Hair today, gone tomorrow

While watching last night’s episode of The Office ‘The Banker,’ I turned to my boyfriend and said, “what is up with Michael’s hair?”

Several of you commented about this as well.

Here’s what Kim, The Office’s lead hair stylist, says:

Actually, we started shooting that episode when we came back after our winter break (Nov-Dec) and Steve had his hair cut very short for the film he had just starred in so … I was merely trying to style him the same, but was unable to get an exact match … due to the difference in length. It was close though.

Basically, this is how Mr. Scott will look until his hair grows out. :-)

You will see gradually, over the next few episodes, his hair will grow out and look more like the ol’ Michael Scott that we all know and love.

We did shoot “The Banker” out of order, so fans may notice that in the next episode that airs his hair looks normal again, then it will be shorter for one more episode. Just an FYI for those who are really paying attention to detail!

Top marks to fans who noticed! Well done.

Thank you, Kim! :)


  1. I just thought he had helmet hair! I kept thinking what great continuity they had but I guess I’m just a dummy. :)

  2. JAMlover- If only The Office staff had figured that out, they probably could have pulled it off, haha.

  3. Our cable to our tv has been giving us trouble, so it was fuzzy, so I didn’t notice.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  4. A Rainny day at the Office?
    Hair today, gone tomorrow?

    tanster you’re on a roll

    [from tanster: a dorky, corny roll. ;) ]

  5. I must be a short, flat hair lover–because I thought he looked really cute with his hair like that last night!

  6. I pretty much assumed it had to do with Steve filming “Dinner For Schmucks” around the time the ep was shot. I was wondering how noticable it’d be on the show. Now I know. LOL!

  7. The roll sounds delicious

    [from tanster: i’m sitting here waiting for conan to start, moderating officetally comments in my freezing cold bedroom, and cracking up at your comment. not a bad friday night.]

  8. Has anyone noticed how in the first seasons Michael Scott’s hair was very thin and then in the older seasons it’s more full? did he get hair implants??

  9. Sneezy23,

    There’s been a rumor out for years now that Steve got hair implants before the start of season 2. However, I don’t think that’s the case because all one has to do is see clips of him from his days on The Daily Show to see that he had a head full of hair even then. And that was years before The Office aired its first episode.

    I’ve always thought that in season 1, the idea was to make him look more like Ricky Gervais’ David Brent moreso than himself. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Steve ever got hair implants. The stylists have just styled his hair differently from season 2 onward.

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