1. What a great combo! I saw Bonnie Hunt fill in for Letterman once and she was just fantastic, so it’s wonderful she got her own show and no surprise it’s been a success. Jenna just couldn’t be more engaging or lovely. What a dear she is!

  2. I remember reading somewhere that Jenna wore her own necklace for Pam’s wedding so maybe it is!

  3. Yeah, I believe it is Jenna’s own necklace. It’s definitely the one from the Wedding episode :)

  4. Aw, Jenna is so much fun! I wish I knew she was on the Bonnie Hunt Show today– I would have watched the whole thing! I hope it pops up on YouTube!

  5. So I tivoed and watched tonight and I just had to comment on the fact that Jenna looks incredible. Her arms are so toned and she just looks amazing! Ms. Beasley if you’re nasty :)

  6. I was hoping Jenna would slide down the fire pole. I suppose the SHORT dress precluded that.

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