1. Excellent work, sir!

    It would be super-cool if he could do a Q & A (not that he has loads of free time or anything, but one can dream).

  2. Tanster – Any chance we could get a Q & A with John about his directorial debut? That would be so awesome!

  3. Just yet another photo where my first thought is how jealous I am of Jen Celotta’s life.

  4. I love the behind the scenes stuff, too. Thank you. I think John did an amazing job with direction, as did Jen with the writing. They should team up more often. And by more often, I mean a lot more often. :)

  5. Pretty pretty please, can you use your Tan-monster powers to get a Q&A with John about his Office directorial debut?

  6. Does this mean John has directed Christian Slater? Also, love that Jim is already making terrible dad jokes. Infant-ry.

  7. Awww, it made me smile to see these pics of John directing “Sabre”. He did a fantastic job and this was one of the best episodes this season.

    (It would’ve been nice to see some pics of Steve directing “Broke” last season but oh well. No use in complaining. LOL!)

    I really hope a Q&A can come about from this. Is it too early to suggest wanting to see him one day write an episode? :-)

  8. I wish there was behind the scenes video too! I hope they do a commentary for this episode on the DVD!

    Man, I would give anything for a Q & A with John on this one! Please John?? Pretty please??

  9. Aww, he looks so happy! Are those his actual clothes or Jim clothes??? He did such a great job with this episode, I’m not sure whether to give him the credit or Jen for writing it… tough choice (ponders Kevin style). And yes, I agree with all of you, a John Q&A would be great!

    My question to him: Has he ever considered writing an episode of the show?

    He certainly has experience with Brief Interviews With Hideous Men!

  10. @15 I’m pretty sure he was just dressed like Jim while he was directing…lol.
    I agree, I think he did a fantastic job and I was very excited to see some JAM moments, even though I would like to see more!

  11. to those wondering about john’s clothes… remember, he was IN the episode. he was in costume. directors who are in episodes (or movies) are the main director, but the assistant takes over a lot of the duties while the actor is… uh, acting. and interestingly enough, when the directors are acting, they actually say “action” in front of the camera.

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