Jenna Fischer hosts the Fur Ball 2010

Lisa’s report

Hi Tanster,

Well, I finally located my camera with the all-important photos… so here goes.

I was lucky enough to have won one of the auctions for tickets to the Fur Ball at the Skirball on September 11, 2010. This event was held to benefit Kitten Rescue, an organization near and dear to my heart because my 4 month old kittens are KR babies.

I arrived as Jenna, Ellie, and Angela were taking pictures on the red carpet. They all looked great! I thought I spied Zach Woods as well, but wasn’t sure.

There were appetizers and cocktails on the back patio. Jenna and Kitten Rescue were presented with a commendation for their work finding homes for thousands of kittens over the years.

I headed up to the mezzanine to check out and bid on several items, including a script for Niagara and an Angela bobblehead. Since I was by myself, I had a nice time checking out all the auctions.

Jenna and Angela made their way up eventually and I screwed up my courage and identified myself as a Tallyhead who was going to be sitting at her table. They were both very sweet. I had my photos of my kittens, and like any daft new mother, forced everyone to look at Charlie and Marley (thanks for your patience!)

I found the host table, front and center, and watched some great Irish dancing on the stage while people trickled into the ballroom. The goodie bags were bulging with schwag… I ended up next to Lee Kirk, Jenna’s husband.

At this point, I think I was on my third glass of wine, so the order of things might be off. I had great conversations with Zach and Ellie, mostly about how crazy I was about them joining the cast. They were very accessible and sincere.

I called Kate Meredith at least twice, something she’s used to, I’m sure, and complimented her work with Lampshades. Dinner was delicious! (So was the wine.)

During dinner sometime, they started the live auctions- Jenna put an answering machine message up for bid. Two of the stars of Battlestar Galactica did the same.

Then at last, the big prize! An Office set visit. I’ve been wanting to visit the set of The Office forever. Every auction I’ve watched go for impressive figures, totally out of my reach. Anyhow, the three glasses of wine totally went to my head and I bid on the set visit and won. I’m going to the set of The Office! I need a companion to join me. Anyone want to split the donation to Kitten Rescue with me and meet the cast?

After the festivities, I talked to Oscar for a bit- very sharp guy. It was late- most people had already left. I asked Jenna if I could take the left over goodie bags to maybe offer on OT for a donation to KR. She said of course.

Thanks, Tanster, for hosting the auction and providing me the opportunity of a lifetime!



  1. Such a great cause for Jenna to be involved in! Wish I could go but I have school and classes.

  2. Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile cause. Kisses from Princess Moxie Gadget (our rescue).

  3. Awsome! I love the office! I have school, but i would so skip it to go meet Jenna and the office cast members!

    Like Michael says “Ain’t no Party like a Scranton Party cause a Scranton Party don’t stop!” I would love to party with the office cast!

  4. Sadly, I was outbid…

    I have Kitten Rescue four month old babies- they’re darling! You can tell how loved they were by their foster mom, Linda DeAngelo.

  5. “For those of you who were outbid, would you be interested in another auction if I can swing it?”

    Yes please. I almost put in one last bid today, but couldn’t go the final step.

  6. Jenny, I’d do a single if it were at the host table… at least I’d have two other tallyheads to talk to!

  7. A single ticket would cut down on travel expenses for those of us coming from far away.

  8. Okay, working a single-ticket auction to sit at Jenna’s host table.

    Waiting for approval from KR.

    If posted, this will be a super-quick 2-day auction that will end most likely Friday evening, so please check back frequently!

  9. Darn. Friday evening is too late for me to make travel plans. I guess I’ll have to hope for next year.

  10. Even if you can’t sit at Jenna’s table it’s still a fun event! I’ve gone for the past two years and it’s awesome. You don’t have to sit at Jenna’s table to meet her she mingles~!

    Also… if you buy a ticket and then win a Jenna Auction, Kitten Rescue will refund you the price of your ticket.

    I’m excited to meet everyone else this year… and attempt to get my hands on that set visit!

  11. Awesome! That must be one big table.

    [from tanster: and it’s going to be filled with Tallyheads. that makes me happy. :) ]

  12. Even though I’m allergic to cats, I have a passion for helping all animals! :) Also, Pam is awesome and this charity is too! Hmmm, I may have to bid ;) I’m only 3-4 hours from LA! Exciting!

  13. Also, is this done once a year? Would be good to know so I can try again next year just in case! :)

  14. Good for you Jenna!!! Hope you have fun and raise a lot of money for our furry friends!!! :D

  15. Yay! I won the last auction. It’s my anniversary present… of course, my husband doesn’t know it yet.

    Thank you Tanster, Jenna, and especially Kitten Rescue…

  16. Awesome report, Kristina!

    Also, is Ellie wearing the same dress that Erin wore to Jim & Pam’s wedding?

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