1. Dang it! My work blocks out all chat stuff. Keep me in on the loop of what he says y’all..puhlease!

  2. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just observed. I wonder if the title of the first episode is true.

  3. That was pretty cool – Rainn is a great guy. Got 3 of my questions answered!

  4. That was awesome! I hope they have transcripts of the chat! Thanks for the link tanster!!

  5. What were some of the questions and his responses? The stupid thing kicked me out after a minute.

  6. hey stephanie c. what did he say the name of the first episode would be? or did anyone else catch it?

  7. Does anyone know if they will be posting the transcript for those of us who had to miss it?

  8. hi lemoñadé, The Envelope website will normally have a transcript of the chat up within a few days. I think OT will have a link to it when it’s available :) Hope this helps!

  9. Thanks _bales! Since you are OT’s resident emmy person, any word on the other five episodes that The Office submitted for their Emmy nom?

  10. I got booted out pretty much instantly – I joined as Deer Jerky – I wonder if the name had something to do with it :)

  11. hi lemoñadé, Tom O’Neil from The Envelope website, who normally gets an exclusive on such info, hasn’t received the episodes list from the Academy yet. I’m as interested as any other “Office” fan to know what episodes our show submitted, so if any Tallyhead comes across this news (from The Envelope or any other sources), do please pass the info to all of us!

    [Thanks also for the kind words, but I’m no Emmy person, and was just passing along info I read from the website to OfficeTally]

  12. hi everyone! The transcript of Rainn’s chat with Tom O’Neil and the Gold Derby forums has just been posted.


  13. Rainn is basically the funniest person alive… I was dying during some of that… he’s the best!

  14. Awesome chat. It only descended into interweb creepiness once or twice… I wish I had gotten on the ball and participated!

  15. omg rainn is so funny i love him!..i wish i was in that chat but thank so much for the transcript!! :D

  16. my favorite part has to be rainn’s apparent mancrush on jkras. makes my heart happy. :)

  17. Ohhhhh he was talking about the Convention in Scranton…wonder if that means he’ll be there?! I can dream :)

  18. hmmm question… it said that Rainn submitted ‘The Coup’ as his episode to the Emmy voters, and someone in the chat said that JK should’ve submitted a better episode for himself… do we know what episode he submitted?

  19. the john and rainn dynamic (both in real life AND in character!) is so cute…i love this cast to pieces!

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