1. I turned it on just in time after seeing the reminder, thank you tanster. That was a hilarious interview and I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

  2. I like how he was only on for what 5 min. because Craig can’t stop talking about random stuff.

  3. John’s Muppet arms will forever be embedded in my mind. He’s too cute for words.

    But someone help me out. I think I was laughing too hard to hear what Jim said to Dwight before he put his arm around him. I know it’s funny and I guess I could wait until Thursday but I really want to know.

  4. Craig seriously scares me. He is miles beyond ADD.
    But seeing John was great. Can’t wait for Thursday!!

  5. He wasn’t on for very long… I stayed up really late on a test night too… Anyway, John was as lovely as usual. :)

  6. Gah I think I can’t be in love with him anymore and then…muppet arms!!! Soo funny. He seemed nervous, I don’t know why though!
    I also really liked when he was like “why are you clapping, he’s not cool…” if anyone knows what part I am talking about!

  7. Brando impersonation to his nephew, plus his and Craig’s slow turns to camera when he came out…..classic. “I could do this all night.”

  8. That was great! Muppet arms! lol It’s not posted anywhere except on NBC, but Jenna Fischer is supposed to be on Leno tonight.

  9. Did anyone else cringe when we were forced to watch the new ‘Weight Loss’ clip with the audiences’ annoying laughter. It sounded like a laugh track (not sure if it was or not), but it totally ruined the scene for me.

  10. John Kasinski is a good actor, but I didn’t enjoy his appearance on Craig’s show when he kept going on and on about Eric Stoltz wanting Craig’s job–not funny at all. The muppet arms were good, but he was annoying the rest of the time.

  11. john is AMAZING!!! I find whenever I watch interviews with him, I always laugh way harder than I should. Marrying him in my head :D

  12. OMG, he is so adorable.

    I actually thought he looked more relaxed than I’ve seen him in some other interviews…

    Big congrats to John on the birth of his new nephew! And he’s the Godfather! He’s obviously very close with his family and I love that about him.

  13. I love the Muppet arms! That and his Porsche collection. Man how I’d love to meet him sometime.

  14. I was SOOO waiting for them to show him side by side with Beaker the muppet.

    Also – he is just so damn charming i can’t stand it. Best interview.

    “beer me five” classic.

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