Kate Flannery’s sweet Office success

The Philadelphia Daily News chats with Kate Flannery about how the success of The Office has changed her life:

Not so long ago, the Philly-born actress wouldn’t quit her waitressing job until NBC picked up “The Office” for a second season.

“My boss said to me on my last day, ‘We were going to get you a cake, but you’ll be back,’ ” Flannery recalled during a recent NBC party in Pasadena, Calif., hours after learning the show had already been picked up for a fourth season.

“I’ve had a lot of almosts in my career,” she said.

Link: Flannery happy to have a job at the ‘Office’


  1. i think bj novak (perhaps jokingly) has said in interviews that he still hasn’t quit his job w/ his temp agency, ‘just in case’. he says they call every once in a while to see if he is looking for work… i think that’s pretty funny.

  2. BJ has said that in a few interviews. I’m sure it’s in jest.

    Kate is so cool. It’s amazing how the whole cast is so surprised by their success, you’d think it would have sunk in by now.

  3. I read that same interview with Kate Flannery and there was something in there that said that she was surprised that she could have such success and not be a young hollywood starlet. That what I love about The Office, it’s not like past shows like Friends where everyone is ridicously good-looking and young. The Office seems to gets it’s comedy by getting people that aren’t Hollywood’s elite. I love it.


  4. Kate is one of the funniest people on the show. Too bad she almost never gets to speak except in deleted scenes.

  5. Haha.

    This is like my grandmother, except she’s retired so many times that we’ve stopped getting her a cake.

  6. I agree with Anna, it is very refreshing to see women and men of different ages that don’t look like they stepped off the runway, I think this is the reason we love this show, we can identify with these wonderful, normal looking people. I LOVE THE OFFICE!!!

  7. checking your time zone so i know when people commented on the contest! I had to leave at 5:05 EST ;)

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