John Krasinski live chat on Friday

This just in from OT reader Sam:

Hey, just wanted to let you know that John Krasinski will be participating in a live chat with office fans and emmy-predicting enthusiasts on the Goldderby Forum (an emmy discussion site) on Friday at 2 pm eastern. Lisa Kudrow and Lauren Graham have already participated. It’s free to register and join the site, though Tom O’Neil (the LA Times reporter who will be hosting the chat) mentioned that he may boot people from the chat who have very recently joined the site. He wants longtime goldderby participators to be able to chat with Krasinski. Anyway, just a heads up! Come chat with Jim!

To register, click here.

Thanks, Sam, for the tip!


  1. I just registered. Hopefully we’ll beable to participate, but just watching the chat will be cool…. *starts thinking of a cool and interesting question to ask John*

  2. The transcript of the chat will be available on the goldderby website for anyone to read.

  3. Well if anyone is planning on watching this could they transcribe the conversation?!? It would be much appreciated that way we would all have time to read over it later if we can’t the day of the chat.

  4. I just registered – so hopefully I won’t get booted! I understand the reason, but seems sort of contrary to getting more people to join up and stay around…

  5. i just signed up, i really hope i dont get booted…. that would be a huge waste and it would be so cool to chat with John. I can’t wait!

  6. I just registered too. It looks like the Lauren Graham chat was chaos and that she got booted & couldn’t get back in. I doubt the John one will be that bad & the comment made about booting newbies seemed aimed more at that chat. I’ve heard Gilmore Girl fanatics are crazy! I am looking forward to chatting with John & other Office fans Friday.

  7. I’ve heard Gilmore Girl fanatics are crazy!

    And John Krasinski fans aren’t? ;)

  8. Question: do you have to be registered to read the transcript or can anyone read it? I will not be able to chat but i would like to read the transcript. To all of you who get to chat: lucky!

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I’d like to think that we are fairly well behaved as a community so it should be a fun time! :)

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