Jenna Fischer on ‘The Tonight Show’

Here is Jenna Fischer’s visit to ‘The Tonight Show’ last night.

Part 1: Jenna talks about pregnancy pet peeves and public restrooms.
[Video no longer available]

Part 2: Jenna describes her character as a hot mess in her new movie ‘A Little Help.’ [Video no longer available]


  1. she’s having a BOY!! exciting!

    i wonder if angela is already planning the wedding between isabel and baby fischer-kirk ;o)

  2. I thought the same thing, FlonkertonChamp! Their babies need to fall in love! Haha!

  3. Well what about if John and Emily have a girl? Then what do we do? Maybe they can match up with Jenna’s second :)

  4. Jenna is beautiful and gave a great interview as always, but I wish Leno would have referred to her as a “woman” rather than a “girl”. She’s 8 months pregnant – hardly a little girl!

  5. AMEN to Jenna for the PSA about ladies doing this “hover” thing!!! SO GROSS and I will never get it! She is so cute and funny and this movie looks great :)

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