1. Happy Birthday, J. Kras!

    Yikes. 28 is almost 30. But you’re still younger than Clooney. So no worries.

    But really, I hope you have a glorious day. Enjoy!


    P.S. I have a massive (was a secret until now) crush on you!!! Phew… now I FINALLY got that out of my system!

    I hope your special day is perfect because, well, you deserve it!!

  3. Love him…Happy Birthday John and best wishes for many more successful years on TV and movies

  4. Happy Birthday, John. Thanks for making me laugh and smile so often. I’d love to hang out and have a beer. We could meet at Chili’s? Or Hooters, perhaps? Seriously, hope you have a great day.

  5. Happy birthday John! Only 6 years older than me… that’s alright. :).
    I hope its an awesome day!

  6. Happy birthday… you are 3 days younger than my husband. Happy Sweetest Day, also… from a Michigander!

  7. You’re such an outstanding talent, John, and I imagine much more of the world is going to be realizing that in this upcoming year! At least you’re still in your 20’s and should still have the energy to handle any potential added fame. Once you hit 30, it strangely starts to change . . . ;)

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, sexy hot!
    We all wish you the most wonderful day.
    Spend lots of time with your co-workers and make sure that they get you good gifts. :)

  9. Big Happy Birthday to ya, John! :) It’s so great to have Jim & Pam finally together. I really hope it does last.

  10. Happy birthday, John! You’re just getting funnier, hotter, smarter, nicer, hotter, and hotter by the year!

  11. “Well, I don’t watch the show, so I don’t care.” hahaha

    Congratulations on being born in the greatest of all the months!

  12. *Hears a candle and a cupcake* Happy Celebration of the day you were born, J. Kras! :)

  13. Happy birthday, John! I hope that’s it’s a good one! Keep safe and stay grounded!

  14. Happy Birthday John.

    Thanks for bringing such smiles to our family with your films and anecdotes, intelligence and humor. It’s been fun to follow your work. We can’t wait to see your work in Leatherheads and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. You’re a triple threat with the intelligence, playfulness, and genuineness, and we wish you joy and happiness today (and everyday!)

  15. Happy birthday John. Hope it’s a most excellent one… Wow, he’s only 16 days younger than I am. Kinda freaky. :)

  16. yep, i just spent 5 seconds calculating our age difference. it could work ;)

    happy birthday to the man who makes all other men less appealing.

  17. John, I hope your birthday is the happiest of all the birthdays. You’re an amazing actor–thanks for becoming a part of my Thursday nights.

  18. John – Thanks for all of the amazing work that you do. I hope you continue to have fun and make all of us smile : ) Have a great birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday, John! I’m so glad that Jim is finally back! You and the writers made the journey so real!

  20. Happy, happy, happy birthday John x100000! I love you so much, and keep up all the fantastic work on The Office. You will always be my favorite actor!

  21. A very Happy Birthday John Krasinski!! You are one of my very favorite actors and I want to thank you for making my week every Thursday. It’s a joy to see you as Jim and I’m glad you’re so awesome.

  22. Wow, he’s only 165 days older than I am!

    Sorry, everyone else was sharing…couldn’t resist. :)

    Happy birthday John!

  23. My whole Office-fanatic family is going to church tonight so we can have an Office marathon in honor of your birthday and not have to wake up early tomorrow morning! Happy B-Day, go Jam!

  24. Happy birthday John! I’ll be at Union Street in Newton tonight watching the Sox game – it would be honor to buy you a drink!

  25. I Hope you have an amazing birthday!!!
    thanks for all the work you do to make us fans happy!!

  26. Happy, Happy Birthday John!!! I would love, love, to tell you in person, but since I can’t, this is the only way!! I love, love, The Office and everyone on it. I always look forward to Thursday nights, and I am very happy that FINALLY Pam and Jim are together. May you have a great new year!

  27. Happy Birthday John!!! You’re a talented actor. You were totally robbed for the Emmy! Thanks for making us laugh these past 3 years!

  28. I know I’ll have to turn in my hussy card for not doing this sooner, but Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, John Krasinski! :) You’re absolutly fabulous, hot stuff!

  29. OK, slightly belated, but Happy Birthday. The big 2-8, scary stuff! I decided to stop my b-days 5 years ago when I turned 22! So now all calendars everywhere just skip right over April 27th!

  30. Happy Birthday John……..you are one of the best actors on TV right now……..LOVE Jim Halpert! What a sweetheart! We need more of you in the world!

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