John Krasinski in People’s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ issue


Joining [Chris] Evans in the Hottest Bachelor issue are two more brainy Boston-bred cuties, “The Office” star, John Krasinski and “Wildfire” actor, Ryan Sypek. Because of their impressive education, both Newton homey Krasinski and Wayland native Sypek score a spot on the mag’s “Smarthrobs” list.

Smarthrob sounds like a … oh never mind. ;)

I can’t find any mention of John on’s Hottest Bachelor sneak peak page. I guess we’ll have to wait until the issue is available on newsstands. Which is tomorrow, June 15th …

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  1. We got shafted. No Krasinski photos yet? Oh well…guess I’ll be buying a People magazine tomorrow (or waiting for Tanster to post it). ;)

  2. Why can’t my People magazine get here now? :( I’m especially antsy now that I know John is in it, though there was never even a question as to whether he would (or should.)

  3. I was pretty sure John would be in it when I went on People yesterday, and saw the cover of it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  4. Doesn’t surprise me at all! He IS the hottest bachelor. Now I just have to wait until Sat. to get my People magazine.

  5. was there ever any doubt? ;)

    “People” obviously loves him. I have a feeling he’ll be in this issue, and hottest funny guys, and most beautiful, etc., for a long time.

  6. People’s on stands here in NYC & I checked it out. John is NOT featured as one of the main bachelors (so no interview, etc) What they did is have these sections where 1 person is the main focus – Hiro from Heroes is the real “smarthrob” – and then have 1 page of 25 highschool yearbook sized pictures of other smart guys. Both John & Ed Helms are shown on that page in smarthrobs & BJ Novak is on the same type page in the funny guys section. So great showing for office boys overall! :)

  7. No problem! I was pretty happy to see so many office boys get shout-outs! Although, the Boston Herald shouldn’t have neglected their other Boston boy (BJ) in their report!

  8. Matthew McConaghey got the cover?! That is a weird editorial choice. No one really cares about him the way people are obsessed with Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck; he’s just BORING.

    I wouldn’t have cared if JK was ousted by someone like Jake Gyllenhaal or Johnny Depp, but having Matt McConaughey beat out 50 or so other guys is just an embarrassment.

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