1. He is so great. And I am finding myself extremely attracted to his hands, along with the rest of him, of course. He’s so funny! Obvi. Gosh. I just have too many good things to say about this wonderful, and certainly not hideous, man.

  2. John had the best “That’s what she said” in this interview, which was awesome.

    [from tanster: definitely!]

  3. the love of my life. too bad emily blunt got to him first. haha. no, but he’s actually the most talented and agreeable actor out there. john is gonna be huge soon. and how great will it be that we were his first fans? =)

  4. Ahhh I love John! The TWSS at the end left me dying of laughter! And his reading from Brief Interviews shows how into it he really is. Tanster, can we start a JKras Talk Show proposition? Because that man is too hilarious (and gorgeous) to go to waste.

  5. I laughed the whole time! (TWSS? take that as you will). Anyway, John was just zooming along and Peter Travers is so cool…I had no idea.

  6. That was hilarious. John is too cute :) I can’t wait to see the movie. Peter Travers is pretty funny, too.

  7. Hilarious! He was just on a roll throughout the whole thing. Did anyone else notice how the woman sitting behind JK got a little more attentive when he read the BIWHM excerpt? :]

  8. Great interview! The TWSS was perfect!

    John is just awesome! Handsome, funny, brilliant and he seems like such a good guy too.
    I love him even more than I love Jim… Incredible!

    I can’t wait to see the movie too!

  9. John Krasinski AND Peter Travers in one interview? Congratulations, universe-you just broke my brain.

  10. Holy crap, that was hilarious. Between this and the Conan interview, John has had me rolling on the floor lately! He’s so awesome. :)

  11. Brilliant interview! I’m convinced that if he hadn’t chosen acting, John would have made a great magician. Always entertaining and good at distracting his audience from looking where he doesn’t want you to look. And seriously, best TWSS EVER.

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