John Krasinski is Spiderman on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

When Ryan Seacrest couldn’t make his scheduled appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ The Office’s John Krasinski stepped in. As Spiderman.

Tipster: Lillian

Two more clips below.

Jimmy tells a story about John’s wedding. Awww!


  1. I love this interview beyond measure! I wish John were my neighbor, and I wish Jimmy would iron my clothes.

  2. Wow! I didn’t know John could act like this! Coulda sworn he was Michael or Dwight. Years around Steve and Rainn must have rubbed off on him.

  3. I can’t wait til ‘Something Borrowed’ comes out and he does all the press tours for it! He does the best interviews.

  4. How is it possible for one man to be this amazing? I want answers. His charm and humor kill me. May just be his best moment yet.

  5. I don’t usually like it when these guys do “bits” but that was pretty funny, especially after watching Jim getting pelted by snowballs (and what was the superhero role JK did not get?). And the interview was hysterical.

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