Greg Daniels: He Knows Where You Work interviews The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels:

Greg Daniels is to fun what Bono is to money: He has a lot of it and spends his days contemplating those who have none. Daniels created the American version of The Office, a sitcom about a paper company where the tin-eared boss mistakes insults for banter and tries employees’ patience with cringe-inducing entertainments. As executive producer and a writer for the NBC program, Daniels is essentially boss of a show about the Dante’s Inferno of workplaces.

Link: He Knows Where You Work


  1. Used to live in Chicago and you DO NOT want to be anywhere near Lake Michigan in the winter. Poor souls.

  2. I think the interviewer was really right-on when he described Michael Scott as mistaking insults for banter and entertainment for leadership. As an educator, though, I was pretty disheartened when Greg Daniels compared school with The Office. He’s probably right, but that was tough for me to read!

  3. I share everyone else’s sentiments with the line “office babies”–fantastic. But I suppose thats why he’s Greg Daniels and I’m Stephanie C.–just the person commenting on all the funny things he says. :)

  4. I’ve also been subjected to outdoor activities in Chicago in the winter for work. Not fun, but if you’re from here, it’s not so terrible.

    Office Babies. Love. It.

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