1. Where can I buy the magazine? I’ve been to a ton of books stores and they don’t sell it…

  2. Hot stuff. He looks amazing in plaid. Quote on the cover: “don’t you wish he worked in your office?” uh, yea. But i doubt i’d be getting much work done.

  3. Thank you, tanster. I don’t get in my local newspaper, unfortunately.

    Here’s a quiz posted on parade too, if you wanted to add it. What’s your office personality.

  4. The photo of him jumping up and down in that second segment is so adorable that I actually didn’t care that he’s talking about Carell’s departure… as much. Being a high school student, I don’t know yet what working at an office is like – but I have a feeling I’ll be sorely disappointed if I ever do.

  5. I know, i was like, why is he holding a lightsaber?

    Love him. I really look forward to seeing Everybody Loves Whales.

  6. Wow haha! My show choir was in parade magazine a few months back. I feel honored to have been in the same magazine as John!

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