again, Traveling Salesmen or The Return for the win!!!

  672. Is it possible for Traveling Salesman and The Return to be combined to count as one vote? I mean, they did combine them in the DVD and I really do feel that the top two are going to come down to TS and TR… I just don’t know if I want/have the ability to vote against either one… I’d rather vote for them as one episode…

  673. I cannot believe that Women’s appreciation and the Negotiation beat out Branch Closing. It was my favorite episode of the season. I think it’s time for both of those to go.

  674. I will continue to vote off Womens Appreciation. While the flasher picture drawn by Pam of Dwiht with molester mustache was HILARIOUS…it lacked THE OFFICE! Too much time was spent away from the office for my liking as compared to the rest of the episodes left.

  675. 894… how could you say Women’s Appreciation lacked the office… the entire first half and last act of the episode is there. Out in the office talking about Phyllis, in the parking lot and Michael’s office with Dwight, in the conference room… then the whole last portion with Jan…

    Now Beach Games, that’s an episode with barely anything actually going on in the Office. And I feel like it really suffers for that.

  676. After re-watching all the shows, I think The Convict may be the most under-rated Office episode of all time. Not even counting the great deleted scenes.

  677. Even though I did really like the episode, I voted for Women’s Appreciation this time – after this, though, I don’t think I can choose among any of the remaining! I really like all the episodes that are left. I’m glad my top 5 are still in there.

  678. ABC is an great episode, it has all the ingredients for awesomeness,
    Drinking-check, OTT distraught Michael-check, Power-trip Angela-check, Pranking on Dwight-check, Hilarious Andy (come on, Nog-a-saki is sooo funny). And of course the bonding between Michael and Jim at the end about their rebound relationships. Something for everybody!
    I think The Negotiation should go next although it’s tough, it’s a good one too!

  679. I can’t believe people voted off Branch Closing! I’m done with this game – I can’t stand voting for my least favorite episode. It feels so wrong… in every way.

  680. Oh man, it’s really getting down to the wire here. All these episodes are so good. I’m pulling for Benihana Christmas to win though. Michael crying over Carol breaking up with him is amazing. Some of my other favs haven’t made it this far, like The Convention, but overall, I think a pretty good last 7.

  681. Of the 7 remaining, Beach Games is the weakest for me. I did not like Jim in this episode and it just wasn’t as funny as the other ones that are left. I liked Pam’s speech – I thought it was well done – and that’s why it’s good it is in the top 10. But I will vote Beach Games here on out because the others are just funnier.

  682. Wow, so many of my favorites (like The Convention and Grief Counseling) are at the bottom!

  683. hmm. of everything left i think that the negotiation should go. like the episode but the weakest of the ones left.

  684. womens appreciation needs to go! not that its a bad episode its just the other ones are better

  685. i like them all, but the one that is not as good as the others is negotiations. its a great episode but i like the other ones better

  686. Definitely Women’s Appreciation is my “least favourite” (and I do mean that) of the ones left. Once that and The Negotiation are gone, I will have no idea what to do!!! How do you choose between the other episodes?

  687. to me, WA and the Negotiation were better eppies than ABC. I enjoyed ABC, but i have quoted more lines from both WA and TN than i ever had ABC. my order that should be voted off:

    7. A benihana christmas
    6. The negotiation
    5. Women’s Appreciation
    4. Beach Games
    3. The Job
    2. Traveling Salesmen
    1. The Return


  688. What?! Branch Closing is my second favorite episode! How does the “Amazing Race” Traveling Saleman beat Future Dwight?!

  689. 7. A Benihana X-Mas
    6. The Negotiation
    5. Traveling Salesman
    4. Women’s Appreciation
    3. The Job
    2. Beach Games
    1. The Return

    There’s my list, given what’s left. The X-Mas one was on bottom from the beginning of this whole thing.

  690. 7. the negotiations
    6. a benihana christmas
    5. the job
    4. traveling salesmen
    3. beach games
    2. the return
    1. women’s appreciation

  691. 7. Women’s Appreciation
    6. The Negotiation
    5. Benihana Christmas
    4. Beach Games
    3. Traveling Salesmen
    2. The Return
    1. The Job

  692. I can’t believe Branch Closing is kicked off. I actually can’t believe that Benihana Christmas is still up there, as well. So many better episodes were kicked off before Benihana.

    874: Oh, I’m so glad someone loves that line as much as I do. I just love those moments where people are on Michael’s side…where we see that he isn’t the worst boss in the world and that there’s something to be said about his loyalty.

    I watched the episode yesterday and it always, always makes me happy. I love it when they’re like a dysfunctional family.

  693. What do you guys think of swapping this next year ~ voting for our favorites & counting from top to bottom?

  694. I agree, Jesse (#912). While I liked “Benihana,” I was disappointed that became 2 of the 6 episodes they submitted for the Emmys. I think “The Return” or “The Job” would have been much better selections since they’re (in my opinion) much better episodes.

  695. As much as I did love WA, I’d prefer seeing something like the Negotiation or Beach Games go through, so WA is getting my vote. Also, I can’t remember who it was, but somebody mentioned the idea of doing a favourite character survivor poll, that would be really cool.

  696. Yes! Benihana is finally in the bottom 3! We can do this people, we just have to band together.

    Vote A Benihana Christmas off the island!

  697. I have a feeling Women’s Appreciation will go next, though ABC will continue to get my vote. My favorite line of the year (“I accidentally cross-dressed”)came from The Negotiation, so I’m sad to see it go.

  698. Yay. Negotiations are closed. Heheh. (There’s my mentally challenged behavior coming out again. Hehehe).

    Anyhoo. Don’t vote for A Benihana Christmas. That episode RULES and is feels very much like the old “Office” we all know and love. Save ABC!!!

    I vote for Women’s Appreciation next…even though I love it. The next few polls are going to be so hard.


  699. ABC next, then WA…

    Top 4 would be
    1. The Job
    2. The Return
    3. Traveling Salesman
    4. Beach Games

  700. Oh – I really liked ABC. I’m sad to see it in the bottom three, but it is getting tough now. I think the next to leave is probably Women’s Appreciation, though. I’m really hoping Traveling Salesmen makes it to #1!

  701. Why the hate for Benihana? That episode has all the best elements of the show and is classic. Michael is hysterical, without being over the top – “ho no mo”, “Christmas is cancelled”, crying, marking the arm of the waitress, photoshopping, etc. Dwight is funny about the goose. There was a Jim prank on Dwight, a Jim/Pam prank on Dwight (destroy phone), positive JAM (Jim saying Karen is just a rebound), dictator Angela, compassionate Pam (befriending Karen, giving Toby the robe), awkwardness (Ryan being sung to by Kelly, Michael/Toby, Jim watching Roy give Pam present, Carol), Creed being a thief, Stanley deciding between the parties.

    What more do you want in an episode?

  702. Janet, I don’t think people ‘hate’ ABC, but we are down to the SIX BEST EPs this season so people are going to start splitting hairs. If people really hated it so much, it wouldn’t be so high.

  703. I hate ABC too. Outside of the marking of the arm and the Pam/Karen stuff, it was just boring.

    I’ll tell everyone right now that I personally laughed more at Phyllis’ Wedding than I did at ABC. And that is saying something.

    Plus, the X-Mas episode set a really high standard the year before, and I don’t think that ABC even came close to living up to that standard.

  704. i don’t hate ABC, but i don’t love it either. as i said before, i was more fond of “Christmas Party” the ABC. it was in the office the whole time! it felt christmas-y to me, and had some of the best moments in office history for me. ABC was a great eppie but it fell short for me. im voting it off again and hoping that WA lasts another poll.


  705. The Return is quite enjoyable…

    Jim: I miss Dwight. Congratulations, universe. You win.

    Either WA or ABC goes bye-bye. I’m not protective of either of these, but they do have their awesome moments. Or should I say extra-awesome?

  706. A Benihana Xmas probably my favorite of Season 3 and one of the best episodes of the show ever. Michael is perfect in it, the inability to deal with an imminent break-up and then the conviction that he is having a rebound relationship is just right. (Actually, he’s perfect in all the episodes Jennifer Celotta wrote…E-mail Surveillance, Drug Testing, Grief Counseling.) It’s a great episode for Andy, as well, and the friendship between Pam and Karen is a really good touch. And it contains maybe the funniest moment of the show to date, when Michael marks his date.

    Women’s Appreciation is easily the weakest one left. The comedy out of Michael’s kinky sex life is forced and broad. Also, self-consciously anal nitpick: when the camera sees the mirror-moustache on Dwight, since it’s to the right of him, he wouldn’t see the moustache on himself at the moment. He reacts as if he sees what the camera sees.

  707. I voted Beach Games. It was arguably the least realistic episode of the season and also as much as I love both Pam and Jenna, Pam’s speech seemed out of character to me.