Ricky Gervais plots Emmy revenge

We now interrupt today’s kidnapping vigil with this article from the L.A. Times’ The Envelope:

When Ricky Gervais wasn’t present at last year’s Emmys to accept his upset victory for best comedy actor (“Extras”), Steve Carell leapt to the stage and claimed the statuette on behalf of the man who trailblazed his role on the original “The Office” … if Carell wins best comedy actor for the U.S. version of “The Office” on Sept. 21, “I’m going to beat him to the stage just to even things up,” Ricky Gervais says. “I’m going to wrestle him to the ground and get his Emmy before he can.”

Links: Ricky Gervais secretly plots revenge on Steve Carell at the Emmys | Podcast

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  1. God, I love Ricky…I wish Extras was still running!

    Why do he and Stephen always end their shows after two seasons? It’s not fair!

  2. Oh my God, I hope there is a funny-man footrace. Winner gets a front-row seat. Loser sits behind the tallest person there.

  3. Nice! Michael Scott versus David Brent. That would be like the fight of the century!

  4. Funny idea. A whole lot funnier if he would have kept it to himself and not “secretly planned” all over the internet.

  5. That’s awesome. It would be nice to see a David Brent guest appearance in the US version, at least for a promo or something.

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