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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending August 16.


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  1. Brent Forrester? Tonight?! Are there still tickets left? I’m going to try to make it!

  2. it’s kind of hard to hear what’s going on, but the ed helms videos look like the event was a blast!

  3. if we get enough people to go to the Fur Ball (lol), we can get a table! who’s with me??

  4. i know angela is tiny, but a size 2/4? i would be lucky if I could fit my head in her dress. :p

  5. That Mindy Kaling article made me laugh.

    Jamfan I would totally be with you, if I didn’t live on the East coast. It sucks.

  6. Okay, probably the cutest sentence of all time:

    “Jenna Fischer will host Kitten Rescue’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser…”

  7. I laughed out loud in Creed Thoughts, especially when it came to ‘ploppers’. And sorry about that tanster.I ‘plopped’.

  8. I hope everybody going to the Brent thing tonight has fun! And kittens + Jenna = ADORABLE! Awesome weekend tally!

  9. Mindy’s article almost made me spit out my water. Hilarious! And it was great to relive the magic that was The Daily Show/Colbert Report Improv Jam through those videos. :)

    Oh – and Carell and Fey headlining a movie together?! I can’t freaking wait!

    Great Tally, Tanster! Thanks!

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