Got any ‘Office’ questions?

A little birdie told me that Kristin Dos Santos of E!’s Watch With Kristin will be visiting ‘The Office’ set tomorrow (lucky gal!), and she would like to know if y’all have any questions you want answered?

If so, please post a comment with your question below!


  1. Not a question, just a plea. PLEASE DON’T BREAK UP PAM AND JIM!!!!

    Oh…actually I do have a question. Will Jan go into labor in the office and Michael and Dwight have to deliver the baby? Because THAT would be funny.

  2. Will we get to see a picture of Toby on the beach in Costa Rica?

    What will Rainn Wilson do to Jenna if “The Rocker” doesn’t make the amount of money needed?

  3. i second joe’s question: where is packer?

    also, will mike shur and greg daniels still be writing for the original series even though they are exec producing the not-so-spin-off?

    spoilers please!!!

  4. Will we ever see Roy (David Denman) again? (For example, will Pam run into him or something?)

  5. all of season 4 had SO much story to it than any other season…. will there be more story in season 5 or more comedy?

  6. Jan seemed pretty far along in the season finale of season 4 so I’m guessing we won’t have to wait until the season 5 finale for her to give birth. Is she going to go into labor at the Christmas party? Because that would be hilarious!

  7. Will a new character be brought in to be the receptionist while Pam is away at art school? Thanks! Wendy

  8. Will the characters ever acknowledge that the ‘documentary’ has been shown on TV? Like Pam finding out Jim WAS going to propose? (just an example!)

  9. Kristin: Make sure you get a good look at Jenna/Pam’s left hand and tell us if you spot a ring.

  10. Anything on what happens to Andy (does he find out?) since the Dwangela incident occurred? Thanks!

  11. 29-

    When you’re a spoilie, you’re a spoilie all the way. (Yes, I’m snapping my fingers as I say that)

  12. Are Dwight & Angela going to sneak around for awhile? Or will Phyllis out them in an act of revenge?

  13. If you had to be in either the Chilean Office or the Russian Office, which would you most want to be in and why?

  14. Is it definite that the Jan’s baby is from a sperm donor? Could it be Michael’s biological child?

  15. Will the audience ever find out who is the documentary crew that are filming the employees of Dunder Mifflin?

  16. My question has already been asked, in comment #12 by tuna tuna tuna, so I’d just like to echo that I REALLY wanna know if Greg and Mike are still gonna be writing for the original Office as well as heading the new show.

  17. I saw that season 4 brought back some things from other seasons (even if it was small or minimal). Will we see any more Jello or Dundies? Perhaps a Dundie in Jello???

  18. Is everyone glad to be back at work?

    If you see them shooting, are the actors able to make it through any scenes without falling apart from laughter?

    Is Jenna still locked in Rainn’s trunk?? If so, can you please free her?! We solemnly promise to see The Rocker, numerous times.

    If you see little Isabel, tell us how cute she is!

  19. How do they feel about showing us what happens during the summer? Did they get excited about it (like us)?

  20. Will there be more Jim vs Dwight this season? I miss that. They were a little too nice to each other last season, due to Dwight’s loneliness and depression. But now he’s getting some action, so let the battles begin!

  21. Any chances of seeing Karen again? Since Rashida Jones’s Fox show was canceled, it seems like the perfect time for Karen to cause trouble :)

  22. any future guest star spoilers? are kelly and ryan going to get back together? are we going to see the proposal? i have SO many questions!

  23. This has been bugging me since yesterday, kind of an odd one…. when promoting the show do the actors have a show publicist with them when doing magazine/radio/tv interviews in order to not spill too much of the upcoming season or do the actors receive little phrases that they can say to reveal what’s going to happen to their characters? Or is left to the judgement of each actor on what they can reveal?

  24. is karen going to be hired to ryan’s old job? and if so will she be fired within one season as well. is the position now cursed like the defense against the dark arts position at hogwarts?

  25. Pam wears a pretty horse necklace all the time – is there a story behind the it? I’ve always wondered why she never changes her necklace…

    Has Phyllis told all or are we going to get some black mailing action?

  26. (but if i could ask only one it would be my first question about mike and greg)

  27. Are Roy and Karen coming back for any last hoorahs? Or are they luckily hit by a bus first? :) Kidding kidding…They can come back… (as long as it involves Jim or Pam shunning them and never ever unshunning them.)

  28. What exactly was written on the bathroom wall in “The Dundies”?( and who wrote it…)

  29. I am dying for ANYTHING Dwangela! Are there any good Dwangela spoilers you can give us?

  30. Other than “The Office” of course, what are some you guys’ favorite television comedies (past and present)? Are there any that you could say have been an influence?

  31. @59 Dwigt: Harsh, dude. I empathize (BELIEVE ME, I do), but I would’ve at least tried to word the question/criticism more politely.

  32. Hey, I was just wondering why most of the people in the office have a myspace and are always doing someone on their computers at their desk, but why doesn’t John have a Myspace? He really should get one!

  33. Will we get to meet Michael’s mom or any of the Office’s family members that we have not yet met? (But especially Michael’s mom.. c’mon season 5!)

  34. I don’t have a question (ok, I have many), but I’m going to shamelessly use this opportunity to beg you to interview Jenna and John TOGETHER again (like you did in 06). Pretty please and thank you!

  35. Is there going to be a damper in the Jim/Pam relationship? And, will Pam going in to Pratt Art School affect the pranks that Jim plays on Dwight. Also, what type of pranks will Jim pull?

  36. In ‘Beach Games’ in Season 3, Oscar mentions “I think I might try girls for awhile. Angela thinks I can cross over.” I really thought that was had a lot of fun plot potential, but it seemed to be abandoned in Season 4. Why was that idea abandoned and is there going to be a follow up on that?

  37. I’ve heard that “a person (we) won’t expect” will be back next season. I seems almost too obvious to be Ryan or Toby, who I already expect there to be some of in S5. Might it be Roy or Karen?

    Also–will we get some Ryan-in-jail screentime? I sure hope so. Maybe he could come back to the Scranton office after his sentence, on the same worker’s program Martin Nash was on!?

    Thanks so much Kristin, and Office cast, can’t wait for season five! (:


  38. Would you guys like to see a return of anything (the Dundies, Halloween,etc.)

  39. Will Ryan return to Scranton? Will we see anything with regards to his relationship with Kelly?

  40. Steve Carell says “The Rock” smells like fresh baked cookies. What does John Krasinski smell like?

  41. I heard a rumor that The Office will be doing some filming on the University of Southern California campus. As a current student, it would be freakin awesome if this was true.

    Can you confirm anything?

  42. Will Michael advance further with Holly, or will he stay more as a father figure for Jan’s baby (even though Jan is a witch)?

  43. Will Jim and Pam get engaged/married this season? Or will the writers give us some Jam-drama?

  44. 65, John does have a MySpace. He quit for a bit, but he’s back now (yay):

    [from tanster: i’m pretty sure that’s not john.]

  45. Will there be scenes at Pam’s art school (Pratt)? And if so, have they been filiming at USC??

  46. Will we ever see Jim and Pam talking about things from the past – like that one time on the roof when they talked about first knowing they liked each other (Launch Party). I would love to see them talk about the note Jim wrote but never gave her or (*please*please*please) the kiss! (Or the Dundies kiss or *please* both!)

    Or that first date we ever saw.

  47. I just want to know if the writers will ever tell us whether Jim actually went to Australia after Season 2.

  48. Are you going to be revisiting any stories that you had planned last season but couldn’t do because of the strike?

  49. about the ring that jim has to propose to pam with… whose is it??
    devon f.

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