John Krasinski in PARADE has launched its own Office space — including an interview with John Krasinski and a 30-question quiz provided by yours truly and a chance to win all three seasons of “The Office” on DVD!

There are also links to previously posted articles, interviews, and photos.

The interview will appear in the print version of PARADE this Sunday, March 30th.

Links: In Step with John Krasinski | The Office Trivia Quiz

A few full-sized photos after the jump. Thank you, PARADE! :)

John Krasinski


  1. Today is a great day for John pics. First, his Boston Magazine pics came out and now these?

    That second pic is my favorite. It combines two of my favorite things: The Kras and dogs.

  2. You gotta love a man who can rock out a pink tie. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to check out the interview.

  3. Silly John… He always has the weirdest/most creative (depending how you look at it) photo shoots…

  4. I have said this before, and I’m saying it again: I want to dip him in chocolate…

  5. I just want to tackle him right into that pool! ooh, did I just say that out loud? :)

  6. Already the man could be no better looking, and then they pose him with a cute dog. That’s such a winning combination of attractiveness.

  7. His hair is so long now! I wonder if they’ll just ditch the wig for the show. Or maybe they’ve already done that!

  8. I have to wonder… how is he not falling down? He can float on air, people! What can’t this guy do?!

    Furthermore… yummers!

  9. Thanks Tanster. Great pics. I wonder what the deal is with the dog. Kind of random, no?

  10. I”m very happy to say there is such a thing as perfection. his name is John Krasinski.

  11. Boy looks VERY good in a suit. But I was just wondering, do ya’ll think John ever reads these comments? If so, do you think he finds them flattering or a bit disturbing?

  12. First thought: John Krasinski has arrived.
    Second thought: I have suppressed the giddiness that accompanies any straight woman’s affections for him for FAR too long. Cue dumb, goofy smile on my face while ogling these pictures.

  13. Oh my! He is so adorable, I am absolutely in love! I was wondering if he wanted to go skinning dipping in that pool!!

  14. That first picture is amazing! He is ten kinds of cuteness.

    The boston terrier pic is just adorable! I love it!

  15. second picture…kinda looks a little evil….still love him though. first picture is sophisticated cool.

  16. Hubby and I had a fight this morning. Is that why Mr. Krasinski looks better than ever?

  17. Bring him back to Phoenix please. There’s more stuff to do here than the Superbowl. I mean the weather gets nice it only gets to 130 in the summer. Come on back

  18. He is just so handsome. Love the picture with the dog. Darn…still can’t tell what color his eyes are, although usually they look green to me. Does anyone know?

  19. #35 – I’m sure that ‘on the record’ he finds these kind of comments flattering and appreciates them very much because, let’s face it, he’s a very humble guy BUT…. ‘off the record’ he finds them very disturbing and is getting himself extra security wherever he goes from now on. ;) That’s my take on it.

  20. First, thank you Parade for giving us a sneek peek of the pictures! Second, thank you Jason O’Dell for taking such amazing pictures! Third, thank you John Krasinski for being so darn photogenic. And of course thank you Tanster for posting the news. I would be completely lost without OT.

  21. I think we broke the Parade website. Whoops!

    [from tanster: uh oh, i think you’re right! i’ve alerted PARADE … ]

  22. The picture with the dog is pretty much the cutest thing ever! Oh, John, why do you have to be so adorable?!

  23. He’s just so gorgeous. But did I just read in someone’s comment that he wears a wig on the show? What? How’d I miss that?

  24. Lisa – John wore a wig for the second half of season three while he was filming Leatherheads.

  25. I love John…and clearly he’s gorgeous…but all this glitz ‘n’ glam over the past few months is getting me nervous. I’m starting to miss the natural dude-next-door look.

  26. #54 i think he wore a wig in part of season 3 because needed to have short hair while filming leatherheads…

  27. Great pics.

    You know, if I didn’t watch The Office, I wouldn’t think he was all that impressive. I mean, sure, he’s cute, but knowing his character makes him much more attractive to me (even though I know that has little to do with how he is in real life…)

  28. All I want to know is how do I get a copy of Parade. That just made my week to see those pictures and I even audibly gasped when I saw that first picture on the slide show. He is amazing!

  29. the picture where he’s holding the dogs head and looking at the camera, anyone else getting a Michael Keaton vibe? Who’s with me?

  30. Haha! He does look like Michael Keaton in that picture! How hilarious! (And cute, might I add)

  31. Damn good thing my husband went into the office today! But what am I going to do when I get that Parade mag Sunday am? We get 2 copies of the Sun paper…if anyone wants a copy I’d be happy to mail them my extra! Share the wealth is what I say!

  32. I LOVE and agree with everyone’s comments….soo glad I’m not the only grown woman swooning over these pics….. (especially the one in the blue shirt at the end…. I think that’s my favorite)

    Oh and #48… I totally agree with your thoughts. hahaha

  33. #67, chilistonite, I would so take you up on the offer of your second copy of Parade. I don’t get Parade and only get USA Weekly or whatever it is (not Parade). I will even send you the self-addressed, stamped envelope it it will mean I have a copy of that magazine. Let me know if you’re still willing to share the wealth!

  34. Anyone else that will have an extra? I am one of the sad people that gets USA Weekend in my paper :(

  35. I’m have to go on a major hunt to get this magazine. None of the state and local newspapers in my area carry it! The article and pics are fantastic.

    I got a perfect score on the quiz on the first try! Woo-Hoo! :-)

  36. 72, it comes in the paper. :)

    Parade has been a little…shady with interviewing The Office cast (both Steve and Jenna have commented on quotes being either fabricated or taken out of context), but nothing about John’s seems awkward. Yay for that!

  37. I need to get that issue! I’ve never read Parade magazine before. Is it good?

  38. Nice job with the quiz, Tanster! I’ve taken some Office trivia quizzes online before, and usually they’re ridiculously easy. But this one was definitely for the hardcore fan – I really had to think on some of the questions!

    I got a perfect score too, which speaks to the level of my obsession. ;-)

    [from tanster: thanks! i sent PARADE a few questions to start, and they asked me to make the questions easier. :)]

  39. “The Office” is NOT a sitcom! Magazines need to stop calling it that! It doesn’t have a laugh track plus the humor is so subtle, it’s no a sitcom at all.

  40. #78 Amie – since “sit com” stands for “situation comedy,” The Office is indeed such a thing. However, it’s definitely different from the average sitcom (and much better, I might add!)

  41. 30 out of 30! Woo-hoo! And it was no easy feat. I actually had to think about a lot of those questions! Great job creating it, Tanster.

  42. 29/30! But it was hard. TWSS. It was Afredo’s Pizza Cafe that got me. I could hear Kevin saying both of them in my head, and I tossed a coin. Nice Quiz!

  43. i got a perfect score too! great questions, i loved the fun facts too.
    john and george were hilarious, i was laughing out loud. i am so happy that john is as funny and charming as jim although now i think he officially ties justin bateman for my top celebrity crush.

  44. All I can say is that I go to Boston College, and after this–

    John grew up in a house just down the hill from Boston College. “B.C. is an awesome school,” he said, “and I love my parents, but did I really want to walk home every afternoon after class?”

    –I am officially stalking every house at the bottom of this hill.

  45. Haha that trivia quiz is for NEWBIES ;)
    Apparently I am destined for Dunder Mifflin greatness.

  46. I hate to throw cold water on everyone but I have seen much better pics of John. Some of these were kinda “Hollywood” greasy. They are trying to make him look like a model but that doesn’t seem to really be his thing. No offense intended but my friend and I were kinda put off by a couple of these. Just random thoughts.

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