Golden Globe Awards 2010

Watch the Golden Globe Awards hosted by Ricky Gervais tonight live 8pm ET/5pm PT on NBC!

The Office is nominated for two awards:
Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
Best TV Actor, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

I’ve post videos, photos, and award results here. As always, if you have a tip, post a comment with a link!



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Award results

  • Congratulations to Ed Helms — ‘The Hangover’ wins the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Comedy!
  • The Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical, goes to Glee.
  • The Golden Globe for Best TV Actor, Comedy or Musical, goes to Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock.


  1. Can’t wait to see all of the Office cast at the Globes tonight! Only bummer is that NBC is broadcasting…

  2. I really liked Jenna’s dress. What a great thing those girls are doing, auctioning off their dresses. Go Steve and The Office!

  3. and i’m not really a fan of jenna’s dress… really not liking the “droopy” thing.

    but DANG look at her arms!

  4. I hate bowties and hair gel on men, but John and Emily look adorable. Emily’s dress is stunning. Not a fan of Jenna’s but she does look pretty.

  5. Nice to see John and Emily out together. Emily’s make up artist should be shot though – I know it’s probably the photo flash, but her face is so much paler than the rest of her.

  6. OMG OMG john and emily look FANTASTIC!! he looks so handsome and i absolutely ADORE her dress!!!!

  7. Man, where are they? I’ve been trying to look for them in literally all the red carpet stuff and I saw one steve interview, a few shots of John and Ed, and 1 shot of Jenna and Angela. Did they all run inside? :(

  8. Jenna is looking hotter and hotter every appearance. I’m starting to miss my little curvy Jenna :)

  9. haha john and ed are hilarious! but i can’t seem to find the video on the e! website

  10. FlonkertonChamp,
    If you click on the link below the picture, it takes you to the 306 cam. Then scroll through and Ed and John are on, like, the third thing. haha. That’s a terrible way to phrase that. Hope that helps.

  11. Gahhhhh!

    It is absolutely criminal that Steve was freaking robbed, yet again :(

    [from tanster: i agree! :( ]

  12. My God! I can only conclude that Alec Baldwin is bribing the Golden Globe voters with Outback Steakhouse coupons.


    angela looks radiant, and she is positively adorable when she poses

  14. On another note, Steve was robbed. And knowing that Glee is probably going to win over The Office for best series, it’s quite a bummer. But, everyone on the cast looks amazing. When I first saw John I thought “New Boss.” And I like that you can see glimpses of John whenever they cut to Sandra Bullock. haha.

  15. Can’t believe it’s Alec Baldwin AGAIN???!!! Give me a break. All he does on that show is whisper. Blah. Anyway…it’s the People’s Choice that really matters.

  16. Steve was definitely robbed, again! WTH? So far the only good thing about this show is anytime they show Sandra Bullock, you can see John Krasinski behind her. One more hour to go. And Ricky’s pretty funny too, so that’s good.

  17. (To be fair, I’ve never watched Glee- it just doesn’t appeal to me. That being said…)

    Isn’t it pretty much understood that 30 Rock will win in any category that it’s nominated in? Clearly, if a show is actually able to beat it, it should be The Office ;).

  18. I love love love The Office, but Glee deserved that win. Ricky Gervais is the funniest man alive and could probably get away with saying anything he wanted. Lastly, how awesome for a Hangover sequel? Team Ed Helms!

  19. That 360 shot of John and Ed is hysterical, and there are some other really great ones as well. That being said, the lack of a Christina Hendricks 360 is a travesty.

  20. Remember when I said how it’d be a nice change of pace to lose to Glee instead of 30 Rock??? Yeaaaaah it wasn’t.

    Also FIVE YEARS….. are you kidding me?!!?!? Where is Steve’s award already!!!!!!

    Ricky did a hilarious job though :)

  21. Congratulations Ed Helms!!!! Me and my sister went crazy when they announced The Hangover as the winner. Why wasn’t Zach there?

  22. I love Jenna and Angela’s dresses! So pretty! I hate how we never actually see them in the audience anymore (or at least it seems that way!)

    Yay for The Hangover and Ed Helm’s tiger song playing as they went up to get the award. Alec Baldwin– ENOUGH already. Why are the voters so in love with him? And Glee? I’m glad some of you guys are saying you don’t understand the appeal of Glee, because neither do I and I thought I was the only one.

    Ricky was brilliant, and caused many hilariously awkward moments. Some of those actors need to lighten up. Shesh.

  23. “Also FIVE YEARS….. are you kidding me?!!?!? Where is Steve’s award already!!!!!!”

    Steve was very deserving, and while I do agree that maybe it’s time for Alec Baldwin to “step aside” per se, people seem to be forgetting that Steve won a Golden Globe during The Office’s second season. For those of you concerned that he isn’t getting any recognition, he did; he just hasn’t since, and because Baldwin’s won so many times in a row it looks like Steve is this enormous loser, even though he has won that award before. He has received recognition, something which many other deserving actors will never get in their lifetime.

    So stop worrying you guys! Just because Steve didn’t win it four years in a row doesn’t mean that he isn’t a terrific actor and a winner to us!

  24. I realized I’m officially watching too much of the Office when I heard this exchange in that video and immediately thought, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

    Interviewer to Jenna Fischer: How are you?
    Jenna: A little wet, but I’m getting there.


  25. #32 Dirk – thank you. My rush to anger about watching Steve get robbed made me totally block out his win in year 2. Still….Alec Baldwin is a good actor. We get it already. just saying. haha

    #33 Tina….. :::starts a slow clap::: well done. well done.

  26. Oh yeah!!! I’m finally a tipster!!!

    I have to agree with everyone here that it really is time for Steve Carell to win an award. The work he does for every episode is both laugh out loud funny and full of heart and soul. He really deserves it.

    Also I thought Ricky Gervais was great, granted he had about 5 minutes to provide some jokes and then he would be offscreen for another 20-30 minutes. The Golden Globes do have a lot of awards to give out though. One thing I love about them is that all of the stars in the room seem to have a really fun time during the awards show.

  27. #33 Tina – You made my night. I thought i was the only one that caught that. It was much of a moment like when Pam is in the corporate office and jumps up and yells “THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” “THATS WHAT SHE SAID!”. Love it :)


  28. Congrats to Ed and the whole Hangover team! So surprised, but ecstatic that they won. And these pics are great! Go Phyllis! ;)

  29. If (when?) Alec Baldwin wins again at the Emmys this year, I just might throw a Dundie at my TV. I’m just sayin’.

  30. Alright, I absolutely love Glee and I am really happy for them, but there is no way they should have been in the category with The Office. Glee has had one season of 13 episodes. It is a cute show but not nearly as funny as The Office.

  31. I LOVE Angela’s dress! Navy blue is my favorite color for evening wear.

    Loved the show, it was nice seeing John every time they showed Sandra Bullock since he was sitting behind her.

  32. I loved Angela’s dress. It was actually pretty and flattering, rather than just going along with the strapless trend so evident. Straps exist, people! They have a real, genuine, practical purpose that’s impossible to replicate with…glue, or double-sided tape, or whatever they use to keep those strapless gowns from falling down.

    I’m not usually a big fan of Jenna’s fashion, and last night was no exception, but she still managed to look gorgeous. She could wear a burlap sack and shine, so no surprises there.

    Mindy’s dress was lovely as well; I love her use of bold colors. Bright yellow satin would look garish on most, but it totally works for her. And she and BJ deserve some kind of award for adorability in the post-show photos.

  33. Thanks for compiling all these wonderful photos. Jenna is so cute and warm and bubbly in her interviews! Everyone looks so beautiful; and I love all the amazing dresses. Kate Flannery just knocks my socks off–what a stunner! I wish the wardrobe folks would let her out of her jumpers and denim skirts for an episode (and not with another tube top dress…) Wish Steve and the cast had won, but I don’t put too much store in that particular award show anyway.

  34. Love the fact that Phyllis and Zachary Levi are dancing! It’s like a crossover of my two favorite shows :)

  35. The best part about the Ed and John GlamCam picture was that the fashion guy (I believe it was Jay Manuel) did not expect it and when he showed the picture of them (he thought it was only John), I was watching it live and Jay did not seem amused…it made it that much funnier.

    [from tanster: awesome! wish i could have seen it live.]

  36. It’s too bad The Office didn’t get any Golden Globe this year. But I’m so happy for Jenna to be on the ceremony with that beautiful dress she wore, she’s so damn cute. And Steve’s hilarious silent threat to Ricky Gervais (“I will kill you”) was pretty funny, hahaha. Ed and John’s GlamCam picture was funny too. And congratulations to Ed and the rest of the cast of “The Hangover” and its director Todd Phillips, this movie is by far the best comedy of 2009!!!!! And where the heck is Rainn?! He must have been stuck by the “rain”, hahaha.

    [from tanster: rainn was filming a movie.]

  37. Couldn’t agree more “what’s the dealio” – Kate Flannery is consistently one of the best dressed. And Phyllis looked awesome – who needs Brangelina when you have Phylach (that’s my combination of Zach and Phyllis – pretty lame, I admit).

    Big congratulations to Ed Helms – Don’t forget us now that you’re famous!

  38. #49 George

    Rainn was filming overnight in Shreveport for the movie ‘Super’

    I also wanted to echo the sentiment the Kate Flannery is consistently a knock-out on the red carpet – the lady is a class act!

  39. Sorry for the double post but… you guys, Leslie is wearing a cravat! Leslie you are made of win!!!

    Phyllis is so freakin cute, I can’t stand it :)

    Also, that colour against Jenna’s skin is just gorgeous. Perfect, perfect, perfect colour choice.

    Angela, you’re doing it right. Man, that dress is the perfect cut and colour. Full marks to you missy.

  40. Thanks for the news about Rainn.

    I love all the photos of Jenna. She’s absolutely beautiful.

  41. Ed and John’s 360 pic is awesome, and so are the ones for Adrian Grenier and Neil Patrick Harris.

  42. Best Dressed Male is Steve Carell and the best dressed female goes to Angela Kinsey her poses were great too.

    Why didn’t Paul Lieberstein attend the show?

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