Jenna talks about the Season 2 finale

There is a little blurb in next week’s TV Guide (page 26) from Jenna Fischer, in response to the question “Were Pam and Jim really ready for that big kiss in the Office finale?”

We discovered the plot when we first read the script aloud at the table reading. When we got to the part when Jim told Pam he was in love with her, I screamed out “What?!” I vacillated between being the actress reading Pam’s words and the viewer reacting to it. John Krasinski [who plays Jim] and I had been arguing vehemently with the writers about whether they should kiss in the final episode. We had been fighting against it, in theory. We thought it was too early. But when we read Steve Carell’s script, it was so perfect. We immediately got on board. I heard they were going to have us kiss, but the confessional completely took me by surprise. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Pam may come back next season married to Roy. But if Pam was going to do nothing, I don’t know if she would call her mother and say she kissed another guy.


  1. Interesting…in interviews before the finale all I heard was Jenna saying she was hoping for some JAM action in the scripts; so I’m a little surprised they were actually vehemently against the kiss. Nice that the beautiful script changed their minds. I still can’t get over how awesomely well that finale was written.

  2. I agree. Good call on the part of the writers. The time was absolutely right…which means there’s NO turning back now. YOU HEAR ME WRITERS? No “it was all a dream” or “it was all a mistake” or “I’m going to pretend to go through with the wedding” plotlines to mess everything up next season. You made your bed (take that in whatever way you must), now lie in it (ditto).

  3. If I remember correctly didn’t Ross and Rachel have their first real kiss in Season 2 of Friends? More and more I’m starting to believe The Office has the potential to be as big as Friends.

  4. Jenna has been quoted saying that, while she loves Jam, she wanted them to take it slow so it’d be realistic. So it makes sense that both she and John were against the kiss from the get-go – it really does sound rather cliche on paper. It’s when you watch the finale and the perfect lines/execution leading up to it that shows just how right it is.

  5. (Off-topic) Proudgirl – you’re my hero. I’ve viewed your “Once” video so often that “Love Will Come Through” plays constantly in my head…all day…

  6. would be a really great site if all if its information didn’t appear a day or two after it was posted on theoffice_us LJ community. It’s pretty tacky how you can’t come up with anything and you pretend you’re not picking up all your news from there.

  7. Sorry you feel that way, J!

    I always try my best to credit the source of everything I post. In the case of this particular item, I saw it in my own copy of TV Guide, when I posted about TVG’s dream ballot on Tuesday.

    The LiveJournal Office community is a fantastic place to find all sorts of Office goodies, and has become a good friend to OfficeTally.

    If there are other posts you question here at OfficeTally, I welcome your feedback!

    :) Jennie

  8. J: As a moderator (and main organizer of info at theoffice_lj), I thought I’d let you know that OfficeTally is a great partner of ours (hence the link on the main page). Most of the information at theoffice_us is from various media outlets, so I suppose the same argument could be made against theoffice_us as well. The main reason we spend as much time as we do working on these sites is because we love the show and want others to enjoy it as well. So let’s try and use some constructive compliments from now on, okay?

  9. I would just like to state that I am not the J who posted below. I have a website link. He does not. Also, I sign my posts (Im not sure why). But, if anyone thought that was me, It really wansnt.


  10. OT: Kelsey and tanster – much thanks for the continued support for my videos.

    I want to thank tanster for making this site so wonderful – nothing “tacky” about collaborating with other “Office” communities.

    That’s all for now.

  11. That’s a good point Jenna makes about calling her Mom. It was interesting to see the repeat last night and hear Pam’s mom say, “Now which one’s Jim?” So you kinda see from that that the Mom is already aware of the whole situation and maybe a little bit happy about it.

    Oh, and just my two cents, I think Jennie’s doing a wonderful job here!! So is Northern Attack, theoffice_us, Jilbean and anyone else I may have missed. :)

  12. “Nooooo… my point WAS that theoffice_us always has the news first and THEN Office Tally happens to have it. It’s almost never the other way around.”

    I don’t understand the harsh tone you have about this site. I think Jennie does a great job of creating this free site on her own free time, and she always does a wonderful job of crediting her sources. I don’t think she claims to have the scoop on the news all the time…this is, however, a great site for updates as well as friendly chatter about the show. I, for one, am happy to have access to this site.

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