Got a ‘Sabre’ question for Jen or John?

I’m so excited that Jen Celotta (update: AND John Krasinski!) have agreed to answer your questions about last night’s episode, Sabre!

Jen’s script. John’s directorial debut on The Office. Kathy Bates and Christian Slater guest star. Greg Daniels’ son returns. David Wallace leaves Sanity Island.

So much to talk about. :)

If you have a question about ‘Sabre,’ please post it in a comment below.

This post will close at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

P.S. We’ve got quite a few duplicate questions now. Before posting yours, make sure it hasn’t already been asked. Thanks!


  1. Awesome ep! Nice job, Jenn. Silly question but was the IT person the same guy from Job Fair who Pam talks to about graphic design?

  2. When will you have the chance to play a character, Jen? Haven’t they worked out someone in the Schrute family for you to play?

  3. I’m curious, is David Wallace having a mid-life crisis or is he genuinely happy and wanting to really start on his new idea, The Suck It?

  4. Is the Office gang really going to go along with the new company’s rules or will we see a big rebellion?

  5. Kathy Bates and Christian Slater tend to play “dark” characters. Were these two casted based on this? I thought it was a perfect fit for a takeover by an unknown corporation.

  6. I really enjoyed the Andy/Erin duet even though it was sparse. I wonder, are we going to see them sing together again?

  7. How did you come up with the idea of Jim walking up on that guy in the bathroom? It was hilarious!
    And how did you feel about John being the director for this episode?

  8. Was the “Maybe you’re not as charming as you think you are.” comment a little dig at those fans who’ve complained that Jim and Pam have seemed less relatable this season?

  9. Back in the episode “Money”, Dwight reads “Harry Potter” to Jim, Pam, and Mose and I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between Jo and Professor Umbridge – seemingly really sweet but rules with an iron fist. Could be purely coincidental of course, but are the writers Harry Potter fans??

  10. Hi Jen,

    Awesome episode, one of my instant favorites! Here’s my question. Will we be able to see video footage of John Krasinski directing? Maybe on the DVD extras? Please?

  11. Great episode! Did you know who was going to play Sabre’s ceo or did you have Kathy Bates in mind when writing this episode?

  12. The episode really nailed the experience of what happens during a corporate buyout. Have you been through that in your own worklife, or did you talk to people who had?

  13. Amazing job, per usual! First off, what do rainbows really taste like? Second, was the scene with the orange juice and eco-metal jugs in the script or improvised when Michael says how it tastes “metalicky” and that it “really gets you in the fillings”? Because that was brilliant! Also, IT guy from Sabre is the guy from the job fair/art school, right? Please tell us that there will be a deleted scene with him and Pam :)

  14. I was wondering if we were going to see a lot more interaction between Jim and Pam during her pregnancy? Sabre was the first time in awhile that we really got to see one on one with Jim and Pam, and I think the fans miss that intimate interaction!

  15. In the past, The Office has avoided casting big name celebrities as guest stars to keep up with the tone of the show. Was this considered when casting Kathy Bates?

  16. Same as #17. Wanted to know if there were any mishaps with the scissors. I was cringing along with Pam.
    Very funny. Loved David Wallace.

  17. Hi Jen,

    There was a moment when the day care manager told Jim and Pam that they aren’t as charming as they think they are. Was there any subtext that should be inferred from this line? Given the opinions of declining quality of the show in the post-Jam period, it seems as if this may have been directly addressing that.


  18. I also wondered about Kathy Bates’ casting considering what the show has said about big names in the past.

    My question is: Why didn’t Michael stress that, because his branch is actually doing well, they shouldn’t have to change? He kept saying that the people don’t like change because they’ve been doing it forever, yet Michael’s always itching to brag about how awesome the Scranton branch is. He even says in the episode that Scranton was the only thing about the company that was doing well. So, why didn’t he use that in his arguments against Kathy Bates?

  19. Jen, Many fans of the office are also fans of Conan O’Brien. As I’m sure you’re aware, many of them have taken upon themselves to protest NBC’s decision to ‘railroad’ Conan by refusing to watch anything on NBC. Given that Conan was a friend of the show, how has the staff of The Office taken this into consideration? How do you feel you can win back these fans?

  20. Who wrote the Sabre song to Party in the USA and how did you decide to write it to that song? It was hysterical!

  21. I noticed that Pam’s painting is back in its original spot, and it looks like it’s back to normal. (That made me happy to see, but somewhat confused, lol) Is there going to be any mention of this in a deleted scene or a DVD extra?

    Great episode! :)

  22. Leading up to, and including this episode, how conscious was the decision to move the Andy/Erin storyline as much as it was? How does the speed of the other arcs forming in this season relate to the speed of the Andy Erin tension.
    Thanks for another great episode.

  23. The scene in David’s house with the drums going gave the conversation between David, Michael, and his wife and interesting vibe and rhythm, more than the absurdity of David’s whole situation. Was that intentional?

  24. It’s becoming increasingly clear that a number of people who work at Dunder Mifflin end up losing touch with reality. Jan went completely crazy, Ryan is playing villain with Dwight when he’s not being another person entirely, and now we can add poor David Wallace to the list. Even Jim and Pam are slowly becoming more and more socially awkward, which is painfully evident in “Sabre”.

    Is this character degeneration an intentional/big picture kind of thing, or just a coincidence?

  25. Did Andy Buckley come up with the “Voop” sound for his SuckIt/ShopVac? He was very consistent with it!

    Loved the episode!

  26. Oops! Someone already asked the question I had…about Pam’s watercolor painting being back on the wall after Erin damaged it while cleaning it. It looks fine now! Were these episodes filmed out of sequence, or did you think we wouldn’t notice? ;)

  27. Who wrote the Andy/Erin Sabre welcome song? It was awesome.
    How did Ed Helms finally get himself in to the opening credits?

  28. In Sabre, Pam excitedly notices that the daycare has finger painting. I know she was just happy about the quality of the daycare center, but it made me wonder: Will Pam’s artistic desires ever resurface?

  29. Hi Jen. Is the Scranton branch now the only thing left of Dunder Mifflin. Were the other branches bought too or did they all get closed?

  30. looks like the questions i had have been asked: about the IT guy being the same person from “job fair”, and about the whole “scissor me” thing… so i’ll throw in a new question:

    how tall is that gabe guy?! he looks taller than john and rainn, who are 6’3

  31. I know I would hate to see Pam out of the office for more than 1-2 episodes after the baby is born. What do you plan on doing after she has the baby?

  32. Does Ed Helms’ appearance in the opening credits mean he has achieved main character status?!

  33. Hey, Jen! The episode was awesome; I laughed out loud multiple times. Here’s my question: What was it like working with John, who’s a cast member, as a director as opposed to someone who comes in outside of the show to direct? Thanks!

  34. John did a superb job directing this episode. What was your experience like working with him in this role?

  35. Hey Jen! This was a FANTASTIC episode! I absolutely LOVE “JAM” and had been missing some interaction/sweet moments..I hope to see MORE in the future…they’re the BEST!! ALL around AWESOME episode!! :)

  36. Was the abrupt cut off of Michael’s “suck balls” intentional for comedic purposes or did NBC require it be trimmed at the last minute for censorship reasons?

    [from tanster: ooooh. excellent question!]

  37. I loved the mispronounciation of Sabre. How did that idea come about?

    Also, the bit with Dwight trying to figure out where to put the tray of hot dogs only to put it on the floor – was that in the script or was that completely Rainn’s idea?

  38. How do you decide who writes what episode?

    Was this line about Jim & Pam “maybe you two just aren’t as charming as you think you are,” a subtle dig at the JAM haters?

  39. Was that smash cut before Michael says “balls” inspired by the finale of the Sopranos? And how did Andy Buckley react when he was told that his character would be going through a crisis?

  40. It would be awesome to see something on the DVD about John’s first time directing on the show. Would that be something you guys would consider? I know a lot of people are interested to see how an actor copes with directing his friends as well as having to direct himself.

  41. Were there any scenes that were tough to film, due to the actors breaking character from laughter? (For instance, the Andy and Erin song, or the awkward bathroom scene?)

  42. Will we be seeing more of Gabe in the future? If so, will he take on the roles played by Jan, Ryan, and Charles?

  43. Was the Sabre video written with Christian Slater in mind? Was there another actor you wanted or was it just written as ‘big star cameo’?

  44. Loving the Western New York themed episodes this season. First we get an episode set and filmed in Niagara Falls and now you named a company after our hockey team. Thank you! Is there a chance you came up with the name ‘Sabre’ while researching the area for the wedding episode, or is it just a coincidence?

  45. What can you tell us about the kid playing the drums?

    Also, David Wallace’s condition hit home with me. I spent 5 weeks unemployed last year and I don’t think I fared much better… :( Good job!

  46. Okay…WHAT was with Michael keeping his t-shirt on in the hot tub?

    How did you land on Christian Slater as the Sabre spokesman? It was entirely based on the voice, wasn’t it?

  47. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for agreeing to answer questions. The plotline of Dwight trying to sabotage Jim seems to be abandoned, will it be played out in upcoming episodes? Also, what happened to the character of Charles, was he also fired?

  48. Hi Jen! I LOVED this one. Definitely one of my favorites of the season.

    How much of the Jim and Pam stuff was scripted and how much came out through the process of directing? There was so much communication between Jim and Pam that didn’t involve a whole lot of talking, like little nods and looks. Not to start a fight or anything, but should the credit for those amazing scenes be to you or John? :)

  49. OMG! How in the WORLD did Steve avoid slicing his hand open when he was catching those flying scissors? Or getting poked in the eye? Or any other of the ridiculously dangerous things that can happen when you chuck scissors at a person’s head area?

    Loved the episode! One of the funniest I’ve seen so far this season. (But really, they’re all funny.)

  50. I know that the man who played the daycare worker was also in Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. Did John have anything to do with this casting?

    How much pull does the director usually have in regards to casting and bigger decisions such as that?

  51. Who came up with the line “have you ever tasted a rainbow?” It’s such a hilariously nonsensical sentence. Were there any alternate lines that were pitched or used in different takes?

  52. Great episode, Jen. You’re one of my favorite show writers. Just a few things. First, could you high five Ed for getting into the opening credits for me? Very cool. Second, will we get an answer as to whether or not the Halpert baby gets into the daycare? And last, can we expect to see Kathy Bates again or will Michael give in and play nice to the new company’s rules? Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!

  53. Having worked on both external and internal communication roles through two corporate mergers, I can tell you there is a lot of rich, untapped humor in those situations.

    How many episodes are going to feature the discomfort associated with resistance to change?

    I loved this episode!

  54. 1) As a fan, I always think it is great when e.g. Steve C. writes an episode or, in this case, JKras directs. Anything interesting you can share about the experience? Was the Christian Slater video done ahead of time or did JKras direct that as well?

    2) Having lived through several mergers, I was pleased with how well done the episode was. Did any of the writers have experience going through this?

  55. Hi Jen! First let me say that I loved this episode-there were so many awesome lines and moments.

    Whose car did Michael hit when he threw the Sabre water bottle?

  56. Awesome episode, Jen!

    1. How did you feel about John directing your episode?

    2. How far along was Pam? How did Jenna feel about that baby bump? (wow)

    3. Was Greg Daniels’ son nervous to play the drums? He looked like it was second nature :)

  57. Hello Jen!
    I loved this epiosode!!!!!

    How did you come up with the idea of the name Sabre

  58. Jim and Pam’s witty banter and interaction has always been such a highlight of this show, and it was great to see them back in the spotlight with their storyline this week. With Pam’s pregnancy in the forefront, has it been a conscious decision on the part of the show to have Jim and Pam more in the background since the wedding?

  59. Do we know if David Wallace will have any more appearances in The Office? Or is it over for him?

  60. This episode was great! I love all the new material we have been seeing! David Wallace’s character was awesome! Whose idea was the throwing of the scissors? that was hilarious!!

    oh, and are we going to see more of Dwight’s diabolical plan?

  61. Darn, I guess it wasn’t the 69th comment!

    Well I loved this episode, and here is my question:

    Knowing that the show is filmed in a documentary style with a few cameramen present within the setting of the show (possibly even a few small film crews), is there a conscious effort to keep that in mind when writing for the show, or is it an after-thought?

    I’ve always wondered this, because it is a really awesome and unique style of filming a show, but sometimes it seems like the audience has a more omnipresent view, rather than what the documentary filmmakers get to see.

  62. I just wanted to say this was my favorite episode this season besides Niagara, of course. Just the right amount of plot and predictable craziness!

    My question: since John Krasinski has ventured into the world of writing and directing movies (primarily Brief Interviews With Hideous Men), has he ever considered writing one of the episodes of the Office?

    Thanks Jen for taking the time to answer all of our questions, this really was one of my favorite episodes, you and John made a great team!

  63. Will the Dunder-Mifflin, Sabre merger be a long term thing or will it not last very long like the Michael Scott Paper Company did?

  64. Hey Jen! I actually have to say that you are my favorite Office writer. Truthfully.
    Best episode of the season in my opinion.

    Question! I was curious who wrote the parody of ‘Party In The USA’? I know Ed is really creative about that kind of stuff. I didn’t know if it was him or the writers. Pure brilliance.

  65. Hi Jen. Just curious, did Sabre take over all the branches (Utica, Nassua) or just Scranton?

  66. Michael’s comment of a creature being in David’s body seemed appropriate when you see Michael a little terrified trying to back out of the driveway and David keep walking after him as, say, a monster would in a movie. Intentional or just coincidence?

  67. Hi Jen,

    I loved this episode so much – of all the hilarious moments, I think Jim’s Christian Slater impression might be my favorite. Who came up with that slice of genius?


  68. How do you stay current and up to date of the day to day life of office workers? Do you read, observe or have subject matter experts that you consult? It seems that you’re really clued into office life as evidenced by the hilarious and ridiculously vague Sabre introduction video, and the many small irritating changes that come about as the result of a merger.

    I loved this episode by the way: it was so funny and real.

  69. Hey Jen,
    I loved this episode, it was brillant! I just had one question; What was up with Pam’s painting? Wasn’t it ruined?

  70. What was the decision behind the named “Sabre”. Some of my friends are fencers and were sort of confused by the name.

  71. John! Great job directing. Question from fellow Bostonian.

    What was it like directing Kathy Bates? Is there any chance we’ll see some further directing from you in the future on the show?

  72. Hey Jen and John!
    Jen, what was it like working with John behind the camera?
    John, are you planning on directing more episodes? This one was fantastic!

  73. John my question for you is, what was it like directing and acting? Was it harder to focus while acting for this episode? Congrats on a job well done for your Office directorial debut.

  74. Dear John,

    I remember back when BJ directed some webisodes the cast complained that he was using the megaphone in a small space and it was WAY too loud. My question is; Was it hard to direct your first office episode? Did you make any mistakes initially? Did you figure out how to correct them? Great job on the new episode, my favorite part is your response to the Sabre Introduction Video.

    From Nat

  75. Hey John! Fantastic work on the show all around last night. Now that you’ve directed movie and television, how do they compare? And once your week was finished was it more of a sigh of a relief or did it just give you the itch to do more? Thanks!

  76. How much of the scenes between David Wallace and Michael were improvised, and how much followed the script? They were brilliant.

  77. for john,

    How was it directing while also being in the episode, and how much freedom is allowed for the staff to go off the script with their lines to see what works best?


  78. John,
    How did directing go for you? Do you plan on directing any more episodes? What were some of the directorial liberties you took with this episode? How does directing relate to the improvisation done on the show? On that note, did it feel strange to direct your cast peers?
    Thanks! :)

    Did you have any personal inspirations for David’s unemployment strangeness? Everything about his scenes were a perfect comedic characterization of pretty much every unemployed person I know right now, and they all found it hilarious.

    John and Jen, great episode, one of my favorite of the season. Keep it going, this show is what gets me through the week at college!

  79. Hey John! Congratulations on the episode last night! It was fantastic! What was it like being in charge of everyone? Did you have any challenges? Thank you so much and keep up the good work! :)

  80. John, what was it like directing the people who have been your co-workers for five years now – particularly Steve Carell? Was there any initial discomfort? Were you on the receiving end of any good-natured ribbing?

    Thanks so much for answering our questions!

  81. Hi Jen! Hi John!
    John – I assume you had to direct Kathy Bates as well? How was that? Her character seems a bit aggressive, but spot on for a southern woman.

    Jen – Gotta say I personally LOVED David Wallace’s craziness. It seemed like you could tell more that David and Michael are very similar, did you mean to make it seem that way?

    Amazing episode!

  82. Hey John! How was the “negotiation” for you to direct this episode? Did the producers approach you offering the job, or did you ask them to do it?

  83. John,
    I know you’ve already dabbled in directing, but what was it like transitioning to behind the camera on The Office, specifically?

  84. John, what was more challenging for you, directing your cast mates or directing the guests actors/actresses, new cast members? Why?

  85. Jen: Your episodes are always great, but I’d love to see you on the show. Do you still want to be a Schrute? You’re a writer; make it happen!

    John: Now that you’ve done it, what do you think is the most important thing a director can bring to an Office episode?

  86. Jen, while I am a super fan of The Office in general, in the episodes you are credited with writing the characters voices seem to be extra real and genuine to who I think they are. Michael and Jim and Pam were particularly believable and vulnerable in Sabre. How conscious are you of this when you write an episode?

    Drug Testing is still my all time favourite episode – thank you.

  87. John: It seems like there were a lot of on-locations spots for this episode. As it was your Office directorial debut, how was it working on each location? Any difficulties in any, such as dealing with the kids in the background at the daycare?

    Jen: I love David Wallace in this. Andy did a fantastic job. And once again, one of your episodes has singing in it. How did the tag come about?

  88. John, you’re incredible! The episode was amazing. You should be so proud of yourself!

    If there was one episode from past seasons that you could have directed which one would it be?

  89. Great episode!I’ve got two quick questions…The scene with erin throwing the scissors at michael twice. I’m guessing they used some kind of soft prop scissors? and the other question was when they show the new IT guy for a split second…is that the same guy from the end of season 4 that pam signs up for graphic design in the job fair episode?

  90. Hi John! Thanks for answering questions by great demand! I noticed this episode had a “flashback” scene with Andy/Erin and the drumline, and also the Sabre corporate video was done in the style of the sexual harassment video from past seasons. What special touches do you feel that you were able to bring to this episode by directing? Any trademark moves you’ve picked up from your past experience with film?

  91. John, now that you’ve directed your first ever Office episode (fantastic job, by the way), have you considered writing an episode as well? How about writing AND directing the same episode?

  92. How is it that The Office is able to be so consistent with the actors who play minor characters? I’m referring to people such as David Wallace’s wife and son, the other branch managers, Billy Merchant, Jim’s brothers, Stanley’s wife, among others. Other TV shows are never consistent with such inconsequential characters, especially when the characters’ appearances are sporadic and spread out over years. What makes The Office care so much about actor consistency?

  93. I have a question for each of you!

    John: I found that this episode had a very strong season 2 vibe, and I think the direction was a huge part of it. Was it just a coincidence or did you have a season 2 vision for this script?

    Jen: How did the interview at the daycare go?! I was hoping for some kind of resolution in the tag!

    Thanks, folks!

  94. We are seeing an interesting bit of the Jim character: smooth when he doesn’t care about impressions of others, easily flustered when he does care under pressure. Any hint where that is going?

  95. There was a small moment when Michael was backing out of Wallace’s driveway and Wallace was following him out. Wallace’s mannerism was both so hilarious and creepy. Was that a director’s decision for Wallace to be so creepy or was that in the script?

  96. Great ep, loved it. That corporate video could have come straight from my companies archives!

    Jen – how did you convince Andy to do a topless spa scene, knowing he would get a truckload of grief from his real work colleagues?
    John – who were the worst hazers on your first day as one of the suits?

  97. Great job, you guys! Loved the episode. I have two questions for John:

    1. Did anyone try to give you a hard time while directing, sort of as an initiation of sorts?
    2. Which scene took the longest to shoot in terms of people breaking character to smile/laugh?

  98. Wow, I always find it amazing that people wish to spend the time to answer questions from fans, so I thank you for that :)

    Anyways, John, how was it planned to show a flustered and rather insecure Jim? I mean, it’s a side of him that hasn’t really been seen. Is it to make him more believable? Show that he isn’t perfect? And… was there any more daycare scenes (just curious)?

  99. First of all, great episode! It was the funniest one of season 6 so far.
    John- What was it like directing your co-workers?
    Jen- Did you write the cold open or did that come from the writers room?

  100. John, why did it take so long for you direct an episode? Had you been approached or did you ask to direct one in previous seasons and it just didn’t work out until now?

  101. Hey John! The episode was fantastic, my favorite! What were some similarities and differences between directing The Office and directing Brief Interviews With Hideous Men? Did you find one more difficult than the other? Congratulations, by the way! You are amazing in all that you do!

  102. This is a random question but where did you guys get the marshmallow Fluff for the scene in David Wallace’s house? I live north of Boston and know it’s made there. I also know that when I lived out in LA this past fall I couldn’t find it anywhere!

  103. John – Just finished watching some old seasons bloopers and can’t help notice how much you & Rainn break during scenes (not that it’s a bad thing) – but from a director’s viewpoint – how long does it take to actually get a typical scene from start to finish?

  104. Great job! Was it hard directing anybody in the cast? Specifically, Steve carell since he makes you laugh. Also, is directing something you see yourself doing more than acting?

  105. Hey there!
    Jen it made my day to see David Wallace making a fluffernutter sandwich and the inclusion of the two songs were stupendous: Andy and Erin with Sabre then David Wallace and his son with Suck It! Thank you! Do you write all of the guitar chords and music yourself or do you ask the actors for creative input?

    John! Great job directing! When are you scheduled to direct again? Also, I’m not really sure what the right question is but if I wanted to see Brief Interviews with Hideous Men how would you suggest I go about doing that?

  106. This is so nice of them to answer questions from fans! I loved the episode, it was hilarious as usual!

    My question for Jen is: When the actors improv, do the writers or directors just go with what they do, or do they edit what they say to make it fit the scene a little better? I’m not sure if there was any improv in last night’s show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was!

    And for John: First off, I’m a huge fan! Great job on directing! My question is, since you and Jenna have been playing Jim and Pam for so long, did you really need to do all that much directing for your scenes, or is it just so natural with you two that now you can improv a lot of it with the faces you give each other, etc?

    Thank you!

  107. Was it intentional that Wallace came acrossed as the depressed version of Michael Scott? Or am I goofy?

  108. Oh, I just checked back and I have a question for John, too – sorry for the two comments.

    Hi John,

    First of all, fantastic job! Office directing is obviously another of your fortes. One quick question – did directing an episode change your perspective on Jim at all, and/or the way you play him?


  109. Hi Jen & John – thank you so much for answering our questions! I have a question for each of you:

    Jen – thank you for writing such a fabulous episode! I loved the scene where Pam asks the daycare manager flat out about Jim seeing him in the bathroom. How did you decide that that was how she would handle the situation, just dealing with the awkwardness? Also, how old are Jim and Pam now? Not that age necesarily matters, but they seem more mature and it’s a nice development.

    John – first, congratulations on directing your first Office episode – how exciting! How much of a role did you play in the editing process? There was a lot going on in the episode but it didn’t feel rushed. I think I speak for all the Tallyheads in saying we’re really proud of you!

  110. Hi John! My question is was it easier to direct this time around since you had experience on ‘Brief Interviews’?[by the way I saw it,and it blew my mind-in a good way :)]

  111. The Sabre CEO actually scared me! Was that the intention? What can we expect from Jo Bennett? Also, I’m sure I could tell from the episode, but did Jim and Pam ultimately fair well in their quest for above average preschooling? I really loved the episode! Congratulations to John for his first directing credit on the Office!

  112. John, which actor gave you the most grief during your time behind the camera? What did he/she do?

  113. John,
    Being so much different than the way ‘traditional’ movies are shot, how did you approach the signature, shaky ‘documentary-style’ camera work of The Office? Were the quick zooms and cuts written into the script, or did you–as a director–get to decide where and how you wanted them to play out on camera?

    Also, the tag at the end with David Wallace and his son rocking out to the “Suck It” theme song was brilliant. Was that scripted or improvised?

  114. Hey guys! Thanks so much for answering our questions! I’m visiting the set in early April and am so looking forward to it!

    For Jen: Was “I’ve got a big box, yes I do!” your idea? How did you come up with that scene? I thought it was fantastic.

    For John: What was your favorite scene to direct? Did you like directing scenes you were in better or scenes in which you didn’t appear?

    Thanks! :)

  115. Hi John and Jen —

    Great episode. Just went through a buyout at my office, and this captured that experience very well.

    Question for John – As the director, did you find it more or less difficult to keep a straight face during filming, as opposed to when you’re acting in the scene?

    And Jen – Has Michael lost all respect for David Wallace now, and does that mean we won’t be seeing Andy Buckley anymore? (Hope not.)


  116. A writing question: First, I loved the daycare scene because of the layered awkwardness of the situation, and how true it rang from our experiences in looking for schools for our kids. I’m curious if the name of the daycare had anything to do with the nature of what was occuring when Jim walked in on the daycare administrator, and was this in itself a joke or coincidence?

  117. Hi Jen and John,
    Thanks to each of you for being more aware of the need for continuity in the writing and bringing more of the documentary style in the directing. Was it a conscious decision to key on that? Is the lack of or presence of ‘smiles’ between Jim and Pam the decision of the writer, director or the actors? (Whatever it was, we’re SO glad JAM’s back!)

    John, what was your preparation process for directing and how long did you have to prepare? Did you get the script early and were you excited to have the challenge of a variety of scenes to shoot? Michael backing out of DW’s drive was so inventive! I was expecting him to hit a tree, however!

    John, you make it all look so easy, so you must be very talented and work very hard. Thank you so much!

  118. Any chance of Kathy Bates making a trip to Scranton? I’d love to see her interact with characters like Dwight and Angela.

    And for JKras: Congrats on directing your first episode and thanks for all your work on the show! It’s been a true pleasure to watch and I hope it continues for a long time to come. You and Jenna have made Jim/Pam one of the greatest tv couples of all time…but when are we finally getting a Jim bobblehead?!

    God bless

  119. Did you guys write/direct the Sabre corporate video as well? If so, did you subject yourselves to watching some real examples?

    John – Did directing mean putting in significantly more prep time than usual or do you just kind of roll with it?


  120. Having become addicted to the Office blooper reels, I’m wondering if the cast and crew took the opportunity to mess with John at all. Any hazing or good natured mutiny to report?

  121. John, what would you say was the most challenging part of directing yourself as an actor in the episode? Was it a different challenge doing it with comedy as opposed to your previous experience with directing and starring in a drama?

    Jen, I’ve been through my fair share of corporate mergers, and this episode was spot on. Were you drawing from personal experience? Also, I want to add the I love the slow transition of Jim becoming more and more like Michael. It has been amazingly consistent over the years.

    Thank you both for your time.

  122. Great episode, Jen & John!

    For Jen: The drumming scenes were awesome! Was it written in the script for Wallace’s son to play the drums or was that a talent the actor already had that later was incorporated into the script? He was great! And it was fun to see him on the show again.

    For John: I really loved the daycare scene with Joey Slotnick and remembered him from “Brief Interviews.” Did you play any part in the casting and, if so, did you have him in mind for the role? Otherwise, how did he get the part?

  123. 1) Was the child who played Wallace’s son really playing the drums!?
    2) Did you have to get permission to use Party in the USA?
    3) Was the comment “maybe you’re not as charming as you think you are” a nod to the change in Jim and Pam this season?

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