Idris Elba interview with NPR

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Terry Gross from NPR’s Fresh Air speaks to Idris Elba about his roles on ‘The Office’ and ‘The Wire,’ as well as his film and music projects. At one point, Idris describes an improvised scene from ‘The Office’ which I hope makes it to air in its entirety!

Link: Idris Elba: From Street Boss To ‘Office’ Politics

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  1. His accent is HOT. Now I know what Mindy Kaling meant. I wish they let him keep it for the show.

  2. He sounds like a great addition to the cast; I love that the show brings in actors whose previous work is so fantastic. It really keeps the show on higher ground than anyone else’s.

  3. It makes me smile that the writers of the show are such HUGE fans of The Wire–and they got to work with one of their fan favorites!! Adorable!! The people associated with The Wire and The Office are such amazingly creative people it seems like a super fit.

    A few weeks ago I got a chance to meet a couple of people associated with The Wire at a conference at The University of Michigan. They were so gracious and funny!! I can only imagine what kind of working environment that kind of collegiality fosters. Wow!

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