Jenna Fischer talks to Yahoo! Movies

Here’s Yahoo! Movies’ honest, charming, and funny interview with Jenna Fischer.

Plus, she reveals not one, but her two, dream roles!

[Video no longer available]

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P.S. Here’s another great interview with Jenna at Vulture!


  1. Every interview she does makes me love her more. She’s the most down to earth “star” I know.:)

  2. “Protection? Protection from what?!” That made me LOL. I love this interview and I love Jenna. I feel like she’s my friend, like if I just saw her on the street, I’d go up to her and start talking and it would take me a while to remember that we didn’t actually know each other.

  3. Aw, I just love Jenna’s interviews, they always make me smile! I love how open and how sincere she is, as well as warm and funny. She’s an amazing person.

  4. If all women were like Jenna, this world would be a better place…and make a lot of men very happy.

  5. Jenna is adorable!! I would give so much to have a girls night out with her . . .

  6. I’ve watched this numerous times and love Jenna more each time! Honest, sincere, and simply awesome. Laughed quite hard when she re-enacted her first paid gig.

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