John Krasinski chat transcript

Well here you go — I rearranged the conversation so that each question would immediately precede the answer. If I omitted anything, please let me know …

Thanks to flotsette for supplying me with all of the parts I missed when I was briefly booted out of the room!

FYI: Tom O’Neil is the organizer of the chat. JK, of course, refers to John Krasinski, although it was his publicist, Rebecca, who was actually typing the answers since John was unable to actually attend the chat. (He was talking to Rebecca via phone.)

Thanks to Tom and Boomer at the GoldDerby Forums for managing this event!

Tom O’Neil: We’d like to know why he picked those two episodes of “Office” as his Emmy submissions
JK: Basically, both of those episodes he thought were the biggest episodes for Pam & Jim
Tom O’Neil: “The Secret” and “Casino Night”
JK: The Secret was a lighter, funnier episode
JK: because he was getting cheered up by Michael, so it was a big Steve & John episode, which was really fun
Tom O’Neil: And Casino Night?
JK: and then Casino Night was just one of the most fun experiences he’s had
JK: and definitely the best episode they’ve done

Tom O’Neil: Does John — or do you — know what episode was submitted in the series race?
JK: NBC submitted Booze Cruise and one more TBD

BTN: Do any of those episodes have any Jim and Dwight interaction because they are funny together?
JK: BTN – yes, the Casino Night has the moment where Dwight dares Jim to be telekinetic
JK: it’s hysterical

Amelia: John, I know that you wrote the screenplay to the book “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men”, but I read that you are also to direct it this fall. Is this true? Can you say anything new about this project? Thanks and much love.
JK: AMELIA – Yes, thanks so much, I’m so psyched that you know about that
JK: I did adapt the book and will direct it in the fall
JK: it’s basically been something I’ve wanted to do since college
JK: I did a reading of it in college and have always wanted to adapt it
JK: and i’m really looking forward to shooting it this fall
JK: i’m terrified but also really excited

Tom O’Neil: What can he tell us about Jim and Pam next season?
JK: re: Jim & Pam
JK: John actually has no idea
JK: the writers haven’t been assigned scripts yet
JK: so they are as excited and anxious as you all are to find out!

venom9176: The show struggled in the ratings department early in its run – what do you think turned it around? Did the scripts improve? Did people just get used to the humor? iTunes?
JK: VENOM1976 –
JK: Great question
JK: early on, i think we all thought this would just be a show that would go out on DVD
JK: so that we could prove it actually happened
JK: and then i think people really started to understand the humor
JK: and i think season 2 it helped to be paired with EARL
JK: which brought more viewers
JK: and i think since we were never sure the show would come back
JK: we ended up having as much fun as possible
JK: which i think really showed on screen
JK: and people got hooked

Boomer: What are John’s expectations for the Emmys? In the other categories, do they expect the show to get in the Series race and Steve Carell in the Lead race?
JK: I have absolutely no expectations about the Emmys
JK: I am so excited to even be considered
JK: I am most looking forward to whether or not the show will be nominated
JK: because we’ve just had so much fun
JK: and we truly believe it’s a really really great show on TV
JK: I’m hoping for everyone there that the show and the writers are nominated
JK: and even though Steve Carrell is still a struggling actor, I think he has a shot (wink)

CaReporter: Have you had a chance to work on getting your own screenplay in production while shooting this so far summer? If so, how’s it going?
JK: Yes, we’ve been doing pre-production on Brief Interviews while I’m shooting the film LICENSE TO WED
JK: but I’m having a lot of fun

flotsette: I am curious about the filming of the confession scene in Casino Night. Was that mostly cut from a first take? It seemed (as always) so real and fresh.
JK: Great question
JK: we were really excited about that scene
JK: we actually did a couple takes before that just to figure out exactly how we wanted it to play
JK: so once we figured out how we wanted it to look, i remember taking jenna aside
JK: and we both agreed to just go for it and not even worry about the words
JK: and it was so much fun to just clear our heads and go into it like a real moment
JK: and that’s the take they used
JK: I’m such a sap for crying

Tom O’Neil: Hey John: what do you think about the flip-flop TV critics have done over “The Office”? At first they pooh-poohed it, said it wasn’t as good as the Brit version, then they quickly warmed up to it and now are solidly behind it. Are they hypocrites? Or just originally misguided and impatient?
JK: great question
JK: the press are absolutely not hypocrites
JK: I was very nervous to see how the show would turn out as well
JK: but as soon as we read the first original script
JK: which is “Diversity Day”
JK: we knew it was something fresh and original
JK: and there is something to be said about being the underdog and gaining respect genuinely
JK: we knew we had a really hard job to do
JK: You can’t blame them for being wary
JK: the British version was such a good show
Tom O’Neil Yes, especially since so many other British re-dos failed
JK: it’s been so much more of an honor to have people convert
JK: than to come out of the gates with so much pressure to be amazing off the bat
JK: exactly

Professor Chaos: John, without naming any names, has there been any discussion of Carell’s Frat Pack brothers (Stiller, Ferrell, etc) to guest star next season? Or any other high profile actors that have expressed interest?
JK: We just found out
JK: that we have two GREAT directors next year that I’m psyched to work with
JK: but I can’t tell you who they are just yet
JK: just know they are AMAZING

Cherith_Cutestory: John, who is your favorite secondary character on the show?
JK: forget secondary! my favorite character on the show by FAR is Creed
JK: Every episode
JK: I never get to see him shoot his scenes
JK: so my favorite thing to look forward to are his lines in every episode
JK: there has never been another line on the show than when creed asks “Which one is Pam?”

Tom O’Neil: What was John’s first big break that got him to the A List? Heck, four years ago he was still in college!
JK: John’s first break was a Kodak commercial where he shaved his head right up the middle
JK: reverse mohawk that was real
JK: it looked AWESOME
JK: it actually premiered on the Emmys

Miss Mariel: John, what are 5 CDs you’re currently into?
JK: Ryan Adams / Heartbreaker
JK: Wilco / Kicking Television
JK: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
JK: Death Cab for Cuties / Plans
JK: and …
JK: Bright Eyes / I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning
JK: I know that not all of those are brand new
JK: but I get hung up on certain albums from week to week

Liz: John, put simply I love video games, and I was wondering which video games are your favorite?
JK: my favorite video game right now has to be John Madden’s Football
JK: because that’s what we play in the trailer and I need to win my money back
JK: I think I’m down $4

booradley: I know you have screenwriting experience (especially after Brief Interviews…) Have you ever considered writing an episode of The Office?
JK: I would love to write an episode of The Office
JK: I’d be very nervous because I find myself more excited for the writers’ new ideas than coming up with my own

GMMR: John, I read that you heard about our petition to Supersize the Office. Can you talk about the fan impact on the show?
JK: the fan impact on the show has been MONUMENTAL
JK: it’s the whole reason why we are where we are
JK: so first of all, thank you guys SO much.
JK: that was INCREDIBLE, and we all cheered on set the day we found out about it
JK: as far as the impact, they say things are cliche because they are true
JK: and it is true that everybody can make a difference
JK: NBC definitely did it because of YOU guys

Miz_Scarlett: Q: John, did you make a concerted effort to portray Jim noticeably differently from his counterpart “Tim” in the UK version of “The Office”?
JK: I LOVED Martin Freeman
JK: on that show, so I think I tried to take the same situation that Tim was in
JK: and apply it to Jim
JK: but as far as acting differently, I hope I took all the best parts

OfficeFan2010: John, who is the most likely to either crack up or forget their lines? -Melissa
JK: Most likely to crack up is probably Mindy Kaling (Kelly)

Canadian_Linz: Will you be acting in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, or just writing/directing?
JK: i think i may have a small acting part
JK: but i’m more excited for the movie to be made and to tell the story
JK: so probably not a large part

tanster: Hi John, this is tanster from Have you had a chance to check out the various Office fansites, discussion forums, and fan videos?
JK: We are all very much aware of all the incredible sites
JK: and when I have the time, I definitely have visited a few
JK: yours ROCKS, thanks for all the support!!

Spell: John – Have you considered setting up a MySpace page like some of the other cast members? Everyone is dying to see you on there.
JK: Jenna is so good at keeping up with her myspace, I don’t know how I could ever compete

rar728: I would like to know how John feels being a part of the most talked about and beloved t.v. couple since Ross and Rachel
JK: Wow, is that true?
rar728: I think so
JK: I knew that Jenna was going to get the part when I saw her at the audition
JK: so to be able to create this relationship with such a good friend, makes it fun
JK: and I just love being a part of this couple

lindseykaye: what is the best advice you have ever received?
JK: The best advice i’ve ever received … hmm
JK: I guess no matter how cliche it sounds,
JK: an old acting teacher asked me if I was having fun
JK: because at the end of the day, if you’re not having fun it’s not really worth it
JK: also, however obscure it sounds
JK: the worst thing you can possibly do in life is anticipate what’s coming next
JK: there’s no need to worry about it until it happens
JK: that helps me a lot with all the incredible things that are happening with the show
JK: i’m happy to be along for the ride

squibblyicecube: John, which out of the office scenes was your favorite to shoot (shopping in Michael’s Birthday, taking Dwight to the hospital in The Injury, etc.)?
JK: Dear god, shooting the scene in the van with Steve and Rainn
JK: will go down in history as one of the most fun moments i’ve ever been a part of
JK: it was the BEST

CrackerBear: Cast of The Office vs. Cast of My Name is Earl: Who would win in a rumble?
JK: Not saying it would be a walk in the park but we’d DEFINITELY win
JK: because Steve Carell is a physical force to be reckoned with …
JK: but then again, they have Jason Lee

Atypical: John, how do you think the Jim/Pam dynamic will change now that he’s confessed how he feels about her? Was it a good or bad choice to have the confession in the finale?
JK: the best part about this show
JK: is that we have never done anything because it’s what is SUPPOSED to happen
JK: we did it because we felt it was the REAL thing that would happen
JK: i completely admire the writers being so brave on that last episode
JK: and i think we can all empathize with making decisions that we now have to live with
JK: and I think that will be a really interesting thing to see

wondergirl9847: Whenever I get in the queue…my question for John is…who would you love to work with and who is your fave actor? Thanks, John! You’re awesome!
JK: there are so many amazing people that I’d love to work with
JK: I gotta say, Robin Williams, who I’m working with now, is tough to beat

jcjcjc: Do you feel that your growing fame had a substantial negative impact upon your privacy yet, and if so how are you are dealing with it?
JK: I don’t see any of it as a negative change
JK: i’m just completely flattered that people watch the show
JK: and can recognize me when I’m out
JK: but so far people have been nothing but supportive and really fun to talk to

SheIsTheSunlight: John, to break up your typical Office-related questions a bit, let me ask … If you could be a superhero, what would your a) super power be and b) your superhero name be?
JK: My superpower would be … hmm that’s a tough one
JK: i just don’t think there’s anything better than flying
JK: i also would like to move coat racks with my mind
JK: gotta sign off now

JK: here’s the last words from John:
JK: I can’t tell you how much fun this was! Thank you guys SO much for coming in. This was so wild and you have no idea how much each and every one of us appreciate the support and cool fan participation like this
JK: we are definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY lucky to have you guys, thanks for everything
JK: (typing this under duress) please thank Rebecca for typing for me
JK: From Rebecca – Thanks guys, keep your Emmy fingers crossed for the show, John is off!
JK: (and thanks for the props guys)

JK: here is the fanmail addy:
JK: James Suskin
JK: 2 Charlton Street, Suite 5K, New York, NY 10014

JK: thanks everyone for showing up for John!


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