Happy Birthday, Kim!

The Office

Here at OfficeTally, we always celebrate our favorite Office workers’ birthdays, but how about the folks who keep them looking so good? We’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Kim, The Office’s much loved hair stylist extraordinaire!

You can see Kim working on Angela here and here. (Wait a minute, is that Angela?)

Tipster: Secret Office Coworker (and you thought he forgot)


  1. Awwwwww. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! It has been a great birthday….with the best cast and crew I know. Thanks Jennie…what a sweet surprise!

  2. obviously mint chocolate chip cake

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes.

  3. To the lady responsible for the beloved ‘FFFM’:

    Thank you, and happy birthday:)

  4. Happy Birthday! Your picture is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the real thing.

  5. Man, you leave the computer for five minutes…Happy Birthday Kim!

    I envy you your amazing skills.

    I concur, go treat yourself to something great!

  6. Happy birthday, Kim! Hope your day was filled with smiles and beautiful hair!

  7. Happy Birthday, Kim!!! I loved the XTerra story, too! You’re one lucky gal!

    According to “The Portable Book of Birthdays” you “are never one to let opportunities pass you by. You have the determination and attention to details that will help you succeed.” I think that sounds like a hair stylist, especially one that can make a stand-in look like the real Angela Kinsey!! ;-)

  8. Happy birthday Kim!! Have a great day :)

    Angela’s star bun=most amazing thing ever on television

  9. Happy birthday, Kim! Anyone who gets to run their fingers through John Krasinski’s hair is one lucky gal… ;)

    Ahem, now um, back to you…have a great day!

  10. happy birthday!!!!! and thank you for sending john krasinski’s floppy-haired charm into the stratosphere. :)

  11. Angela’s star bun is amazing! Happy birthday.(=

    And by the way… Does anyone know how to do the above mentioned star bun? Help is great.

  12. Have a great birthday! Oh–the amazing star bun! The uptight French braids! The floppy wingy hair of love! Thanks for helping to bring all our favorite characters to life with your awesome coiffure skills!

  13. Happy Birthday Kim! I loved John’s hair towards the end of last season. ;) Keep on keeping The Office gorgeous!

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