Just for fun at NBC.com

Here are a couple of new “Just for Fun” Office activities at NBC.com:

the office holiday tour

Go to Holiday Office Tour

(I could navigate through the rooms just fine, but when I clicked on any of the objects, nothing would happen. I am using Firefox on a Mac. If you have hints on how to make it work, please post a comment!)

dwight bobblehead donald trump

Go to Bobble Bash

Dwight and The Donald duke it out, bobble-style.

Tipster: Nick


  1. If you click on the box of toys, the office staff will appear. That’s the only “magic” I discovered. (Actually, someone told me about that.)

  2. You have to click on the up arrow where it says “show hot spots”. It highlights things to click on. One of them takes you to the warehouse. Holding down the shift key lets you zoom in on things. I viewed it from Safari on my Mac. It didn’t work at all on Firefox. Overall cute but nothing exciting.

  3. Clicking on the DM sign immediately after the elevator brought up the Ryan/Kelly Benihana deleted scene.

  4. I love how they just left a bunch of filming equipment around for us to see. A different side of the Office is cool.
    (Stand behind Karen’s desk and click on the Christmas Tree)

  5. I can’t get out of the lobby either. :( I tried clicking on the show hot spots aroow but nothing highlighted. Why isn’t this working!

  6. For those of you not seeing anything happen when you click on clickable spots in the Office Tour, I had that happen too. But if I’m patient, after awhile I’m able to go into the elevator, etc. I think it takes a little longer than you expect for everything to load in the background so more scenes are available to you.

  7. I must be clueless, because I can’t figure out how to get out of the downstairs lobby. Help!

  8. Heh… if you look at the wall of paper where Meredith is standing, at the very top there’s a Staples box with the “S”s marked out. :-) Also Andy’s in the Accounting scene and if you go to Creed’s desk and look at the Accounting section, you see Kevin there as well.

  9. To get out of lobby, wait until the arrow appears on the curser and click the mouse. It should bring you to another location. Hope that helps at all :)

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