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Updated Steve Carell interviews from this week:

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  1. Maybe Steve is being more mature in interviews about this movie since it isn’t a typical ’40-year-Old Vigin/Anchorman’ role for him, but I’m sort of getting the feeling that he isn’t very proud of Dan In Real Life.
    Or maybe I’m just crazy.
    I’ll still be seeing it regardless.

  2. I love that the NPR interview was long enough to actually talk about movies and Steve’s background. There were no annoying interruptions and we were able to really gain some insight into why people say Steve Carell is the nicest guy in Hollywood.

    And, as always, thanks for posting it, Tanster :)

  3. Both really great interviews! Steve is awesome and I love that his favorite part of his movie premieres are eating cheeseburgers with his wife lol, too cute.

  4. Steve was on MTV’s TRL today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t to record it, but here are some pictures of his visit (TRL isn’t live a couple of days a week): link

  5. Thanks for posting these, the second half of the regis interview was cut off for me because of breaking news about the fires in California.

  6. I thought the Fresh Air interview was great. He came across as a really humble, normal (I mean that as a compliment!) guy.

    I thought it was funny how Terry Gross kept wanting to come back to the chest-waxing!

    [From tanster: I loved this interview, too!]

  7. I really enjoyed the NPR interview. Steve is such a class act!

    “Dan in Real Life” looks like the kind of movie I’d like to see – even if I didn’t watch The Office. I hope it does well!

  8. I just adore Steve. He seems like such a cool guy. I really enjoyed the NPR interview, but they talked a little too much about 40 Year-Old Virgin. That movie came out 2 years ago, let’s talk about now!

  9. The NPR interview was great, because there were actually questions in there that aren’t asked in all the other interviews. Some things (like Regis & Kelly and most of the last night talk shows) ask the same thing, and I could practically answer the questions for Steve.

    Thanks Tanster, for posting this NPR interview. I love hearing something different from Steve!

  10. That NPR interview was great. Steve Carell is absolutely amazing. I’m so in love. I went to an advanced screening of “Dan In Real Life” last Saturday and thought it was excellent. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it was perfect in my opinion. I’m even going to see it again on Friday. Yes…definitely in love.

  11. It was great to hear Steve talk about more than the usual stuff. But Terry, here’s the real question: Steve, are you writing anything now?

  12. Wow, I was very impressed with the NPR interview. You could tell that the interviewer actually watched and enjoyed Steve’s work, which is always good.
    Plus, this was different than any Steve interview I’ve seen. Usually Steve slips into sarcasm whenever the interview’s getting too serious (which, don’t get me wrong, is HILARIOUS.) But I don’t think he dodged a single question once this entire interview, which was a nice and surprising change of pace.

  13. Thanks for the ellen interview! I love it when he goes on her show. They play off each other very well.

  14. Steve’s NPR interview hit close to home. As a server I have nightmares all the time about being “in the weeds”. What a classy man.

  15. I’m glad you all liked the NPR interview so much! I heard it mentioned on the radio that morning and knew this was something Tallyheads might enjoy. Now we get to hear about the convention! Thanks for your work Tanster!

  16. i was just flipping through stations and came across a Steve interview on pbs. he’s talking about 40 yr old virgin, evan almighty, and little miss sunshine so far. i cant tell if this is new or old, but i think the show is Charlie Rose. at least according to the pbs website.

  17. Yeah, I heard from a friend that Steve was going to be on Charlie Rose, but I didn’t investigate since I don’t have cable…

  18. Holy crap, Steve is everywhere! Thanks Tanster, I missed all of these, I just love this site.

  19. Loved the Charlie Rose interview! What a great way to spend my lunch hour at the office. Way to go “Oscar Presenter Steve Carell!”

  20. I like the Charlie Rose interview but I was surprised Steve didn’t name Michael Scott when asked if he had a perfect-match character in his career, since it so obviously is.

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