Jenna’s Bobblehead Giveaway!

Jenna Fischer

In celebration of the recent release of the Pam Beesly Bobblehead, The Office’s Jenna Fischer is giving away THREE Pam Bobbleheads here at OfficeTally!

UPDATE: congrats to NotABadDay (213), Torch (82), and Adam Robinson (44) —
you have each won a Pam Bobblehead! Jenna Fischer says, “Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful and fun responses! These were a lot of fun to read. Congratulations to the winners!”

Winners, I’ll be emailing you soon to ask for your shipping info. Watch your inbox!

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  1. Pam will handle it wonderfully; scared at first, but triumphant in the end. And having Jim as the dad doesn’t hurt.

  2. She’ll prove to herself that kids do like her, whether or not she sets out bowls of candy for bribes :)

  3. Jam may fight for what the baby says first (mom or dad). It may surprise them both by saying “Michael”!

  4. After getting advice from her coworkers, Pam will announce to them that she will be raising her child her way.

  5. She’ll convince Dwight it’s his, prepare to keep Michael away, and plan for a daycare in the Office.

  6. Pam will handle it with composure, just like she does everything else. And with humor, of course.

  7. She’ll give out as little information as possible thanks to Creed, Michael, Andy and Kevin working there.

  8. Pam will be one of those quirky pregnant women. Instead of reading books, she looks up advice videos of Youtube. :)

    Congrats on your t.v baby!!! :)

  9. We’ve seen how she’s handled Michael the last five years. A baby can’t be worse than him! She’s got this.

  10. Pam will be extremely nervous but her husband (jimbo) will be there for comfort……not!

  11. Pam will probably become conflicted due to her “raging hormones” while still trying to maintain her caring and nice personality.

  12. With creative flair and a watchful eye on Dwight’s guide to childbearing. Got to keep him away from the baby.

  13. Pam will handle with grace and beauty, and cravings for large buckets of mixed berry yogurt.

  14. I’ll answer this question with a question. What does “impending” mean? Yes it is possible I could be either kevins or michaels Illegitimate child.

  15. Pam will handle motherhood with maturity and dignity. So what if that’s braggy. She’ll be the BEST MOTHER EVER! WHOOOO!

  16. Pam will ignore any advice Dwight or Michael has to offer and use her situation to get everything she wants.

  17. Pam returns to work after having baby and becomes a supercharged executive, overtake Michael, and Jim will be a SuperDad.

  18. She’ll paint over the scary clown painting and allow Michael and Dwight to see with baby only with strict supervision.

  19. She’ll take everything she learned about being a mother in the office (from Jan & Hannah) and do the exact opposite.

  20. Probably with less crippling stress than I am currently facing. All I’m doing is waiting for bar exam results.

  21. Pam will file a restraining order on Michael Scott’s hands to keep them from ever touching her pregnant belly.

  22. Pam buys out Barnes&Noble, reading every pregnancy book available, but finds the best advice to be from supportive Jim.

  23. To stop Michael’s nagging, she’ll tell him her pick for the baby’s name is actually a foreign translation of “Michael.”

  24. As awesome as Pam is, she’ll have her moments even she’ll regret, but overall, rather well. It’s Pam.

  25. A doting mother who will sing lullabies to the little one, but not “Son Of A Preacher Man”! :)

  26. Pam’s going to be really excited but maybe nervous at the same time. Nonetheless, her and Jim will probably start planning when they’re going to train the baby to help them with their Office pranks. She’ll be gracious to listen to everyone’s advice, but she’ll ultimately do everything her own way in a way her and Jim feel is right for the baby. So excited to see what happens!

  27. Pam will handle motherhood incredibly well. After all, she’s had years of practice taking care of a child- Michael.

  28. Pam will be anything but bored! The tiny tattoo will be pale in comparison. Excitement galore!

  29. Of course Pam will be unflinchingly rigid when faced with the task of motherhood. How could she not?

  30. Increasing nervousness about being baby-ready, and retaining employment; yet scared, of Michael talking to her belly in various character voices.

  31. Fine, as long as she can find a way of keeping the baby AWAY from the office! This means you, Michael Scott!!!

  32. Although she tries to keep the baby away from work, a few visits are made to uncle Michael and grandfather Creed.

  33. Pam’ll be a great mom in the end but it’ll be difficult being nice during pregnancy and afterwards with work.

  34. One too many “That’s What She Said” jokes from Michael will likely push Pam over the edge.

  35. Pam will be a great mother. She has had lots of practice dealing with Michael’s juvenile antics all these years.

  36. The baby will be born with a beret on, a paintbrush in hand & look just like Jim. Pam will love her dearly!

  37. Jim will run interference on Michael so fancy-new-Beesly can make sure everything is perfect for fancy-new-baby.

  38. Instead of airing her frustration, she will draw it in daily comic strips. Dwight will suspect spy games.

  39. Pam: “I’m not great with kids, but I wanna get better.”
    She will have struggling times, but will be amazing.

  40. She’ll tackle the impending motherhood head on like a titan of industry. Also, like a quarterback.

  41. By ignoring everything Dwight says, and trying to stay as far away from Michael Scott as possible.

  42. Ironically, the homemade borscht Jim brings home from Schrute Farms gets Pam through the night…and absolutely gets Jim laid!

  43. Jim can’t feel kicking, Pam says “I felt it! Who said I didn’t feel it, did Jim say that? I FELT IT!”

  44. Pam will finally realize her own worth. She spent so much time searching for who she is–she’ll know now.

  45. Pam will prepare to gain her baby’s love by tempting them with candy. Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

  46. Pam will probably be super nervous about her impending motherhood, but ultimately, become very protective and excited :o)

  47. Grace and Dignity. Just like with everything (almost) Pam does, she will be calm, cool, and collected.

  48. She will handle it with style and grace and get very good at ignoring Kevin calling her a “milf” and then giggling.

  49. Pam will continue to discover her personal strengths and become a confident mother but will have some uncertainty at first.

  50. She’ll figure out a way to milk Michael for favors by implying he could maybe be the baby’s godfather.

  51. Pam will forever win over her child’s heart by letting him/her destroy documents in the paper-shredder.

  52. She will hate everyone and everything, snapping at the drop of a dime, which pushes the office to the edge.

  53. Pam will somehow successfully deal with the fact that Michael won’t understand that he isn’t related to the child anymore than he understands how to spot a pyramid scheme. She will, of course, have confrontations with Dwight constantly trying to feed her beet salad so he can bribe the child later into buying the “money beets”. She will have to deal with Dwight not letting her eat pastry cubes made of sugar and fat. There’s sure to be some type of “oakey afterbirth” situation, but Pam will handle it like a perfect mother. And Jim will continue to be the man he is.

  54. Nervously, but gracefully. Apprehensively, but anticipatory. Feeling overburdened and alone, but ultimately with compassion and with Jim.

  55. Anyone who can manage Michael Scott with the care and patience of Pam will do fine as a mother.

  56. One day, Pam will be feeling excited and confident. The next day, she’ll feel exhausted, sweaty, and terrified that she won’t be a good mom. She will also develop a fear that since the baby technically developed in the office, it will come out looking like Michael Scott. Jim and Pam will both have to spend a lot of time calming each other down and building each other up, but as soon as they see their beautiful baby girl– named Brigette — all of their fears will go away. :)

  57. Pam will be annoyed by Michael’s constant pokes to her baby belly. Pam- don’t let Dwight mark your baby.

  58. Pam will be short and quippy with Jim during her pregnancy and will be a very protective mom afterwards.

  59. Pam is going to be a nervous wreck during her pregnancy, but Jim will be there to calm her down. But it won’t be the baby that is stressing her out…but Michael…and Dwight…and Creed…and Kevin…and Meredith…and should I even keep going :)

  60. Pam will suffer from a bit of jealousy when the baby takes over as the new center of Jim’s universe.

  61. Fancy New Beesly will be very excited and a bit overwhelmed at times. Luckily she has Jim to help her.

  62. Pam will decline the offer from Dwight to have cousin Mose act as a midwife to deliver the baby

  63. Pam will develop some very interesting food cravings that will force her and Dwight to become great friends.

  64. In the Fancy New Beesliest way possible- keeping calm when Jim freaks out, and keeping ice cream available 24/7.

  65. Pam struggles with the realization of how difficult motherhood will be, emotionally and financially. The baby really tests JAM’s relationship.

  66. Pam will struggle with wanting/needing to return to work and her desire to stay home with her baby.

  67. Pam has lots of motherhood experience already; she’s been Michael’s surrogate “mom” for years!

  68. Pam will raise Baby Halpert by using the knowledge she has gained from caring for Michael for all these years.

  69. Walked on hot coals, changed a tire, chased dreams, took risks, and served volleyball. Add confident mother to the list.

  70. The hormones will put her on edge. Their relationship will suffer, temporarily, but they will be stronger because of it.

  71. She’ll become panicky because Angela will hint that she’s ill-equipped; Pam then will start “mothering” people to prove she’s capable.

  72. Pam will continue to play practical jokes, pretending to go into labor and messing with Dwight about where babies actually come from.

  73. No worries! Any labor questions can be directed to Michael and Dwight, who are experienced in birthing a ‘watermelon’.

  74. Pam will have a burst of creativity, painting a new series based on her sonogram images. The results are beautiful.

  75. Pam will want to stay at home with the baby after it’s born, leaving Jim more occupationally-motivated than ever.

  76. She has tons of experience dealing with her kooky coworkers’ brand of crazy, and the patience of a saint!

  77. Days will be successful if Pam avoids; Angela’s “baby out of wedlock” comments, Michael’s baby time, and Meredith’s child advice.

  78. Pam will handle her pregnancy and motherhood with the grace and confidence she has gained during her relationship with Jim.

  79. Pammy’s road to motherhood: long and hard (That’s what Michael said), but totally worth it (That’s what Jim said).

  80. Pam continues to look pregnant delaying the announcement until next seasons when Michael finally realizes pregnancy is not 2 years.

  81. Pam will try to keep things business as usual, but Kelly will force her to try on sexy maternity clothes.

  82. Pam will spend most of her impending motherhood time in the bathroom. Two words – morning sickness

  83. Michael Scott set Pam straight regarding his important role in the baby’s life. With Michael assisting, she’ll do fine!

  84. With the same grace with which she was handled Michael, Dwight, office politics, art school, and the transition to sales.

  85. Pam will start leaning on Jim more. She has been increasingly independent, but it’s okay to get help from Hubby.

  86. By going to Chili’s. Pregnancy will cancel out all fears of her committing “second drink” thus effectively lifting her ban.

  87. She’ll be moody, excited, grumpy and ecstatic. Jim will hang on her every whim, even Twix bars at 3 am, and Michael will find a way to be at the birth.

  88. Pam is annoyed by coworkers who are inappropriately intrusive, especially Michael when trying to be godfather and delivery nurse.

  89. She’ll be the perfect mother — loving, caring, compassionate, sensible, sweet, and will put her child’s welfare above all else.

  90. Pam has always “mothered” Michael. I think being a Mom to her little angel will come naturally.

  91. Pam’s scared of baby,
    Could be Jim’s, but act like Dwight!
    Only in Nightmares.

    Hope you like my Haiku.

  92. She’ll be paranoid the baby will hate her and she’s going to be a terrible mother. Jim convinces her otherwise.

  93. Locked in (again) from working late, Pam goes into labor in the office and freaks as Meredith assists as midwife.

  94. Pam will be anxious about motherhood but Jim will be there to help and give her the confidence needed.

  95. If Pam can walk across hot coals, she can do anything! Not to mention her and Jim’s canny playful charisma.

  96. She handled The Michael Scott Paper Company and a night at Shrute Farms – She can handle anything.

  97. She’ll be excited and bubbly! She will, however, grow tired of telling Dwight that no, he cannot have the placenta.

  98. Hormones will kick in and Pam will SNAP at anyone who crosses her path! Or she’ll start crying for no apparent reason, and Michael will go to absurd lengths to make her happy again.

  99. Pam will end up not prepared because she will spend all of her time avoiding Michael and his crazy ideas.

  100. She’ll have a super easy pregnancy, but will finally tell Angela and possibly Phyllis where they can put their opinions.

  101. Pam will handle things Dwight-Style. With Teddy Bears, Pureed Beets and DVDs of Battle Star Galactica.

  102. After Realizing that there is no Universal Health care she will Gracefully succumb to her inner Dwight/mose isms

  103. She will love it and embrace it, but i see it putting strain on her work environment and its an obstacle for her and Jim, but they will be closer then ever!

  104. Pam will read that babies can hear sounds/voices and worry about what he/she hears from Michael, Dwight, Kevin, Creed, etc.

  105. Pam will handle things very well. Michael on the other hand will be suffering from sympathy pains for a while.

  106. Pam will remain calm, but everyone else in the office will go through the emotions and stages of anticipation.

  107. Motherhood will be easy, she’ll be a natural! Convincing Michael that he can’t be the godfather? Much harder.

  108. pam will feel very confident for a while but she will have a breakdown at some point in worry that she won’t be a good mother. it will all work out in the end, though, and jim will help her to realize that she has just what it takes to be an amazing mom. she will start to worry about the effects that the other zany members of the office could have on the baby’s mental health, though. ;)

  109. Pam will be an excellent mom and Michael will think he’ll do an even better job being the baby’s “mom”.

  110. Facetiously with co-workers and Jim will create a series of new facial expressions, nine months worth.

  111. Pam begins to feel insecure over her changing body but Michael cheers her up by strapping a watermelon to his stomach.

  112. Pam will enter a bout of postpartum depression. The journey will be the most inspiring in television history.

  113. Oops, I just saw that mine was the same as someone who posted just before me. Sorry. How about —

    Pam doesn’t care what Dwight says…an all-beet diet can’t be good for the baby!

  114. Pam will handle it well, unless Michael gives unwanted advice of child-rearing which he knows nothing about.

  115. The combination of work, hormones and spending her spare time painting a mural in the nursery will cause Pam to fall asleep at her desk – often.

  116. She will practice parenting on all of her coworkers, as she has for the past five years and counting!

  117. Lots of jello cravings in the middle of the night She’ll still be Pam, just rounder and more emotional.

  118. Pam may feel overwhelmed, affecting her work, but Jim will be there to tell her she’ll be an awesome mom.

  119. Pam will be stressed, but tries to stay calm around her co-workers, but Michael makes it hard for her.

  120. If Pam worked anywhere else, I would say she would be fine. But, she doesn’t, so it’ll be interesting. :)

  121. MAD LIB: Pam dumps the stupid, idiotic numbskull named Jim Halpert and marries a smart and capable man named Dwight.

  122. This Season Pam will bring baby to office and Dwight will teach her the Schrute ways of living. She will also become good friends with mother goose aka Phyllis Vance the resident “mother.”

  123. She’s dealt with Michael’s childness, Dwight’s stubbornness, and Angela’s bitchiness. She can deal with anything this baby brings.

  124. A pregnant Pam will play up all the advantages of being pregnant. She Will have to thwart off advice from Dwight, Convince Michael that he can’t be the Godfather of her baby, and most importantly thwart off any creepy advances from men who dig them some pregnant ladies.

  125. Pam embraces motherhood. Surprisingly, Michael gives Jim good baby advice. The baby’s first phrase is ‘That’s What She Said.’

  126. Pam will feel anticipation, trepidation, and love like she’s never felt before. She’s eager for the journey that lies ahead.

  127. Pam will overstress about being the “perfect” mom and will lighten up as the season progresses.

  128. Pam will be stressed out, have another little outburst, and try to keep details as private as possible.

  129. With tears of joy, she’ll touch her baby, look at the camera, and say “I’m sorry. What was the question?”

  130. Well, Michael thinks he is the baby’s Godfather, and Dwight just learned that anyone can christen another person, so…

  131. It won’t be hard adjusting because Pam has basically raised Kevin the entire time she has worked at Dunder Mifflin.

  132. Pam relies on her mom for strength and Jim for comfort. She will have beet cravings only Dwight can provide.

  133. She probably won’t handle it as well as she thinks she would. I see LONG nights ahead for her.

  134. She’s broken off a wedding, failed art school, and quit her job. Now Pam’s resilience faces the ultimate test.

  135. Pam will be overtired but radiating with joy over her newborn. She’ll love showing him/her off to “The Office”

  136. By sharing responsibility with Jim: one feeds and changes diapers while the other takes care of Michael.

  137. Well, she’s been like a mother to Michael all these years, so becoming an actual mother will be considerably easier.

  138. The hardest thing Pam will face will be introducing the newborn to her other baby, Michael Scott. There will obviously be some jealousy between the two infants as they vie for Pam’s attention, which will end in someone being hit by a Prius.

  139. She’ll ask nosy co-workers who insist she must have a natural birth if they’re planning to have natural knee surgery.

  140. Pam is going to get a little anxious about losing her freedom so she starts living life with vigor!

  141. Pam will listen to Michael and Dwight’s advice… and then do the exact opposite. All will be well.

  142. I think she will look for a better job at first, but will realize working with Jim is more important.

  143. She’ll be very excited about it but try to hide it at work, much like the beginning of season four.

  144. Pam before she holds the title of mother will serve the role of mother to be with great dignity.

  145. Having been forced to “mother” an emotionally stunted Michael Scott, Pam finds that mothering a newborn is a breeze by comparison.

  146. Pam will enjoy being a mother, even if it means telling Michael multiple times that the baby already has a godfather…and a father.

  147. Pam will become emotional, and start having strange craving, while Jim attempts to help her in every way possible.

  148. With Jim supporting her and going on midnight runs for french onion chips, Pam will be ready for the baby!

  149. Pam will be nervous when it’s 8-9 months into her pregnancy, but after the baby is born, she will love every minute she spends with her baby.

  150. Initially, Pam will think she needs her mom’s help but she’ll find that she is fully capable on her own to be an amazing mother.

  151. Try to hide her stomach so it wont remind Michael. It’ll be harder as it gets bigger. that’s what she said

  152. Pam will become the greatest mother by giving the baby a restraining order from Michael before giving it a name.

  153. I don’t think that she’ll handle it as well as she thinks she would. There’ll be a lotta sleepless nights.

  154. Michael will try and convince Jim and Pam to name the baby after him. While the baby is crowning, the doctor will say, “Here he/she comes!” and Pam will scream “That’s what she said!”

  155. Pam handles pregnancy well until she’s in labor at the office; Michael’s determined to deliver the baby in the break-room.

  156. She’ll start to feel nervous, because she thinks she isn’t good with kids, but Jim will make her feel better.

  157. Pam will take it all in, teem with joy, and become more emotionally and spiritually mature. (That’s what she said!)

  158. She’ll handle it well until she discovers that her entire pregnancy was an elaborate prank by Jim. His best yet!

  159. Pam will be irrational…she thinks Jim is attracted to Meredith, insecure about her body, and unconfident about motherhood.

  160. Pam will spend most of her time finding clothes that hide her, as Michael and Kevin call them, “giant boobs.”

  161. Pam gets the whole office into pregnacy yoga. They all learn how to breath and stay relaxed. Andy knocks up the yoga instructor finally figuring out he is not gay.

  162. Pam will be searching for advice in the office, and everybody try’s help and everyone fails except angela.
    (Mother instinct from her cats)

  163. the ultrasound was inaccurate, Pam is having twins. Michael will try to video tape the delivery, of course.

  164. Pam will be at a hotel with Jim and show the baby off the balcony nearly dropping li’l Tuna. Hilarity.

  165. 3 baby books, crib shopping, and a few wise words from Michael into the pregnancy, Pam will crack, creating a “Momzilla”.

  166. Fending off Dwight, who is trying to absorb the baby for the strength of a grown man and two babies.

  167. She won’t have to. Michael (self-named godfather) and Dwight, will prepare for her different daily-scenarios 9-month straight.

  168. Pam will be shunned by Kelly because she ignored her idea of posing naked/pregnant on the Dunder Mifflin newsletter.

  169. Pam will struggle the same as she did with her love for Jim; but outcome will be just as rewarding

  170. Pam will constantly refuse to name her baby Suri, Shiloh, Harlow, Zuma, Naleigh or any other celebrity name Kelly suggests.

  171. Fine, provided that Future Dwight arrives in time to protect Pam and her child from the deadly Ed Truck robot.

  172. She’ll use her pregnant-lady glow to her advantage when it comes to sales! Who can say no to a mom-to-be?

  173. Pam will handle the pregnancy cautiously and get as prepared as possible (reading books etc.) before it arrives. Nothing fancy.

  174. Pam will be annoyed by Dwight’s many pregnancy ‘facts’ (he is an ‘expert’, after all).

  175. Pam and Jim pull the ultimate prank on Dwight by convincing the beet farmer that he is, in fact, pregnant.

  176. She may become frustrated with the competing demands of motherhood and profession, but love will overcome all obstacles.

  177. Pam and Jim will appear on TLC’s Bringing Home Baby & use the royalties to start a college fund!

  178. Just like painting a masterpiece, using long and steady strokes to balance out the surprise splatters that will happen.

  179. Pam will be a great mother. Michael will suggest weird names for the baby. Dwight will play the recorder.

  180. Pam will have serious concerns when she thinks about the baby growing up around people from the office.

  181. Pam’s hormones will whack out creating near superhuman abilities to tweak Michael and Dwight and arouse passionate PDA with Jim.

  182. Pam will spend her work time rolling her eyes at the outrageous “advice” with a beautiful motherly glow, of course!

  183. Pam will spend a lot of time dealing with “advice” from her colleagues. (Dwight is an expert on babies, remember!)

  184. I believe that Pam will actually get kind of stressed out with the wedding and the pregnancy and Michael isn’t going to help the situation but as we all know this is another perfect time for Jim to sweep in and save the day. I do think she will be a great mom no doubt about it.

  185. Pam will prepare to teach Baby Halpert that everyday’s a “casino night” if you’re willing to go all in.

  186. Pam’s depressed that her pencil skirts won’t fit over her baby bump and is forced to borrow Phyllis’ clothes for comfort.

  187. With the strengh, wisdom and buoyancy of a mother otter. Oh, wait….are we talking about Dwight?

  188. She will be mostly concerned with keeping Michael away from Lamaze class and the birthing room!

  189. Pam will be busy if baby name bets get crazy, Michael demands Lamaze of everyone, or the baby is Kevin’s!

  190. She’ll be very hormonal for the most part, but everything will be fine when the baby’s born…IN the office!

  191. Pam’s been around Michael and Dwight, so she’s basically already raised two children! She and Jim will make awesome parents.

  192. Pam will go from illustrations to a Jackson Pollock style. And before this decade ends, the clown painting will fall.

  193. After listening to Dwight’s incessant requests to be her midwife, Pam finally realizes saying yes is the best prank ever!

  194. She won’t be able to handle it well with Michael around, but it’s okay because she has Jim right next to her, literally and figuratively.

  195. Pam will be conflicted about working with a new baby and annoyed at Jan’s attempts to bond over motherhood.

  196. Pam will handle impending motherhood well until Michael asks to be Godfather and gives her an offer she can’t refuse.

  197. Pam is going to handle it beautifully, with the exception of perhaps rubbing it in Karen’s face.

  198. She’ll handle it gracefully; good thing, because Michael wants to be godfather, cool uncle, and big bro all in one.

  199. With difficulty, fearing it the requiem of her artistic passion. Then happily, realizing it is her greatest inspiration.

  200. She’ll struggle during pregnancy, worried about parents’ marital failure. Jim will ease fears; then she’ll fall into it confidently.

  201. Pam will love being a mother, but Michael will be a constant strain trying to “help” all the time.

  202. Like everyone else. Unbridled joy followed by nervous apprehension. Then comes the paralyzing fear. Back to joy. Rinse and repeat.

  203. She will: rely on Jim to handle comments/advice from coworkers, enroll in child care classes, and talk to her mom a lot

  204. Michael will assume that he is invited to be present at the birth, and he will throw a “golden shower” for them. Pam will decorate a cute baby nursery and become increasingly cranky as the pregnancy progresses. She may even get in Angela’s face and tell her off for being, well…..Angela.

  205. Pam will handle pregnancy with creative intuition although she will have weird cravings for tuna and mixed berry yougurt sandwiches.

  206. She’ll be loving. Love comes from the heart. The heart has blood. Blood is Pumped. “P” Pam.

  207. As long as Dwight stays away from greased up watermelons, I think her pregnancy will go just fine.

  208. Proper prior preparation prevents Pam’s putrid poor performance! Please pick me Pam…pretty please!

  209. Pam gets very “mumsy” and wears bows and florals. She starts “nesting” the office with baby motifs, bows and florals.

  210. Pam gets cravings for beets. She ends up with purple stained fingers and everything she touches has purple blots, including Jim!

  211. Pam will get so stressed out that she’ll let Michael babysit the baby and Michael ends up losing the baby and ends up in a group search with Dwight and Andy trying to find the baby

  212. Pam will read up on pregnancy/babies to an extreme, but end up trusting her natural wonderful motherly instincts.

  213. Jim will start freaking out, and it will be Pam’s cool confidence that will keep it together.

  214. Pam will handle motherhood greatly by making hundreds of different blue and pink baby paintings for the new baby’s nursery.

  215. Pam will most likely be calm about it all w/ a few nervous jitters towards the end of her pregnancy. However, everyone else will be a wreck.

  216. Pam will have no problem with hubby Jim, and godfathers Michael and Dwight! Let the insanity ensue!

  217. Pam will feel self-actualized as a mother and wife and will grow more confident. Or she’ll freak out.

  218. Pam will handle pregnancy with grace and elegance… until she emotionally falls apart when Dwight demands to deliver the baby.

  219. Pam won’t have any trouble. But when Michael insists on helping raise the baby…watch out!

  220. Pam will be anxious but really into nesting, putting her artistic talents to use creating a home for baby.

  221. I think Pam will deal pretty well with her pregnancy. I think she will be planning a lot and making Jim work on the nursery. She may get a little hormonal but I think she’ll be pretty calm for most of it.

  222. I believe everyone will want to be the godparents, especially Michael. He will try to make everything comfortable in an uncomfortable manner.

  223. She will handle it well,even though Dwight delivered the baby,thinking it was concieved on the beat farm.

  224. Pam will be thrilled about her pregnancy, irritated by her coworker’s interference, worried about Jim’s preparedness, but ultimately very happy!

  225. Pure grace under pressure. Pam will be open to everyone’s advice, weed through the crap, and make it her own.

  226. Jim and Pam are going to work together as a team. They’re both so excited. They are going to make wonderful parents.

  227. Each week Pam will have a different nightmare that each person in the office is the one who impregnated her.

  228. When Pam realizes that mixberry yogurt makes her nauseous, she will become very nervous. Jim will ultimately calm her down.

  229. Pam will be a very nurturing mother. She has dealt with Michael’s childish behavior for years now… What’s the difference?

  230. Michael’s smell becomes strangely repellent to Pam. Pam will move to the breakroom, so that she can not smell Michael.

  231. Pam will break down for a few seconds being overwhelmed with the birth but after that cool as a cucumber.

  232. Pam will take pride in her new baby weight and get annoyed by everyone touching her belly!! Especially when Michael wants to go with her to her ultrasound apts.!

  233. Pam will spend her time nesting and creating the perfect sanctuary for her baby. She joyfully waits with excited anticipation!

  234. Motherhood will give her selling superpowers! And the extra money she earns will be put towards baby art project supplies.

  235. I think Pam will play a long huge prank on Dwight and confide in him that she was abducted by aliens and not sure if Jim is the real father.

  236. Pam’s morning sickness will not be from her baby, but instead from Michael’s constistant involvement and curiosity.

  237. Pam will rely on her own instincts rather than follow the questionable advice and criticism of family and office workers.

  238. She will handle it well until Michael and Dwight start getting in the way and she’ll become agitated with everyone.

  239. She’ll be overwhelmed with the plethora of contradictory pregnancy advice she’ll encounter. Jim balances things out by using common sense.

  240. Pam and Jim will lie about the hospital to keep all out of the delivery room….. esp Dwight’s amish dula.

  241. Despite the allure of Maternity Leave, Pam opts to stay at the office to keep things running smoothly till her water breaks in the middle of one of Michael’s crazy meetings!

  242. Pam matures as she prepares for motherhood. In the midst of insanity, the baby cements the notion that the office is indeed a family.

  243. Please. She’s put up with Michael for years. A baby will be no sweat. Pam will rock the momma train!

  244. Normally minor annoyances will become huge issues, obsessiveness over baby preparation will create tension with Jim, Michael gets more inappropriate.

  245. Pam will probably give birth in the office due to a major snow storm, and dwight has to deliver the baby Jam. Yikes!

  246. Pam has doubts about motherhood, however, after she holds her baby for the first time, they will slowly melt away.

  247. Pam will get very sick at work, needing to stay home, Ryan, the temp, will once again be a salesman.

  248. Pam has been raising Michael since the day she started at Dunder Mifflin. Motherhood will be a breeze after that!

  249. How will Pam handle impending motherhood this season?

    Her maternal, nurturing side will come out more — she’ll give Dwight advice about Angela, help fix Michael’s messes. She’s always had that side, we’ll see it more than the prankster side maybe.

  250. She’ll be nervous at first, but I think she’ll handle it like a champ and be a wonderful mother.

  251. Pam can handle anything after putting up the her Office family all these years. She’s gonna rock the maternal-hood! I think Michael will become more off the wall & attached to Jim and Pam. He’ll want to become a grandpa or god parent. He’ll buy Pam Maternity clothes, bras and nipple cream in in an effort to be a part of the maternal process. And Jim, he’ll buy one of those fake boob strap on things (Like in Meet the Parents) so he can help to breast feed the baby (but really Michael will walk around wearing it one day) in in an effort to be a part of the maternal process.

  252. I mis-typed on my post#374 corrected version:

    Pam can handle anything after putting up the her Office family all these years. She’s gonna rock the maternal-hood! I think Michael will become more off the wall & attached to Jim and Pam. He’ll want to become a grandpa or god parent.

    He’ll buy Pam Maternity clothes, bras and nipple cream in in an effort to be a part of the maternal process. And he’ll buy Jim, one of those fake boob strap on things (Like in Meet the Parents) so he can help to breast feed the baby (but really Michael will walk around wearing it one day).

  253. Pam will be nervous moody crave disgusting food combinations,

    Hate jim for 36 seconds, ultimately love being a mum

  254. pam will be fine until Dwight tries to help. then she’ll lose her cool for the first time ever.

  255. It is always hard adjusting, but with the wonderful relationship Jim and Pam have built, they will endure together beautifully.

  256. For starters, Pam will be great all through the the marternity. She will suffer from occasional morning sickness. Of course Dwight will be there to offer his ‘remedies’. Beet juice, goat cheese or horse jerky.

    Michael will offer daily ideas for baby’s name.

  257. She’ll probably spend her time taking motherhood classes, and will probably paint a beautiful mural in the baby’s room.

  258. Pam will be the calm one, while everyone else in the office becomes incredibly involved and intrusive.

  259. Pam will ask advice from everyone in the office while noting to herself not to listen to anyone, except Jim!

  260. Considering she already has a ton of experience with Michael, pampering and babying an actual baby will be a breeze.

  261. Pam will be paranoid about hurting the baby and will become uncomfortably close to Dwight because of his pregnancy “wisdom.”

  262. Pam will yell at the baby for giving her sass, when it does the “Jim” face whenever Pam eats unhealthy.

  263. Pam + hormones + Michael Scott x pregnancy boobs + Kevin = Violence in the Workplace Seminar, party of one.

  264. Pam and Jim will go bankrupt, forcing them to finally take the clown picture down and sell it to Michael.

  265. She’ll handle it a lot easier than she did her engagement with Roy. Motherhood ain’t got nothin’ on Pam Beesley.

  266. For years Pam has handled daily nausea, headaches, and exhaustion- from Michael. Motherhood will be a piece of cake.

  267. Pam and Jim will reluctantly allow Creed to babysit and wackiness and hi-jinks will ensue as Creed teaches the tike to scuba.

  268. Pam will get irritated by Michael’s jabs at her weight gain, but she will put him in his place by demanding he wear a fake maternity belly for an entire week. Michael, of course, won’t even last a day with it on, and he will agree to stop the jokes…to a certain extent.

  269. Pam will appear fine, but secretly stressed, good news, Jim will be there for her, they are a perfect team!

  270. Pam will be an excellent mom! I think its going to make for some great Sitcom TV! Tons of great material–diaper changing(i’d love to see Pam use Cloth diapers too!)baby spit-up everywhere,–running on no-sleep– what’s not to like! :)

  271. I think Pam and Jim will be just fine. I don’t think it would be the pregnancy you’d have to worry about as much as the awkward pregnancy moments that are sure to happen with the office gang. We’ve seen how the whole baby issue has gone down with Hannah’s baby and Jan’s pregnancy. I’m sure it won’t all be inappropriate, Michael, Dwight, and the rest of the gang will help out when she least expects it!

  272. Pam will be an excellent mother, as she is already mothering the entire office! The pregnancy will go smoothly and she and Jim will be amazing parents.

  273. This is not a official entry because I live in the UK but I had to answer ~

    Pam will no doubt be calm throughout the pregnancy, then one day whilst reading, ‘what to expect while you are expecting’, Michael says the wrong thing and Pam promptly hits Michael on the head with said book, which will result in him saying ‘I wasn’t expecting that’

    Good luck everyone.

  274. She will glow and her belly with grow! The food cravings, gas and mood swings will be hysterical.

  275. Pam will handle it with bubbly enthusiasm, lingering doubts, and constant encouragement and love from Jim.

  276. Pam will handle motherhood like the future great parent we know she will be. She’ll be nervous, scared, even overwhelmed… But will also read pregnancy books, deck out a nursery, and grow increasingly confident.

    She’ll deliver sans-epidural. And I hope to God Dwight isn’t there.

    Oh who am I kidding. I’m begging the writers to have Dwight handle delivery duty.

  277. Pam will reassure Michael that he is still important, but firmly refuse to name the baby any variation of “Michael.”

  278. Michael will be convinced that Pam needs a daycare so she can stay, but she doesn’t want her child there.

  279. She will go back and forth; probably freak out and be moody sometimes but in the end handle it gracefully :)

  280. Pam is always the first one to figure out when Michael is up to something crazy, so she’ll be fine!!

  281. Pam will be overwhelmed at first by the new responsibility and unwanted help from fellow Office workers.. But she and Jim will get the hang of it soon enough and it will be absolutely wonderful to watch!

  282. Pam freaks out near the end. She fears motherhood. Jim is calm. Baby’s born, she’s instantly cured of her fears.

  283. I think she’ll do pretty well. She’ll probably be nervous and maybe doubt herself a little but overall deal with it pretty well. She and Jim have a good relationship so things should be pretty good.

  284. Pam plays a prank on Dwight by sending him to “Midwife Camp”, (Lamaze class). His partner? “Godfather-in-training” Michael

  285. Pam brings the baby into work on days that she can’t get a babysitter (and she’s not opting for Meridith), so Creed, Andy, Michael and Dwight take up shifts of “taking care” of the baby, in other words talking to it about creepy Creed-things, singing nursery rhymes to it in a falsetto voice, holding it and telling it jokes, and trying to instill the Schrute-family values into it.

  286. Pam will finally feel a little more fullfilled by the love of her new household. Hopefully her dreams come true.

  287. Financially unable to take maternity leave, Pam’s breastfed, in-office baby will spark Godfather Competition & Creed’s blackmarket Breastmilk Sale.

  288. I can see all kinds of scenarios with this. I think Michael will definitely insist upon being the baby’s Godfather. He’ll insist on babysitting the child. babysit. Pam and Jim will let him babysit just to get him off their back. But, it will become this “Single White Female” kind of thing where he will try even try to steal the baby since he was so badly rejected by Jan and her pregnancy last season.

    Jan will come back and will suggest she and Pam get together and do playdates with their children and there will be all kinds of hilarity with that as well. Pam and Jim never having kids before will be looking for all kinds of parenting advice and will get interesting suggestions from Stanley and Toby. Phyllis of course will try to be maternal and offer ideas.

    Angela’s going to be fuming jealous of Pam and will get pregnant next, but who will be the father?

    Then of course, there will be Pam’s baby shower…

  289. Pam can handle any situation with sophistication, so anything that happens during the pregnancy will be a piece of cake.

  290. Pam and Jim will take every opportunity possible to involve the baby in very clever Dwight pranks!

  291. Pam will feel completely overwhelmed! Four reasons: Morning sickness, planning the wedding, pregnancy emotions and Michael. Post wedding: calm.

  292. During Pam’s pregnancy, her mothering instincts will really kick in and she’ll put Michael and Dwight in multiple time outs.

  293. JAM’ll tell Michael he is the Godfather to keep him happy & then Michael will do impersonations from the movie.

  294. Pam will be a bundle of nerves and self doubt. Her self confidence rebounds, though, when she instinctively nixes “Son of a Preacher Man” as a lullaby.

  295. Pam will constantly gush about the baby, shop online baby stores, fight with jealous Phyllis, and make baby eyes at Jim.

  296. Pam is strong with Jim by her side! She’ll take all of the inevitable pregnancy woes in stride!

  297. Pam will be calm, cool, and collected with the occasional crazy food cravings and dealing with too-involved Michael.

  298. Pam will be fabulous! Lots of cravings and happy moods. Michael will once again become a “baby daddy” by delusion.

  299. I predict lots of interesting cravings and fending off the dreaded belly-touchers along with Dwight’s birthing advice.

  300. Pam will have sparks of irrational behavior as a result of her pregnancy that turn into comedy gold every Thursday.

  301. Pam will be calm and prepared, as always, but she’ll have to assuage Jim, like she always did with Michael.

  302. Appreciation… who would’ve thought she’d find her perfect life within the walls of a Dunder-Mifflin branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  303. She’s already four months into the pregnancy, so she’s past the morning sickness stage (oh to have seen Michael’s reaction to her running to the bathroom to get sick!!!). I’d say it’s smooth sailing from here on out, with only a few Michael tantrums when she and Jim refuse to let him babysit.

  304. Michael will inevitably request that Pam name the baby after him, however it will be a girl and Michael will try and have his own baby boy so they get married. Pam will appease him by agreeing, but secretly plan to move out of PA with Jim.

  305. After she finds out she’s having twins:

    Pam is going to have INSANE cravings, ravage The Office employee’s lunches. She will start nesting, and become extremely territorial. Her desk will be decorated in pastels.
    Michael will have the exact same symptoms, but won’t realize he’s experiencing sympathy symptoms (to include weight gain and crying for no reason).

  306. Pam will be a great mom. Jim will refuse to do diapers or anything messy, he makes Dwight do it.

  307. Pam will be very hormonal and stressed because she wants to be the best mom. She will get annoyed with the constant advice Dwight is giving her because he will compare how he raised his farm animals to her raising her baby.

  308. I predict hormonal mood swings, weird cravings, Jim’s possible lack of maturity, and Michael wanting to be a surrogate father!

  309. Pam will be anxious for the arrival and proud of ultrasound pictures. She will have cravings for boudin and etouffee.

  310. Pam will realize that she and Jim will be wonderful parents and she will do anything to help the baby!

  311. Pam will handle the pregnancy with the grace of Jimmy MacElroy, unfortunately everyone else will be like Chazz Michael Michaels.

  312. Pregnancy makes Pam realize her love of cheese, she gains 80 pounds. Jim loves her anyways, buys her stretchy pants.

  313. Pam will be a glowing pregnant lady, struggling mainly with odd cravings (pineapple Jell-o and Mallomars!) and the snide comments this elicits from her co-workers.

  314. Pam’s water will break while she is in the office, and unable to get to the hospital in time, Dwight will offer to perform the birth. After the baby is born, this will of course start a chain reaction of people in the office wanting to be the godfather (mainly Michael), and the women wanting to be something equivalent to the godmother (Kelly will invent a new name for this, however). Pam and Jim will handle everything leading up to these moments fairly well but will get into a large fight. However, after the baby is born, their relationship will be restored.

  315. I thought Pam being pregnant was just office “Gossip”?
    Plus, Jim clearly stated his pee test was inconclusive.

  316. Lots of stress, including tolerating Angela’s 500th comment about how it would be “better if people birthed kittens, not children.”

  317. Simple Pam will have a complete mental breakdown & retreat to dewhite’s farm for some peace & quiet.

  318. The real father is Michael. Pam will have Jim and Michael fight over her, like the Dwight, Andy, Angela situation.

  319. Pam will be like any great mom, completely scared. But, she will be a great and beautiful mother and wife!

  320. She dreams of having a baby with each of the men in the office, what kind of fathers would they be?

  321. Pam’s hormones will give her nightmares about a daughter who’s sole ambition is to grow up to be a receptionist.

  322. Pam will have a miscarriage, and the sadness makes her quit her job and eventually becomes a world famous artist.

  323. Pam will be the epitome of imperturbability. She will handle it with grace and aplomb. Michael will have a breakdown.

  324. She’ll take a few “pregnancy days” off but will end up having Michael move in because he wants to help.

  325. Has strange food cravings, especially beets… Pam sneaks away in middle of night and eats half of Dwight’s crop.

  326. . . . by convincing everyone else, aside from Jim, that she is not pregnant but has just gained a lot of weight

  327. I think Pam will be an amazing mother, but hopely she will keep her baby away from Michael.

  328. Pam will remain calm till the 8th month when she’ll have a meltdown and only Michael can calm her down.

  329. Pam will handle it beautifully, and if she runs into trouble she can just let it go to voice mail!

  330. Pam will handle impending motherhood like a lid from mixed berry yogurt: gold medal all the way!

  331. Pam will do fine as long as she keeps Creed playing music and Meredith not babysitting (and clothed).

  332. “Baby Beesley named new CEO of The Michael Scott Paper Company.” Mama Beesley awakens, drenched in sweat from her nightmare.

  333. she’ll start taking her mood swings out on jim, who’ll start hanging out with michael for comic relief. hilarity ensues.

  334. Pam will be an excellent Mommy by sheltering her baby from cats, beets, bears, Creed and paper! GREAT SCOTT!

  335. Morning sickness… crazy dreams…indigestion… epidural… no problem!! She’s got it in the bag!! All worth it

  336. In complete hysteria, permanently in her spare set of glasses due to the kid’s punch/puke reflex otherwise.

  337. She’s going to be so excited about her new enormous baby-mama breasts that she’s going to dress the part of the “hussy” Angela always accused her to be.

  338. Pam will “WALK HARD” with “BLADES OF GLORY” while she and Jim await their “LICENSE TO WED”.

  339. She will be obsessed with the baby, and at the same time wonder if she could be a better mother!

  340. She puts her mind at ease by acquiring the services of expert (volunteer) midwife Dwight Schrute.

  341. Pam will become the office Nazi as the hormones enslave her body. Michael will cower in fear. Chaos will ensue.

  342. This is how I have emagined this whole season playing out: Pam is going to be super excited for a while, then shes going to start having terrible mood swings causing Michael to have a “Happy Face Day” where no one is allowed to be unhappy…he’ll bring in a clown, a mime and an animal balloon guy…one of which will be Dwight! Then Jim’s mom will start talking about Pam’s weight gain and how she never gained anything till the last 8 weeks of her pregnancy with Jim…so Jim decides to take Pam on a small vacation to get away from everybody…but they are never able to leave due to some bad luck and bad weather. Any time the receptionist talks to Jim Pam is going to freak out. After months of freaking out and causing Jim to go out for late night snacks, Pam is going to find a friend in Angela who can’t seem to stop calling the baby a kitten and compares motherhood to watering a garden. In the end Pam is going to go into labor at a chuck e cheese where Michael decided to take Pam because he felt that she needed to see her future!

    Through it all Pam is going to gain strength from Jim and find that this is an experience she wouldn’t change for the world!

  343. I know my last one was way more then 20 words but I just couldn’t help myself! so this is what i decided to take from it!

    “Pam’s going to go into labor at a chuck-e-cheese where Michael took her to show Pam her future!”

  344. She will be calm and collected up until the surprise baby shower Jim organizes at work, where she breaks down.

  345. Due to hormones Pam actually thinks that everything Michael says is hilarious. He is bewildered but psyched. Best pregnancy ever!

  346. She’ll worry what the baby’ll pick-up from the office-drinking, beet farming, online shopping, allergies to desks, frolf, being like Michael…

  347. With humor, love… and a little fear as her co-workers intrude, infringe, and interfere as only they can.

  348. All is easy after Pam and Jim convince Dwight the baby is the “chosen” one. Dwight then dotes on her.

  349. On her office computer she’ll be on THE KNOT, THE NEST and THE Also
    counting days until leave time.

  350. Pam can handle Michael AND Angela; pregnancy can’t be any worse. Beware of Creed while her boobs get bigger!

  351. I think Pam will be happy at first, but based on her reaction to children in previous episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a bit freaked out later on in the pregnancy.

  352. Pam will handle this just like she handles everything else in life! She will be a graceful, smart, caring Mother! She has a a wicked sense of humor & laughs at the funny side of pregnancy! I bet Jim gains weight right along with Pam, too! She’ll laugh about that, too(without making him feel bad) LOL

  353. She’ll be shocked after learning she’s having twins! Jam will convince Dwight that they’re naming them Curt and Bert… Halpert.

  354. Pretzel Day pretzel with everything, extra party cake, Kevin’s chili x-large serving, handfuls of jellybeans, YOGURT!, and a vibrant smile.

  355. Pam will be more feisty with Michael and will turn to Dwight for advice because of his farm animal background.

  356. Pam will ignore Michael’s desire to become her baby’s namesake and the photos of famous “Michaels” plastered around the office.

  357. Pam’ll read all the books and will be prepared, but everyone is going to freak her out with their stories!

  358. Due to rising baby costs, Pam will reluctantly join with Meredith and Phyllis in the new Office spin-off “The Real Housewives of Scranton, Pennsylvania”.

  359. Pam will get stressed out because Michael will be baby-proofing the office and Dwight will give many baby rearing techniques.

  360. She will decide Dunder Mifflin isn’t cutting it and convince Jim to move to Philly where she will become an illustrator for children’s books.

  361. She’ll be so irritated with everyone giving name suggestions that she’ll tell everyone the name will be something like Porphory, Winchester, Huebert, Millicent, or Jam.

  362. Pam will be fantastic – excited, yet composed. After all, she’s a natural. And experienced; she’s been raising Michael for years.

  363. She’ll experence a wide range of mood swings and emotional changes. Jim don’t eat the last mixed berry yogart.

  364. Michael will give a seminar on motherhood. Pam will go into labor at the office. Michael will become godfather.

  365. Calm and grace
    Will surely be the case,
    As Pam becomes a mother.
    Someone better?
    There is no other.

  366. It will give Michael a reason to throw more parties and be “involved”, so naturally she will keep the baby away.

  367. Pam will have many highs and lows. She will panic until she realizes that her baby is her truest masterpiece.

  368. After the paternity test Pam and Dwight will live happily ever after. Maury Povich may have to get involved though. Poor Jim.

  369. Pam will get unusual cravings for beets and send Jim on late night runs to Dwight’s beet farm to satisfy her cravings.

  370. Pam will be excited and the best mommy ever. She will read all the books, eat healthy, do mama yaga, and constantly update her myspace with that timeline that shows how far along and how many days left.

  371. She will have some conflicts with Jim (dramatic and funny), but they’ll work through them (with the Office staff’s help).

  372. She will be an incredible mother. She’s loving, and she has Jim. Together, they will be amazing parents!

  373. Pam will probably freak out a little bit at first, but Jim will comfort her and get her through it.

  374. Pam will feel like she can’t do anything right with her new born baby. Jim will be very encouraging and loving as usual. Ironically, it will be Michael that says just the right thing to give Pam the strength to be the best mom ever!

  375. Pam will be calm and rational, making sure her healthcare plan covers spontaneous dento hydroplosion.

  376. Pam will have to deal with Michael’s sympathy pains and her expanding waistline with patience and understanding.

  377. By staying as far away from Michael Scott as possible and filling her candy container with her current food craving(s).

  378. Pam and Jim will deny Michael’s many requests to become godfather even going so far to create a fake report from the doctor that says that the baby has allergies to black hair!

  379. Pam will watch Rosemary’s Baby obsessively until Jim threatens to make Dwight the baby’s godfather.

  380. Pam’s already been a mom to Michael Scott, what with monitoring his every move on Free Pretzel Day and helping The Michael Scott Paper Company make its first sale.

    To say that Pam will be a great mom is a total understatement. She’s going to be a super fun mom! I can’t think of anyone better than her and Jim to have a happy family together!

  381. She’s ‘Fancy New Beesly’. She can do anything… (with the help of Jim & lots of mixed berry yogurt.)

  382. If Pam gets Scranton’s Mother of the Year award, she’s a great mother. But I hope for the best future of the baby, Pam moves away to raise the baby in a more sane environment. Hence, I wouldn’t live there. Lol, I do.

  383. She’ll be great – and she’ll have someone to share art projects and crafts with. Yogurt lid medals!

  384. To get an extended maternity leave, Pam will do anything short of asking Michael to be the baby’s godfather.

  385. Pam will consider her baby a precious jewel and be inspired like never before to be more artistic than ever.

  386. Pam will be slightly overwhelmed. Jim will buy her a snuggie and all will be right with the world.

  387. After a contemplative night in the Irrigation Room, Pam will think, “How did Jan handle this?” and do the opposite.

  388. Pam will get into prep mode for her baby and bake (and use the Cupcake Courier) during her nesting stage!

  389. Pam will become number one saleswoman of the year, beating Dwight, then goes on maternity leave giving her clients to Jim.

  390. I can see Pam getting very nervous about this big life change. She may even have some doubts when she is about to give birth and goes into labor. But then when she sees the baby for the first time, she totally falls in love and is really happy. :)

  391. She will embrace it as much as she can, though Michael will try and step in as “Mother” somehow!

  392. Pam will be terrified, and so will Jim but he’ll pretend otherwise. And Dwight will offer his unsolicited expertise regularly.

  393. She handle’s it well except at work were Michael always asking breastfeeding questions and offers to help out during birth.

  394. With class, poise, sarcasm, beet cravings, as much secrecy as possible and new pair of keds!

  395. Pam will good-naturedly suffer through a ridiculous baby shower (that Michael will attend) and a barage of baby name suggestions…

  396. A postpartum freakout drives her to watercoloring madness. Realizing she misses her baby, a new goal emerges, COOLEST DAYCARE MOM.

  397. She will prematurely force countless coloring books and Etch-a-Sketches on the kid, causing it to hate art and run away.

  398. Pam’s pregnancy softens her heart toward her coworkers. Her mission is to genuinely connect with each of them. Hilarity ensues.

  399. Ummmm…. I have a feeling she’s going to get very fat and scared Jim’s going to leave her for Andy or Oscar hahaa

  400. She will be counting the days on her work calendar until she can take maternity leave away from “Uncle Michael”.

  401. With the help of Dwight, Michael and Jim, raising a child that knows how to sell paper, defend himself against bear attacks and look at cameras awkwardly is inevitable.

  402. Extremely moody and sarcastic. Will jump at the chance to beat Michael to the “That’s what she said” line.

  403. Pam will eat chocolate and look on passively as Michael tries to convince her to name the baby Michael Jr.

  404. Pam will be joyful, but exhausted from trying to stop Michael from proving he could be a good godfather.

  405. Pam will try her best to keep her baby’s life private, but Jim will bring all the secrets to The Office.

  406. Though feelings of insecurity may arise, with Jim’s unconditional love, Pam will gain confidence while staying classy and humorous.

  407. I think it is going to be stressful at first, but Pam is going to get used to whatever jokes are going to be said to her by Michael or any other co-worker. I think Jim is going to help out allot, being that Pam is bearing his first child, and I am sure that Jim doesn’t want anyone in the office to make Pam stressful. Let’s hope that the food cravings will be handled, A.S.A.P. and the hormones I hear, make women fussy. Oh, hope i didn’t cross the line… let’s pray that there is no one in the office with a liking for pregnant women…creeepppyyy. Other than that after a few weeks, maybe a month…and… a… half Pam will be able to handle whatever is handed her way.

  408. Afraid her child won’t like her, Pam seeks advice from the other parents in the office. One word: mistake.

  409. Pam will jump into Kevin and be the person that controls him to hide from everyone and their comments.

  410. With awkward pauses, uncomfortable glances from Angela, barbs about breast milk from Kevin and plenty of indifference from Stanley.

  411. By thinking up baby names, pulling pranks on Dwight, and taking some time off to paint, and from Michael.

  412. Pam is quite the trooper, but she will probably hope, and pray, that this child will not come out to be like Michael Scott. She will get plenty of advice, most likely from Dwight too…I almost forgot about him. Maybe they’ll make a little desk for the little one’s arrival! Or “Reception” area with baby sized supplies!!!!!

  413. Pam will make every effort to keep Michael from touching her belly, and then eventually, her baby.

  414. Avoiding Dwight and his pureed beet recipes and how he was feed a diet solely of pureed beets as a baby and he now has super human eye sight..or something.

  415. Pam is going to take up knitting or some sort of hobby to “bond” with her baby. Hormones may get the best of her in one or two episodes, but will glow throughout the season. Jim and Pam will gain weight together, as any father-to-be may do. The talk of the office: her breasts getting larger as the ducts fill with milk. Kevin will smirk and Michael will make jokes. Kelly will be enthusiastic and Dwight will research the human anatomy and will finally figure out what the female vagina looks like.

  416. Pam bemoans her new figure while adjusting to the baby burden, but after birth, the screaming infant recalls life’s miracles.

  417. Pam will be stressed but Jim’s calm demeanor will help her through, though he will be just as stressed.

  418. She will love the baby. Decides she likes another kid in her child’s kindergarten class better, leaving bio baby.

  419. Pam will definitely be stressed and also be hostile towards other co-workers at first. But with the help of Dwight, and she will keep it away from Michael.

  420. It’s Pam. The same way she handled any other obstacle…good or bad…thrown at her during her time at Dunder Mifflin. Handle it like a pro and always know she’ll have the support of Jim right there backing her up!

  421. The baby will strengthen Pam’s relationship with Jim but be a terrifying responsibility chaining her to life at Dunder Mifflin.

  422. Pam and Jim will have a friendly and adorable rivalry over which sex they each want the baby to be.

  423. Having a baby with Jim will keep Pam centered…plus she will make a vow to never wear “mom jeans”!

  424. Michael will make countless fat jokes at Pam’s expense and will most likely attempt to steal her and Jim’s child.

  425. In seeking advice, Michael insists on being godfather, Dwight encourages shunning as discipline, in the end Jim’s all she needs.

  426. To steer clear of Michael, Pam will convince him that her baby will be in Human Resources and takes after Toby.

  427. Pam will be great! She won’t sing ‘Son of a preacher man’ or let Angela take Anne Geddes esque pictures.

  428. Pam will become all sorts of crafty, painting the babies room and creating sweaters like her mom did for her.

  429. FACT – Pam will flip out when she finds out that Jim is sterile and shes giving birth to a deity.

  430. Jim and Pam will want a normal birth but Michael and Dwight will try to assist and instigate an in-office birth.

  431. Pam will be a wonderful mother who will find inner zen in both her family life and her artistic side will blossom.

  432. She will handle it just fine,even with Michael and Dwight bothering her with weird name suggestions and crazy schemes.

  433. Pam will handle things well, right up to the moment Michael offers to be videographer of the event. “HD, Baby!”

  434. Pam will handle it beautifully until Michael kidnaps the baby as ransom so that he’s named

  435. No problem with motherhood. It will be the biggest thing she has ever handled. (That’s what she said!)

  436. Hormone and body changes make her irrationaly paranoid and jealous that Jim will leave her for one of his co-workers.

  437. Well…I know she won’t rent KNOCKED UP for a reference guide. That aside, Pam will do fine.

  438. Since “The Office” tries to “keep it real,” Pam will probably be as nervous but loving as most new mothers.

  439. Obviously Pam will simply need to keep the baby as far away from Michael & Dwight as possible and everything will be just fine.

  440. After reading many parenting books, Pam will try out the different techniques on Michael at the office.

  441. Pam and Angela become friends after Angela lectures Pam on unwed motherhood. Jim blames Pam’s crazy friendship on hormones.

  442. Pam Freaks when michael claims to be real father which causes dna test to be done at work.

  443. While choosing baby names, Pam & Jim play their biggest prank on Dwight, convincing him that he will be the baby’s namesake.

  444. Pam’s only problem will be thinking of a name. But she knows for a fact it will be better than Astird.

  445. Pam regrets getting new chairs when she needs to make copies of her baby shower announcements (which turn out unuseable).

    **not part of entry, but bonus**

    Jim tries hard not to call her on it on the drive to Kinko’s.

  446. Pam will do just fine. She will have to deal with Michael’s bad behavior more than the child’s.

  447. Pam and Jim are intelligent people. They are both considerate and put others first, and they can be kind but also firm.

  448. Pam will take advice from Dwight, and do everything the exact opposite way. No beet stained baby bottles.

  449. Afraid of losing her sales numbers, Pam will refuse to leave the office for the hospital until the last minute.

  450. ***NOT AN ENTRY*** (lest i be disqualified…)

    662 entries?!?! Looks like Jenna’s got something to read on set.

  451. She will turn to Jan for advice. She will start making scented candles and play Hunter’s music to calm her down.

  452. Pam will be hounded by angela who continuously tells pam she is doing everything wrong! Jim will be blissfully supportive!

  453. Pam will feel overwhelmed when Michael tries to teach it to say “That’s what she said!” and do Baby Parkour.

  454. Pam and Jim will be a great parents, as long as they don’t let anyone from the office babysit.

  455. The only thing that will really make her be a good mom is by giving Kathy A Bobblehead…It”s true

  456. Pam will lock Michael and Dwight in a closet to stop them from filming the birth and stealing the placenta.

  457. Pam will realize that the years she’s spent dealing with Michael have more than prepared her for a baby!

  458. The old Pam will return; nervous and meek. Then she’ll rebound to the new Pam, the mother of Jim’s dreams.

  459. Pam will hire a babysitter and tell him/her- take care of the baby and keep it away from Dwight!

  460. Pam will make a considerable attempt to follow all of the advice from her “how to” baby books and become stressed.

  461. Reluctant to hearing advice from the others, Pam will over exaggerate every feeling and emotion to irritate everyone to silence!

  462. She will try to keep michael away from the delivery room because he already has his permanent marker ready to initial the baby MGS

  463. Dwight brings in a tupperware with Beet Salad Pam gets a craving for beets. Dwight and Pam become best friends.

  464. Pam develops an aversion to cannoli and cottonballs during Michael’s “I am your Godfather” phase. Upside: free cannoli for Jim.

  465. Though bombarded with her coworkers overbearing opinions, Pam will handle motherhood with ease and grace. Until Jan stops by.

  466. Pam’s uncomfortable with kids. She’ll be lost and feel like a failure, just like every other “real” mom on earth.

  467. Pam will keep one of those portable cupcake containers at her desk for those yummy low-cal cupcake cravings!

  468. I am so excited! Can we do this again for the Jim bobble head?? That would be so cool.

  469. Congrats to all winners, @NotABadDay, I was glad to see you won, I had yours on my top 10 list. Jenna must have been busy busy reading almost 700 entries.

  470. If I can’t win this bobblehead, then what’s this all been about? What am I working toward?

    I begrudgingly congratulate the winners.

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