Dwight Bobblehead Pin giveaway

I’ll be giving away a Dwight Bobblehead Pin (courtesy NBC) sometime today.

I will open this post to comments at some undisclosed time — simply be the first person to add a comment and you win!

Remember to include a valid email address.

Update: Holy cow! Provided his email address is valid, Dan is the winner! Dan, I’ll be emailing you shortly … and by the way, Dan commented within 30 seconds of the post being opened to comments. Dang!


  1. awww Come on OfficeTally! How about the first THREE comments win it? I have been refreshing this page since noon! I got no work done today!! :(

  2. omg! i first read this at about 3:30pm and I haven’t been on the site since then. I just got back on it 10 minutes ago and realized that I had forgotten about the contest and was surprised the comments were still off. so for like 3 minutes i pressed refresh every other second. then i went to the bathroom, and i came back to find this. just my luck! anyway, congrats whoever won!

  3. Congratualtions to the winner and a bigger congrats to those including me who realized that we have way too much free time on our hands.

  4. just my luck… i just got up to do something for like 2 minutes and i came back to this. great.

  5. i second sher’s request: first THREE comments.
    please!! my refresh button has been abused since noon.
    give it a reason to be so.

  6. but Dan didn’t provide an email address at all.. so couldn’t anyone just sign in now and say they’re “Dan” and bam, they’re the winner?

  7. Five hours…I was hitting refresh for five hours. I go take a shower, and I’m off by two minutes. That sucks.

  8. wow, i am just honored to make the top 50! was waiting for it all day, but not ’til i got home from work…that’s how it always goes!

  9. i was refreshing for more than seven hours.

    wow, officetally has taken over my life.
    oh well.

  10. wow I just left the page for about 5 minutes, and when I came back it had 47 comments, dag :-/

  11. I think it would have been easier to be number 10.. or even 5… but number 2?! That’s TORTURE!!!

  12. the “30 seconds” part just reassures my belief that the office consumes my life wayyyyy to much..

  13. Well i’ve been putting off showering all day to win this $8 item (It would totally be $11ish with S&H!) so I think I will go do that now :)

    Congrats Dan!

  14. first post to spell out the abbreviation for TNT wins.

    1… 2… 3…


    YAY I WIN!

  15. There is a lot of truth to ‘destroying the productivity of office fans everywhere’.

    Well, I’ve put in my 7 hours of refreshing… I can go home now… I hope no one was tracking what I was doing hour to hour…

  16. After hitting refresh for way longer then I’d care to admit. I realized I need professional help…Maybe John Krasinski could be my professional…Ok…I really really need to turn off this computer..Ok thats just crazy talk…

  17. You people who were refreshing for hours just to get a cheap little pin need to get a life!

  18. that was a great day of silence and tension as everyone secretly refreshed again and again…

    and again…

    congrats dan

    browncoat jedi, this is a dwight schrute bobblehead pin. what more is there to life?

  19. i think people who tell other people they need to get a life, need to get a life. i’m talking about this “browncoat jedi” dude. This is officetally and the office IS our life.

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