1. As if seeing Conan wasn’t awesome enough! I would have completely freaked out if I had been there!

  2. Ditto Alison! Tickets were impossible to get, but had I known about the special guests, I would have happily paid a scalper to be there.

  3. I saw Conan in Chicago and Tim Meadows was his lever-puller-helper. OMG, if I had seen John AND Conan I would have gone completely insane. My head would have spun around and exploded. Did you guys hear that one guy shout “marionette!”? Too funny! John and Conan have such a good banter. I have too much love for these fellas!

  4. Love John’s hair!!! And I miss Conan so much. I cannot wait until his show starts on TBS. That clip was hilarious!

  5. OMG! Conan PLUS John Krasinski PLUS my favorite Walker Texas Ranger clip EVER?!?!? My head would have surely exploded.

    I tried to get Conan tickets as soon as the stop near me was announced and it was sold out right away. Oh well. Looking forward to his new show!

  6. Wow I was in NYC on Monday. I missed accidentally walking into him on the streets by one day! Due to the heat I probably would have fainted if I actually saw him.

  7. OMG, too much awesomeness!! I always love it when John is with Conan, they have this special bond together & if I was there I would have died from screaming!!!

  8. I was there! It was amazing. John was hilarious and the audience’s reception was great.

  9. Oh mix up! I was actually there tonight but he came back. He did Walker Texas Ranger lever but for a different clip. He also did the marionette thing and made a couple different jokes. It was great.

  10. Ah, @Annie, I will be jealous of you forever! :) I’m so glad BOTH of those were caught on film!

  11. My gosh, he is so freaking adorable. I really can’t say more because I am squeeing.

  12. literally all i need in this world to be happy is conan and john krasinski. so freakin precious, love them! thanks for the clip!

  13. I heard about this and was so jealous … until I saw Conan and Ed Helms was his surprise guest! Ed was great, he came out and sang a tune, everybody loved him (as they should!) Not JKras level of squeeing but I’ll take my Ed Helms, lol.

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