1. He was, in a word, amazing! And he made a believer out of my husband. Hubby is always making fun of my obsession with JKras, but after watching this Conan appearance, he said “Wow. Ok, I get it. He’s pretty awesome.”

    And Conan was wonderful with him. Gave him SUCH a great compliment at the end of the interview; one which almost made JKras tear up.

  2. He’s such a good natured guy. Every interview I see with an office cast member reaffirms to me how much all of them enjoy doing the show and how down to earth they are. Good luck with the wedding Jim and good luck with the wedding John!!

  3. John Krasinski as a marionette/crossing guard was the cutest, and funniest thing I’d ever seen. Oh, I can’t get enough of him.

  4. Okay, he teared up during the table read of the JAM wedding AND he can transform into a marionette. As if I weren’t in love with him enough already.

  5. The story about his brother in the elevator just had me ROLLING on the floor. At work. In my office.

    I’m so glad people can’t see me haha…

    John, time and time again in these interviews, just clarifies to all of us what a great guy he is, and how humble and sweet he is in real life. And the Boston accent gets me every time :) Gotta love MA.

  6. John is one of the best story tellers around. He’s hysterical, but genuine, and his Boston accent is the icing on top. That story about his brother was one of the best I’ve heard since his drug dealing mechanic story that’s circulating somewhere on youtube. I wish he’d just make a TV show with him telling stories.

  7. My brother(who, ironically, is named John) and I mention all the time how John needs to be on Conan more because those two are a hilarious match. I love John more and more every interview I see of him, he’s so incredibly down to earth and a brilliant story-teller. Oh and the fact we are both from Boston, tops it all off.

  8. #8 – I’m with you. Not only are his stories funny, but he tells them in the best way! I was laughing all the way through.

  9. Boy, I think I can’t love JKras more, and then he does another interview, and sure enough I love him even more. No one tells a story like John. The concussion story was hilarious! I was totally LMAO at the marionette thing, too. Love that he got choked up at the wedding episode rehearsal. Ugh! Can’t wait for that Jam wedding!

  10. # 1- I have the same issue with my husband… I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to accept our TV boyfriends… :)

    I always LOVE the John/Conan interaction… They bring out the best in each other,don’t they?

  11. I really thought he couldn’t get any cuter…but he did! That story about his brother had me laughing my head off!

  12. Good God, John Krasinski is ridiculously funny and disarmingly handsome. What is it with these tall Boston men? ;)

  13. At 14:

    I know! I keep thinking how tall John is but I would dare to say that Conan is taller. I watched this interview last night to destress and let me say, it was a wonderful destressor.

  14. And this interview, once again, points out why a little bit of me died when I found out that John was engaged. Is he even real?? I didn’t think that there was a “total package guy” out there, but sure enough, here he is, acting like a marionette on national television.

  15. Rarely do I laugh out loud watching videos online (except for episodes of The Office, of course), but this interview was hysterical. Loved the concussion story, and the marionette bit was amazing. I did not think it was possible for me to want to visit the set more, but that bit took it to a whole new level. Also, he and Conan looked like marionette dinosaurs walking around and I cannot stop replaying it.

  16. John + Conan + Marionette impersonations = Exploding ball of awesome. Seriously, the guy gives a great interview anyway, pair him with Conan and it’s pure gold.

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