Heading down to The Office

March 22, 2010

I’m back at home now. I spent three amazing days on set and on location as they crossboarded the filming of the last two episodes of The Office.

They needed to shoot two episodes simultaneously because Friday was Steve Carell’s last day of shooting for the season. This means that for the three days I was there, Steve appeared in EVERY scene that was shot. That totaled to over 30 scenes and more than 30 hours on set!

I was truly inspired by Steve’s stamina and grace and good humor through it all.

I might post a few more non-spoilerish photos of the day, but aside from that, I won’t be posting any more information until we get closer to the Season 6 finale on May 20th.

A GINORMOUS thank you once again to everyone at The Office for letting me come and hang out. Every night I would go back to my hotel utterly exhausted, barely able to stand or speak. I honestly don’t know how y’all do it!

xoxo to all. :) Jennie

P.S. Here is the OfficeTally archive of past set visits.

March 22, 2010

I am super excited to be visiting The Office this week!

I’ll be on the set with The Office cast, writers, and crew while they film scenes from the final two episodes of the season. I am told there may be some on location shooting.

If you have ideas for what I should do or questions I should ask while I’m down there, please post a comment. Thanks! :)


  1. If you could ask them about what the next few years holds? What’s in the foreseeable future for the show?

  2. Things you should do? CAMEO! Also, if you can get a picture with Jam and Cecelia, that would be pretty cool. Dunno if baby is around set though.

  3. I wish I’d known you were visiting this week! I had to choose between this week and next week, and I chose next. I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!

    [from tanster: very cool! you’ll have a blast!]

  4. are any other of the Dunder Mifflin sites. aka Utica.. around ala Dunder Mifflin Saber Utica?

  5. Does Todd Packer still work for Dunder Mifflin? Could you ask Mindy about the show she was supposed to be developing? Is there still talk of a spin-off for the show?

  6. First of all, get a suitcase that’s big enough to fit all of us tallyheads.
    Second, ask them what’s in store for the rest of the season because I feel like now that the baby episode is over there haven’t been a lot of spoilers
    Thanks so much and by the way you are the luckiest person in the world!!!

    [from tanster: thank you! i am totally excited!]

  7. Since you mentioned they are filming for the last two episodes do we know if this is an hour long? Perhaps a two parter? Have a great time and let us know anything you can.

  8. We’ve seen that Andy and Erin have a slight parallel to Jim and Pam (albeit their storyline has moved a little faster)…will we be seeing a wedding and NardPup anytime soon?

  9. How do you get to visit the set? It’s really awesome and everything, I’m just wondering … HOW? I would love to do that sometime. Also, suggestion for when you are there, get some pictures with Ed Helms.

  10. Ask Brain if the advice he got from Hank Haney has been helping his golf game. It didn’t seem to work on the show.

  11. If you could ask Jenna what projects (outside of The Office) she’s working on, that would be great!

    And, Tanster, if you could, please take a peek into the writer’s room… What crazy antics are those guy’s up to??? This season has been awesome with the writing. They must be up to something…

  12. Ask John Krasinski how in the world he was able to go from Katy (Amy Adams) to Karen (Rashida Jones) to Pam (Jenna Fischer)? And then have Emily Blunt in real life? In short, how did he become the luckiest man alive?

  13. You do know you have the best job in the world, right?
    Enjoy! :)

    [from tanster: thank you. yes i do. :) ]

  14. Could you pretty please ask about this season’s commentaries on the future DVD? I liked hearing from craft services and the like but we had some very big events happen this season and I gotta have my insider dirt!!! Also, please let EVERYONE know that this season has been phenomenal and that we really appreciate all their work!! Thank you and I hope you have a ton of fun! I’m looking forward to your next cameo!!!

  15. Get some more video of the cast just hanging around during breaks. It was so much fun to watch your video from Company Picnic shooting. If you can get Ed and Creed to sing another song, all the better!

    Oh, and, so jealous of you!

    [from tanster: yes, i’ve already made a request for another song. :) ]

  16. Hopefully Zach Woods is still around, a Tanster-Gabe picture would be awesome!

    [from tanster: i will definitely take photos with everyone i haven’t met yet! :) ]

  17. You lucky lady!

    I want to see a picture of Jim’s and Pam’s desk with the new baby pictures of them!

    Thanks soo much.. and send them our tallyhead-love!

    [from tanster: definitely on my list. thanks!]

  18. I second trying to find out about the DVD commentaries. It would be great if John and Jenna could comment on the wedding and or the birth, and maybe even Steve has time to do some this year. Maybe there could be a segment done on first-time directors (John, Rainn, Mindy, B.J.)?

    [from tanster: excellent idea. will definitely ask.]

  19. Yay! Maybe you could ask the writers if they have considered setting an end date for the show in advance, like Lost.

    Have fun! Can’t wait to hear the report and see the pics!

  20. Tell them they are doing a GREAT JOB and that The Office is Amazing! You could also ask Rainn if i could pick up the shirt i bid on, in person?? (That would be so cool!!!!!) How long you here in LA? Would be so cool to meet you too Tanster! Have fun!

  21. You’re one lucky woman! :D
    I don’t know if you can shoot video but could you maybe have them say hello to the tallyheads in a video?
    That would make my day.

  22. Will they show any more of Jim and Pam’s baby since The Delivery and St, Patrick’s day?

  23. Yay Tanster! You always come back with great stuff so just take lots of pictures/videos/ask questions like you always do so you can feed our obsessions haha. But in particular like other people said I’d love to know about the commentaries (especially if we’ll get a John/Jenna one for Niagara or The Delivery..) and maybe ask if they have any other extra things going in the DVD. Have a blast!

  24. How cool! Enjoy your time! Maybe another cameo?

    I know the show has been renewed for a 7th season. Is there any thought to how many more seasons the show will go on for or is it open ended now? I assume the cast is signed on through next year but not beyond?

  25. Check out Ryan’s office in the closet :) Also, are we going to see lots of extra footage/deleted scenes on the DVD of the wedding and birth episodes?

  26. Ask Mindy how things are going with the new project NBC put her in charge of.

  27. Take a picture of Creed wearing the old lady glasses he took from the lost and found.

  28. Ahh, I’m SO jealous! I know you’ll have a blast! Could you ask the cast if they have any upcoming projects going on outside of the show?

  29. I second Kush’s question. I miss Ryan as a main character, I wish they would bring him back beyond the webisodes.

    Speaking of which, if you can get any more information on the next set of webisodes, that would be great. I’ve been enjoying them very much lately.

    Have fun, I can’t wait for your report, I always look forward to those!

  30. Like a few others have mentioned, I’m really curious about whether there’s an end in sight for the show.
    Also, a 3-4 hour blooper reel would be nice :)

    Have a blast, tanster!

  31. I asked you last year and you came through for us, so how about another picture of John and Jenna together??

  32. take a picture with one of the babies (or several of the babies) that play cecelia!

  33. Just wanted to emphasize the commentary request. More BJ and Jenna please :D and John and Paul and Angela and Rainn and Ed and Oscar and Brian etc

  34. If you think of it, ask Jenna why she hasn’t updated her Myspace in so long. We miss her blogs!

  35. Ask if they can make the blooper reel longer than 15-20 minutes. Are any of them on Facebook (or Bookface)?

  36. I agree with the blooper reel comments. The blooper reel is by far my favorite special feature that they have. I would love for it to be as long as the season 4 one or longer. 20 minutes + :)

  37. You should try to find out the fate of the other Dunder Mifflin branches. Did they close when Sabre took over? Or are Utica and Nashua still out there plugging along?

  38. Wow tanster, I am so jealous!!! Please write something funny about Michael on the ladies’ bathroom wall for me. Snap lots of pics and have a blast!!

  39. Talking of blooper reels, how about on the next dvd release, could they put a selection from season one.
    Also any idea when season 6 will be out on DVD, being an overseas fan (UK)i have not seen any of this seasons episodes – and i can’t to see them – thanks and enjoy yourself

  40. To add to the totally random category of questions, how about –
    what was your favorite book growing up?

    I’m a teacher who works with struggling readers; it’d be nice to remind my kiddos that famous people read too! :)

    Have fun!!!!

  41. Tanster,

    Maybe ask Steve Carell if he is looking to stay on the show after the 7th season? (Isn’t his contract up after 7 years while the rest of the cast have 8 year contracts??).

  42. Are we going to learn more about Erin’s weird past (and present)?

    Have fun, Tanster! I am jealous! :)

  43. One more thing – since you did such a great job with your cameo last season, see if you can get some lines this year! ;)

    [from tanster: lol, thanks kenna. i think i’m staying behind the camera this year. :) ]

  44. If you have a chance, ask the hair and make-up ladies for some behind-the-scenes scoop. Which character takes the longest to create from a hair and make-up standpoint each day of shooting? Are the actors required to keep their hair a certain way / length for the show? Do they (the hair and make-up dept) have input into when a character changes/updates their hairstyle? Please pass along that I love John/Jim’s hair this season! Have fun!

  45. and i totally agree with the blooper reel/commentary requests….. and tell jenna to get back to her blogs!

  46. Another one – see if I’m making any sense here – ask what ideas/story ideas didn’t come to fruition this season…I mean, obviously not something that they’d write into another episode or a future season, but something like a wedding or birth or Sabre acquisition idea that they had come up with that didn’t really take or they didn’t have a chance to fit in.

    And please tell them THANK YOU!!! :)

  47. Have fun! I am VERY VERY JEALOUS! :) When you come back, I’m sure we’d all love to see LOTS and lots of pictures!


  48. No question, just wanted to say that I love that even after all the time you’ve spent with the cast and crew over the years you still get nervous. Thanks for all you do for us!

  49. Ask Jenna if she’s willing to consider my marriage proposal. :)

    Seriously, ask if they can put a short featurette on the DVD about how they built Quad-desk. That was brilliant. Or a tongue-in-cheek video on how to make one at home.

  50. Ask Ed Helms how it feels to be in the main credits now and monitor his behavior to see if he’s turned into an egomaniac!

  51. oh tanster, you tease… now i’m going to go crazy until you get the rest of the pictures up. :o(

    [from tanster: just a warning, i didn’t get to take as many photos this time around … ]

  52. tanster, do you know if we get to see the baby at all the rest of this season?

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